Christ discernment is a process that has stages

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, December 4, 2020. This dictation was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing your Christ Discernment.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ and I come to give you the third installment in our series of discourses on Christ discernment and the four lower bodies. This, of course, is about the mental body and Christ discernment at the mental level. We have for many years, in fact for more than 15 years now, given you very profound and elaborate teachings about the duality consciousness, the dualistic way of looking at things that polarizes any issue, the epic mindset and the illusions that the fallen beings have been using to prevent people from having, exercising or expressing Christ discernment at the mental level.

At the emotional level they try to pull you into some kind of emotional reaction, whereas at the mental level they try to pull you into a mental reaction of intellectual reasoning or a logical reaction where you also enter into a matrix or a vortex that pulls you in a certain direction.

You can look at history and find many, many examples of false ideas spread by the fallen beings. And of course, you can use the teachings that we have given to expose many of these.  When you do this, you will gradually build an insight and a certain intuitive sense of how the fallen beings use the dualistic mind to fool people.

We have said that the essence here is that the dualistic mind can be used to prove or disprove anything. Even the intellect, the analytical mind, can be used to prove or disprove any viewpoint that you want. And we have also explained that the reason for this, apart from the density of the collective consciousness, is that planet earth is designed to be a reality simulator. It simulates reality because whatever you want to believe, you can find some kind of intellectual proof that this is right and is some ultimate truth.

And it is this belief that you have some ultimate argument or truth that gives you the sense of reality. You are having an experience and it is a subjective experience, but you experience it as real. You think that you are not having a subjective viewpoint but some ultimate truth.

Let me begin here by making a statement that will shock some of our students from previous dispensations. The fallen beings are very, very good at giving you the impression, the belief and even the absolute conviction that you have a superior or ultimate truth, whereas the Christ mind never gives you the experience or the sense that you have an ultimate truth. And why is this? Because the Christ mind is the mind that is designed to maintain or reestablish unity between the Creator and its creation.

When the Creator decided to give individualizations of itself free will, unrestricted free will, the Creator knew and foresaw that you could use this free will to go into the duality consciousness and create a set of beliefs that you were absolutely convinced were real. And the Creator foresaw that when you are trapped in this kind of a mental box that we have called a perception filter, there is nothing inside your mental box that will help you ultimately escape the box. Once you have stepped inside of that mental box where you feel that what you experience is absolutely real, what could challenge it? What could get you out of it? Well, nothing inside the box, so only something outside the box.

It can, of course, be other people who challenge your viewpoints and your absolute beliefs. But the Christ mind is designed by the Creator to be that mediator between God and its creation, between you and your source, so that you always have the potential to come back out of this mental box, this sense of reality that you have created for yourself.

What we have said many times is that there is no ultimate state that you can attain on earth because as long as you are in embodiment on a dense-matter planet, a dense-consciousness planet like earth, there is no ultimate state. The ultimate state, as far as earth is concerned, is to ascend. And when you ascend, you are no longer on earth. Therefore, you cannot attain the ultimate state for earth while being on earth and while being in embodiment.

Naturally, we have also said that there is no ultimate state in the ascended realm because there is ongoing growth, and even the Creator is expanding its consciousness. What is it that wants to create this impression that there is an ultimate state? Well, for you individually it is the ego, but on an overall level, it is the fallen beings. They have deliberately rebelled against self-transcendence. They want to create the illusion that they can be in a state from which they do not need to transcend themselves because they have reached some ultimate level.

Now, again, free will is unrestricted. One of the things you can create with your free will is this absolute conviction that you have reached some ultimate state. And this is allowed for a time. But again, the Christ consciousness is there to make sure that you can get out of it, even when you are trapped in this sense of having reached an ultimate state. The Christ consciousness, therefore, is the one sent to earth to make sure that humankind cannot forever remain trapped by the fallen beings who have set themselves up as a power elite and who are being worshipped as having a godlike status by many people on earth.

One way you can expose the fallen beings in embodiment is by seeing how they will set themselves up as having this ultimate status that no one can gainsay. No one can question them and no one can speak out against them, for if you do, you will be condemned to hell, burned at the stake, or be imprisoned, tortured or executed in various rather unpleasant ways. This is another example of “by their fruits you shall know them.”

