Bringing the golden age into physical manifestation through technology 

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, October 28, 2023. This dictation was given during the Webinar for America 2023: Coming into unity with Saint Germain’s vision for America.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I want to give you another brief glimpse into what I see for America when I am looking forward. Again, what I see is what will come about. The question is how long it will take and how extreme of a situation needs to be enacted before the people see what they need to see.

A new sense of community in America

What I see coming for the future of America is part technology, part a shift in the way people relate to each other. I see that these two go hand in hand because there is a limit to what technology I can release, or rather when I can release it, and that limit is determined by the consciousness of the people and their willingness to work together as a community rather than being divided up into these opposing factions. It is clear that right now the United States, the American people, are very polarized. It is also clear that this is not a sustainable situation. It will shift. There will simply come a point, as we have said, where a critical mass of people will see that this has gone too far, that this cannot lead to a positive outcome for the American people.

There will be a shift in the public discourse where people will begin to question the extremist people, to call them on it. You will see that so far, the characteristic is that the extremist people are absolutely sure that they are right, or at least they present themselves that way. And this is what causes the more moderate people to stand back and say: “Well, we might as well not say anything. We cannot convince them anyway. We cannot talk sense to them.” But this will shift. There will come a point where the moderate balanced people will realize that they can indeed speak out and they can simply ask the questions, as I said, to make people think. They can also point out what they observe. They can ask questions about what the consequences will be of this extremist, unbalanced attitude and this will begin to happen.

There will begin to be more and more groups of people that will realize that they share their view of the political process, and they will begin to come together, not necessarily in groups and organizations, but more in what we might call communities. Communities where they seek to work together because they realize they have greater power in a community than as individuals. You know the old saying: “There is no I in team.” Well, there is no capital “I” in community. The shift that will begin to happen is that people will begin to see that We the People is not ‘I this person’ and ‘I that person’ but We the People.

There are scholars who have studied the topic who can see that especially after the Second World War, there was a greater sense of community in America, a greater sense of unification of what we could do together as a nation. But in the 60s, this began to shift. People became more individually focused and this was what paved the way for neoliberalism in the economy, which is the ultimate example of individuality run amok. And this is what has led to the current situation where there are people that are so absolutely sure that they are right and that it is epically important that their viewpoints are forced upon the nation. This will at some point reach a climax where a critical mass of people who have had enough of it will see that this cannot possibly make a country function. In fact, it will only break down after break down, confrontation after confrontation.

Now you will see that the coming into unity that was produced as a result of the Second World War was because Americans were united against an outer enemy. And again, of course, there may be outer enemies who will play a role, but in the longer run, I see that people will begin to come together as a community without the need to have an external enemy. They come together because they see that this is how they can achieve the greatest potential for themselves and for their community and for the nation as a whole. They see that America is a community of equals, not that they are alike, but they are equals because they share something, which is what we have called humanity, a basic humanity, the essential humanity and people will begin to see this in greater measure.

Violence is incompatible with democratic ideals

And as this begins to gain more influence in the nation, there will be another very important shift, and that is that Americans, a critical mass of Americans, will begin to shift away from the attitude that the ends can justify the means, first of all that violence is an acceptable way to achieve political goals. Now, of course, you can see the irony in this because when you look at the Constitution and the political system, then you can see that democracy is a form of government where you achieve your ends without violence.

Peaceful conflict resolution is an essential part of democracy, but America has never quite gotten this. That is why the democratic nation of America had to go through the Civil War and is now, again, in a state where the polarization has reached a rather extreme level. This is because there are still people who see violence as an acceptable means to achieve these epically important goals. And I am not just talking about physical violence, but of course, psychological violence as well. When you post death threats or very negative comments on other people’s social media accounts, this is a form of political psychological violence.

When you speak out against other people in this derogatory manner, accuse them of having intentions that they do not have, accuse them of being corrupt, of being politically biased, of being politically motivated, being out to destroy you, all of this is political violence in the psychological realm. There will be a greater and greater awareness that this form of psychological violence is incompatible with democratic ideals, with a democratic form of government, and therefore it needs to be transcended. This is going to be a little more of a long-term prospect.

