Christhood is a matter of letting go

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, December 5, 2020. This dictation was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing your Christ Discernment.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. We have talked about the four levels, your four lower bodies, and how the fallen beings attempt to block your Christ discernment at those levels by pulling you into various vortexes, various reactionary patterns. But, why are they able to do this? Well, they are able to do it, of course, because you have the beam in your own eye, you have some unresolved psychology – as is perfectly natural on the spiritual path.

We have talked about levels of the path, we have talked about the 144 levels of consciousness, and it’s clear that when you first find the spiritual path – whatever level that may be in this embodiment – then you cannot grasp the initiations, the illusions at the higher levels, you cannot see too far beyond the level you are at.

So, once you learn to have some recognition of what the fallen beings are trying to do from without – in order to sabotage your Christ discernment – you then need to start looking at what are the inner conditions that make you vulnerable to this manipulation. And this, of course, means you need to start looking at your psychology.

Now, here is where we need to make a certain distinction. I know that many of you who have followed this dispensation for some time have already cleared this hurdle. But still, I want to put it out there for those who might find this teaching without having followed this dispensation for a long time.

Now, I have said some time ago, that we of the ascended masters can be compared to used car salesmen who use the bait and switch technique. We advertise a very cheap car, and once you are in the store we try to sell you a more expensive model. In other words, in order to get you to even look at our teachings, we need to give you something that appeals to you at your present level of consciousness, whatever that level is at. Then, once you have started studying the teachings, we need to get you onto the higher levels of the path where you really start making the serious progress that characterizes a person who is putting on personal Christhood.

So, when you look at the spiritual, New Age community at large, you see that people are at different levels of consciousness, they have a different focus, they have different ideas and expectations about what they will get out of following the spiritual path.

There comes that point where, in order to move further with your Christ discernment, you need to consider: “What is my motivation for following the spiritual path? Why did I start it? Why have I followed it to this point? What have I been expecting to get out of it?”

Perhaps you have never even thought about this consciously – most spiritual students don’t. They find a spiritual movement, that movement, that teaching resonates with something in them, and they are not consciously aware that it’s because that movement makes the promise that they can fulfill whatever expectation they have of the spiritual path. In other words, what will the spiritual path do for them? The movement or teaching that resonates with them has something that promises that it can fulfill that expectation. So this is very important for you to step back and consider what is your expectation of the spiritual path.

Now, the vast majority of people, and those of you who have followed this dispensation for some time, will be able to look back to when you first became aware of the spiritual path and recognize this in yourself. The vast majority of people have a clear expectation that following the spiritual path will do something for them, will give them something they want or need here on earth. There is some advantage that they will get out of following the path that relates to their life here on earth, and how they would like their life to unfold.

There is nothing wrong with this – it’s inevitable that you will feel this way, especially considering those of you who have grown up in a non-spiritual society, whether it is a religious or non-religious society. You all have been brought up have been programmed to focus very much on life in the physical universe.

The fallen beings have for millennia been trying to program humankind to focus on life in this world, first of all. Of course religions offer you a way out of life in this world, supposedly that you will be saved after this lifetime. But, since this happens after this lifetime, it is not something that most religious people spend a lot of time thinking about – what the requirements are for entering the Kingdom of Heaven, or however they define it. They are again focused on what their religion can do for them in their life here on earth.

When you look at spiritual people in general, you see that they have many different expectations of what the spiritual path will do for them. Some, for example, expect that they will be able to heal physical illnesses, some expect that they will be able to manifest lots of money to buy whatever they desire, some expect that they will attain peace of mind and be able to live a peaceful life, perhaps in a secluded monastic setting. Some expect almost the opposite; that they will have power to go out into the world and have an impact on society and on other people.

There are many of these expectations – they take many different forms individually, and as I said, there is nothing wrong with this. You have to start where you are at in consciousness. It’s logical that when you are ready to start a spiritual path, at the 48th level of consciousness, you are more open to a real spiritual path of growth in consciousness. You will have these expectations and they will follow you until the 96th level. But, there comes a point where you need to start looking at these expectations and you need to then start considering: “What will it require for you to follow Christ?”

Now, if we go back to my life 2000 years ago, you will see if you read between the lines that what I was actually talking about with my disciples and people in general, was the path of Christhood. Following Christ means that you follow a teacher who has a higher level of Christhood than yourself, and thereby, you gradually put on your Christhood.

