Can the Islamic world – starting with Turkey – be accelerated into the golden age consciousness?

TOPICS: Pallas Athena’s challenge to the Turkish nation  – Question the role of religion in a modern nation – Islamic nations must be willing to look at the founding of Islam – Was the Koran entirely pure? – New revelation for Islam – Transcending the all-male God – The difference between true and false religion – Each lifestream has a self-created journey – Turkey must transcend Islamic aggressiveness – Transcending religious conflict – The challenge of truth –

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Ascended Master Pallas Athena, May 5, 2010 through Kim Michaels. NOTE: This dictation was given in the city of Izmir, Turkey.

Pallas Athena’s challenge to the Turkish nation

So then, let my Spear of Truth be cast into the heart of the Turkish nation. Let it shake up the complacency, the mob consciousness, of the Turkish nation, of wanting everything to stay where there is a certain sense that things are under control, without being willing to face the unknown and accelerate beyond that which is known—and has been known for so long, that surely everyone has had ample opportunity to indulge themselves in the consciousness and the material pleasures of the old.

Thus, it is indeed time I, Pallas Athena, throw the challenge at the Turkish nation: transcend, transcend, transcend. Accelerate beyond the old consciousness, or the old consciousness will very quickly become a closed system, a closed circle, that will be subject to the second law of thermodynamics. And you will indeed see the retribution, the coming back of older karma made by this nation during past centuries, including the Ottoman Empire and the so-called Armenian massacre, which truly was the Armenian genocide—but even other records that are also coming due and must be either faced – and therefore you will be taken down by them – or they must be transcended.

Question the role of religion in a modern nation

For if you transcend in consciousness, then that which is coming back can be transcended before it becomes physical, whereas if there is not the transcendence in consciousness, well, then, the old records of karma coming back must manifest as physical events, that cannot be denied—and therefore gives the people another opportunity to transcend the old consciousness.

Much progress has been made in this nation now for many decades, but there are certain areas of consciousness, that have barely even been touched by the outer changes. It simply is not possible to go forward without confronting the role of Islam in the Turkish nation and the Turkish psyche. It must be questioned what role religion should have in a modern, golden age society. And especially, it must be questioned whether any one religion – be it Islam, or Catholicism, or Buddhism, or Hinduism or any other -ism – can or should be allowed to dominate a society.

Truly, the Golden Age is the age of the Holy Spirit, and as we have now expressed in many different ways, this is the time where the structures that impede the flow of the Holy Spirit must come tumbling down. And of course, there are few structures that impede the flow of the Holy Spirit any more than these old religions, that have become so calcified and solidified in rituals and doctrines and dogmas, that there is hardly any room for the Spirit to bring any form of renewal.

And thus, the question that foremost stands before the Turkish nation is this: Will it accelerate towards the consciousness of Europe and become a constructive member of the European Union, or will it decelerate towards the Islamic nations of the Middle East and go backwards in time several decades in a very short amount of physical time? This is the question that must be faced, and it must be faced openly and boldly, for the larger question beyond it is whether it is possible to accelerate the Islamic world into the consciousness of the Golden Age?

Islamic nations must be willing to look at the founding of Islam

Is it indeed possible to break the stranglehold of orthodox Islam on the minds of the people, so that the people can become open to the changes in consciousness, as well as the physical changes, that are needed for their societies to accelerate into the golden age consciousness. This is indeed a question for which there is no answer, as everything is up to the free will of the more than a billion people who live in Islamic nations.

Yet I must warn you, that if the Islamic world cannot or will not accelerate into the golden age consciousness, then these societies will be left behind. And the inevitable result of the second law of thermodynamics outplaying itself in these nations will be increased conflict and warfare among them. There is certainly a potential for a war with non-Islamic nations. But the greater potential is that of Islamic nations turning upon each other for what they will perceive as dominance in the Islamic world, and what they will see as a chance to become the dominant force, that will then spread Islam to the entire world—and therefore make the world an Islamic world rather than a Golden Age world.