Now you will see that many other democratic nations have already achieved this. But America is, among all of the democratic nations, it is one of the few nations that has not achieved this as of yet. And America has still a rather extreme form of this belief that force is an acceptable way to achieve your democratic goals. There is still a large proportion of Americans who believe that it is even justified and, in some cases, necessary to use violence to subvert or go around the democratic process, because it is so important to achieve certain goals. But there will be a growing awareness that in a democracy it is not epically important to achieve a specific goal, because the purpose of democracy is not to achieve specific outer goals, but to raise the awareness of the people. And sometimes the people must be allowed to vote for a particular cause, a particular issue, and see the consequences of it, because that is how they learn. In some cases, the only way they can learn is through the School of Hard Knocks.

There will be, of course, this growing awareness of the black and white thinking, the epic mindset, and how this truly sabotages the democratic process. Now, this is important, of course, for many reasons, but it is important also because, until this shift begins to gain momentum, there is a very strict limit to the kind of technology I can release. When you look at the world today, you see clearly that there are nations who are not democratic, who are dedicated to even destroying or at least challenging democracy, and they are dedicated to challenging what they call the world order, but which is really this attempt among democratic nations to achieve a state of peaceful conflict resolution so they can avoid going to war. There are nations who are dedicated to challenging or sabotaging this process.

Technology in the service of democracy

Now clearly, in the long run, democracy will win. In the golden age, democracy will carry the day and there will be peaceful conflict resolution. But as you see demonstrated clearly by the Russian war against Ukraine and by the continued saber-rattling in China concerning Taiwan and in the number of nations in the Middle East, you see that there are still nations who believe that war is an acceptable means to achieve whatever ends they define. This, of course, cannot exist in the golden age. It cannot continue, it cannot survive in the golden age. The fallen beings, some of them, are sensing this and therefore, they are trying to do everything they can to create a more large-scale war and to pull the world into this state that there is perpetual war somewhere on the planet.

How can this be stopped realistically? Well, in the long run it can be stopped by the raising of the collective consciousness so that war becomes unacceptable. But, in the shorter run, a potential for stopping this is to release technology that will make war unwinnable and this will require a certain technology that might seem like science fiction. It is somewhat similar to what you see in some of these movies about future societies in other galaxies, ‘in a galaxy far, far away’, that have technology that is, first of all, anti-gravitational but also, vibrational technology that can create a shield around a particular vessel, and they have laser weapons that can have various effects.

There is technology that I have plans for in my retreat, where you can create, not a spaceship, but a vehicle on earth that can hover by suspending gravity, that can have a shield around it that cannot be penetrated by bullets, rockets, artillery shells, any of the weapons available today. At the same time, this vehicle can fire weapons that not only necessarily make things explode or destroy them but even have weapons that can make conventional weapons not function, so that you cannot fire a gun, you cannot drive a tank, you cannot make a motor function, you cannot fly a drone, you cannot operate a computer, you cannot fire rockets. All of these things, these weapons, can basically be made inoperable by this technology, and this means that a relatively small number of these flying vehicles could destroy, or at least make inoperable, an entire army. They could literally make it unfeasible to wage war because there was no way you could win a war against this technology.

Coalition of non-aggressive nations

This will, of course, require that there is a force on earth that can manifest the technology, build this technology, and operate this technology in a responsible way. This would, then, require that this force would have a non-selfish motive and attitude. They would not want to use this technology for their own gain but only as a means to stop war, to stop aggressive nations from attacking less aggressive nations. Which force could do this? The United Nations could not function like this, not in its current version. There could be envisioned a group of nations that could do this, and I foresee, in the longer run, that this will emerge. But certainly, when you look at the nations that have the greatest technological capacity to bring forth and actually build this force, which would be rather expensive, then the United States is, of course, one of them.

But the problem is that with a current dedication, we might say, to violence as an acceptable means to solve conflict, I cannot release this technology to the United States because there is no way to make sure that it will be used in a responsible manner. But when the attitude shifts, when a critical mass of Americans shift their attitude, then it will be possible to release this technology, not to the United States alone, but to a coalition of nations that can then come together and use this technology in a responsible manner. And this would make it practically impossible for any nation in the world to wage war. It would even make nuclear weapons, nuclear missiles, obsolete because they could also be made inoperable by this technology.