You can actually look at some of the words that I said back then and you can see that I was talking about the fact that you need to be willing to lose your life in order to follow Christ. You need to not be attached to Mammon, you need to let the dead bury their dead. In other words, there comes a point where in order to follow Christ, you have to give up something. What it really means is that for a time on the spiritual path, from the 48th to the 96th level, you can maintain the illusion that the spiritual path is about you accomplishing something in your life here on earth.

I’m not saying that following a spiritual path will not accomplish something for you. But, what I am saying is that between the 48th and the 96th level, you can maintain the illusion that the primary driving force for you following a spiritual path is that you expect you will attain some benefit relating to your life in the physical universe.

Now, as you get nearer to the 96th level, you need to deal with this expectation because it will not take you beyond the 96th level. There comes a point where you have to start recognizing that the real goal of the path is not to attain some temporary advantage in this world. The real goal of the path is to achieve eternal life beyond this world, and this is a very different matter than the way most people look at the path when they start. It’s very different from the way most religious people look at salvation, or the concept of entering Heaven, however they define it in different religions. There comes that point where you need to recognize here that the higher levels of Christhood, the more conscious levels of Christhood, will require you to leave things behind.

In fact, in order to step onto these higher levels of Christhood, you need to go through a phase where you leave one thing after another behind. You give up a certain sense of life, a certain expectation, a certain viewpoint, and one of the things you have to give up is your expectations of how following the path is going to benefit you here on earth.

That is why you need to look at these expectations you have about what the spiritual path will do for you, what you will get out of it. If you expect, for example, that you will be able to manifest unlimited riches, there comes a point where you need to look at this and ask yourself why you feel you need unlimited riches, what it is you expect that you can do with it. What is the feeling you can get from it? And then you need to begin to question: “Well, even if I had unlimited amounts of money, would that necessarily give me the feeling that I’m seeking?”

You can then look at many rich people who have more money than they could ever spend for the rest of his lifetime. How are they feeling? What is their psychological state? Most of them feel not at ease, they don’t feel at peace because they are concerned about either making more money, even though they don’t need it, or they are concerned about not losing the money they have. They are still in a state of tension. They are not in a state of peace. They are not using the money they have to do anything for others, which many spiritual people dream of doing.

You might look at this and you may say: “Well, surely I could do better because I’m a spiritual person.” You can do better if you step up to a simple realization; what you are seeking – whatever physical change, physical result that you are hoping to attain from walking the spiritual path, the motivating factor behind your search is to produce a certain feeling inside your mind.

The realization you need to step up to is that having these outer conditions will not automatically produce the feeling because the feeling takes place inside your psyche and your psyche is not, or at least at the higher levels of Christhood, it is not dependent on external conditions. Your inner feeling, your experience of life, your life experience is determined by what’s going on inside your four lower bodies.

Therefore, getting all the money you think will produce the inner feeling will not produce that inner feeling. It is only when you work directly with the psyche and do the work of resolving what blocks your inner feeling that you will get that feeling.

You may have an expectation that one day you will gain a certain power to go out and impress or convert other people, and this will do some good for the planet and for the cause of the ascended masters. This may be what your outer mind, how your outer mind sees it. But when you look a little deeper, there’s a feeling behind this that you are hoping to attain and that feeling will not be the result of having the outer power. It will only be a result of resolving the elements of your psychology that are blocking the feeling, if it is a higher feeling and not some fear based feeling.

So, there comes that turning point on the spiritual path where you will not go higher until you fully acknowledge that the next phase for you, is to focus on the resolution of your psychology. Now, some people come to this realization below the 96th level, but you need to come to it in order to start moving beyond the 96th level. What does this mean? Well, it means that you have to come to this point where you acknowledge that you need to give up your expectations, the expectations you had when you started the spiritual path, the expectations that might have driven you to make the effort you have made until this point. They all need to be given up.

