Being the open door for the Flame of Peace regardless of outer conditions

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Ascended Master Nada through Kim Michaels, January 6, 2024. This dictation was given during the New Year’s webinar 2024: BEING the Flame of Peace in a world in transition

I AM the Ascended Master Nada, Chohan of the Sixth Ray, often seen as the Ray of Peace, or the Ray of Service.

Being at peace in a troubled time

What greater service could there be than to bring peace to this conflict-ridden planet? But what can bring peace? Well, there are two ways to bring peace. There is the School of Hard Knocks and there is the School of Inner Resolution. Of course, inner resolution could be brought about at any time, but as we see from history, it often takes some very hard knocks before people become open to inner resolution. The question is, how hard the knocks have to become this time? Do they have to become harder than they have been in the past?

We have not, in this dispensation, talked a lot about previous civilizations, although we have mentioned that previous civilizations have come and gone. Those of you who have studied me as an ascended master will know that it has been said that I had several embodiments in Atlantis, and of course you know that Atlantis is no longer in existence. The reality, when you look back over this very, very long history of earth, is that many civilizations have come and gone. You can even look back at recorded history and see that certain civilizations have risen to great power, great sophistication, yet where are they today?

The reason for bringing this up is to have you realize that I have been in embodiment on earth many times. I was an avatar who came to earth a very long time ago from a natural planet. I embodied many times on earth, I went through the same that so many avatars have gone through, being targeted by the fallen beings because they saw my light as a threat, receiving the birth trauma, creating a primal self, and for a long time struggling to overcome that primal self and the other selves that I created as a result of it, and therefore,  come back to a state of balance, purity, innocence that allowed me to ascend. The reason for telling you this is to make you realize that I was in embodiment on Atlantis towards the end of that civilization. In other words, when the civilization began to go into a downward spiral and eventually self-destructed.

The reason for telling you this is to help you realize that I have been in embodiment on earth in a very difficult situation. When we talk about the Flame of Peace, there are many people on earth who, if they heard or read what we say, would say: “Well, how can we be at peace in such a troubled time?” What I am seeking to help you see here is that I have been in embodiment on earth in a troubled time, so I know what it is like to be in embodiment in a troubled time. I am no stranger to what many people are experiencing on earth today. Yet I also know from experience that it is possible to rise above the times in which you live, no matter how troubled they are.

The fact of the matter is that, even though many people consider the situation in the world difficult right now, it is not nearly as difficult, nearly as troubled, as it was in those last days of Atlantis. You actually have a much better opportunity today because even though there are certainly troubling aspects of the world situation right now, your civilization and the world in general is not in a downward spiral. It is in an upward spiral.

There is a greater opportunity to rise above that mindset that has begun to work its way into the collective consciousness, to form these vortices that are sucking many people into this negative view of the future. Naturally, those who adopt a negative view of the future will not be the forerunners for Saint Germain’s golden age. That should be fairly logical. We of course do not desire to see our direct students be pulled into any of these vortexes as we have indeed seen in past dispensations and even to some ascended master students today.

“I cannot be at peace in such troubling times”

I am of course the Chohan of the Sixth Ray of Peace. Archangel Uriel is bringing that Flame of Peace, holding that Flame of Peace for earth, radiating that peace to earth, but it does not flow directly from Archangel Uriel into the collective consciousness, because everything that relates to the Sixth Ray of Peace flows through my office as the Chohan. I am of course the open door for this flow of the Flame of Peace, the energy of peace, from Uriel into the collective consciousness. This means that, because I am closer to the physical realm than an archangel, being a Chohan, I am more in the nexus between the spiritual realm and the four levels of the material universe. This means that I am more in touch with what is going on in the four levels. I feel more of a return current and so I sense the energies. I sense the thoughts, the feelings. I even sense how, when the times shift, it affects people’s sense of identity. I realize very well, I experience very clearly, that in the last few years since the start of the corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine, there has been a shift in many people’s individual consciousnesses and in the collective consciousness, where people are less optimistic about the future than they were before.

