Being Free of Your Primal Self

TOPICS: Your selves are stuck in a specific perception – The creation of your first separate self – You have let other selves go – The self you had in your first embodiment – Letting go of the deeper self – The feeling of the primal self – Fallen beings aborting your mission – The shock of encountering resistance to change – Being born again in Christ – When the abnormal becomes normal – The shift in identification – When death becomes your ally – The true resurrection – Embracing death – Fulfilling your reason for coming to earth

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Ascended Master Jesus, December 3rd, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I ask you to consider the many Christians who sit around the world on a Sunday morning worshiping in their sanctuaries. Many of them belong to a specific church and they believe that their church has the true or perhaps even the only true interpretation of my life.

Many of these Christians consider themselves to have a literal interpretation of the Bible. They claim that the way they interpret the scriptures is the literal way. Now, my beloved, I can in just a few sentences prove this claim wrong. You all know that there is a quote in the scriptures where I supposedly said: “He who is willing to save his life shall lose it but he who is willing to lose his life for my sake shall find true life, eternal life.” My beloved, if you claim to interpret the scriptures literally, the question is: “Why then haven’t you killed yourself?”

If you are still alive, then the simple truth is that you are not taking everything that was said in the Bible literally. If there is one statement that you do not take literally (because you have not lost your life in order to find this eternal life), then why is it that you do not take that statement literally? It is because you realize, of course, that it could not be meant to be taken literally. If there is one sentence that is not meant to be taken literally, then is it not possible that there might be others? Is it not even possible that all of my statements were never meant to be taken literally?

As is even demonstrated in the scriptures, I gave a lower teaching for the general public and a higher teaching for my own disciples. Is it that difficult to see that I gave teachings that can be understood at different levels because you are meant to use the teachings to increase your understanding, to raise your awareness? When you do so, you will understand deeper meanings behind my statements. Thus, those who are taking the Bible literally are not following the path, the Way, that I outlined. Is that so difficult to see, my beloved?

Your selves are stuck in a specific perception

I know, of course, that all of you can see this or you would not be in ascended master teachings. I am bringing it up because even those of you who are open to our teachings do indeed realize that there are certain elements of your consciousness that are taking certain things literally. I have talked about these selves that you have created in reaction to your experiences in this world. My beloved, such a self is in a sense stuck in the same state of consciousness that you see in many fundamentalist Christians.

The self was created for a specific purpose, and it can only look at life (or look at a specific aspect of life) the way it was created. It is like a machine that simply keeps repeating the same pattern over and over. The teaching we are giving here is, of course, not for beginners on the path, not even for beginners in ascended master teachings. It is given specifically for those who have risen to the higher levels. The teaching I will give in this release is specifically for people who have read the book we have given [My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus] and who, therefore, are ready to deal with these initiations because you realize you are an avatar who came to earth. I am asking you, if you do not feel you are at this level, then you put this teaching aside and study some of the other teachings until you feel you are ready for it. Many of you are ready for it and that is why we will not hold back the teaching.

We have given you various teachings about the selves you have created, the aspects of the ego, the internal spirits. I have talked earlier this year about your modus operandi, how you look at the ascended masters. We have talked about how you look at the material world and these are all tools to help you uncover that you have created some kind of self inside of you that is still there, that you are still carrying with you. It is burdening you, holding you back in various ways. It may, for example, cause your thoughts to go into certain repetitive patterns. It may cause an emotional reaction where in certain situations you feel a certain reaction. It can be fear; it can be a sense of embarrassment or shame. It can be anger; it can be many other things. It is individual for each one, but the point is that you see there is a pattern here that is repeated. My beloved, notice, this: The Conscious You, the core of your being is a creative being.

It wants to continually move on and experience something new. That is why you came here in the first place. After having lived on natural planets for a long time, you desired to experience something new, something different. Again, nothing wrong with this. Curiosity may have killed the cat but you are not cats. Curiosity is perfectly natural for a being who is expanding its self-awareness. How else would you expand your self-awareness if you were not curious about what is outside your current sense of self?

You recognize here that the core of your being is curious, likes to move on, experience new things. This means that anytime you see that there is a pattern in your four lower bodies that repeats, then you know this is not the real you. You also know that it is holding you back and it is making the real you, perhaps, have a certain sense of frustration, feeling unfulfilled, feeling unhappy about being here.

The creation of your first separate self

Now, when I say this, we, of course, need to make a distinction. We need to ask ourselves: “If the Conscious You is pure awareness, can the Conscious You actually feel unhappy, angry, frustrated?” This is a question that does not have a straightforward, linear answer. The reason for this is that you have been in embodiment for a very long time and therefore you have created certain selves that are so subtle that you cannot at present tell the difference between the Conscious You and these selves.

