Can we preserve the Union in the future?

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, September 20, 2020. This dictation was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

I am the Ascended Master Saint Germain. You, who have grown up in America, have all learned in school that one of the greatest American presidents was Abraham Lincoln. Why is he considered to be one of the greatest American Presidents? Well, as the saying goes: “He preserved the Union.” So, the question I want to raise at the beginning of this discourse is: “Can we preserve the Union in the future? As America moves into the golden age, can we preserve the Union? Is it even desirable to preserve the Union?”

Now, in order to discuss these topics, I want to raise some other questions as well. What is the golden age? It is a state that is very different from what you have right now. The images, the plans, the designs, the matrices that I hold in my mind for the golden age both planetary and in America are so different from what you see manifest today, that the vast majority of people simply could not fathom them. They could not grasp them, they could not breach the gap between the current reality and the golden age. The gap becomes bigger the further we move into the golden age, but even if you look 20 or 30 years ahead, most people in America could not fathom the changes that will happen in American society.

So, the question here is: “What is actually going to bring the golden age into manifestation?” Well, it is actually ideas. I have ideas – I also of course have energy, I have light that can endow those ideas with a certain power. But first of all I have ideas, and because I naturally respect the law of free will I am not going to force these ideas on societies or on individuals. What will it take for these ideas to be brought into the physical where they have the potential to be manifest? Well, I cannot simply drop these ideas from the sky, they have to come through the four lower bodies of individual human beings. There has to be one individual, or  a group of individuals who can work together and receive an idea from me. This brings up the question: “Where can we find such individuals or such small groups of people who are open to the ideas of the golden age?”

The other aspect of bringing the golden age, is that it is not enough in itself to bring the ideas into the physical. They also have to be acted upon, they have to be spread. That means there has to be a large number of people, a significant number of people, a critical mass of people who are willing to accept these ideas, and change their lives accordingly. My beloved, even you who are ascended master students often have an incomplete view of what it will take to manifest a golden age. You think it is somehow just going to happen, that the golden age is just going to drop from heaven – but it is not! For these golden age ideas to even come into the physical, some people will have to be willing to change their consciousness. For these golden age ideas to be implemented, especially on a large scale level, many people will have to be willing to change their lifestyle. It is not going to happen automatically. People will have to embrace the changes, they will have to be willing to embrace these changes and change their lives accordingly in order to manifest better conditions. It can be no other way.

If you look back at the last 100 years or 200 years, you can see many changes in society. How did they come to pass? Was it inevitable? You see for example, one of the greatest changes in society over the past several hundred years, has been not only the invention of computers but the widespread use of computers. The golden age simply could not be manifest without the internet, without people being connected in a higher way than they were before. Naturally, there was a group of people, who even though they were not always working together (but still they were working on the same topics), they were able to receive the separate ideas that brought forth the computer revolution and the internet. They were willing to implement them.

As you know, in the beginning it was considered that only a few people were able to use computers. This was because in the beginning it was much more difficult to use computers. It required a certain type of person who was willing to think in a different way than most people have been brought up to think. Who were willing to learn the somewhat arcane language and ideas that required you to use a computer in those days. Therefore, they were willing to embrace this. But, in order for this to really have an impact, many, many people – millions of people around the world had to change their mindset so they were able to use a computer, so they were even able to conceive of what a computer is and how you use it.

Now, you will see if you look back, some of you can even remember this yourselves, that in the beginning there was a tremendous resistance in people, in the collective consciousness, to the spread of computers. Many were suspicious of computers. Many took one look at a computer, and felt it was way too complicated for them and decided that this is not for me; “I am not going to even consider using a computer!” There are people, many of them are not still alive, but there are many people who decided: “I will never use a computer!” Thereby of course, not only cutting themselves off from the benefits of using a computer, but actually slowing down the progress of society through the spread of computers.

What you see here is that, naturally, the computer and the internet is a golden age idea. You see that there was a resistance to that idea. There were many people who resisted it, there are still some people who resist it. It was only when a critical mass of people accepted computers, that they wanted a computer, that they wanted to learn how to use a computer, that it really had an impact on society and it will, of course, be the same with many other ideas.

