Being creative in a quantum world

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, December 1, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and as you are beginning to realize, it is my intention to capture your attention and leave other masters waiting in the wings for this conference. Nevertheless, we are not in competition up here in the ascended realm, contrary to what you so often see on earth where there is indeed so much competition. What is this competition born from? It is born from some very subtle ideas put out by the fallen beings who say that there is something right, there is something wrong, there is something absolute, something ultimate. Therefore, someone can be right, someone can be wrong, someone can win and someone can lose. This very mindset has infused, has found its way into, almost all aspects of society.

You might say that there is clear competition in a sporting event where they are competing about who can run the fastest, who can jump the highest and so on. In this case, there will be one person that is the winner and others that find lower places in this hierarchy that emerges. Based on what you see in sporting competitions, you might say that there is no competition between religions, at least not the same kind of competition. There is really a competition among religions about who has the ultimate truth, which one is the only true religion. If you look at the Catholic church, that claims to be the only religion that can guarantee your salvation, then it is a competitive mindset: “We are the number one, we are actually the only one, we are the winners and all the others are losers. Those people who are not members of our religion are the losers and will go to hell.”

This infuses the mindset on this planet to a very large degree. As we have said before, the only thing the fallen beings really had to do to create a mess on earth was to project the idea that there is something that is right and wrong. There is a standard, and you need to compare everything you do or everything that happens to that standard and evaluate whether it is right or wrong.

Natural planets have no competition

What we are talking about at this conference is helping people make peace with being on earth. What I will say here does apply to the original inhabitants. I will use the example of avatars because it is the most clear-cut example. You see my beloved, one of the subtle differences between a natural planet and an unnatural planet is that on a natural planet there is no competition. We have said before that one of the central enigmas resulting from free will is to resolve this fact that you are here on this planet and there are other people in your immediate environment and even other people on the planet. How do you balance the exercise of your free will with the balance of the free will of everyone else?

The fallen beings have only one solution to this. It is that they seek to make their will the dominant one that everybody else conforms to. This has nothing to do with how things are on a natural planet. On a natural planet there is no competition. How do the beings on a natural planet, the co-creators on a natural planet, avoid conflict, avoid feeling these clashes? They are not actually avoiding it, they are just not producing competition because they are not in the state of separation. They do not see themselves as separate beings.

On a natural planet you do not see that you have a will that is separated from the will of all other people. You see that you are part of a whole and there are other beings who are part of that whole. How big that whole is depends on your growth level, the level of awareness you have reached. For some people on a natural planet, the whole that they are part of might be a small group that would be somewhat comparable to what you call a family on earth. There are, on natural planets, people who have just started out as co-creators and they live in these very small groups that are in many ways isolated from the rest of the people on their planet. People start out growing in a small group where they can easily balance the individual will with the will of other co-creators. They avoid having clashes because they all know each other and they know what the other person wants and they can cooperate.

As beings grow in awareness on a natural planet, they expand their awareness of the other beings on the planet and they now become aware of a larger group. What happens is that people then congregate together in places with people that have the same interests. You can even take the My Lives book and see how it is described that the protagonist became involved with theatre, later with government, later with spirituality. You would say that, for example, on a natural planet you could have certain cities that were dedicated to the performing arts. You could have some cities that were dedicated to music, some that were dedicated to visual arts, some to science and so forth.

The people who were interested in this would come together and they would form a certain unit. Perhaps there would be many units in a city and they would know each other and they would not be clashing, their wills would not be clashing. They would come together around a common goal that they would then pursue. Each person would know that they have a certain sphere where they exercise their individual creativity. Here, they have freedom to exercise their creativity but it also fits into a larger whole. There would be no clash between themselves and others, there is no competition; they are working together towards a common goal.

This was also what happened on earth before the descent into duality. Even those who are the original inhabitants of the earth can sense that they have within them this, very subtle, intuitive feeling that it should be possible to cooperate around a common goal without having all this conflict. What has to a large degree obscured this is the fallen beings, the standard of right and wrong. Somebody can be wrong, somebody can be right, there is only one right way. On a natural planet there is no right and wrong, there are many ways to be right, they are all right, they are all individual creative expressions. There is nothing right or wrong, the consideration does not even come to the people, to the beings, on a natural planet.

How co-creation works on a natural planet

What happens, then, when you come to a planet like earth that is an unnatural planet—how do you experience this as an avatar? On a natural planet you are working in a unit with other people, other beings. It is a harmonious unit because you have a common goal. Let us just take a practical example. You have a common goal of building a beautiful building. You have an overall vision of this building but the building requires many different skills: There are bricklayers, there are carpenters, there are painters, there are decorators, there are artists, there are metalworkers, there is this and that. All kinds of individual skills are needed to complete the building. There is no competition because each of these groups of people have their own area where they are creative, their own sphere of influence. They are not clashing with each other, they are working together on the common goal of building this building. You understand that on a natural planet there is a common space, a common vision, a common goal. Within that, there are individual areas for creativity. As an individual co-creator you are part of the whole, you know you are working with others but you also feel that you have plenty of room for your own creative expression.