Many spiritual seekers who are, you would say, sincere in applying themselves to a certain teaching or certain practice, are not willing to give up their expectations. They hold on to these expectations and they cannot let them go. Now, why is this? Well, it is simply because of what we have called the primal self. As we have explained at length in our books, “Healing your Spiritual Traumas” and others in the series, there was a point where you for the first time, encountered the fallen beings and their unlimited willingness to destroy you as a spiritual being. This shocked you and gave you a deep trauma, and in order to deal with this trauma so that you could live and still function on this planet, you created a primal self. That primal self has as its primary task to suppress (hide) the pain of your original, what we have called, the cosmic birth trauma. The primal self is created in reaction to what happened to you here on earth when you encountered the fallen beings.

For a few people, this happened on other planets, but regardless, the first time you encountered the fallen beings and received a shock that here was someone who was completely willing to destroy you if they could. This gave you an immense pain, because you had not even imagined that anyone would want to destroy you, since you are a positive person who is seeking to help everyone and help the planet rise to a higher level. You had not imagined that anyone could feel threatened by this and therefore would want to destroy you.

Here you are, you are encountering this, this gives you a sense of shock, a deep sense of pain and the fallen beings are always directing some specific accusation of you, that you are wrong because of this or that or the next thing. It can be many of these depending on the outer situation.

Your primal self was created to compensate for the shock, the sense of loss, because in a sense, what you lost there was your innocence and your primal self is therefore designed to compensate, to first of all hide the loss so you don’t go into the pain again, but also to build this expectation that one day you can come back to that state that you lost, that you had before this trauma. You can come back to the state of innocence.

But you see the primal self was created out of this situation, it was not created out of the state of innocence. Your primal self really cannot fathom the state you had before the trauma, it can only deal with the state you had after. The primal self cannot fathom Christhood. It cannot fathom true innocence, the state of mind you had before. The primal self defines the goal of what you are supposed to reach. But it is not a true goal, it is not a realistic goal, it is not a valid goal.

The primal self also cannot see beyond the level at which it was created, which of course, is here on earth, so the primal self cannot fathom Christhood. It cannot fathom that it’s only by rising above a certain state of consciousness, that you attain true peace of mind, and recapture your innocence. The primal self can only deal with earth and therefore it thinks that since there was certain conditions here on earth, that caused you to lose your former state, there will be other conditions on earth that can help you regain it.

So now, the primal self is trapped in this loop of seeking to attain a certain state, a certain condition here on earth, based on the expectation that that condition, will then produce a feeling that was not of earth.

Your original innocence was something you brought with you before you encountered the fallen beings, it was not produced by conditions on earth. You lost it, not because you actually lost it, but you lost awareness of it, because the Conscious You was so shocked and it created these separate selves, and now you are inside the separate self, looking out through the filter of that separate self and that’s why you cannot see that you have never lost your innocence, you’ve never lost anything.

There is nothing you can lose as the pure awareness of the Conscious You. Your innocence was your connection to your I AM Presence, and your connection to the I AM Presence can never be lost. It can only be covered over by these outer selves, these separate selves. And you cannot see your connection that you are connected to your I AM Presence, because you are inside the self, looking out. The only way to recapture your connection to your I AM Presence is to step outside the self.

But in order to step outside the self, you must look at the self. But the primal self cannot fathom this process. It thinks that there were conditions on earth that caused you to lose something. It doesn’t know what it really was, but it has some idea of what it was you lost. It is trying to help you recapture what you have lost. But it thinks the only way to do it is for you to have certain conditions here on earth.

And that is why when you first encounter the spiritual path in whatever form it is, an ascended master teaching or something else, your primal self has the expectation that by following this spiritual path, however it’s defined, you will gain the ability, the power to change your external circumstances on earth so that will produce the inner condition that the primal self sees as the goal. But first of all, the condition that the primal self can see is not a realistic condition and the real thing you need to recapture is your connection to your I AM Presence, and that is beyond this earth and therefore it cannot be produced by any conditions on earth.

You may look at many, many people who have used some spiritual movement to withdraw from society and live in a more secluded setting where they are shielded from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and you might see that many of them may have spent decades in such a setting, engaging in various rigorous practices. But very, very few have actually attained the progress that they dream of attaining. And why is that?

Because most of the spiritual teachings and practices found on earth promise you an automatic result. They promise you that by following a teaching, by following an outer practice, you will reach your goal without looking at your psychology. Please take note of that sentence.

Most spiritual teachings promise you, that you can reach whatever goal you desire to reach, without looking at your psychology.

