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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, June 24, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Kazakhstan.

The Buddha, I AM. Gautama is the name I have used when working with the evolutions of earth. Some of the other masters have given you the perspective of looking back to previous ascended master dispensations and seeing what the results have been. I would like to broaden the perspective, going back to when I was in physical embodiment and I gave teachings at the physical level 2,500 years ago.

Idolatry of the Buddha

It is said that after following a certain path, the ascetic path, and coming to realize its limitations, I discovered the eight-fold path, or the path of the Buddha, and I attained nirvana, I became enlightened. Many, many Buddhists, even to this day so many centuries later, they look at this with a form of idolatry. Either I was the only being to ever attain enlightenment, or I was the highest being or I attained some ultimate, absolute state of enlightenment.

In other words, they think that the state of enlightenment that I attained 2,500 years ago was some absolute, highest possible state that could never be surpassed. However, when you consider the reality we have given you about the 144 levels of consciousness, then you can ask yourself the question: When I attained enlightenment 2,500 years ago, I did so by reaching the 144th level of consciousness. Was the 144th level of consciousness 2,500 years ago the same as the 144th level of consciousness today? Now, if the answer was: “Yes, it was the same,” what would the consequence be? Well, the consequence would be that the planet had made no progress at all in 2,500 years. The consequence of that would have been that the teachings I gave 2,500 years ago had failed to raise the consciousness of the planet and therefore had failed their purpose. The reality is that the 144th level today is considerably higher than it was 2,500 years ago, 2,000 years ago when Jesus attained that level, even a 100 or so years ago when Master MORE and Kuthumi attained that level and so forth and so on.

How consciousness is raised

What is it, then, that raises that level of consciousness? Well, it is, first of all, as the omega aspect, that the collective consciousness is raised. That happens when a critical mass of individuals raise their consciousness and pull up on the bottom 80% or 90% and therefore the bottom level is raised. There can come times where there is a shift in the collective awareness and people decide that a certain manifestation is no longer acceptable to them. As a result of that, the bottom level of consciousness is raised up and beings who are at that level of consciousness will not be allowed to take physical embodiment.

However what raises the highest level? Well, someone has to reach the 144th level of their time and then go higher before they ascend. In a sense, that is what I did 2,500 years ago, even though I entered nirvana at what was the 144th level at that time. When I came back to teach in my teaching mission, I did not come back in an absolute state of consciousness. I was still growing and evolving and transcending myself for the years I was teaching. I raised the 144th level to a higher plateau. Jesus, of course, did the same, other masters have done the same and that is how that is raised. Some of you have the potential to be part of this process of attaining the 144th level before you are ready to leave embodiment, therefore still going higher while you are in embodiment and therefore helping to raise that level up.

You see that the entire concept that a teaching could be absolute, that a certain state of consciousness could be absolute, is a complete illusion, it is Maya, it is, of course, a projection of the fallen beings. They cannot transcend themselves and therefore they do not want anyone else to transcend themselves. They have come up with a lot of clever schemes for making people think that it is not possible. They want you to think that I attained an ultimate, absolute state of consciousness, that I was an exception, that no one can go higher. They want you to think that Jesus also reached the level that no one else can follow.

For the past 2,500 years there are actually a relatively small number of individuals who have used the teachings of Buddhism to also reach the 144th level and then go beyond. Some of those are known to people in the Buddhic tradition, others are not known because they did not have a public mission. Certainly, when I look back, Buddhism has produced a contribution to the forward progression of the collective consciousness and raising the levels of consciousness.

A teaching is for a level of consciousness

Now, where this goes is that when you realize that the consciousness is higher today than it was 2,500 years ago (that the scale of the 144 levels has shifted upwards), you can also see that the teaching that was given so long ago was actually given for a lower level of consciousness than is the average today. This partly points, of course, to the need for progressive revelation. It also points to the realization that any teaching at any time can only be given for the level of consciousness that is there. It does not necessarily mean that the teaching is given for the average level of consciousness or for the lowest level of consciousness, for certain teachings are given for people in the top 10%.

Nevertheless, you always need to recognize that when a specific teaching is given, it is very much given based on the level of consciousness on the planet at the time. If the teaching is successful, the consciousness will shift. What should, then, ideally happen? Well, what should ideally happen is that some people have taken that teaching, used the teaching to reach the 144th level of consciousness. They then become instruments for either bringing forth a new teaching, bringing forth a new aspect of the old teaching, a new interpretation of the old teaching. Therefore, they can now bring forth a teaching for the new level of consciousness that has been reached as a result of the old teaching. This means, of course, that progressive revelation ideally should never stop. This means also that it is, in a sense, a sad thing (if we want to use that word) when the followers of one teaching become dogmatic, become closed to anything new and therefore become the instruments of actually aborting the efficiency of that teaching. They are not allowing the transcendence of the teaching.