When I start talking about the Flame of Peace, I of course also sense that return current from the collective consciousness, and even from the subconscious minds of some of our students, of the resistance to hearing about the Flame of Peace, and what I sense very clearly is that many people feel that you cannot be at peace in these troubling times. Many spiritual people, not only ascended master students but many spiritual people in general, will say, or at least will feel subconsciously, that you cannot be the open door for the Flame of Peace in such troubling times; you cannot be at peace in your own mind in such troubling times. But why do people have this sense? Where does it come from?

Your state of mind does not depend on anything on earth

Well, it comes from what Archangel Uriel explained. People are in physical embodiment, they are enveloped in the collective consciousness, which is so deeply influenced by the dualistic consciousness. People have this view, a human, dualistic view of peace. They think peace is the opposite of conflict. They think peace can only be experienced when there is no conflict. There are many people who are thinking that the experience of peace in your own mind depends on outer conditions. This is of course the same with any other God quality or positive quality. But is this really the case? If you have absorbed the profound message of Archangel Uriel, you will realize that from our viewpoint it is of course not the case.

If you step back from spiritual teachings, true, valid spiritual teachings, if you look at many different spiritual teachings, from ascended master teachings to the teachings of the Buddha, even some of the teachings of the Vedas or Advaita Vedanta, if you were to distill all of these teachings down to their essence, what are all these teachings saying? They are all saying one simple thing. The goal of spiritual growth, the goal of walking the spiritual path, the goal of reaching a higher state of mind, whether you call it awakening, enlightenment, nirvana or whatever you call it, is one thing and one thing only: it is to come to the realization and experience that your state of mind does not depend on any conditions outside yourself, including physical conditions on earth. Your state of mind does not depend on anything outside your mind. This is the essential message that all true spiritual teachings have been giving for as far back as you have recorded history, but even long before then.

You are, as we have explained it, co-creators. You are created to be co-creators with God, not co-creators with humankind, not co-creators with the fallen beings. What is God? Well, God is, of course, ultimately the Creator, but really all of the ascended beings in previous spheres up through all of these spheres, all of these layers, until you reach the Creator. What is the difference between the ascended realm and the unascended sphere, especially on a dark planet like earth? It is that in the ascended realm nothing depends on conditions on earth. Conditions on earth have no influence whatsoever on the ascended realm. How do you be a co-creator with the ascended masters? By using our teachings to strive for and eventually attain the state of mind where you realize that your state of mind does not depend on anything on earth. It depends only on what is beyond the material world, namely the ascended realm. That is why you can be an open door for the ascended masters, for the God Flames, whether it is Peace or one of the other Rays, even the Secret Rays.

Everything we have given you in this dispensation has been directly geared towards bringing you towards the point where you can fully realize this: “My state of mind does not depend on anything on earth. My peace of mind does not depend on having peaceful conditions of no conflict and no turmoil on earth. My being the open door for the Flame of Peace does not depend on there being certain conditions on earth.” In order to be the open door for the Flame of Peace, you do not have to get away from the one dualistic polarity of turmoil and to the other dualistic polarity of relative peace. That is not what the spiritual path is about, although many, many people out there see it that way. Many Buddhists, for example, think it is the goal to not only have peaceful outer conditions but to attain peace of mind, but they still see this peace of mind in dualistic terms, as something different from the lack of peace. They define it based on earthly conditions, in relation to earthly conditions.

Co-creating in relation to the ascended masters

Well, I am an ascended master. I do not define myself in relation to anything on earth, because it was by stopping to define myself in relation to anything on earth that I qualified for the ascension, and it will be the same for each and every one of you. Nothing on earth owns you, nothing on earth defines you, unless you allow it to. That is why you can in a sense say you have a choice. You are designed to be a co-creator, and the one thing you cannot do is to stop co-creating. The question is, what are you co-creating in relation to? Although it may sound fairly harsh, you have three possibilities. You can co-create in relation to the ascended masters, which is what you were designed to do, or you can co-create in relation to humankind, which is what you were not designed to do, or you can co-create in relation to the fallen beings, which you definitely were not designed to do. These are really the only options. Theoretically, you could as an avatar co-create in relation to other avatars if there was enough of a growing awareness of avatars, but even that is not the optimum.