Now, we have given these very profound and very detailed teachings about the primal self and other separate selves that followed from it and the essence of this teaching is simple. The separate self, primal self or other separate selves, they always project that there is some problem that has to be solved, some condition that has to be reached. But the reality is, that this is an illusion. But as long as you believe that there is something you have to do, or something you have to attain or something you have to solve, you are trapped in that self.

Now, the real key to going beyond Christ discernment for a certain level is to resolve the primal self. But you cannot do this as long as you are trying to solve the problem that the primal self defines, or that defines the primal self, we might say.

You need to come to that point where you as the Conscious You step outside the primal self, look at it and say: “Is this a real problem? Can it even be solved? Even if it could be solved, what would I achieve from solving it?”

Then you realize, you experience the reality that it is not a real problem, and you would attain nothing from solving it. At that point, you can separate yourself from this self. You can, as we have given you the practice or the procedure for doing, you can let it die, instead of trying to solve the problem, you just let it die.

In other words, what these selves are projecting at you and what the fallen beings are projecting at you as well is that once you solve this outer problem, you will have attained the inner state you longed for. What we are telling you is that you will never attain the inner state you long for until you give up trying to solve the problem, trying to produce the outer condition. You let it go. You let the self die. You are not trying to solve anything, compensate for anything or achieve any state. You are just letting the self die.

Look back at my saying: “What is that to thee, follow thou me”. What this saying really tells you is that there comes many, many points on the spiritual path where you are facing a certain initiation, a certain illusion.

The illusion is that there’s something you have to do, something you have to solve. But what you really have to do is to realize that this comes from a certain separate self, and instead of trying to solve anything, you give up trying to solve anything, you just let the self die because you recognize that following Christ is more important to you than producing this outer condition here on earth.

Now, let me reach back to what I said about the election in the United States. If you look neutrally, at many of the people who claim to be following Trump, you will see that they are very emotional about this. They are very attached to Trump and the image that he has projected. What they are really attached to is the feeling that he has given them and they have come to believe that the only way to have this feeling is through Trump and him being the President, being the leader so they are very, very attached.

But what are these people trying to do? They are trying to produce a feeling, but they are trying to do it through some outer condition on earth and now they are facing the possibility that this outer condition will change and Trump will no longer be President. How do you become free of this? Only by realizing that there is something more, that is more important to you than producing this outer condition. If you are an ascended master student and you have believed in Trump, how can you move on now that he is going to be out of office? Well only by being willing to say: “What is that to me? I will follow Christ.”

You realize that rising to a higher level of Christ discernment is more important to you than any outer condition, whether this or that person is President. Your Christhood does not depend on who is President of United States. If you think it does you are not really understanding what Christhood is, so study my many teachings on Christhood.

Recognize here that how do you move on from this situation? Only by letting go of something, only by recognizing that the feeling you desire cannot be produced by outer conditions, but only by working directly with your psychology. This is what the teachings of the ascended masters through this dispensation are all about.

Now, you may have come to a point where you are not willing to apply those teachings and that is your choice, then go in peace, or don’t go in peace, if that’s what you desire. But we cannot help those who are not willing to let go of something.

I am just using this as one example but there are of course, numerous examples. You look at spiritual people in general; you look at ascended master students in previous dispensations, or even in this dispensation and you see so many who came to a certain point where, here was something they were not willing to let go of. They either left the path, or they went on to the left handed path, the outer path, where they refuse to deal with something in their psychology, they refuse to let go of something in order to follow Christ.

They couldn’t say, “What is that to me? I will follow Jesus, I will follow Christ.” Because they actually said, like the young man who came to me and said: “I want to follow you Jesus, but can I go and bury my dead father first”.  In other words, there was something in this world he had to do before he could follow Christ and then you cannot follow Christ because there will always be something in this world you have to do. What did I say to this young man? “Let the dead bury their dead.”

Let those who are trapped in the death consciousness, deal with all of the issues they think they have to deal with. You can refuse to deal with all these issues, and just let it go and walk with Christ to a higher level of the path. But of course, why is it people cannot do this? Well, that is because they haven’t looked at the primal self, which thinks that it needs to produce a certain feeling by producing specific conditions here on earth.