So, the question I put before you about choosing America’s future, is this: “Will America choose to be a forerunner of the golden age, or will America choose to resist certain key golden age ideas and therefore fall behind other nations?” In other words, it is not a matter of if the golden age is going to be manifest because it is. But the question is: “Where will the golden age manifest first, will it be in America or elsewhere in other parts of the world?

Now, naturally many Americans have this sense that America is the greatest nation on Earth. Many spiritual people, ascended master students,have the the sense that America is sponsored by Saint Germain. So they take it for granted that the golden age will manifest first in America, they think it is self evident. Of course the golden age will manifest here, weren’t we the country that invented computers and spread the use of computers? So, naturally we will be open to any kind of technology that is part of the golden age. Well my beloved, I am not so sure that the American people at large will be open to some of the technology that will bring in the golden age. The golden age will not be brought only by technology. There will be many, many changes that are required in society, in culture before the golden age ideas can be released, and before they can be implemented and accepted by a majority of the people. This is not a given, this is not guaranteed in any way.

So, the question is this: “Are the American people in general, in a state of mind where they can receive, accept and implement golden age ideas? Is America currently one of the forerunners for receiving golden age ideas, or has the balance shifted, so that there are now other countries that are ahead of the United States?” The answer is of course, that there are quite a number of other countries that have moved ahead of the United States, in terms of the openness and willingness to accept golden age ideas. Why is this so? Well, it is what we have talked about; the mindset of the American people, the polarization, the rising anger, the scapegoating, the willingness to say that: “It’s those other people that are the problem – not us.” The unwillingness to look at one’s self. The cognitive dissonance of seeing that America is no longer the greatest society on earth, because the economy has become so top heavy that the top 1% have siphoned off 50 trillion dollars from the bottom 90%. This has created a society that simply is not capable of implementing certain golden age ideas.

Now, this ties back then with a question I asked: “Can we preserve the Union?” The reality is that if you look at a map of America, you could actually color America, not based on whether they are red states or blue states, republican or democratic states, but whether they are open or not open to New Age ideas. And that very much ties into, how tied they are to the past, how tied they are to tradition, how closed they are to anything that goes beyond a certain tradition. How open minded are people? Are they focused on a certain set of traditional values that they think must be upheld at all cost. And they think that if those are not upheld and if new ideas come in, it will be the downfall of civilization?

You can see certain states where there is very little openness. If you were to say that openness is light, then many of these states are completely dark. You have all seen these images taken from satellites at night, where you can see how there is more light in the larger cities and there are other areas that are completely dark at night. Well, there is something similar you could do by mapping the openness of the people. By looking at this, you can clearly see that there are some areas of the United States not always following state boundaries, but in many cases they do somewhat follow state boundaries, there are some areas where people are more open to new ideas.

Now, you have to recognize here that in order to be open to golden age ideas, people have to in general, be open to new ideas. You cannot realistically expect that the majority of the American people at this current level, have the discernment to say: “Oh well, this idea is not a golden age idea, I will not even consider it.” The fact of the matter, is that the people who are open to golden age ideas are often simply in general open minded. They are open to many different forms of new ideas. Yes, it is true that sometimes they do not have discernment and they embrace certain ideas that are not necessarily constructive, or certainly not part of my golden age matrix. Nevertheless, the people who are not open to new ideas because they cling to traditional values, they are not able to receive golden age ideas.

So, you see, as I even said in an answer to a question, that there are certain areas where people in general are more open to golden age ideas. The West Coast, especially among the larger cities. In the center of the country; Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, even a few cities in the North, such as Minneapolis. There are also certain places on the East Coast where there are at least some people that are open to new ideas, both New York and Boston, even to some degree Washington D.C. where there is at least a concentration of people who are open. It does not necessarily mean the collective consciousness is open, but there is a certain concentration of people who are open. You also see vast areas of the United States where you do not find enough open minded people.

So, if you could construct such a map, you would see that if America is to move into the golden age, what needs to happen? What needs to happen is that the people in the areas where they are more open minded, they will have to have a larger influence on America, otherwise the shift cannot occur. What needs to happen, is simply that the people who are open minded need to pull up the rest of America, they need to pull up the collective consciousness. Now, right now, if you look at pure numbers, there are fewer people who are open minded than there are people who are closed minded. There are more people that cling to these traditional values, and resist any kind of change that is not defined by their worldview, whether it be a Christian worldview or in another way.