The optimum is that you define yourself in relation to the ascended masters and co-create with us. Many of you have already started doing this. I am not in any way here saying that you are deficient or you are behind. I am just saying that you can build on what you have sensed and experienced, and gradually within a fairly short period of time step up to an even higher sense of co-creating with the ascended masters. That is the only way that you can really be an open door for the Flame of Peace, or as you could also put it, be the Flame of Peace in the world. As long as you think that being the Flame of Peace depends on you having specific outer conditions in your personal life or having specific outer conditions in your immediate environment, or in the world at large, then you have not realized your fullest potential to be a co-creator, because as Archangel Uriel said, the Flame of Peace is beyond both un-peace and peace on earth. It is beyond the pairs, beyond the dualities, and this is what many spiritual people have not grasped.

The peace that passes understanding

I know Archangel Uriel said this. I will say it again, because so many people have not truly grasped and experienced it. I am not here talking about understanding this intellectually. You can understand something intellectually the first time you hear it if you pay attention, but understanding it intellectually is not the same as integrating it, as experiencing it, as an allowing it to shift your consciousness, even your sense of identity. Reach back to what I said about myself being in embodiment in the last times of Atlantis. I ascended by embodying the Flame of Peace, because I tuned into the Flame of Peace and I used it as my gateway to Heaven, so to speak. You can of course use all of the Rays, even the Secret Rays, but I used Peace, and if you could see the society in which I had my last embodiment, there was much more turmoil than there is in the world today. How did I deal with this? Well, I came to a point where I grasped that essential difference, that a God-quality is not affected by anything on earth, and therefore, I do not need specific conditions on earth to embody that God-quality, to contact that God-quality, to experience the God-quality.  I started by experiencing this Flame of Peace, the peace that passes understanding.

Consider this expression that so many people have overlooked, the peace that passes understanding. It is beyond understanding, because if you look at the world and look at conditions, and this is true whether it was Atlantis back then or today’s world, if you look with a rational mind that seeks to understand, you can find all of these conditions that are not peace, and you can understand, because of this condition, or that condition, or the next condition, how can I be at peace when I see how bad things are, when I see all of these things that are going on? But as I said, the Flame of Peace is beyond anything on earth, and your understanding with a linear intellectual mind is not beyond what is going on on earth. This is another thing that many spiritual students have not fathomed. They think, we all have a tendency to think while we are in embodiment, that we have the highest understanding, we have the ultimate ability to understand.

We look back from the 1930s and forward, and of course even before, we see so many students who have found an ascended master teaching, who eagerly studied it, eagerly applied the decrees and invoked the Violet Flame, and they thought that because they had found this advanced ascended master teaching, it must mean that they have the ultimate ability to understand.  Now, many of these students and many of you are perfectly right in thinking you have the highest possible ability to understand. Therefore, you can understand a spiritual teaching, you can understand the peace that is within the spectrum of understanding as it is currently defined on earth, but that understanding will not allow you to connect to and experience the Flame of Peace which is beyond anything on earth. Let me say this again, because I know that some of you are sitting there in your minds reasoning about this.

You may look at your lives, and many spiritual students, not only ascended master students, but many other spiritual people throughout the ages, have looked at themselves and their ability to understand a spiritual teaching. They have seen clearly that they are beyond the understanding of the average person. They have a higher degree of understanding, of ability to understand, than the average person. For that matter, many intellectual and scientific people, many religious theologians, have looked at themselves and they have reasoned: “I am way beyond the average person in my ability to understand,” and they are perfectly right, my beloved. What they do not understand is that at any given time on earth the collective consciousness is at a certain level, and no matter how ahead you are of the average person, you cannot be ahead of the collective consciousness with the intellectual linear analytical mind, because the level of the collective consciousness creates a glass ceiling for your ability to understand on a planet like earth, and you cannot go through that glass ceiling. Now as I said, you can be way ahead of the average person because they are far below the glass ceiling, but you are still not beyond the glass ceiling with a linear intellectual mind. That is why we have always stressed the value of intuition, which allows you to experience something beyond the intellectual mind.