This is, we might say, the illusion of the ages. It is the one secret, if there is a secret about the spiritual path. It is the secret because there is hardly any teaching out there that truly reveals it in plain and straightforward language. This is partly because realistically speaking raising the collective consciousness on earth is a slow and gradual process. There is no point in giving a teaching until there is a certain number of people who are ready to embrace and apply the teaching.

But nevertheless, the fact of the matter is: “What does it mean that people are not ready to apply the teaching?” Well, it means that they are not willing to look at themselves, to look at the beam in their own eye. So many Christians claim to be my devout followers, but have not been willing to look at the statements I made, including to look for the beam in your own eye, instead of judging other people based on seeing the splinter in their eye.

This is truly one of the things that you have to give up, one of the more difficult things to give up in order to rise above the 96th level. You see, the fallen beings have a very clear – they are a very clear example of this particular state of consciousness. Where you are refusing to look at yourself, the beam in your own eye, you are only focused on looking for the splinter in the eyes of others, and always pointing out that splinter, always directing outwards, that the problem is out there that other people are at fault that it is other people that need to change.

The fallen beings are trapped in a state of consciousness and cannot go beyond it until they eventually turn around. But even then, it will take them a long time to get beyond it. They have created, on this planet, a very, very strong collective beast that seeks to pull all people into this state of consciousness. You are always judging other people.

You see so many examples of it, where you are appointing a scapegoat that is the cause of your problems and you believe that if you can just get rid of the scapegoat or change the scapegoat then you will have solved the problem. The problem will go away as if by magic. This is a very, very strong, collective beast and again, it is totally understandable, it is completely natural, that when you first find the teachings of the ascended masters, you are affected by this because you grew up in an environment – and I say this regardless of where you grew up on earth with very very few exceptions – that had it’s own standard for judging people.

There was a norm, there was a standard, this is normal behavior, this is how we behave in Denmark, this is how Danish people are, this is how American people are, this is how the French are, this is how the Germans are, this is how the British are and so on. Every nation has this. There is a norm for how you are supposed to be as a good person and you are brought up to judge yourself and other people based on this norm. Are you living up to it or are you not living up to it? Then they have various pressures and measures that are applied to those who do not live up to the norm.

So, it is completely unavoidable that when you find the teachings of the ascended masters, you have this in your four lower bodies. You have selves that are created in response to this, and perhaps over many lifetimes, most likely reinforced over many lifetimes. Those selves are constantly evaluating yourself, constantly evaluating other people, what is happening in the world, and they are judging everything.

So, what happens when you find an ascended master teaching that talks about Christhood and Christ discernment? Well, these selves will literally go, “HOORAY!” Here is the promised land because if we can just attain Christhood and Christ discernment, then we will have the absolute standard for judging other people.

There is a psychological mechanism that is found in most people who are spiritual people. You have grown up in a society that was most likely dominated by a particular religion, or perhaps dominated by the religion of scientific materialism. So, you have always felt that you could not really be a materialist, and you could not commit to the dominant religion of your society. So you have always felt like an outcast. You have always felt you were being judged, by the religious people and by the materialists perhaps by the communists, depending on where you grew up. But you felt you were an outsider. You were being judged, because you could not just follow the norm. So, in order to deal with this, you have in your childhood, most likely also, in past lives, created these selves and these selves have a desire to compensate for you being judged.

They do this by striving to attain this impression, this belief that even though you were judged by those others the others were wrong and you were right after all because you are a spiritual person. It was right of you to be a spiritual person. And here is now an ascended master teaching that validates that it was right for you to be a spiritual person.

It is inevitable that these selves will then start to use the ascended master teaching to judge other people. These people do not believe in this particular idea; therefore, they are wrong. They do not believe in reincarnation; therefore, they are wrong. They do not believe in this, they do not believe in that which the ascended masters teach; therefore, they have a lower state of consciousness than I have.

Now, again, I am not blaming anyone for this. I had it myself when I was at lower levels of the path, not in my last embodiment, but in previous embodiments. We have all gone through it, it is just part of the path. But what happens to some spiritual people, some ascended master students even, is that they cannot distance themselves from this. They cannot identify in themselves that they have this separate self, these separate selves that want to judge everything and that these selves are using an ascended master teaching to set up what they claim is an ultimate standard for judging other people.

This is something you see throughout the world. It is part of what we might call the human condition. You are ignoring the beam in your own eye looking for a splinter in the eyes of others, and you are judging them very harshly, according to what you think is some absolute standard.