For there are many people in Islamic nations who will see the Golden Age as a direct threat to their lifestyle, to Islam as they define it—which is, of course, not the true Islam revealed by the Archangel Gabriel to the prophet Mohammed. And thus, for this change to occur, it is absolutely necessary, that the people in Islamic nations – but first of all the people of Turkey – must be willing to look at the very founding of Islam and must ask themselves a very simple, yet very provocative, question.

They know, they recognize, that Mohammed was a true messenger for a higher power. This is not in dispute, as Mohammed was a genuine prophet for the Archangel Gabriel and was the open door for bringing forth a teaching sponsored by the ascended masters. Yet the question that must be asked is: was Mohammed an entirely pure messenger? Was he a pure prophet? Was the teaching he brought forth pure, or was it colored not only by the personal consciousness of Mohammed, but by the consciousness of the time and the culture and the place in which he lived? Did the mass consciousness in the Arabic world color the messages coming through Mohammed?

This is a question, that very few Muslims have been willing to wrestle with. It is understandable, that they find it difficult to wrestle with this question, for after all, how could such a question be answered or resolved? Well, there is no way that it can be answered or resolved through the human state of consciousness. And thus, what you see here is a perfect example of what we have called the catch-22. For you see, Mohammed lived in a time, in a culture, in a place, where the predominant mass consciousness was steeped in what Jesus so accurately has described as black-and-white thinking, all-or-nothing mentality. And thus, for the people at the time of Mohammed, there was only one choice. You would either accept Mohammad as a prophet – and that means that all of what he brought forth was genuine and the Word of God – or you would reject Mohammed as a prophet, thereby seeing him as a tool of the devil, feeling justified to try to kill him and his followers and eradicate the new religion of Islam.

And thus, you see that there were those who accepted Mohammed right away as a genuine prophet, and there were those who rejected him right away. And thus, what you see in the early years of Islam was a to-the-death battle between the two. And what you see is that those who attacked Mohammed and the first Muslims, had every intent of killing them and killing the prophet. And certainly, if the prophet and his supporters had not fought back, they would have been successful in killing the prophet—or rather, his physical body.

But if that had happened, what would then have happened to the religion of Islam? Well, it would have become a true transcendent religion. For by allowing himself to be killed, the prophet would have demonstrated the non-attachment to the physical envelope and the physical life. And thus, his teachings would have been more transcendent. There would not have been any verses in the Koran that could be interpreted as justifying jihad, or other forms of violence. The teachings would have been more pure, as the teachings of Jesus—who indeed was willing to let himself be killed in order to demonstrate the non-attachment that made the original Christian teachings an example, a transcendent religion.

Was the Koran entirely pure?

Thus, if you are willing to be honest, and if you understand the concepts of duality and non-duality, if you understand black-and-white thinking, then you can indeed – with the outer mind – make certain conclusions about the birth of Islam and the mixture of pure verses – that speak of the one true God beyond – and not-so-pure verses, that speak of justifying a violent reaction that is not turning the other cheek but is indeed resisting evil. Yet still, even by this reasoning, there will be no ultimate answer to the question that I posed. And the reason for this is, that the outer mind cannot provide such an answer; it can only provide arguments for or against a certain viewpoint, arguments that can then be debated indefinitely.

This was the situation that was faced by the ascended masters at the time of Mohammed—indefinite argumentation, that was non-conclusive and could not take the Arabic people further. Thus, a calculated risk was taken to select a messenger, who could be the open door for progressive revelation, revelation that then – through its transcendent nature – might have an opportunity to awaken in people the longing for something more than the eternal human power struggle, the eternal human squabble for superiority, for proving one’s arguments, beliefs and world view superior to all others.