This is a potential scenario, but it will require some very dramatic shifts in the attitude, not only in America but in other nations but primarily in America because it is the largest and most affluent country, it has the largest weapons industry, research into weapons industry, and other forms of research. And therefore, it has more technological capacity and know-how to actually receive these ideas and implement them. I am not saying that this is an ideal solution. I am not saying it is a long-term solution. But you will understand, if you have heard what I have said previously, that the release of nuclear weapons was a crude attempt to make people think twice before they go to war. And this technology would be another more sophisticated attempt to make people think twice before they go to war because they would see that it could not be won.

Most people realize that a nuclear war could not be won, but they still think a conventional war can be won and that a conventional war could be fought without escalating into a nuclear war. Whether this is realistic or not is not something I need to comment on here. But there are people who believe this. This new technology I am talking about would shatter any belief that even a conventional war could be won. But of course, how could I release this technology to a nation or a group of nations who would take advantage of this by using the technology to expand their military influence or take over other nations? It could only be done through nations who have a non-aggressive intent of not expanding themselves, not benefiting themselves by conquering territory, but by stopping war on a planetary scale.

In the longer run, of course, the attitude or rather the collective consciousness will be raised upwards to the point where war becomes an unacceptable means of conflict resolution. There will come a point where armies will become obsolete, where instead of armies you will have a draft where young people will be required to serve for a year in other countries, especially the countries that are still not up to the higher standard of living that you see in the most affluent countries. Instead of learning how to kill people, they will learn how to help people and how to raise up other countries. They will, therefore, gain valuable experience with the fact that other people in other countries are less privileged than themselves, and it can have a multitude of benefits for these more affluent nations and for the people, personally.

A non-force-based business

Once you have this shift in consciousness away from violence, then as part of this shift, it will be seen that in a democratic nation you cannot allow a small elite to control the economy, the financial system. Because what the power elite is doing in the economy, in the financial area, is also a form of violence. It is violence when you, with deceptive means, take wealth away from the people, take the value of people’s labor away from the people. When this shift begins to happen, there will come a different form, as we have talked about before, of ownership of businesses and this will mean that the people who are doing the work, who are putting forth the creativity to find new solutions, new inventions, they will be rewarded more directly for their efforts. They will have more of an ownership of the company, and there will also be a tendency that companies will become smaller so that the current trend towards these larger and larger, multinational corporations will be reversed and companies will be more on a human scale where the individual matters.

The reason why this is important is that this, again, allows me to release further technology. What is it that is driving these large corporations today? It is a force-based approach to making money. They see themselves locked in a to-the-death struggle against the competition. Many of them are willing to use forms of violence, from physical to psychological to deception, in order to make a greater profit and outsmart the competition. When this changes so that there is a non-force-based approach to making money, where you are not out to make money, you are out to give the greatest service to people and to society, then I can release technology that is not force-based.

“Free energy” technology

This technology will not be allowed to be monopolized by one huge corporation, but many businesses will be involved with it. This is what will lead to the release of what you, with a misnomer can call “free energy” technology. It will, of course, not be free energy, it will be natural energy. This then can also happen in the United States as one of the forerunners for this technology but whether the United States will be one of the forerunners or whether it will be other countries will be determined by the shift in the collective consciousness of America. If other countries shift faster than America, then the technology will be released there first. Now again, the technology cannot be monopolized, so it is not quite as important where it is released first. But nevertheless, my highest vision for America would be that, again, it would be one of the forerunners for this kind of technology.

You will then again be able to take the technology I talked about with this weapon system, the anti-gravity technology we might call it, even though it is not actually anti-gravity, but more actually taking advantage of not just the force of gravity, but the polarizing force that is in a polarity with gravity, so that you can create vehicles that do not need force to get in the air. They can simply hover because they can suspend the downward pull of gravity by taking advantage of the upward force that is in a polarity with gravity. This will, of course, open up for huge changes in society. Just imagine, as one example, that instead of having cars that have to have roads to drive on, you have cars that hover in the air. So all of a sudden this enormous expense of creating and maintaining roads can be used for other purposes and you do not have the scars in the landscape of creating roads.