The question for America is: “Who will win this tug of war? Will the open minded people be able to pull up on the collective consciousness, or will the closed minded people be able to pull down on the collective consciousness?” Right now, quite frankly, after four years with a president who is part of this very mindset, the closed-minded people are winning the tug of war. They are pulling down the collective consciousness, instead of the open minded people pulling it up. This is, quite frankly delaying the implementation of the golden age in America.

So, this goes back to my question: “Can we preserve the Union?” As we move further and further forward in time, the contrast can potentially become bigger and bigger. The question is: “Will the contrast become bigger? Will the polarization get worse. Or will there be an evening out, so that the open minded people can pull up on the collective consciousness?” Now, if that does not happen, if the conservative people continue to resist changes, resist new ideas. What will happen? There will be more and more tension in the collective consciousness.  There will be more and more of an awareness in certain parts of the country that we must break free from this reactionary mindset, so that we can manifest our destiny and bring forth a higher form of society. We cannot allow these closed minded people to hold us back from the vision we see of what the future could be like.

So, the question is simply: “Will certain states have to break free of the Union in order to manifest a golden age in those states? Or, will the entire collective consciousness be pulled up, so that these states can manifest the golden age without having to break free of the Union?” That is a question: “To be or not to be, to be open minded, or not to be open minded.” That is the question concerning whether the golden age will manifest in America or elsewhere.

Now my beloved, I have a great love for America. I have sponsored America. I would like to see America be one of the forerunners of the golden age. Of course, I do not have the vision that America will be the exclusive country that has the golden age. I have a great love for other countries and peoples around the world. I want to see the golden age manifest in as many places as possible. But, I certainly would like to see America be one of the forerunners. The deciding factor is not me or my willingness to release ideas. The deciding factor is simply the American people and whether they are open minded or not.

There are many, many changes that need to happen in the golden age. It is not just a matter of technology, but technology is a big part of the equation. There are many forms of technology that require widespread changes in the political system, in the economy, in the culture, in people’s attitude before they could possibly be manifest. I want to give you one example of this. If you project a couple of hundred years into the future. Imagine that you are now a group of students who are attending a university class, a history class at a university. You are looking back at the present time with the knowledge that you have 200 years in the future. You are looking back at the present time and evaluating what society was like. What will be one of the things that will surprise these students the most?

Well, these students will live in a vastly different society. You can scarcely imagine what society will be like in a couple of hundred years. But, one of the big, big differences is that they will live in a society where there is no limitation of energy. These societies will have technology that you can barely dream of today, because they will have unlimited energy. It is not only electricity but also other forms of energy. But, just to talk about what you know, just imagine a society that had unlimited electricity available. These students in the future will look back at your current time and they will say: “What? They had limited amounts of energy? What? People had to pay for electricity? They had to pay to run their transportation vehicles (because they will not have cars at that time)? How could this be?”

Then, they will look at what was the cause of this and they will say: “What? This society claimed to be a free democracy, but it allowed these huge corporations to create a virtual monopoly on energy, the production and delivery of energy. How could this happen in a free and democratic society? It is a wonder that they didn’t require people to pay for the air that they were breathing, when they required them to pay for energy?” Isn’t it self evident (and it will be self evident to them)? No-one should have to pay for energy, it should be as free as the air we breathe.” Now, why will these students have this attitude? Why will these students have this attitude, why will they have grown up in a society where there is unlimited energy?

Because there will be new energy sources that do not have to be produced by, for example burning fossil fuels, or splitting the atom or doing whatever you do today to provide energy. There will be unlimited energy that does not require a cost to produce it. There is of course, a cost associated with having technological devices that can run on this energy, but there is no cost of producing and delivering the energy. The energy will be freely available in unlimited quantities everywhere. You do not have to be hooked up to an electrical grid in order to receive energy, it will be available locally. There will be technological devices that can use this energy wherever you are.

You can live in a house in the middle of nowhere (so to speak), and you can still have more technology than you can even dream of in modern houses, and you don’t need to be hooked up to the grid. You do not need to be hooked up to the internet or wires and cellular networks in order to communicate, it is just there wherever you are. What I am saying here is, this is one of the inevitable changes of the golden age, this kind of energy. I am not saying free energy, because free energy is a concept created by the power elite in order to discredit the possibility that there could be forms of energy that they cannot monopolize. But there is energy, abundant unlimited energy available everywhere.