Self-validating system of the human mind

Now if you look at these past several years, and let us go back to the corona pandemic, there were ascended master students who used their ability to understand, to come to various conclusions about the corona pandemic, about vaccines, about masks, about this and that, and it is not that their reasoning with the intellectual mind was completely invalid, although other people obviously reasoned a different way based on the same evidence. What I am saying here is that there are so many situations on earth where you can have two groups of people who both have the same level of, should we call it intelligence, or at least intellectual ability. They look at a particular issue, they look at the same evidence, and based on the same evidence they reach two different, often opposite and incompatible conclusions. Why is that? Because the intellect does not allow you to fathom, connect to and experience that which is beyond the material universe.

There is no ultimate resolution of a particular issue. You may have read that in one of my last embodiments on Atlantis I was a lawyer. Well, what is the court system even today on earth? As an environment where you may have certain evidence that is difficult to refute, but still, everything is up for interpretation. It is all a matter of how it is presented, and you can invalidate even seemingly solid evidence. You see here that the court systems today, as they did in Atlantis, are outplaying this, as we have said before, the linear mind’s ability to look at evidence without reaching some higher understanding, without actually being able to resolve the issue. You look at people who were pulled into Donald Trump’s denial of the election results and some are still pulled into it. You look at people who, going back to previous dispensations, were pulled into this idea that the world is coming to an end, or society is coming to an end, there is going to be some ultimate calamity, and who have believed this to be happening at a certain date. Then it did not happen. But a few years later they found another doomsday prophecy. Now they believe this was the ultimate prophecy, and this time it was going to happen. Many of you can probably barely remember the hysteria surrounding 2012, or the hysteria around the computer breakdown of 2000.

Can you not really see here that this is what the linear intellectual mind does? It is able to come up with evidence that supports any conclusion. If you want to think that these are the most difficult times this planet has ever seen, if you want to think that calamities are right around the corner, if you want to think that the world is on the brink of a third world war, if you want to think that Saint Germain is unrealistic for talking about the golden age when things are going so badly. If you want to think this, your intellectual linear mind can find plenty of evidence to validate what you want to think.

But take note of a simple fact, if you will step back and observe your mind. It is not the intellectual mind that defines the conclusion, it only finds the evidence. The intellectual mind gathers the evidence to support the conclusion that you have superimposed upon your intellectual mind. Why is this so?

Well, what have we told you about your four lower bodies? The densest, the lowest in vibration is the physical, above that is the emotional. What does it take to take a physical action? Well, you have to have an emotional drive or prompting to take that action. How do you get the emotional prompting? From the mental mind which reaches a conclusion that makes it seem like this is the best or the only way to act. But how does the mental mind reach a certain conclusion? Because it must act within the constraints of your identity mind. And in your identity mind you are defining whether you want to believe this about vaccines or whether you want to believe that about vaccines, whether you want to believe this about Trump or that about Trump. And when you have defined this in your identity mind, you are projecting this into the mental mind. And the mental mind, as the obedient dog it is, goes out there sniffing around the internet, wagging its tail and finding the evidence that will support the conclusion. And therefore, you feel perfectly validated in affirming that conclusion with your conscious mind, and acting upon it.

The basic choice at the identity level

Many, many people, even ascended master students, have believed that it was their ability to think and analyze their level of intelligence, that allowed them to see that this evidence was the real evidence. But this is because they do not grasp, they have not observed how their minds work. The mental mind very rarely reaches a conclusion based on evidence. In a vast majority of cases, the mental mind acts upon the impulse coming from the identity mind and then gathers the evidence. It is not that it is the evidence that convinces you, it is that the mental mind gathers the evidence that validates what your identity mind wants to believe. If you begin to grasp this, you realize that your identity mind is the highest of your four lower bodies. It is the one that sets the framework for everything else.

What is the basic choice you make in your identity mind? It is, with whom do I want to co-create? Do I want to co-create with the ascended masters? Or do I want to co-create with humankind at large or with the fallen beings? Or do I, in some cases, and this is certainly the case for the fallen beings, do I want to co-create my entirely own reality? Why I am not co-creating, I am creating because I am so sophisticated and special that I know better than anyone else. This is also a possibility.