You also, of course, have these energy sources to light your houses, to heat your houses, so that you do not need to be tied into an electrical grid. The enormous expense of creating and maintaining this electrical grid and of producing the electricity with fossil fuels or nuclear fuels can also be put to use. This, of course, will meet enormous opposition, because there are, of course, these large corporations that are now making their money on building cars, building roads, building electrical power plants, maintaining the electrical grid, and they will at first resist this change in technology. They will actually resist and try to suppress the new technology. But when the consciousness, the collective consciousness shifts enough, they will not be able to bury the technology.

They will eventually come to realize that, at least some of them, that they can just shift to producing the new technology and therefore still have a viable business model. But, of course, in order to do this they will have to shift their approach to business to a non-force-based approach. Some of them will not be able to do this. They will go the way of the dinosaurs and there are huge corporations today that people think will exist forever that will disappear in the golden age. Just as you saw a certain huge technology corporation that could not see the potential of computers or at least the graphical user interface and therefore missed the boat on this huge new technological development.

What I envision for America is partly this shift in consciousness towards community, towards coming together into unity, which of course also requires the transcendence of the force-based approach. This is one side and then the other side is the release of new technology that can take technological development to an entirely different level that most people in today’s world cannot, either cannot envision or could not even accept because it is so different from the force-based approach that they have been programmed to think is the only approach to business, the only approach to technology.

New communication technology

Now, in the little longer run, of course, there are other developments that will come into play. There will be entirely new communication technologies that may not require the sending of information over distance because there are energy fields that have not yet been discovered or have not yet been understood for what they are, where information can be stored in such a way that it is not stored locally and therefore it is not necessary to have the information in one place and have other people need to connect to it. The information is in a non-local form that can be accessed and expanded upon from anywhere on the planet.

It is somewhat comparable to the Akashic Records, but it is a slightly different type of energy. This again means that all of a sudden, the communications industry will go through a dramatic change where these huge corporations, film companies and others will also either disappear or they will have to change into providing access to this information. This will cause an opening up for an entirely new approach because there will be no limit to the storage capacity, to the amount of information that can be stored. But this will require also, the shift where you are not trying to hide anything. But, of course, this also means there has to be a shift where you are not trying to take advantage of other people. In other words, you are not trying to shut down the internet as some people are trying to do now. You are not trying to steal information and use it as a weapon against other people.

The gradual change in consciousness and technology

As you look a little further into the golden age, you will see that technology and the shift away from a force-based approach will go hand in hand and produce some truly revolutionary changes that most people could not even envision today. They are simply so far from what you have today. That is why I have said before that if I was to communicate my vision of the golden age, most people would consider it absolute fantasy. They would not be able to accept it. They would think it is completely unrealistic, a pipe dream, and that is why it must be released gradually as the consciousness changes.

Technology, as you all should have realized by now, is simply technology. Electricity was there before it was discovered and named electricity and before people discovered a way to use and produce and distribute electricity. It has always been there. The kind of technology I am talking about and even more advanced forms of technology I am not yet talking about is there. It is not that electricity came into being when some human being discovered it. This is something that all people who have grown up in the technological age should have realized by now and certainly can realize very quickly when they just think about it more clearly.

Non-material technology

It is not a matter of a pipe dream. It is not a matter of some unrealistic scenario. The technology is there. It is just a matter of discovering it and putting it to practical use. That is what technology is. That is why I decided a very long time ago that if we were to shift the equation on earth, given where the earth was at in consciousness, we needed to use material technology because the planet was not ready and would realistically not be ready for a long time to accept non-material technology. Much of this material technology that you take for granted today could be replaced by what we might call a mental or psychic technology where people would use the minds instead of physical technology to achieve certain things such as communication. It will in the longer run not require a physical device to connect to this information storage field that I am talking about. It can be done with the mind directly.

But it requires, of course, development of certain capacities of the mind that very few people have achieved in history or today. This will require a much more long-term shift before there will be technology that is not only not force-based but that is not even matter-based. It is mental technology. But it is much more efficient than material technology. The only thing about mental technology is that it is not as mechanical as physical technology. If you create a physical gun that requires you to pull the trigger, then any human being who is capable of pulling that trigger can fire the gun.

But with mental technology, there will at least for some time, until the consciousness has been raised further, be people who will not be able to use the technology. This is, of course, something that also many people will resist because they want technology to be mechanical. The fallen beings want technology to be mechanical so that anybody who can fire a gun can shoot somebody if the fallen beings tell them to do so. Whereas this mental technology cannot be used for destructive purposes because those who have the destructive attitude will not be able to develop the faculties to use this mental technology.