What will it take to move society to that point? It is an inevitable change that will happen. The question is, where will it happen first? Well, let us look at America and consider what changes would have to happen in American society, for America to receive and embrace an entirely new form of energy technology. What would have to change? Well my beloved, the changes are almost unimaginable for most people. It is not simply a matter of receiving this technology, as you received technology that could produce electricity or technology that could use electricity. It is not just a technological change that is required, because I will not release these ideas until I see drastic changes in society.

First of all, this kind of technology, while it is very difficult to monopolize, it would still be possible for certain corporations to use the technology to gain some kind of monopoly, perhaps on the production of the devices. So, there has to be a shift in society, where Americans become aware of the existence of a power elite. They become aware that there is a group of very narcissistic people who are forming a power elite, have formed a power elite, almost since the inception of America. They have grown stronger and stronger, gained greater and greater influence on society and it can be seen primarily in the economy, and in the political process. So, as long as America is such a top heavy society that has such a strong power elite, and the people are so unaware of this and unwilling to become aware and do something about it, well the change cannot happen, America cannot receive these ideas. Even if the ideas were released, they could not be accepted and implemented on a broad scale. Why? Because the power elite would prevent this and the people would not even know what had happened, or if they knew they would not even care.

You see here, that those who are the conservative, closed minded people who want to cling to traditional values, well they could not even accept these ideas, they could not even accept a society without a power elite. Because as we have said, they do not actually accept democracy. They want to have a strong leader that is based on authority. Well, as long as you have so many people who claim to this authoritarian mindset, this new energy technology cannot be received because it is anti-authoritarian, it is anti-elitist! It is not a top heavy technology. It is something that can and must be available to all people.

Now, my beloved just imagine for a moment that you had the technology right now, whereby energy was available at no cost to all businesses in America. Can you imagine the economic growth that this would produce in a very short period of time? Instantly, people would have much lower costs, much lower costs. This would mean that businesses could make a bigger profit. That new businesses will spring up, that businesses could do things that they cannot even dream of doing now, because it is too costly in terms of energy. There are new industries that would spring up in a very short period of time, that very few people can actually envision right now, the majority of Americans could not even envision it at least right now. What could Americans see?

Well, they could see that right now there are huge corporations in America that are tied into the production of energy. They would see that the moment this new energy technology was available, these companies would collapse, they would have no basis for their business. Nobody would buy oil if you have a free energy source available right there. These conservative minded, closed minded Americans would see that their jobs could be at risk. If we do not need coal, what happens to the coal miners jobs, or those who work in the oil industry, or those who work for the big oil companies and other companies involved with producing electricity, running the grid, and all this kind of stuff?

So, even if the idea for this kind of technology was released, what would be the reaction from conservative closed-minded people who cling to traditional values? They would see this technology as a threat, a threat in the short run to their jobs, but even to the entire structure and order of society that they have grown up with. And because they are conservative and cling to what they call traditional values, their default reaction to anything new is to resist it. They would resist a change that would have untold benefits for society.

It is almost like a certain religious group of people in the eastern United States who resist modern technology, and still drive around in horse carts and have no electricity in their houses. It is almost the same mindset. Now, look at other changes that would have to happen in such a society. This technology that I am talking about, well not only can it not be monopolized, but if you have energy that is available at no cost, well my beloved, how do you make money on that?

Let us say that your smartphone did not have a battery because it had a little device inside of it that would extract energy from a different realm, a different dimension. The energy would be available inside your smartphone and it could run indefinitely without needing a recharge. Well, certainly a company could make money on producing the phone, but nobody can make money on providing the batteries and the electricity to charge the batteries. The American business community today would be enormously disturbed if they were to see this as a realistic possibility. It would create such an upheaval in the mind of the American business community, that they could not even begin to deal with it, they could not even grasp it. Therefore, they would also resist this technology with all the power they have over society. What does that essentially mean? It means that for this technology to be accepted and implemented, America would have to change it’s entire attitude towards business and what is the American attitude to business based on right now? Three things my beloved, profit, profit and profit.