When will people tire of his eternal squabble? When indeed—this is another question that I hurl at the Islamic world, and first of all at the nation of Turkey. When will you tire of trying to prove yourselves superior to other nations, of holding on to the so-called glorious past of the Ottoman empire, which was not very glorious at all – seen from the Christed perspective of the ascended masters – but just another empire seeking to establish dominance through force, rather than transcending force.

And thus, you might ask yourself why Mohammed – even though he was chosen to be a genuine prophet – why could he be so colored by the black-and-white consciousness of his time that he – without noticing it and even with the best of intentions – brought forth certain verses that were colored by this consciousness? And it was, indeed, because when a messenger or prophet is selected, that messenger is not in some superhuman state. That messenger is a little bit ahead of the majority of the people, but not so far ahead, that they cannot identify with the messenger and what is being brought forth through the messenger.

The question will always be: will the messenger be willing to transcend the consciousness he had, when he started his messengership? Will he or she be willing to transcend that level, so that the messenger can continue to bring forth progressive revelation, that will spiral ever higher for as long as the messenger is willing or is in embodiment? Or will the messenger refuse to transcend this consciousness, and therefore at some point face the inevitable choice: will you let the old sense of self die and be reborn into a new sense of self, or will you hold on to the old and thereby no longer be a sponsored messenger for the ascended masters.

One who might continue some form of non-sponsored messengership, where you may bring forth some truth, but it will inevitably be colored by the very consciousness you were not willing to transcend. And therefore, it is no longer pure, even though it may seem so for the uninitiated, because there are similarities between it and the previous teaching that was pure. Similarities because the messenger has absorbed a certain amount of vibration and light into his or her consciousness, and can therefore continue for a time to bring forth this without having the actual sponsorship. But the messenger can bring forth something that seems to be the genuine revelation, because it has similarities with the old, and thus can fool those who have not done what I exposed at Acropolis.

They have not internalized and multiplied the talents of the previous teaching, so they have been able to see beyond the previous teaching and see, that that teaching was given from and for a certain level of consciousness, a level that they have now transcended. And therefore, they can now see, that the new revelation that is being brought forth is of a higher level, or they can see that the new so-called revelation being brought forth is not from a higher level and therefore cannot be genuine. For all progressive revelation must continue to transcend itself, or it will no longer be genuine progressive revelation from the ascended masters.

New revelation for Islam

The ultimate answer to the question of whether Islam was colored or not is NOT reasoning with the outer mind. For it was, indeed, the purpose of the original revelation to help people, to give people a lifeline that could help them transcend the reasoning with the outer mind. And so, the ultimate way to resolve the question is, therefore, that people on an individual basis tune in to guidance directly through the Holy Spirit from the ascended masters.

And if a sufficient number of Muslims would do so, well, then we of the ascended masters would indeed release new revelation through appropriate messengers, that then could spread as a wildfire through the Islamic world, and indeed help that Islamic world transcend the old patterns into which it has been stuck now for many centuries. This is not to say that this messenger would be the open door for such revelation; that is not the case as he has other assignments. Yet certainly, suitable messengers would come forth out of the Islamic world itself, if there was a critical mass reached in the consciousness of Muslim people. If sufficient numbers were open to such revelation, then those who are already in embodiment, those who are already trained at inner levels, would be activated, and they would come forth.

But much change would need to happen, for these messengers would be true, one male, one female. And indeed, the female would be the primary messenger for bringing forth a new teaching. And as I am sure many of you can see, the big question would be whether the Islamic world would indeed be able and willing to accept that a female could serve as a genuine messenger of God or the ascended masters. This would require an immense stepping up in consciousness, a complete rethinking of what it means to be a true follower of Islam, to be worshiping the one true God of Allah.