The thing is, most spiritual people, and many ascended master students certainly have an expectation that it is possible to create a spiritual community that is based on love and kindness. So, you have this intuitive sense that it is possible to have a spiritual community where there is no judgment. So many people have the expectation that when they find an ascended master teaching, those who are following that teaching, should not be judgmental, they should be kind, they should be loving, they should be supporting each other. It is understandable that you have this expectation, but it is not realistic.

This messenger many years ago, learned about the Summit Lighthouse while he was living in Denmark. He of course built up a certain expectation of what it would be to be in the Summit Lighthouse and how people would be in the Summit Lighthouse, based on being from a distance, seeing it from a distance, seeing the ideal of the teachings and thinking that everybody who was in that teaching would be a loving and caring person.

When he then came to the headquarters of the Summit Lighthouse in Montana in 1987, he was rather shocked. After having been there for three days, like the three days in hell that I supposedly encountered in the Scriptures, he sat down one day, and had to make a decision. Either he had to run away, or he had to find a way to deal with being there.

The thought that came to him, which he was able to recognize with his outer mind was, “but wait a minute, when I walked through the gate, there was not a big trashcan there, with a sign saying, leave your ego here. So obviously, I did not leave my ego at the door and if I did not leave my ego at the door, then probably all other people did not leave it either. So that means that people here still have egos and I still have my ego so maybe it was my expectation that was unrealistic. Maybe it was unrealistic to expect that all people who walked through that door would suddenly become perfect people, and that I myself would become perfect by walking through the door.” This was the very thought that allowed him to stay in the community and make the tremendous progress that he made for during those 10 years where he lived there.

It was similar thoughts that enabled many other people but there were also people who did not have this realization, they found other ways to deal with it and they started judging, or they continued judging other people and of course, judging themselves without realizing it. That is why you see that in the Summit Lighthouse they had, certainly at the time but even still today, have a very judgmental culture where they were using the teachings of the ascended masters to create some ideal for how the perfect chela of the ascended masters should be.

They were then judging each other based on whether they lived up to these outer requirements. Are you on staff? Which department are you in on staff? Do you give enough decrees? Are you a communicant? Do you give money to the church? Do you live in Glastonbury? All of these outer things, what kind of car do you drive? What color is it? What color clothes are you wearing? What are you eating? What diet are you on and all of these things.

What is behind this tendency to judge? It is the thought that following certain outer rituals and practices will automatically bring you to a state of Christhood.

We have now given you so many teachings that question this illusion, that you should be able to see that there simply comes a point where you will not climb higher in Christhood and Christ discernment until you fully and consciously acknowledge and recognize that Christhood is not a product of outer conditions here on earth. Christhood is not a matter of what you have attained, what you have done, what you own, what practices you are performing, how many decrees you have given. This is not what produces Christhood.

Christhood is a matter of one thing only. It is not what you have acquired, but what you have given up, what you have surrendered, what you have let go of. How many separate selves have you let go of? How many illusions have you let go of? How many expectations have you let go of? How many times have you confronted an expectation, an attachment and said to yourself and truly meant it, “What is that to me? I will follow thee!” That is the only key to Christhood.

You can be a member of a spiritual organization. You can follow its practices religiously for years and decades. We have seen this any number of times, but you are still not making progress towards Christhood precisely because you are not making the switch of realizing what Christhood is about. It is not a matter of holding on to things on earth, it is not a matter of perfecting things on earth, it is a matter of letting go.

Many, many spiritual students when they find a spiritual path, they become very focused on this concept of spiritual attainment, and certain abilities. Many dream of having supernatural abilities and unfortunately, my life somewhat fueled that dream because I did perform certain supernatural feats. So many people think that they have to do the same or they have to have some kind of attainment however it is defined in the organization and teaching so they think that they have to take what they already have and perfect it, make it so good, that we of the ascended masters will say, “Ah, there is a chela who really has attainment on all seven rays, he is ready for his ascension.”

You see the real path is not a matter of attaining some ability, or even knowledge and understanding because the path, the false path projected by the fallen beings and accepted by many students at a certain level because they cannot do anything else, is actually the path of raising up some aspect of the ego, some separate self.