Well you would have to change the mindset, to realize that the purpose of a business is not necessarily to produce a profit. Or at least it is not to produce a profit to a small elite in society. The purpose of a certain form of technology and the businesses that take advantage of this technology, is not to make a profit for the elite, but to benefit all of the people, to benefit all businesses to benefit the economy at large. In other words, the reality of the matter is that this technology could not be accepted and implemented, unless America transcended the current business climate and mindset that is geared towards concentrating profit in the hands of a small elite. Instead, they would have to adopt a mindset where the real purpose of businesses in general is to benefit people by raising the economy. How do you raise the level of the economy? Well, as we have said before, two thirds of the economy is consumer spending. So, you have to get money in the hands of consumers. That is the only way to raise the overall economy to a higher level.

This is precisely what can happen with technology that is, so to speak, democratized technology that cannot be monopolized in terms of producing it or supplying the energy for it. You see here the ramifications of such an invention, such a technology are widespread. When you look at a shift away from the focus on profit for a small elite but focus on what actually benefits all of the people, you see that there are certain cultural, social changes that come into play. Suddenly, we will begin to realize that when you have this kind of non-local energy technology, people do not have to live in big cities. Furthermore, you will have much better communication technology than you have today, much more instant technology. You do not even have to talk about connection speed anymore, there is no time delay in the technology that can be brought forth in a golden age as a result of having this source of energy.

So, you realize why do you need to have a huge factory that produces cars? Now again, cars will not even be here 200 years from now, but nevertheless let us just go with what you know now.  Now, why do you have to have one city in America called Detroit that is the city of cars? Because it is the center of car production in America. If you have non-local energy sources, if you have more instant communication technology, why do you have this concentration of businesses? Why could you not have many smaller businesses that produce goods locally? If you have freely available technology, transportation costs will immediately be reduced. There will even be technology that can reduce it even further by the fact that goods do not have to be physically transported from one place to another. Nevertheless, you will see that all of a sudden you can begin to look differently at businesses.

Why should America allow businesses to become bigger and bigger and bigger?

Why should you allow this kind of free competition (meaning not really free competition) but unrestricted by the government and unrestricted by any concerns about what is best for the people?

Why should you allow a power elite to use their power, to use the money they have accumulated, to accumulate more and more money?

Why should you allow them to concentrate wealth and power, and the effect of concentrating wealth is you concentrate these businesses, these corporations so that they become bigger and bigger and bigger?

Why should you have a situation where most Americans are working for these huge corporations that do not care about the working Americans because they care only about the shareholders, or the owners at the very top? Why should you have this kind of a business climate?

Why would you not have many local businesses, where people can start up their own business. They can still work together on producing a product but it does not have to be – that one company owns the patent, or has out competed the competition so they have a virtual monopoly on producing cars, for example. Why should that be the case?

Could you not have an entirely different model, where one big corporation is replaced by thousands of local businesses owned by a single person, or you may have a small group of people who are working together in a business where they are all co-owners of the business.

This is much more in line with golden age ideas and even the concept of a spiritual path. Even the concept of seeing a reward for your own labor, which is the American dream. You understand that the American dream, that if you work harder you will be rewarded, is not compatible with huge multinational corporations. It is much better served by many small independent businesses, where people who work there, can see that their work has a more direct impact on how well the business is doing. And if there is a shared ownership or shared profit, then it has an impact on how well they are doing themselves, even if they do not own the business.

So, you see again a total shift in the attitude towards business in the way in which business is done. Another shift that will have to happen is even more dramatic. Now I have talked about this kind of energy, I have called it freely available energy, energy produced at no cost. I have call it non-localized energy. But what could be another word for it? It could be “natural energy.” There are 7 billion people on the planet, but there are many, many more plants. There are many more trees for example, than there are people. Well, from where do the trees get their energy? Do they have to pay for it? Is there some multinational corporation that delivers energy to the trees and takes payment for it? Well, of course not, because the trees are getting their energy from what we might call natural sources. In other words, sources that cannot be monopolized by human beings, and that does not require the intercession of human beings in order to be available for the trees. So, natural energy is an energy that is available (we might say in nature/from nature that does not require the intercession of other human beings for you to have it wherever you live. You may need a technological device in order to use it, nevertheless once you have the device, you do not need to pay for the energy. There is nobody who needs to produce it or deliver it to you, it is naturally available.