Transcending the all-male God

It would be necessary to reconsider the entire monotheistic image of the all-male God and come to an openness, that there is a feminine aspect of God, and that monotheism, as preached by Abraham, was not contingent upon an all-male God. It was a male-dominated culture that demanded an all-male God and created an all-male God in its own image and likeness, just as I exposed that the Greek civilization did to the Goddess of Truth—fashioned a graven image that was to their own liking, so they could objectify that image and see the image as far from themselves.

And such it was that a male-dominated Arabic culture demanded an all-male, all-powerful God, and they did so in order to justify the male dominance of their societies, in order to justify suppressing women and not allowing them any influence on the decisions of society. Yet as we have exposed in Rome and elsewhere, this oppression of women creates a fundamental imbalance in the society that espouses it. For men are stronger on the expanding force of the father, and when that expanding force becomes unbalanced, you have the desire, the need, to force others.

And thus, you create a force-based culture that can only lead to war, for the culture will create its own opposition. And then the males become sucked into a downward spiral of greater and greater aggressiveness, until there seems to be only one possible outcome, and that is a physical war. This could all be prevented, but it could not be prevented by the men themselves, regardless of how wise they might be. It could only – ONLY, my beloved – only be prevented if women were allowed to balance the men, and therefore society was balanced between the expanding and contracting forces.

Even though the Greek nation is credited with being the origin of democracy, do you see the fatal flaw in the Greek version of democracy? It was, again, dominated by men, and therefore it met its demise in the way it always happens—through war and the conquest from without or through degeneration from within, through corruption and intrigue. Again, the attempt to use force to get what one wants, instead of aligning oneself with the truth of God, the truth of the ascended masters, the truth that Jesus expressed when he said: “Fear not little flock, for it is your father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

When you come into oneness with the father’s will and no longer want to use force, you do not need to use force, for God will give you that which you truly desire—which is to raise up the All. This is, indeed, the reality. If you will align yourself with the reality of the transcendent God – who is beyond male and female and thus is the true Allah – well, then that God will give you everything you need, everything you desire, when you see yourself as the feminine polarity to the masculine polarity that is not the unexpressed God, who is beyond division into polarities, but is the expressed God. The expressed God that forms the masculine polarity to its own creation, its own expression—of which you are the highest representatives in this sphere, in this material universe. For you are the self-aware co-creators, who have the potential for being the open doors for bringing the kingdom of God into physical manifestation.

This then, is the true inner meaning of Islam. This is the true God preached in the pure verses of the Koran, which have been so mixed in with the impure. And why was this mixing allowed to happen? Because there were those who served as the instruments for the false teachers, the forces of anti-truth—who did what they have always attempted to do to any new religion: attempt to mix truth and error and elevate both to the status of infallibility. So that those who have attunement will be attracted by the truth they see, and then forced to accept the whole lot, thereby accepting the falsities that prevent them from truly transcending the consciousness at which even the true teachings were given.

Thus, by mixing truth and error and elevating both to the status of infallibility, to the status of being beyond questioning, then the combination will prevent the followers of a given religion from transcending the teachings of that religion, from multiplying the talents, and thereby raising themselves beyond the old consciousness. So that they will be stuck in the old consciousness instead of flowing with the never-ending stream of progressive revelation coming from above.

The difference between true and false religion

For surely, as you should know by studying Jesus’ website, he did not intend to create a spiritual movement, that would be cut off from the Holy Spirit. Did he not say that he would go to the father, so that the father would send another comforter, namely the Holy Spirit that could flow, not through just one person of Jesus but through many people in the Christian movement. And therefore, there was no way to centralize that movement and to put it under some centralized authority or create a centralized doctrine, for the flow of the Comforter – the flow of the Holy Spirit, as the flow of the living word through many people – would prevent such a centralization, and thereby would prevent the false teachers from dominating the new movement.