Since we are talking Christ discernment, well, you have a very strong separate self when you find a path that has been created over many lifetimes in response to this culture of judgment. So, you have a separate self that feels that it has a certain attainment in terms of judging others. Now, this self may even feel that it can follow my admonishment to ‘judge righteous judgment’ because it thinks that it is not judging based on some human standard, but on a higher standard and when you find an ascended master teaching and this self says, “here is my chance, I will take this teaching, I will study it vigorously, I will apply it and I will attain, I will perfect my ability to judge. I will attain the highest possible standard for judging, namely Christ discernment, I will be able to judge as an ascended master judges.”

This self is what many ascended master students have believed that it is a matter of perfecting this self and when they are able to have that ultimate state of judgment, then they will have attained Christhood. This is Christhood they think.

But my beloved, this is just a self. It will never enter heaven. No matter how sophisticated of its ability to judge, it will never enter heaven. You will not enter heaven as long as you drag this self with you. It cannot fit through the door. How will you enter heaven? Only by letting go of this self. What does this mean?

Well, many spiritual students that we have seen, both in this dispensation and in others, have still been trapped in thinking that Christhood is a matter of looking at the world, looking at actions, looking at ideas, looking at certain things that appear, and judging them based on this standard of whether they are right or wrong.

What have we said before? What did the fallen beings have to do to screw life up on this planet? They had to project that there is a standard for what should or should not happen and that you just need to evaluate everything based on this value judgment of right and wrong, true and false. These people think that by taking an ascended master teaching and applying it and studying it, they will perfect this judgmental self so that this self will be able to look at anything that happens on earth and judge: Is it right or wrong? Is it Christ or anti-Christ?

But this is an illusion and at the 96th level you need to deal with it if you are to move to higher levels. Otherwise, you will go into this downward spiral of judging and becoming more and more judgmental, while even being convinced sometimes that you are the living Christ who is judging.

Let me give you an illustration. Let us say that you are in a busy airport. It is before the corona crisis, it is full of people. They are talking, there are loudspeakers, there is music, there is all kinds of sounds. Now you go in there and you are thinking: “It is my job to judge which of all these sounds is of the Christ and which are not.” What do you do? You focus your attention on the sound and you are thinking that by developing your ability to judge the sounds, you are manifesting Christhood.

But what is Christhood, really?

Christhood is not the one who hears the sounds and judges them. The Christed being is the one who hears the silence beyond all of the sounds. You may be at the noisiest place on earth but behind the noise is still silence. The noise must have space in which it can exist, the space that the Buddha holds for earth. That space, knowing the silence behind the sounds, that is Christhood that is ultimate Christ discernment.

There is a phase, as I have explained, where you are looking at the physical, the emotional, the mental, the identity level, and you are using your ability to discern between what is an illusion, what is a manipulation, what is a vortex, and all of these things. At that level you are still, we might say, judging. You are at least evaluating and analyzing. This is part of Christhood at these beginning levels.

But what I am telling you is that there comes that point where you can step up to the higher levels of Christhood, or you can start going down because you now think that Christhood is about judging. Again, go back to the situation where you are standing in this airport terminal, and there is all the noise, people are walking back and forth. Now you realize that you actually have a pair of these noise-cancelling headphones that you are wearing, they are cupped tight over your ears. They have a little button on the side and if you turn that button, the headphones will cancel out all of the noise and you will just hear the silence.

Well, that is the higher levels of Christhood and Christ discernment. It is that you focus on this silence behind the noise.

But what does this mean? It means that you realize that the most important thing for you is to hear the silence. How are you going to hear the silence? By taking your attention off the noise.

As long as you are focused on all the noises you cannot hear the silence. What is the primary thing that pulls you into focusing on the noise? It is this belief that you have to judge which noise is good and bad, which noise is right and wrong.

But you come to that point where you recognize that it is no longer important for you to judge which idea, which manifestation, which people, are right or wrong. It is more important for you to experience the silence, the Christ mind. Once you begin to experience that silence—which for most people really will not happen in a more common manifestation until they resolve the primal self, many people have glimpses of the silence before they resolve the primal self but they are not able to maintain it—after you resolve the primal self, then you can experience that silence and suddenly it becomes much more important to you than judging whether this or that person should be president, or whatever it is that people are judging.