Throughout the ages and in any number of instances, the fallen beings have managed to set themselves up as having an ultimate state and an ultimate authority on earth. You saw it in the pharaohs of Egypt. You saw it in some other civilizations in ancient times. You saw it in the Catholic church and the popes. You saw it in the communist hierarchies where people could not speak out against Lenin, Stalin or Mao without being executed, or at least persecuted in various ways.

This is something you can use as a standard for evaluating how people set themselves up in authority positions. Remember what I said 2,000 years ago to my own disciples who also had this dream that by following Christ and being the disciples of Christ, they would attain some ultimate status after I left. What did I say? “He who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.”

Who is it that is great based on the Christ mind? It is the one who does not need to set himself or herself up as having some ultimate authority, but who is focused on serving people, serving others and doing whatever needs to be done, perhaps serving the ascended masters and our cause. This is an evaluation you can make. Look at people throughout history and see who have been servants, who have perhaps been servant leaders, and who have been the authoritarians who wanted to have an absolute state of authority.

As soon as you see a person who will attack those who disagree with him or her, you have a good indication that this is either a fallen being or just a person whose mind is deeply influenced or taken over by fallen beings in higher realms. A Christed being does not claim authority except in very special cases where that being is facing the fallen beings, and therefore is challenging the fallen beings in a direct manner, as I did in certain instances.

But otherwise, when you are dealing with people as a Christed being, you are not claiming ultimate authority and you are not threatening people. You are not bullying people into accepting what you say. You have no need to because when you have a higher level of Christhood, you know why you are here. You are here to serve others. You are not here to elevate yourself to any particular status or authority.

What could a Christed being possibly want with having authority on earth? Why would a Christed being need people to follow or obey or worship him or her? When you have attained a higher level of Christhood, you know who you are and, therefore, you are perfectly aware of why you are on earth. It is not to elevate yourself. It is actually to serve, and in serving you are demonstrating that you are overcoming your lower self. You are overcoming those lower selves that are narcissistic, self-centered and egotistical.

This then leads into the next level of Christ discernment which is discernment at the identity level. The fallen beings are absolutely convinced that they are special beings and that they have a special status. And some of them are even convinced that the highest god of the universe has given them this status and has given them the authority to rule this world. This mindset of one who thinks that he is the ruler of this world and that God has given him that authority is what I called “the prince of this world.”

There are even some old gnostic teachings that say that there is a demiurge, and that God has given the demiurge the authority to rule on earth. Well, this is an illusion that springs from the mind of anti-christ, for God has given free will to all beings on earth. And when all have free will, how can there be one person who is an unquestionable authority? What need is there for authority? If there is respect for free will, why would God set up this sense of authority? When God has given all beings free will, it simply is not necessary.

The idea of an unquestionable authority comes from the fallen beings because they want to be seen that way and they see themselves that way. This is another measure you can use to expose a fallen being in embodiment. He or she firmly believes that they are in a separate category and that they are separate from most, if not all other people. You will see some of the dictators of history who have believed this way. Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Lenin believed that they were superior to all other people and that they knew better than all other people. And therefore, they instantly saw that those who did not submit to them, those who did not worship them and those who did not agree with them were enemies, and they were treated as enemies, and they were instantly put down as enemies.

When you see a person behave like this, you know, again, that you are dealing with a fallen being or one whose mindset or mind is completely taken over by the fallen beings. And therefore, as an ascended-master student, you obviously do not want to follow this person, certainly not if you want to attain Christhood. You do not attain Christhood by following anyone, but especially not a fallen being.

What is it that the fallen beings do in order to fool people at both the mental and identity levels? Well, there are slight differences. At the mental level, the fallen beings have put out so many ideas that it is extremely overwhelming and extremely confusing. They partly attempt to make people feel so overwhelmed by all their claims and counterclaims that they do not know what to believe. Then they present themselves as an authority that says: “No, we have the highest truth, we have the absolute truth. Therefore, if you follow us, you cannot go wrong.” You are guaranteed to be saved and enter heaven, or the socialist-communist utopia, or the capitalist utopia, or whatever utopia they define.

At the identity level, it is not so much a matter of throwing out all of these viewpoints. But what they do at the identity level is they use the dualistic mindset to create a clear division between themselves and in some cases just a small group of other people, a small elite, and the majority of the people. They portray this idea that humankind can be divided into at least two separate divisions or classes. Sometimes they even portray that this division was created by God, or was defined by God or was an historical process of necessity.