What is the effect of this? It is, my beloved, that on a natural planet, a co-creator is working with the Ma-ter Light exactly as it is on earth. There is the Mat-er Light, you are using your mind to formulate an image and superimpose that image upon the Mat-er Light and the Mat-er Light, then, takes on that form. Here is the difference between a natural planet and earth. On a natural planet you are not using your physical body very much; most of what you bring forth on a natural planet is precipitated. There are some uses for the physical body (because the physical body is not seen as being separated from the three other bodies). You are aware, you are conscious, that you are co-creating with the mind, with the identity, mental and emotional mind that is bringing things into the physical. It is not, as it is on earth, where you think that practically everything you need to do to make something physical has to be done with the body or some machinery, some technology that is an extension of the body. On a natural planet you are much more aware that it is the mind. You are aware that you are co-creating by formulating images, matrices in the mind and projecting them, superimposing them, upon the Mat-er light.

When a group of people get together around a common goal, what happens is that their minds combine, they combine at the identity level and they then create within the Mat-er Light. Almost like we have said that the Creator creates, where at first the Creator creates a vacuum and then it projects a sphere in the vacuum and within that sphere forms can be created. Likewise, on a natural planet the people, who have decided to co-create, for example building a building, come together. First, they meditate together and they visualize, they create, the void. They create a void and then they project with their minds a sphere. They fill the void with the Mat-er Light that has been activated to a certain stage where it is ready to take on form but the form has not yet been differentiated. All of the people who are part of this whole now know that they are working with this Mat-er Light, they have a connection in their minds. Yet at the same time, each being knows that it has its own sphere where it is working with the Mat-er Light. It is therefore using its mind to formulate the image projected onto the Mat-er Light.

How it is to come to earth

What happens on a natural planet is that the Mat-er Light very easily takes on the form that is projected upon it by an individual co-creator. There is no opposition there. What you are used to, when you come as an avatar from a natural planet, is that it is very easy for you to work with the Mat-er Light. You can very easily project a mental image onto the Mat-er Light and the Mat-er Light takes on that form. One of the big shocks you have when you come to earth as an avatar is that on earth this very easy co-creation simply is not possible. It is not possible for several reasons. One is that the Mat-er Light on a natural planet has a higher vibration than the Mat-er Light that makes up earth. The higher the vibration, the more fluid the light is, the more easily it takes on the forms that you project on it with the three higher bodies. Light of a higher vibration more easily conforms to mental images because it is not as dense, not as solidified.

You come to earth, and the first shock you encounter is how dense matter is, how dense the Mat-er Light is on earth. You also need to realize here that on earth it is quite rare (it is not unseen but it is quite rare) that a group of people can get together around a common goal, a common vision. You can say that there are examples where millions of people have been working together to, for example, build the pyramids or build a city or so forth. In most cases this has happened in a way that we might call top-down management where somebody has decided, like a dictator decides: “We are going to build this palace.” Now, he forces all of the people to conform to that vision and build the palace. This does not mean that the people have bought into (as the saying goes) the vision, that they have accepted that this is what they want to do. They are forced to do it and so they do it. You could say that they are working together but they are not doing it with the same sense of oneness that is there on a natural planet. The result of this, my beloved, is that when people do not have a common vision, when they are not accepting that vision, when it is forced upon them, they cannot combine their minds to, first, create the void and then fill that void with the Mat-er Light that has been activated. You do not have access to this, we might call it “raw material” that very easily takes on form. It could be created on earth. If you had a group of people who could come together in a state of oneness and harmony, then they could create this. It would be more difficult than on a natural planet but it could be done. It has very rarely been done on earth because usually the fallen beings have been inserting themselves into the process and forcing the people to create what glorifies the fallen beings. Naturally, on a natural planet you do not see the creation of a palace that is meant for one king or one emperor to sit there on a throne and appear almighty and powerful.

On earth, you do not have a raw material that easily takes on form. At the same time that you do not have a common energy source, you do not have a situation where each co-creator, each person, has its own separate sphere where it can be creative. You do not have a common space and you do not have an individual space for co-creation. What you see on earth is that when people want to create something, they cannot create this separate sphere of activated Mat-er Light. They have to work with the common sphere, the common energy, what we have called the background or the basic vibration of the planet. This is their raw material. In other words, everybody on earth has the same raw material.

At the same time, you see that it is very difficult on earth to have your own sphere of creativity. Now, you may look at history and you may see that some people have managed to carve out a certain sphere of creativity. This may be writers who have been able to write something that is beyond the collective consciousness. It may be painters who have painted something completely new, not the way it was traditionally done. It is because these people have been able to carve out a certain space in their minds that was somewhat protected from the collective consciousness. What you also see is that these forms of creativity are individual creative efforts. A painter is sitting there in his studio painting a painting and there is nobody else there.

As soon as you have a situation where two or more people have to cooperate, then you have an entirely different dynamic. You have the dynamic where they do not have an individual space. They are all working in a common space and that means, in its essence, that what you do as an individual is affected by the collective consciousness of all the people on the planet. You can, again, find situations where a group of people have managed to set themselves apart, for example in a monastery or in a remote community. They have therefore somewhat been able to insulate themselves from the collective but they are still working with that base energy that is more dense. They are still working in an environment where, even though they may have insulated themselves somewhat, they are not free of the collective consciousness so there is a constant interference from the collective consciousness.

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