It is very simple, again. When you are facing one of these issues in the world, what are your options? You can look at evidence. But as I have said, if you really look at the evidence neutrally, you can come up with arguments for or against most issues, and it is difficult to reach a conclusion based on intellectual evidence. That is why most people have already made a decision based on their sense of identity. If you want to co-create with humankind, you want to follow what is in the collective consciousness in the area you live, so you get pulled in to this group-think. If you are co-creating with a certain group of people, you get pulled into people, into supporting and accepting their conclusions. If you have, for example, loyalty to a certain person, then you will be pulled into the group that supports that person. If you are loyal to or tied to a fallen being who is a public figure or even one who is in the identity realm, you will be pulled into the vortex created by that being because fallen beings are very good at creating a vortex around themselves, a reality distortion field as it has been called. You get pulled into that.

The other option is to co-create with the ascended masters. What happens when you strive to do this? You have a whole different approach to issues on earth. You are realizing it is not enough to say black and white, right and wrong, this is right, this is wrong. You first of all, when you tune in to us, realize you are more than any of these black and white definitions. And what you do when you reach up from the identity mind instead of out or down from the identity mind, you connect to the Christ mind. And you achieve some measure of Christ discernment depending on how neutral you are in your identity body, how many selves you have in the identity body that define how you should be.

To give you an example, many ascended master students in a previous dispensation saw El Morya as a very strict master, a very tough disciplinarian. But this was an image created collectively by that dispensation in the identity body. And it was not based on a true connection to the ascended master El Morya, now Master MORE. Because then they would not have had that image, because they would have experienced that Master MORE is a multi-faceted being. He is in no way like the angry being in the sky that has been portrayed by the Judeo-Christian tradition for thousands of years. He is just immovable on some issues when you come at him with the intellectual mind and want to sway him into validating what you want to believe. Because Master MORE is committed to setting you free, so he will not validate your illusions. How could that set you free? But he can also be extremely loving and as pink as any lady master.

Becoming neutral to experience the Flame of Peace

You see here, as we have said before, human beings in the duality consciousness may look at the spiritual realm, may look at ascended masters, but they are not really open to connecting to us. They are projecting an image and they want validation of that image. You will not get validation of an illusion from an ascended master. You might get it from the false hierarchy imposters in the lower identity realm and especially in the mental realm. You might get it from fallen beings in those realms. You might get it from other people. But you will not get it from an ascended master, for this would be a compromise of our mission.

All of this long talk leads us back to the Flame of Peace. How will you be able to experience the Flame of Peace at first, then become an open door for the Flame of Peace and then become the Flame of Peace? Well, you have to stop projecting these dualistic images of un-peace and peace upon the Flame of Peace. You have to strive to be neutral, and then you can connect to it, experience it in glimpses and eventually experience it more often. But do you see that in order to achieve this neutrality you have to first of all overcome this entire idea that the Flame of Peace, your experience of it, depends on conditions on earth, including conditions in your four lower bodies?

What is it that the fallen beings have done? We have said this so many times. What have they done to create the current turmoil on earth? They have said there is a standard and it is a dualistic standard, and everything in the world should live up to it. But more than that, even that which is beyond the world should live up to the standard they have defined in the world. They are saying that the God-Flame of Peace must live up to our standard and for you to experience that and become the open door for it, you must live up to the standard here on earth. And what are we saying, those of us who represent the God-Flame of Peace to earth? That this is a complete lie, a complete illusion. You do not need to live up to any standard on earth in order to experience a God-flame. And the God-flame will never validate any standard on earth.

This is what many of you have the potential to grasp, not only intellectually but to experience it, and to thereby come to look at this and say: “What subconscious selves do I have that are blocking my experience of the Flame of Peace?” And then you can look at those selves and you can ask me as the Chohan of the Sixth Ray, or you can ask any other ascended master that you are working with, to help you see these selves. You can, for that matter, listen to this dictation, or you can read it but it works most powerfully if you listen to it, and just monitor your reaction. Do not listen to the words I am saying when you hear it again. Just monitor your reaction. What is happening in your emotional body? What is happening in your mental body? What arguments are coming up? What is happening in your identity body? How you look at yourself, your ability to be the open door for the Flame of Peace, your willingness to be the open door for the Flame of Peace. What comes up? This can expose those selves. And if you are willing to look at it and go after it, we have given you tools to help you with this so that you can fairly quickly come to that point where you realize: “Yes, I can be the open door for the Flame of Peace regardless of outer conditions.”