Nevertheless, the point is that when you see those who divide humankind up into two separate classes where one is a privileged elite, and the majority of the population can never, ever rise up and become part of that elite, then you know you are dealing with a fallen being or one who is an instrument for the fallen beings. It can be no other way.

The Christ consciousness knows that all human beings are sons and daughters of God. Therefore, there cannot be one person, be he called Jesus or something else, who is the only son of God or who was God from the very beginning. It is an illusion created by the fallen beings because the Christ knows that all human beings are sons and daughters of God. But they have not all realized this. Therefore, what is the Christ doing? The Christ is seeking to help them come to the realization of their true identity as sons and daughters of God and as spiritual beings.

And what is the purpose of the Christ? The purpose of the Christ is to demonstrate: “I have reached a higher level of consciousness. But this does not make me special. This does not make me superior to you. It makes me an example that you can follow, for you too can attain the higher state of consciousness that I am demonstrating.” As the ascended masters have been saying for decades: “What one has done, all can do.”

This is the modus operandi of the Christ. Therefore, in order to help people attain their true identity, the Christ does everything that can be done to challenge and help people see beyond the false identity projected by the fallen beings. As I said, the false identity of the fallen beings is always based on a division into at least two classes of people where there is a hermetically-sealed barrier between the two. Those in the lower class can never become part of the higher class.

This is what the Christ sees. The Christ sees the unity beyond all human divisions, and therefore does not fall into the trap of validating divisions or validating some human being who claims to have authority, or following a human being who has authority. You understand what I have been trying to say here.

There are levels of Christ discernment:

  • The lowest level is the physical where you evaluate people’s actions.
  • The next level up is the emotional where you evaluate whether someone is trying to pull you into an emotional vortex.
  • The next level up is the mental where you evaluate whether someone is trying to pull you into being sucked into a mental vortex where you end up believing in some ultimate truth, ideology or authority.
  • And then at the identity level there is the vortex of pulling you into accepting that you have a lower identity and therefore you do not have the potential to attain the Christ consciousness, and you especially do not have the potential or the authority to challenge those in the higher class.

Based on this, you have a certain foundation. If you feel that there is one of these that you have difficulty with, then you can use our tools to purify that particular one of your four lower bodies, challenge the illusions you have and rise above it. We have given many invocations for purifying the four lower bodies and you can use them as well for this purpose. With this I have set a foundation.

What I want to do now is comment on something that is a question that many people have asked themselves and that certainly all ascended-master students should be asking themselves. And the question is this: Is it possible that two people can each have Christ consciousness but can disagree on a specific issue? In other words, both people have a certain level of Christ discernment, but they disagree on a particular issue relating to life on earth. Is this possible? Well, let us explore this question.

What have I been saying in these dictations today? And what have we been saying in the invocation that you have given now at least three times? Have you noticed what is being said in this invocation? [Invocation for Christ Discernment]

We have said that there are levels of Christ discernment. We have even said that there is a level of Christ discernment for each of the 144 levels of consciousness. Now, you may find this difficult to comprehend when you look at the absolute lowest state of consciousness on earth. But as we have said, for each of the 144 levels of consciousness there is a specific illusion that allows a being to go down to that level, still experience that it has a right to be at that level, and do what it wants to do. And this experience seems real to that being. It is the illusion that gives the sense of reality.

How would a being at the lowest level of consciousness ever escape that level? Well, if there was not a level of Christ discernment that could help that being see through the illusion at that level, the being would have no way to escape. There would be no way out. That downward spiral would be a one-way street.

Therefore, the Christ mind goes to each of the levels possible on earth and provides a particular insight for that level, that can help a person at that level see through the particular illusion and therefore rise up to the next level. You can say that a person who is firmly trapped at the lowest level of consciousness on earth does not have Christ discernment. But a person who has seen through the illusion at the lowest level and risen up to the second level, that person does have Christ discernment. The person has seen through one of the illusions that traps people on earth, and it can only see through that illusion through Christ discernment, so it has a certain level of Christ discernment.

Now, of course, this does not mean that the person at the second level has the ultimate level of Christ discernment because the ultimate level of Christ discernment possible on earth is not attained until you reach the 144th level and see through the illusion at that level. Then you are ready to ascend. That happened for me when I was hanging on the cross. I gave up the ghost and I was no longer in embodiment.

What you need to very, very carefully consider here is that each of you who is an ascended-master student is at a certain level of the 144 levels. What that means is that you have a certain level of Christ discernment, but what you have at your level is not the ultimate level of Christ discernment possible on earth. As we have said now several times, that means that you cannot allow your ego to make you believe that what you have is the ultimate level of Christ discernment.