That is why we have started out talking to you about certain selves that are at a more superficial level and that you can very easily see are related to specific situations or specific aspects of life. It is easier to see these more superficial selves and to identify them as a separate self, to realize this is not the real you. As we have previously given the teaching about the birth trauma that you received when you first came into embodiment on earth, we are now ready to give you the understanding that when you went through this birth trauma, you created a self. It really is not the basic way that you relate to the earth but the basic way that you related to the earth as a result of your trauma. In other words, in order to deal with the trauma, you created this first separate self. In a sense, we can say that what happened was that the sense of self you had before then, the sense of self you had created as you created your four lower bodies, it died as a result of the birth trauma.

Take note that we have said it before but I will summarize. In order to take embodiment on a dense-matter planet like earth for the first time, you created (with the awareness you had before you came here) your identity body, your mental body, your emotional body and then eventually the physical body [Meaning the mind associated with the physical body]. These three higher bodies were created based on the view of life on earth that you had before you had actually experienced life on earth. It was a somewhat theoretical self. Then, you came down with the best of intentions, with this self you had created that had some expectations about what you wanted to do and what you were likely to encounter, what might happen as a result of you being here. Then, you experienced the birth trauma of encountering the fallen beings, and the original self dies. A new self is created in response to the fallen beings, to conditions on earth. In a certain sense, it is true that the Conscious You cannot feel unhappy, frustrated or fulfilled when it realizes it is pure awareness. In pure awareness there are no negative feelings‚ there are none of what you call positive feelings on earth. In pure awareness you are simply observing. If you can center yourself in the pure awareness of the Conscious You, you can just observe earth. You are not evaluating, judging. There is no value judgment, there is no should or should not: You are just observing.

This is the state of consciousness demonstrated by the Buddha, as he made his final initiation where he was sitting in meditation under the Bo tree, and he was approached by the demons of Mara who attempted to get him to react to them in some way. He stayed non-attached, he stayed out of a reactionary pattern, by being in his pure awareness where he was not blind to what was happening on earth but he was just observing without reacting.

Now, of course my beloved, you are not here to sit under a tree and just observe. You are here to take part in life on earth. What do you need in order to take part in life? You need an identity body, a mental body, an emotional body and a physical body. As a result of that, you have a self and that means that you can step back from this self, go into the pure awareness of the Conscious You and only observe. This, of course, is not what you do in your practical everyday life. The moment your attention

is directed out towards actually engaging in life on this planet, you (as the Conscious You) are experiencing life through the self you have created. That is why the Conscious You can experience frustration, disappointment, a sense of being rejected.

From a theoretical point it is not the Conscious You. These feelings are not in the Conscious You but the Conscious You is experiencing life through this self. That is why it is such a deep sense of self that most people cannot see it. Even many people who have been of the path for some time cannot see it because it is really the basic self they created after they came here. It was the self that was born after the first self died. It is so ingrained, it is so deep, it is so subtle that you take it for granted. You think this is the only way to experience life on earth.

You have let other selves go

We have given you the concept of these more superficial selves that are related to a specific condition. The purpose is to help you see that you have already seen some of these selves. You have walked the spiritual path, even if you have walked it for a short time (and I am not here talking about finding these particular teachings because many of you have been on the path for many years before you found these teachings). If you have followed the path for some time, you have already seen some of these outer selves, you have separated yourself from them and you have let them go.

You are already familiar with the process. Once you start thinking about it and considering your path, you realize you have already (maybe without being consciously aware of it) let go of some of these selves. You are not reacting today the way you did before you found the spiritual path. There are some reactionary patterns that you have transcended, that you have left behind, and that is because you have overcome these outer selves. What I want to bring up here is that an outer self is an outer self. You may have an outer self that is related to how you deal with people who are angry at you. This is, of course, a more specific outer self than the self you created as a result of your birth trauma, but they are created in fundamentally the same way.

They are both based on an illusion and therefore the way to overcome them is really the same way. It is that you come to identify that there is an outer self and you make a choice that you no longer want to carry this with
you. Then, you can let it go. However when it comes to the cosmic birth trauma self that you created, we might call it the primal self, then this, of course, is more difficult to do because it is more subtle.

The self you had in your first embodiment

What does it actually mean when I say that you came down into embodiment with a self you had created before you had experienced earth, and that self dies and then you created another self? Well, what it means is, my beloved, that when the previous self died, you lost the frame of reference that this self could give you. In other words, the self with which you descended was created based on the perspective you had from a higher realm, based on your life on a natural planet. It was, of course, an incomplete self because it did not know what life here is like. What it did know was that there is an alternative to life on earth, there is a better form of life; there is something else. When you experienced the trauma and that self dies, you lose that frame of reference at least at the conscious level.

This means that you now begin to think or experience that the only way to look at life is the way you now look at life through this new self that was created, the primal self, that was created in reaction to your birth trauma and conditions on earth. Therefore, it is more difficult to identify this self than the more superficial selves. It will take more work for you, but we have given the teachings, we have given the tools. Mother Mary’s tool for getting in contact with your birth trauma is a magnificent tool for helping you gain some awareness, some greater awareness, of the self you created so that you can begin to separate yourself from it. You can, in a sense, begin to see the self from the outside instead of seeing life through that self, from inside the self.

The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Your Spiritual Traumas.


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