And why is all this important? Well, what have we said? There are these times where these vortexes build in the collective consciousness. And all those who have weaker minds, all those who are co-creating with humankind, they are sucked into the vortex. They cannot see any way out of the conflict other than violence or war. Who can prevent the violence or stop it? Who can prevent the war or stop it? Those who are not sucked into the vortex. But how do you avoid being sucked into the vortex? By going beyond the emotional body, of course, that pulls on you. By going beyond the intellectual mind that reasons that this is the way it is and this is the way it must be. By going beyond the sense of identity that you must adapt to the standard of the world. You can do a service to stop the conflict by being the open door for the Flame of Peace, but you can only be the open door when you realize that you being the open door does not depend on conditions on earth, so no matter what the rest of humanity thinks or feels, no matter what the intellectual arguments are, no matter what your outer sense of identity says, you can be the open door for the Flame of Peace.

Exposing the non-peace and the relative dualistic peace

And this, the Flame of Peace, can change the equation, change the situation by exposing not only the non-peace but also the relative dualistic definition of peace. Why is this important? Because behind every major conflict is the fallen beings. They are seeking to create the vortex. They are seeking to define the intellectual arguments. They are seeking to define people’s sense of identity so that, for example, they identify themselves as Russians or Ukrainians, Jews or Palestinians, Jews or Arabs. And they are seeking to do this for their long-term agenda. They are seeking to push their agenda. But they are not seeking to just push their agenda by creating conflict, they are also seeking to push their agenda by defining what must be the peace that comes after the conflict.

You have heard the expression that you can win the war but lose the peace. Well, the fallen beings are striving to never lose the peace because it is not actually the war that they are concerned about. At least not the ones in the identity realm. Although there are, of course, fallen beings in the emotional realm who want war to steal energy. But the ones in the identity realm, they want to expand their control. For them war is just a tool. What they are really concerned about is defining the peace that comes after the war so that the peace pushes people, pushes the world, pushes societies in the direction that allows the fallen beings to expand their control. Because they know from experience that after there is a war there comes a point where people are tired of war, and now they will accept a lesser peace in order to stop the war. And this gives the fallen beings an opportunity to expand their control.

And that is why the Flame of Peace, the God Flame of Peace, will expose both the conflict consciousness and the peace consciousness, and stir up both and raise awareness so that people can see: “No, this is not the kind of peace we want. We are not ready and this is not the only way to have peace. This is not the only way to avoid war. There is a higher way that will bring the world forward towards Saint Germain’s golden age.” And this is the balance you need to hold so that there will not be a large-scale war,  that in order to avoid a large-scale war or to settle the wars that spring up, people will accept an unbalanced form of peace that gives the fallen beings greater control.

The gift from Nada

I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment. But I do wish to go a little bit further than giving you just understanding. In a sense you could say that whenever you define God qualities, you can never give an accurate depiction of a God quality with words, so you have the seven spiritual rays, and one of them is the Third Ray of Love. But, of course, love is a universal quality, and therefore,  there is love on all of the rays. It is just that the Third Ray defines love as a God quality with certain characteristics. But behind any definition is just the love of the Creator for its creation. And that is what we all feel in the ascended realm. We feel it streaming through us, so on all of the rays there is love. That is why I said that Master MORE can be as pink as any lady master. Because there is love through all rays, so I am not only radiating peace to earth, but love. And I want you to know that I, Nada, I love you. I love all sincere spiritual people. Of course, I love all people. But you see most people could not even accept or feel that love. But you can if you can just switch your mind into neutral and allow yourself to experience it. In other words, when you look at me, when you think about me, when you tune into me, do not think only in terms of peace. But allow yourself to look beyond the peace and feel the love, experience the love. That would be the greatest gift I want to give to you because that universal form of love is what expresses itself as peace, and so ultimately, love is what gives peace.

With this I seal you in that Flame of Loving Peace that I AM and that I hold for earth.

Peace be still.

Peace be still.

Peace be still.

Peace be still in the four quadrants of the material world.

Nada, I AM.



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