I know this is a difficult process and a difficult balance to walk because we have also talked about the need to recognize that you have walked the path for a long time, you have made progress, and you have come to a level where you have a certain level of Christhood, and you cannot deny that Christhood.

Several years ago, during a conference in Korea, this messenger was asked whether he considered himself to be the living Christ, and he said yes. He explained that if he did not say yes, he would be denying his Christhood. But he never for a moment attained the idea in his mind that he had reached the ultimate level of Christhood.

It is very, very important that all of you do the same because if you do not do this, you will fail the second challenge of Christ. You will fail the second challenge of Christ. Did you hear me? You will fail the second challenge of Christ. And what is the second challenge of Christ? It is the one Peter failed when I said to him: “Get thee behind me, Satan.”

What did Peter try to do? He tried to pull the living Christ into his mental box and validate his mental box, and that is the consciousness of Satan. And that is why I rebuked him. Did Peter get it? No. Have the vast majority of Christians understood this point? No, of course not. That is why to this day the Catholic church is based on the consciousness of Peter and thereby rejects the living Christ. That is why the living Christ has no chance of appearing in any context in the Catholic church or any other mainstream Christian church.

You need to recognize here that you can easily have two ascended-master students who disagree. Let us just say here that one is at the 70th level of consciousness and another is at the 80th level of consciousness. They both have a certain level of Christ discernment. One of them is firmly convinced that the truth is this particular side of an issue, and the other is perfectly convinced that the truth is the other side of that same issue. Each of them can believe: “But my position is based on my Christ discernment, my inner Christ discernment, my intuition and my Christ self. The ascended masters told me this is the way it is.” They are firmly convinced that they are right and the other person is wrong.

How do you deal with this situation? Well, many people in past dispensations of the ascended masters in past organizations that we have sponsored, have not been able to deal with it at all. They have ended up in a disagreement that caused the two people to see each other as enemies and walk away from each other.

Now, what have I explained here? The Christ sees beyond all human divisions. If you believe that you have a certain viewpoint that you received as a result of Christ discernment, but at the same time you see yourself as being opposed to, perhaps an enemy of another person who has the opposite viewpoint, then you do not have the higher levels of Christ discernment. If you did, you would be able to see beyond these outer divisions and see that there is something that is far more important than this particular issue.

Let us not dance around the issue anymore. Let us take the most obvious example that is up in our time right now: The election in the United States, and whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden should become president. As some of you have pointed out, this has divided ascended master students. Is it possible that one person can be convinced that he or she has Christ discernment and yet firmly believes that Trump should be president? And is it possible that another person can have Christ discernment and firmly believe either that Trump should not be president or that Joe Biden should be president? Is it possible that they both have Christ discernment and therefore that they are both right in a certain sense?

Well, the answer is: “Yes, but…” There is a very big but associated with that statement.

Now, you understand here that Christhood is a process. We are not requiring anybody to be perfect. As I have said: “How could you have ultimate Christhood or Christ discernment until you are at the 144th level?” It is clear that when you are at the lower levels of Christ discernment, you can receive an impulse from the Christ mind, and you are truly receiving an impulse from the Christ mind. You see certain things on earth that are not right, that are unbalanced, that are a manipulation of the fallen beings, that are an illusion, that are a lie, and so on. At the lower levels of Christ discernment, well, we cannot expect you to be able to see beyond all human divisions. We cannot expect this and we do not expect it.

How is it then possible that someone in the United States can be a Republican and a supporter of Trump because they feel they have Christ discernment, and another person can be a Democrat and a supporter of the Democrats because they feel they have Christ discernment? Is it possible that they both have Christ discernment? Well, yes, it is, but again, there is a but. And what is the but?

Well, the but is this: You have the level of Christ discernment that corresponds to your level of consciousness among the 144 levels, but you do not have anything beyond that. You see certain things, but there are also certain things you do not see. For example, it is possible that a person can have a certain level of Christ discernment and therefore can see certain qualities in Trump that the person believes are important for a president. For example, either based on our outer teachings or based on an inner impulse from the Christ consciousness or both, you could have received an insight into how important it is to overthrow the power elite, the establishment, and the political establishment that just wants to maintain status quo, and is not open to the kind of changes we are talking about.