Well, right now you have an unnatural energy supply. This has many, many ramifications on society, but it first of all has ramifications on the economy. Because if you have an unnatural supply of energy (nevertheless all economic activity requires energy), it means you also have an unnatural economy.

This is what we have talked about several times, where we have said that there is a natural economy, which is the economy that produces goods and provides services. In other words, this economy takes people’s ideas and their labor and converts them into something that has practical use – practical value.

Now, as we have said, on top of this natural economy, the power elite has created an unnatural economy. It is where they are using money to make money. They are using the money they have accumulated to create certain financial instruments that can make money for them, without them providing goods or services. In other words, the money is not made by providing something that has value, the money is just made by the money that you already have, which becomes more money. This is an unnatural economy. It is an investment economy. It is a speculative economy. It is what I have called a gambling economy because it is all perception based.

When you produce a hamburger, it is a physical thing that has practical value. But when you produce some kind of smart financial instrument that allows you to make money off of money and avoid paying taxes, you are not providing anything that has practical value. You are not even really creating money, at least you are not creating value. I have said it before and will say it again briefly. You may say that the stock market in America currently has a certain value. In other words, if you took all of the stocks that are traded in the New York Stock Exchange, look at the current level of the stock market, you could calculate that all of those stocks are worth X amount of trillions of dollars. But they are not worth that. Because the stock is not worth more than what you could sell it for. If everybody started selling their stock, wanted to sell their stock today in order to get the trillions of dollars out of there, the stocks would instantly plummet in value and they would not be worth that amount of money. There could come a point and this happened in1929, where a stock certificate was not worth the paper it was written on, because the paper had no practical value. The only thing you could do with it was use it as toilet paper, or to light your wood stove. There is no value in this unnatural economy.

Well my beloved, before a natural energy source can be released, before it can be accepted and before it can be accepted by a majority of the people without being aborted by the power elite, you would have to have a confrontation with the unnatural economy. You would simply have to shift, so that the American people would say: “Why should we accept this unnatural economy that only benefits the top 1% or the top 0.1%? Why shouldn’t we have an economy where the only money that is made, is made by producing something that has value. Where everybody gets a fair share of that money based on the labor they put into it, so everybody prospers?

Money, if you look at textbooks about what money is, they will all say the same thing. Money is originally a medium of exchange. You use it to exchange goods and services in an easier way than if you have to barter. Strictly speaking, nobody needs money. No society needs money. But it is convenient to have it and it is convenient for everyone. It gives you more freedom in terms of what you do with your life as an ordinary person. But what has happened, is that after the creation of money, especially after the creation of fiat money, and especially after the creation of financial instruments where you can make money off of money, is that the power elite have completely perverted money and the money system. They have created this debt-based economy that is essentially a pyramid scheme, that extracts money from ordinary people in terms of interest, and concentrates it in the hands of those who have the money to lend and who can even lend more money than they actually have.

You have a situation today where even most businesses could not function if they didn’t go into debt. You have this vicious circle, where people in order to keep up with the economy, must go into more and more debt. You can see many Americans who are so heavily in debt, that their net worth is below zero. They have a negative net worth because they owe more money than the value of what they own. You see the same with many corporations and for that matter my beloved, you see the same with the Federal government, which owes more money than they could ever repay.

What is the essence of this money system, this debt-based money system? It is that people are trying to avoid going bankrupt, by paying the interest and taking new loans, thereby concentrating more money in the hands of those who control the financial system and the banks. So, interest, a debt-based economy funnels money from the lower levels of the population towards the higher levels of the population. Everybody is caught, or at least everybody who is not part of the top elite is caught in this vicious circle of debt that most cannot even pay back.

Everybody has to squeeze and it lowers the entire level of the economy. Because instead of having money to spend on goods and services that benefit businesses, people have to spend their money on paying interest that only benefits the banks, or rather the owners of the banks, and when is this ever going to stop? How many trillions of dollars does the federal government owe right now, to whom do they owe the money? A group of private banks, the Federal Reserve Banks.

This messenger over 30 years ago learned from reading a book, that the Federal Reserve is not owned by the Federal government, is not controlled by the Federal government. It is a group of private banks, large private banks, who have as a matter of pure deception, taken the name the “Federal Reserve”. This means that the American taxpayers, now they do not owe money to the government, they owe money to private banks, the government owes money to private banks.