When I gave my teachings 2,500 years ago, you will see (if you read some of the scriptures) that they contain a certain story or anecdote. Then, the exact same anecdote in the exact same words is repeated three times. Well, this was, in a sense, necessary because of the density of the consciousness at the time and also because there was no written records given. It was all an oral tradition and instead of people being able to read the text several times, they could now hear it three times and therefore have a better grasp of it. This brings up a topic I want to touch upon, and it is the topic of repetition.

Do the masters repeat themselves?

Do we of the ascended masters ever repeat ourselves in our dictations? Some would immediately say: “Yes, you often talk about the same topic, you often give a teaching that is almost the same as what you have given before.”

Well, my beloved, do we repeat ourselves? Or do we always give a teaching based on the consciousness at the time and the consciousness of the recipients—the intended recipients. When you look at the earth, you see that there is a constant movement in this very, very complex matrix of the collective consciousness, but also the individual consciousness of all of those people who are above a certain level of consciousness—the 48th level. Those who are below often do not move or they move with the mass consciousness because they are overpowered by the mass consciousness.

As you go above the 48th level, you begin to reclaim your individuality and that means you are constantly moving. If you could look at a visual representation of the earth at the level of consciousness, you would see a very complex pattern of energy waves, of images. To give you an illustration of this (and mark you, it is an illustration, not entirely literal and accurate), we could say that the collective consciousness on earth looks like a very intricate pattern of vibrating energy waves that form certain images. As people can have images in their minds, there can be images in the collective mind. It is a little bit like these photographs you have seen where from a distance there seems to be one image, but when you go closer, you will see that the image is made up of smaller images, individual photographs. This can also be compared to the concept of a hologram, only all of the small images that make up the whole are not the same because different groups of people and different individuals have different images, at least slightly different images, in their minds. It is a very, very complex picture. Now, if you could see this, you would see that it is never standing still, it is always moving. In other words, it is a process. There can be ups, there can be downs, but there is never still-stand.

There is never, ever, a point where you could take a snapshot of the collective consciousness and two hours later you take another snapshot and they are the same. You could take a snapshot with the shortest time interval or shutter speed that your camera can produce, say a 5000th of a second. You could take another snapshot right after and they would not be the same. That is how quickly everything shifts. When we give one dictation, it is given based on this very complex equation that exists in the collective consciousness of the whole, but more specifically in the collective consciousness of the group of people for which we are giving the teaching.

Now, if the people who are hearing the teaching, reading the teaching, if they do what is the highest potential for the teaching, they use the teaching to shift their consciousness. This means that once they have allowed that shifting to occur, the equation both of the collective and of the group consciousness and of the individual has shifted. Well, we of course have technology today that allows you to record a dictation and put it in writing. You could read a dictation for the first time, you could absorb it to the best of your ability as you can with the current level of consciousness. You could have a shifting experience and now the equation of your consciousness has shifted. Then, you can go back, read the dictation a second time, and even though the words would be exactly the same, your experience of reading them would not be the same because you shifted the first time. Meaning, you can now absorb something the second time that you could not absorb the first time.

I am not saying that the first time you read a dictation, you need to get everything out of that dictation that you can. I am only saying that you have to allow the dictation to shift your consciousness, to have some shifting experience. If you have done this, then you can read the same dictation again (whether five minutes later or five months later) and you will not have the exact same experience. Meaning, you can shift your consciousness a second time, grasp more of the dictation and that means that the third time you now have a different experience and so on. This can, for many of you, go on for quite some time. This means that if you come to a point where you are reading a dictation and you are not sensing a shift, there can be two reasons for this. One can be that you have gotten all from that dictation that you can get right now and you therefore need to study something else in order to shift your consciousness again. It can also be that you have closed your mind because you feel you already know what the dictation is trying to say.

Now, we take a situation where you are not hearing the same dictation again but you are hearing us give another dictation live that talks about some of the same concepts. The question is again: Did you shift your consciousness when you heard the first dictation where we talked about this topic? If you did, then you can hear the second dictation and you will get something out of it that you did not get out of the first. Therefore, you will not really feel that we are repeating ourselves.

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