You could have received an impulse from the Christ mind of how important this is. But did the Christ mind tell you to support Donald Trump? Or that Donald Trump was the only one who could overthrow the power elite? Well, no, the Christ mind did not tell you this because that would have been what? It would have been reinforcing man-made divisions.

What happens is that because there are certain illusions you have not seen through, you are, as Paul said “seeing through a glass darkly.” You receive an impulse and it is a correct impulse. It is a valid impulse from the Christ mind. But in your own mind, perhaps even at the identity, mental or emotional level before it reaches your conscious mind, that impulse receives a certain coloring. Therefore, in your outer mind, based on the illusions you still have that you have not seen through, you feel that the impulse from the Christ mind has validated some outer belief that you have.

This is what happened to Peter. It has happened to numerous people, innumerable people throughout the ages. Many, many people have had some valid impulse from the Christ mind, but have then used it, in many cases subconsciously, to validate a belief in the outer mind to which they are very attached.

It is possible that you receive an impulse from the Christ mind such as: It is necessary to challenge the power elite. Then you see that Donald Trump is challenging the power elite by speaking out against them. Then you reason with your outer mind: This is exactly the leader that the ascended masters want. You might even reason, as some fundamentalist Christians have reasoned, that he is the one sent by God to set America right. Do you understand? Even some of these Christian leaders have a certain level of Christ discernment, but again it is not the ultimate level.

It is possible that another person could have received an impulse from the Christ mind that says: It is important to overcome the power elite mindset that says they are better than other people, and therefore create a more egalitarian society in the United States. Then the person might reason with the outer mind: But only the Democratic party is talking about doing this and only they have the will and the policy to do this, and therefore the Democrats are the ones who can bring change to America.

Again, it is possible that there is a valid impulse because, as we have said before, it is not so that one party has all the correct answers and no wrong answers. Both parties have certain insights and certain ideas that are constructive for the future of America, but neither has a patent on the future. You see here that it is quite possible that you can have two ascended-master students who are both convinced that they have a certain level of Christ discernment, and they are right, and who are both convinced that their choice of political party is the ultimate one. And this is where they are not right because there is no ultimate choice, as we have attempted to explain many times, because there is nothing ultimate on earth.

You see here that you can receive a valid insight from the Christ mind but you can color it at the identity, mental and emotional levels so that by the time it reaches your conscious mind, you are convinced that it validates one of the beliefs that you are very attached to at the conscious level, at the emotional level, at the mental level or even at the identity level.

This is a belief that you may not even be conscious that you have. You may have a belief at the identity level that you are not even aware of at the conscious level. But at the conscious level you see yourself in a certain way and you have never even questioned that sense of identity. Or you may have a certain belief at the mental level that you are not consciously aware of, but at the conscious level you are absolutely convinced that this is the way it is. For example, many Catholics are absolutely convinced at the conscious level that the Catholic church is the only road to salvation. Many materialists are absolutely convinced that all religion is a hoax and complete superstition, and that the world is entirely material.

It is possible that a Christian can have some level of Christ discernment and a materialist can have some level of Christ discernment. They are both receiving some impulse. The materialist may be receiving a valid impulse from the Christ mind that makes him or her see the shortcomings of religion, especially the kind of organized religion you have. A Christian may receive some valid impulse from the Christ mind that you cannot save yourself, and that only through some higher impulse can you be set free from your mental box.

What happens is that in the outer mind by the time these impulses reach the conscious mind, they have been so colored, that the people are now firmly convinced that the impulse from the Christ mind has validated this belief created at the mental level, often by the fallen beings.

We understand very well how difficult it is for our students who are at these beginning levels of Christhood, as we might call it. We understand how difficult it is to see through this. Nevertheless, we also know it is possible for you to begin to see through this when you are above the 48th level of consciousness, which all of you are. It is possible for you to take the course we have given that takes you through the seven rays, where the seven Chohans raise you up from the 48th to the 96th level of consciousness. It is possible for you to reach that 96th level if you truly apply this course [The Path to Self-Mastery, 9 vols.] and other teachings we have given.

But even at the 96th level, you do not have the ultimate level of Christ discernment. How could you when there are 144 levels? It is at the 96th level where you truly face a more intense version of the second challenge of Christ. You do face it at each of the 144 levels, but there is a crucial turning point at the 96th level.