Yet when this flow was cut off, when it was cut off in Islam, when it was cut off in other religions, well, then the perversion immediately begins, and now you have the creation of this idea, that there needs to be a centralized doctrine and dogma, a centralized Scripture, that now is perceived to have some ultimate authority, so that it can then stop any new revelation from being accepted if the new revelation goes beyond the old. Well, tell me, my beloved, if there is any meaning to new revelation, would that meaning not be precisely that it goes beyond the old revelation? For is there any purpose in bringing forth revelation that simply rehashes what has been said before? Nay there is only purpose for progressive revelation when it is progressive, and it is progressive only when it goes beyond the old.

Is that not a piece of logic that is difficult to deny, even for the linear mind? And therefore, it can be denied only by those who are not even willing to use logic and reason, but who will blindly adhere to what they have accepted as their ticket to heaven—but it is not the ticket to the heaven of the spiritual realm, for there nothing stands still.

Each lifestream has a self-created journey

I am not the same Pallas Athena, that was revered by the ancient Greeks. I have transcend that level of consciousness many times, as indeed the ancient Greeks were meant to transcend—if they had truly worshiped the Spirit of Truth, rather than some man-made image of some goddess sitting on a throne, adorned with this or that symbol or jewels, or gold, or what seems impressive to men. Thus, what is indeed the entire purpose of the Greek gods and goddesses? When you look at them, you will see human idiosyncrasies. Is it really so, that those in the ascended realm have such idiosyncrasies—can be at war with each other, can be jealous of each other. Is this truly possible? Of course not, and thus am I thereby saying that the Greek gods and the Greek religion was entirely false? No, I am not, for again, there was a certain inspiration from above, that was adapted to the state of consciousness that the people had at the time.

And thus, they were meant to see beyond the human idiosyncrasies of the Greek gods, to see that these were projections by the consciousness of men. But if you see beyond them, then you can indeed find something that will guide you beyond the veil of duality. But you must, of course, be willing to ask for that inner guidance, so that you may find those hidden secrets that can take you beyond, so that you can follow the epic journey described in the Odyssey, where Odysseus is truly the symbol for the spirit and its attempt to return to its kingdom, the kingdom lost when it decided to descend into duality.

Each and every one of the 6 billion people on this planet has a personal epic journey, but that journey is not a journey that is imposed upon you by external forces, whether it be the Greek gods or the superior God of Jehovah or Allah of whatever you may want to call it. It is a journey of your own making, for indeed, the stark reality behind all religion on earth is, that it objectifies God as some external being or beings, some external force, that is forcing something upon you, whereas the essential truth, revealed in Maitreya’s book, is that everything that you face in your current situation is the result of choices you made.

No one in heaven blames you for making the choices that have led you down the Primrose Path to your current situation and level of consciousness. The blame is a creation of the false teachers, but it is accepted by your ego because by accepting that you have done something that you cannot undo, you gain an excuse for maintaining the state of consciousness where you believe, that you are judged by external forces and that your fate and your salvation depends on external forces and is prevented by external forces.

The reality of all true religion is, that you are responsible for your state of consciousness, and that it is only your state of consciousness that keeps you outside of the kingdom of heaven. For the true kingdom of heaven is a state of consciousness—that is why Jesus said that the kingdom is within you. What is within you is your state of consciousness. You are the only authority that is responsible for it, but as Maitreya explains, there came a point where you decided you would not take that responsibility. And therefore, you turned your back upon the true teacher who was there to help you take responsibility for your path.

And in so doing, you had to justify that decision and make it seem like it was not a decision. For is it not so, that the ultimate justification for turning away from the teacher is to make it seem like it was not you making the choice to turn away, but that you were forced by some punishment from this angry external God—and therefore you cannot bring yourself back by simply making a different decision. Nay, you must go through some epic journey and fulfill some external requirements defined by this external God, until you are again qualified and worthy to enter the kingdom of that God.