Well, what does it say in the American Constitution? It says that only Congress has the power to print money. So, why has Congress given away this constitutionally mandated duty to print money, and allowed a set of private banks to control the money system? Why my beloved? Well, this is a question that the American people will have to deal with before they can create a natural economy that can be based on natural energy. Because I can assure you, that right now, the power elite has such a hold on the American economy, such a hold on the political establishment in the United States, such a hold on the business establishment of the United States, those who are not part of the banks and the financial system but who are actually producing something. They have such a hold on the American people, especially those who are conservative, closed-minded and not open to new ideas, that there is no way this power elite would allow the implementation of this natural energy technology.

They will resist it with all the power they have, with all the power they have. They will discredit it by labelling it as “free energy”, ha-ha, it could never work, because you cannot get more energy out of a device than you put into it. Well, my beloved, if you go out in your backyard and plant an acorn, it will in time grow into a big oak tree. You can cut down that oak tree, and put it into your wood stove and release the energy stored in the oak tree, and thereby get energy out of the oak tree. Well, how much energy did you have to put into the oak tree? Indeed, how much energy does humankind, presumably the governments and the large corporations have to put into the sun? Yet, without the sun’s energy, no life would be possible. There is freely available energy in nature, that did not require human beings to put anything into a technological device in order to produce that energy. This is not a crazy idea. This is not an idea that only a few cuckoos believe in. There may be only a few people who believe in it right now. I grant you that many of the people who do believe in it, still think and dream that it can be produced by a technological device that they can get a patent on, so they can make huge amounts of money.

There are unfortunately, many people in this free energy field, who have the same mindset as the financial elite have. They are not really dreaming about freeing the people, they are dreaming about making so much money that they can become part of the elite. That is of course, why they cannot receive viable technology. Do you really think that I would release the golden age ideas to people in this mindset? Of course not. They would not even be able to receive and fathom the ideas, even if I did release it. You see here, you cannot take a monopoly, or a patent on the sun or the sun’s energy. You cannot create some kind of business that it can extract payment for the air people breathe. So, why did you ever come to this idea that energy is something that needs to be produced by a technological device. That this can be monopolized, or at least virtually monopolized by a business that therefore dominates society and can become bigger and bigger and bigger?

Why did you, humankind, ever come to this idea? Well, because you had the feudal societies for hundreds of years, you had other societies for thousands of years, where a small power elite dominated the population. So, when certain forms of technology were released, all that could be released at the time, all that people could fathom at the time, was the kind of technology you have seen where energy needs to be produced by putting energy into something. You put something in, you get something out. But you cannot get more out than what you are putting in because humankind, the power elite and the people were not at a level of consciousness where they can fathom natural energy, where they could fathom a different form of technology. They just were not there. Are they there now? “No! not by a long shot,” as the saying goes.

Most Americans are simply not there in consciousness. If they were to read or hear this dictation, they would reject everything I have said. They would either laugh at it, or they would argue against it, or they would simply reject it as dangerous, because it’s not according to our authoritative worldview.

Some would say: “Well, you show me in the Bible where talks about natural energy.” And if it’s not in the Bible, they won’t accept it. Well, I really don’t see any bible verses that talk about Smartphones, yet many Christians have still accepted them. You see, my beloved, the changes that will happen in the next 200 years are tremendous. They will partly be driven by this technology, natural energy technology. But before that technology could even be accepted by the people, there has to be a drastic change in people’s mindset, in the collective consciousness. This involves many more aspects of society than I have talked about here, because the changes will be all-pervading. They will pervade every aspect of society. You may look at society today and there are many things you take for granted. But if you were to project your mind back 200 years to when they did not have electricity, society was so different that you cannot even fathom it.

You would see that as a result of the release of electrical technology, almost every aspect of society has been affected by this. At least every aspect of people’s lives. Many, many ways that people look at life, look at what they can do in life, and what they can’t do in life are affected by the fact that there is something called electricity that can drive certain devices. So many things, so many changes have happened as a result of this. But you also have to realize, which most people have never even considered, that in the very beginning, there was a campaign against electricity. There were certain businesses that launched (as they could do with the communications technology of the time), a campaign to discredit electricity, by labelling it as some mysterious force that was very dangerous and could kill people. That it would be extremely dangerous to put this force into people’s homes. This was of course, because they wanted to continue to sell lamp oil to the people who could only light their homes by oil lamps. But nevertheless, it was there.