The 96th level is where you have the potential either to continue going upwards and increasing your Christ discernment or to start a downward spiral. For that matter, you can also start this downward spiral at any point below the 96th level. But at the 96th level you come to this point where you must make a choice between realizing that you need to overcome all aspects of the outer mind or denying this.

At the 96th level, you face the intensified version of the second challenge where you need to decide: Will you accept that you have a certain level of Christ discernment, but it is not the ultimate level? Will you accept that you continually need to seek for insights and revelations from the Christ mind that will help you see through the illusions you still have left and help you see through the separate selves? Are you willing to lose your life in order to follow Christ? Are you willing to lose any and all selves that come up? Are you willing to question every outer belief you have? Or are you not willing to do this?

If you are not willing to do this, then there is a certain separate self and a certain belief that you will not question because you believe that it is the absolute truth. As Mother Mary said in the definition of fanaticism, this is a viewpoint, a truth or an insight that could never be expanded upon. This is what you believe. When people make that decision, whether it is at the 96th level or below, that is when you start a downward spiral, and from then on, you will not be receiving insights from the Christ mind because you are not open to it until you again turn around.

What will you then be doing? Well, you will be referring to the insights that you felt you received in the past. You will be using those insights to justify why you do not need to question this particular belief, and why you do not need to question your sense of identity as having attained some superior status.

There are people who have reached the 96th level and who have decided that this was an ultimate level and that they did not need to question themselves. They believed that they had reached the ultimate level of Christhood. The moment you believe this, you are starting a downward spiral. You do not immediately fall down to the lowest level, but you start going down because you cannot stay there. You can only go up or go down. You cannot stay at the same level for very long.

You now will see that the major characteristic of such people is that they become very, very attached to a particular viewpoint. They become very eager to reject anyone who questions or challenges their viewpoint. They can become quite emotional in seeking to do so. Usually, in the beginning levels, they are not directly manipulative. They are not directly attacking other people. But they may have various ways of seeking to put these other people in their place, so to speak, where they will try to get other people to accept themselves as the highest authority that should not be questioned. By the way, I am in no way implying here that Donald Trump has at any point in the past reached the 96th level, I am talking about ascended master students.

When you see this –  that people become very attached to their viewpoints and become very adamant in trying to refute anyone who questions them, perhaps even seeing other people as enemies or putting them down as not having the same level of Christ discernment as they themselves have, or having a certain overbearing attitude – well, that is when you know that here is a person that there is no point in arguing with and that there is no point in having a discussion with. There is no point in trying to convince them that they are trapped in an illusion. They are trapped in the illusion because they are convinced that the illusion is real. There is nothing you can say that will challenge the illusion. There is nothing anyone could say.

We have seen in all previous ascended master organizations that there are certain students who have come into the teachings; they have studied and applied the teachings diligently and they have made progress reaching a certain level, in some cases, even the 96th level. Then they have chosen that there was something that they did not want to give up. What have they done? They have attempted to use the teachings and their own insights from the Christ mind to justify why they do not have to go further.

In many cases, they have then found something in the teachings that were given previously that seemed to validate their viewpoint. Then they find something that is given later in the teachings, and now they say: “The first revelation was true, but the second one is not, and this proves that the messenger is no longer a messenger, has lost his or her mantle, is no longer connected to the masters, or the messenger’s mind colored the message, and so on.” We have seen this over and over again.

Now, my beloved, you will see that in each of these movements, these people have then attempted to challenge the messenger. In some cases, the messenger has responded to these people and tried to reason with them to help them see what they could not see. But in virtually all cases, what has happened is this:

Even though these people, at a certain level of their path, accepted the messenger as an authority who had a higher level of Christhood than themselves, they have now come to this point where they believe they have reached the ultimate level of Christhood and therefore they no longer recognize the messenger as an authority. They no longer recognize anyone as having a higher level of Christhood than themselves, well, except perhaps the ascended masters, but they are convinced that we would agree with them in what they are saying. What we have seen here is that even the messenger could not help these people snap out of their illusion.

What I am trying to say here is that there is little point in you thinking that you can help these people snap out of their illusion. There is little point in you trying to reason with them because the likelihood of having success is very, very small. As this messenger realized a number of years ago when he was faced with a group of people who challenged his authority, he could not help these people because they would not listen to anything he said. They believed that they were now at a higher level of authority and at a higher level of Christhood than the messenger, and that they could judge whether the messenger was connected to the ascended masters, and whether what the masters said through the messenger was really coming from the masters or was not.