This is the difference between true religion and false religion. False religion will uphold the image of the external God, and the external requirements and the external path. This is the essence of false religion, whereas the true religion truly portrays the reality that the path is created by you, by the choices you have made as you journeyed away from the state of oneness, that you were offered by the teacher. And therefore, the only way for you to get back to that state of oneness is, that you take responsibility for your own state of consciousness, realize that it is a result of choices you made, and therefore begin to systematically unravel and undo the choices that brought you to your present position in the maze, that has been created by human beings on this planet—and by the false teachers and by the egos.

You are the only one who can bring yourself back to the kingdom of God by realizing, that the kingdom of God is within you and thus you have never left it. And all of these outer appearances are unreal and can be undone by you undoing the belief that they have any power over you. And thereby, you take complete command, you take back your power to change your decisions instantly, thereby bringing yourself back into oneness with the kingdom of God—in which you are also one with all life and therefore cannot indulge in the activities, that can only be justified when you see yourself as a separate being, who is separate from all others. And therefore, you can uphold the illusion, that you can harm another without harming yourself.

Turkey must transcend Islamic aggressiveness

This then is the consciousness that permeates the Islamic world today, the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of aggression, that it is necessary – that it is justified by Allah – that we go out and spread Islam to the entire world. This is the consciousness that believes, that if it can force everyone to submit to Islam, to submit to Islamic rule, then the world will be peaceful, then the world will be what God wants it to be. This is the consciousness of aggression that you find in all Islamic nations. You find it here in this nation of Turkey, and it is the consciousness that must be transcended before Turkey can become a constructive member of the European union.

The European nations, after the second world war awakened to the danger of force-based thinking, and they have striven – not entirely successfully – but certainly they have made great progress in overcoming the force-based state of consciousness, yet Turkey has not yet done so. Which is exemplified in their current president, in the fact that the army has long had a far too dominant role in Turkish society. But this is also an expression of the fact, that Islam wants that dominant role in Turkish society, and therefore the Army has been the only force, that could hold it back by holding on to the need to be a secular army and for Turkey to be a secular nation.

And thus, you see that one imbalance leads to another, and yet even two imbalances can sometimes keep each other in check and prevent an even worse imbalance from taking hold. Yet this state of the army forcefully holding back the aggression of Islam cannot continue in the Turkish nation, and therefore within the next not too many years, the Turkish nation must either confront this consciousness and consciously transcend it, or there will be a stronger confrontation between these to forces, the Gog and the Magog, the aspiring power elite than the established power elite seeking ultimate dominance.

This, of course, must be transcended before Turkey can become a member of the European Union. If it is not transcended, there will be internal strife, conflict, even possibly a civil war, that will thrust Turkey into a state of chaos that few people today can even imagine. And thus, I ask those of you who are the spiritual people to hold the vision that Turkey will make this transition. For if Turkey can make this transition, it can indeed become a bridge between the western world and the Islamic world. It can become an example, that a nation with a majority of Muslims can indeed transcend the past, transcend the warring elements of the Muslim faith itself, and come into a higher state of awareness, that would allow it to actually embrace the consciousness of the Golden Age and transcend into that golden age consciousness, becoming a part of the Golden Age rather than being set apart from it.

This truly is the vision Saint Germain holds and desires all spiritual students to hold—that Turkey can be the nexus point, the open door, whereby the ideas of western democracy can find their way into the Islamic world. So that the people in the Islamic world can begin to see, that secularizing society, bringing equality among the sexes, bringing equal rights to all people, bringing true democracy is not in contradiction with true Islam. For true Islam is not the militant faith, that they have been brought up to see as the only expression of Islam. There is a different side to Islam, a balanced side that is the true Islam, the true submission to the true God, the true surrender into the true God who is the God that is the one God behind all manifestations—and therefore cannot be in conflict with itself.

And therefore, conflict can never come from the true God of Allah—who is truly the one God, the undivided, indivisible God. And therefore, division, conflict, separation can only come from the consciousness, that is apart from this true God, that is apart from the one God. And therefore, this is the consciousness that must be transcended, and when you transcend that consciousness, you become a true Muslim. But then you also see, that a true Muslim is not set apart from a true Christian, a true Jew, a true Buddhist, a true Hindu.