This is when you then begin to see beyond these outer viewpoints. It is as I said, you can have two ascended master students who both believe that they have some Christ discernment, and one wants Trump to be president, and another wants another person to be president. But if they both step up to the higher level of Christhood, they begin to see that it was not important anymore to them who is president.  There are other things that are more important.

For example, one thing that could be more important is that they reach some kind of unity between them, where they are not divided by who is president or who is not president. Where attaining some higher degree of Christ unity is much more important than convincing the other person of who should be president. This is an example of how spiritual students can overcome this self that wants to judge everything. This is the only way that you or anyone else is ever going to be able to create the kind of community that many spiritual people dream of, a community that is based on love, kindness, supporting each other.

How can a community be supportive if everybody is going around judging everybody? How can people stop judging others if they do not look at themselves and look at the self that causes you to judge everything, including yourself? You must deal with that self, you must realize that it is not a matter of achieving this ultimate ability to judge. It is a matter of letting the self die and walking with Christ into the silence.

What do you want? Do you want Christhood or do you want human judgment? I have set before you life and death. Choose life if you want to walk further with me. Otherwise, I must leave you behind and you can walk whatever path you define for yourself, based on your judgmental self of what is right and wrong, what is Christ or anti-Christ. This self will judge absolutely anything that questions the existence of any authority of the self.

Be honest with yourself. I have said this before; you claim to be an ascended master student, you have spent time studying our teachings. What do you really want? Do you want to make progress or do you want validation for this self that will never enter heaven? The judgmental self will look at any teaching that questions it, including the teachings of the ascended masters, and it will judge those teachings as not being of the Christ.

We have seen groups of people who have convinced themselves and each other that this or that messenger was no longer a messenger because the masters would never say this. They have left this or that organization, gone their separate ways, being absolutely convinced that they knew better than the messenger whether the messenger got an accurate message from the masters or not.

But what is really behind it is that they thought, their judgmental selves thought, they knew better than the ascended masters what the ascended master should say. But if what I say conforms to the judgment of your judgmental self, how can I help you be free of that separate self?

Now, the self thinks that when it is perfected in its judgment, it will be able to enter heaven. But I, my beloved, am an ascended master, and I know that that self will never enter heaven, and that you will not enter heaven as long as you are holding on to the self. The only chance I have of helping you ascend is to help you come to see this self so you will let go of it!

But if you allow the self to convince you that when I am questioning the self, this is not a real ascended master speaking, then you are lost. You are lost to me. I cannot help you. I can only respect your free will and say, one more time this person chose the left-handed path of glorifying some self, rather than letting the self die and following Christ.

Those of you who do it in this lifetime, I can assure you, you have done it in many past lifetimes. How long will you continue to choose over and over again to follow the separate self instead of following Christ? How many times do you need to have the experience that this does not work? Because you end up back in another embodiment and another embodiment and another embodiment, whereas those who let go of the judgmental self, they end up ascending.

What will it take to penetrate the layers of defense that your separate selves have built around the Conscious You? What will it take for you? Consider that question. What are the barriers that your separate selves have erected so that the Conscious You cannot hear me? So that you do not have ears to hear and eyes to see, you cannot experience it, there is something beyond these selves, there is silence beyond the noise. There is life beyond death. There is the Christ Consciousness beyond what you think is the Christ consciousness, but which is the consciousness of anti-Christ, the consciousness of death, the consciousness of Satan.

Choose ye this day, whether you will follow Christ or anti-Christ. I give you complete freedom for I have now done everything that I can think of doing to help you choose life and therefore I let go because, as an ascended master, I have no attachments to whether I can save people or not. But I will of course, be firm and release the fire in order to help penetrate the defenses that you have around the Conscious You.

We have said the Conscious You is pure awareness. Well, that is a parallel to the silence. Experiencing silence is experiencing pure awareness. It is experiencing that you are more than all of these outer selves. Therefore you can let go of all of them and you will not die, you will not disappear because you are, the Conscious You is, the original being that descended from heaven and what did I say? No person can ascend back to heaven save the person that descended from heaven.

The Conscious You descended in pure awareness without all of these separate selves and only the Conscious You will ascend back and how will it ascend back? By letting all of the separate selves die. By letting go of all of them. All of them must die for you to have eternal life.

I AM the way, the truth and the life for I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ.


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