A self-reinforcing spiral of negative attitudes towards democracy

I could, of course, go on for a long time to give you a vision of this. But again, I have already given you so many things that the vast majority of people would not be able to accept, that the question is, what could really be achieved by giving you more? I hope at least that this has given you some vision, some impetus to shift your own attitude to the situation in the world, to the situation in America. I have talked about the polarization of America. But at the same time as there has been the polarization, there has been what we might call a “negativation” of America. Where more and more Americans have adopted a negative view of their nation, of the political process, the political system, the political institutions, and the negative attitude towards democracy. Coming to question whether it is an efficient form of government.

This is, of course, exactly what the fallen beings and the power elite want to achieve, that Americans begin to doubt the value or the efficiency of democracy. You who are, our direct students, I need you to be very careful that you do not slip into this attitude. If you honestly see that you have slipped into it, I need you to make an effort to pull yourself out of this downward spiral because it is a self-reinforcing spiral, a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you see the people who are polarizing America, it is because they actually have a negative attitude towards democracy. They are not willing to let the democratic process work and produce whatever results can be produced given the level of the collective consciousness. They have become fixated on forcing particular results. They are willing to use force and violence to produce those results. This is, of course, undermining democracy. The more these people polarize the nation, the less efficient democracy will become. Therefore, the more they will feel justified in using force, the more other people will become discouraged with democracy, and this can become a self-reinforcing downward spiral.

Co-creating the golden age with Saint Germain

What are you here for as ascended master students? Is it not to pull the earth up? How can you allow yourself to be pulled into these kind of spirals, negative spirals, self-reinforcing, self-validating spirals? You cannot be an ascended master student and at the same time be a pessimist about the future of this planet, or the future of America or any other nation. You need, if you are to fulfill your divine plans, you need to maintain a positive view, a positive approach, and see that no matter how negative things may seem, it always has the purpose of allowing things to go to such extremes that people can finally see that this is too far. This is too much. This cannot continue. There is always the potential for a shift behind whatever events are occurring. Things are never what they seem. There is always a hidden manipulation by the power elite and the fallen beings, but there is always also a hidden potential and a hidden opportunity given by the ascended masters whereby the planet can just as easily go up as it can go down. But somebody has to pull it up and you are those somebody. If you do not do it, who will?

I hope that I have given an impetus here so that you who see yourselves as ascended master students can look at current world events and avoid being pulled into a negative attitude, a negative approach. As I have said before, my golden age is on schedule. It is inevitable. It will happen. I have now in this conference given you more teachings on why it will happen. Therefore, I encourage you to strive to attune yourself to my vision for planet earth and not to the vision of the fallen beings or the majority of human beings.

I am willing to share my vision with you on the personal level. Where I can show you what is your potential role to play in manifesting the golden age. But you need to be willing to approach me and you need to attempt to approach me with as neutral of a state of mind as you possibly can. This is what we have given many teachings on in the conference in Korea and in the conference in Kazakhstan about how to attune to your spiritual teachers and how to become part of the River of Life. Make use of those teachings, study them, practice them and first of all shift your attitude. Shift your approach to life on this planet. If you find this difficult, it is because you have not resolved your birth trauma and you have not resolved the primal self and other selves that are created based on your difficult experiences on this planet.

We all understand how difficult it is for an avatar to come to earth. We have all been there ourselves. But as we have said before, we have pulled ourselves above it. Therefore, we know that you can too because what one has done, all can do. Without further ado, I will seal you in this flame of realism that is really not even optimistic realism, but simply the realism of knowing where the entire universe is going. When you know this, you know that planet earth will be pulled up by the River of Life.

I seal you in that flame that I hold for earth, for if I did not hold that flame, how could I be the hierarchy for the age of Aquarius? How could I have any ambition of manifesting the golden age if I was not seeing the potential and the realistic potential for the golden age on earth? I would not be with this planet. Then the planet would not be here because it would have gone into a self-destructive spiral. By the fact that the planet is still here, it shows you that I am here. When you awaken to the reality of why you are here, you and I can form that community that you have longed for and that will bring the golden age into physical manifestation. Saint Germain, I AM.


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