Once people step into this state of mind, the messenger can say nothing that would make a difference to these people. He realized: Why should I spend my attention on people that I cannot help when there are other people that I might be able to help? Why not spend my attention where there is the greatest opportunity that I can actually help people? You can take the same stand and you can say: “Well, I will not reason with these people, I will let them go their way, I will let them do their thing, and I will simply focus on my own spiritual path and increasing my Christ discernment.”

You see, my beloved, Christ discernment is a process that has stages. We might say here that at the lowest level, the physical level, Christ discernment is about seeing that there is no human action or no human state such as race or ethnicity or skin color that defines you. You are more than all of these physical characteristics and divisions between people.

At the emotional level, Christ discernment is ultimately about seeing that you are more than your emotions. You are especially more than all of these emotional vortexes that have been created throughout history. You are more than the emotional vortex in which you grew up and that you were programmed to accept without question. But you can question it and you can free yourself from it, and that is when you rise to the next level which is where you face the challenge of attaining Christ discernment at the mental level.

What do you do at the mental level? Well, you see that there are innumerable divisions created at the mental level based on ideologies, religions, political philosophies, materialism, religion, this or that. You have so many of these viewpoints, but you are more than any of these viewpoints and therefore you can rise above them. When you rise above them, you see that there is more to you and there is more to other people than these human divisions. This means you are not identifying yourself based on these divisions and you are not identifying others based on them. You do not see other people as enemies, you see beyond – you see the basic humanity and the essential humanity, and you see your own potential and other people’s potential.

When you come to this level, you realize that whether you belong to this political party or that political party, this does not define you whether this is in the United States or elsewhere in the world. You come to the point where you realize that you are not a Republican or a Democrat, you are, first of all, a spiritual being who is beyond any divisions on earth. You are even an aspiring Christed being which pulls you to see beyond all of these divisions.  When you come up to the identity level, you can then realize that you are not identified based on this party or that party.

Therefore, you realize that it is not a black and white issue, whether this party or that party is in power. It is not an epic battle between the Democrats and the Republicans in the United States. It is not so that the Republicans will bring America into the promised land, and the Democrats will take it to hell, or the other way around. These are just human divisions and human viewpoints.

If you are to fulfill your divine plan and your highest potential on earth, you need to go beyond them, because as we have said many times, it is not a matter of people accepting a certain outer teaching or organization, even the ascended-masters’ teachings. It is a matter of people coming to accept certain universal ideas, and this is what will raise the consciousness.

You cannot confine these ideas to a particular religion or an ascended-master teaching or this political party or that political party. Some of these ideas are so universal that they cannot be monopolized by one political party. There are certain foundational principles in the world economy and how the world economy works. They have nothing to do with capitalism or communism, or republicanism or democratism. They have nothing to do with these divisions.

The law of gravity does not change whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, neither do the laws of economics. If you want to create an economy in the United States that is of the people, by the people and for the people, well, the Democrats cannot do it alone and the Republicans cannot do it alone. Perhaps they could do it if they could set aside their differences and come together.

But what will ultimately create a better economy is some universal ideas that are not specific to any political party. This is what you see when you go towards these higher levels of mental level Christ discernment and identity level Christ discernment. You begin to see beyond this. Therefore, you also begin to see beyond the question: Is it so important to convince other people of a particular viewpoint?

Now, I have said that you should not attempt to reason with certain people, but you could still have a relationship with them. This messenger has a relationship with many people who have no interest in ascended master teachings or any spiritual teaching. He has family members who have no real concept of what he is doing. But he is not trying to convince them. He is just having a relationship with them based on what they are able to do and where they are in consciousness. You can do this when you see beyond this and you do not set yourself apart as an ascended master student who is different from other people because you are an ascended master student.

But this, of course, is something that I will leave for a future discourse as I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment. You can ponder this as you rest during the night. You can ask to be taken to my retreat over Saudi Arabia where you can receive further insights and perhaps wake up with a deeper understanding of what I have said.

For a few people what I have said here will be highly disturbing, but for many it will be highly liberating. I certainly hope that you can all move into this stage of feeling liberated by these insights. For it is, of course, not my intention to condemn or judge anyone, but to liberate all, for that is after all what the Christ is here to do.

With this, I seal you in the joy that I have whenever I interact in a more direct way with human beings on earth, with those who are open to experiencing the living Christ, even if I speak through a physical messenger who can carry the vibration that I AM.


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