There was a shift in the mindset that needed to happen before people could even accept having electricity in their houses. This was a drastic change for many people, some people even resisted it. Some people to this day refuse to have electricity for whatever reason. You see that the natural energy technology is a far more dramatic step up, than the step from pre-electricity to electrified societies. It is a far bigger step and it will require a far bigger change in people’s mindset.

Now, currently, how many Americans could accept this technology? Very few. But who could accept it? Naturally, the most open-minded people, those open- minded people might be somewhat unbalanced, they might accept all kinds of other ideas that are not realistic. But nevertheless, you have to start somewhere to create changes in the collective consciousness. Who are the people who could not accept it? Well, those are the most closed-minded, those who cling to a traditional worldview, traditional values, who do not want change. There is simply right now, a majority of the American people who are afraid of change, who psychologically resist change beyond what they can handle. And they could in no way handle the changes that will be brought about by this energy technology.

The question then again, is, who can bring the golden age? Well, the closed-minded people certainly cannot. Are there enough open-minded people in America? And can they pull the collective consciousness up, that this kind of technology can be released first in America? Or will it be released first in some other part of the world? Well, that is the question. It is not really such a dramatic question because as I said, the technology cannot be monopolized, will not be monopolized. It is not so that if the technology is released first in America, then there will be a huge business boom, because America will sell the technology to the rest of the world. Naturally, there will be some of that reward for the country that first implements the technology, but it will still be available everywhere. Therefore, there will not be the same kind of business monopolization that has been there with other forms of technology such as computers.

You will not see, even if America can receive the technology first, that America will dominate this kind of technology. But naturally, there will be some of the first businesses that embrace the technology and produce devices that can use the natural energy, they will have an advantageous position. Which businesses will this be? Well, certainly none of the existing businesses and corporations in America, because they will not be able to see the value of this, they will feel threatened by it just like many businesses felt threatened by computer technology, or new forms of energy. There will be an entirely new type of business that will have to be created, and that again will require people who have a vastly different mindset than you find in today’s American business climate. They will have to be the kind of people who are not focused on profit. Who are focused on making enough money to have a reasonable lifestyle but then spreading the wealth, and growing the totality of the economy by benefiting ordinary people, not an elite.

Obviously, this is some very exciting ideas for me, I could go on talking at length about this—this is certainly not the last time I will talk about it. Nevertheless, I realize I have given you more than what most of you can handle. Even ascended master students can find it difficult to accept this. But nevertheless, I ask you to keep these ideas in your mind, to hold the vision that progress in society will continue. How my beloved, could we have a golden age unless we have progress? Because certainly you do not imagine that the society you have right now is a golden age society, do you? If you do, you certainly have a very limited vision of what the golden age means to me.

So, allow yourselves to free your minds from these constraints that have been put upon you by current conditions. Current conditions, cannot say anything about the golden age. Because the golden age will be so far beyond current conditions, that it is like asking a stone age person to suddenly step into modern society. They would not be able to fathom it. Neither will most people today be able to fathom the ideas that are coming in the golden age. You can begin to glimpse it, if you are open.

What I have given you here is just a very, very small taste of the changes that will be coming in the golden age. I have lifted the veil. I have pulled back the veil just a little bit, so as not to scare you and overwhelm you with the changes that will be happening. They obviously will not happen in your lifetime, all of them. But some of you will incarnate again and you will experience these changes. Of course, by then your mindset will have had time to grow, so you can accept the changes. But if you can, start making that change in your mindset now. It will benefit you greatly, both for the rest of this lifetime and if you have future lifetimes. They will of course also assist you in ascending after this lifetime, if that is what is in your divine plan.

With this my beloved, I will seal this release, by thanking you for being willing to put your minds on this, whereby your chakras become the open doors for radiating this into the collective consciousness where many more open-minded people can glimpse this, can embrace it and therefore there is now a greater opportunity than there was before this dictation, that society will actually move in that direction, so that the golden age can be manifest in America. So that America can be a forerunner for the golden age, not alone but at least it can be part of that group of nations who will be forerunners for the golden age. For this, you have my gratitude my beloved.


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