Transcending religious conflict

Do you see: when you transcend the consciousness of separation, duality and conflict, there can be no conflict between the different religions or between the people who are religious and the people who do not express themselves through a particular religion but finds another expression. This is the vision of the Golden Age, for the Golden Age will not be dominated by one religion. This does not mean, that the existing religions have to disappear, but they will have to transcend the old exclusivist mindset, that springs from the duality consciousness. And then there can still be a Christian religion, a Hindu religion, a Muslim religion, a Buddhist religion, a Jewish religion and many other religions.

But there can also be new faiths, new religions, springing up in the Golden Age, and there can be a new approach to spirituality and religion, that does not identify itself with any particular tradition, but follows the ever-flowing fount of progressive revelation, that surely will come forth through many sources in the Golden Age. For there will not be one messenger or one teaching that will be dominant in the Golden Age; there will be many. For the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth, and there will not be one source, one church, one teaching that can claim to have any superiority or ultimate authority.

This is the consciousness that springs from duality and that must be given up by all those who want to be true students or true messengers in the Golden Age of Saint Germain—which is a Golden Age of truth. For what is Gold but a symbol of the Christ consciousness, and the Christ consciousness is the one that rightly divides the Word of truth, that rightly divides reality and unreality.

The challenge of truth

And thus, throughout this dictation I have released the light that is the impetus that demands a response from the Turkish nation and the Turkish people. For I, Pallas Athena, once again thrust my spear into the very heart of the Turkish nation. And I say, through my God-given authority: “I challenge you to choose between truth, the one truth of the one God, and the dualistic so-called truth of the those who are divided in themselves, as the only way that they can be divided from the one God.”

“Choose this day whom you will serve. Will you serve the one God or will you serve the lesser gods of division? Choose whether you will serve one exclusivist religion or find a different approach to religion and spirituality that transcends division. Choose whether you will serve a progressive society, that seeks to bring equality and equal opportunity to all people, or whether you will continue to serve a repressive society, that elevates some as the elite and relegates most people to a status of inferiority. Choose this day whom you will serve: progress or regress.”

“For I tell you, I, Pallas Athena, and the authority of the entire ascended masters, will no longer allow you to ignore that choice, will no longer allow you to sit on the fence and think, that one day change will happen without you having to confront the unreality and the untruth in your own beings and your nation. No external force will change Turkey. You, the people of Turkey, are the force that must change Turkey, if it is to change.”

And thus, I say to you, “Wake up from your complacency, wake up from your aggression and be willing to acknowledge that aggression, be willing to acknowledge the conflict and the division. Be willing to acknowledge your unwillingness to look at ultimate truth, instead of continuing to cling to the idea, that you already have the ultimate religion, and that the ultimate truth can be captured in the Scriptures and the rituals and the dogmas of that religion. It is not so! Ultimate truth can never be captured in any outer teaching, and this is the challenge I hurl at you. Recognize the nature of ultimate truth and stop worshiping the false gods and their graven images.”

Thus, the thrust of my spear and the thrust of light is complete. So much has been released, that it will stir up the collective consciousness. The demons who have long held dominance in this nation have risen up in all their fury, but they are no match for the Spear of Truth, for they are not willing to approach it. For they know exactly what it will do: force them to look at the unreality in their beings. And when they look at it, they can no longer remain in the state of consciousness in which they have been trapped.

Thus, I have released as much as the Turkish nation can handle at this point. Enough to disturb, not enough to destroy. Yet I shall return—if there is enough of a willingness to multiply the talents that have been given. Then indeed, I shall return through this messenger or another, and Turkey shall rise, rise to a new and brighter future as part of a new and brighter world. It is finished, and the thrust of the spear of the Goddess of Truth is complete!


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