Being a True Healer

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Ascended Master Hilarion through Kim Michaels, January 18, 2017.

I AM the Ascended Master Hilarion. When you reach the sixth level of my retreat, you face an initiation that at the conscious level will be ongoing. This does not prevent you from moving on in the course, but it does mean that the initiation you face here is something you will have to work on for a time. It is meant to take you beyond the very subtle and very persistent programming that you have been exposed to, most likely for many lifetimes, in many cases for the entire time you have been in embodiment on earth.

Now, you see, my beloved: What have I done in these last lessons? I have talked to you about the need to see that you are using the power of vision to project an image outside yourself. You have an image of what you want the world to be like, or what the world is like, and you are projecting this outside your mind. In the last lesson I took you through the realization that you also have an image of what you should be like as a spiritual person, or as a human being, and you are projecting this vision in upon yourself.

 Seeing the world as it is

When you begin to clear these visions that you are projecting, when you begin to stop projecting with the mind, you can move on to a phase where, instead of seeing the world as you think it is or as you want it to be, you can see the world as it is. Philosophers have for centuries been aware of the influence of perception upon what human beings see. Unfortunately, Western philosophers have not been willing to look at the mind itself and therefore they have not discovered the relatively simple truths we have given you about the four levels of the mind. If one is a philosopher and wants to understand what human beings can and cannot see, then one would think one would want to examine one’s own subconscious mind before one starts making grandiose conclusions about how the universe functions.

Nevertheless, it is not my intent here to give a philosophy lesson, but to help you see that it is possible to see the world in a different way than the way you were brought up to see it and the way the vast majority of human beings see the world. We have talked about the secondary laws of nature and how the fallen beings have attempted to create something that functions in mechanical ways so that they can get control over it without changing the fundamental mindset of separation. Separation, therefore, is the essence of the fallen mindset.

What you need to come to recognize here is that the universe allows you to do many things but there is always a price to be paid. The fallen beings have been able to change how the universe works in the energetic realm of planet earth because they have been able to densify matter. The more dense matter becomes, the more it functions according to laws that are, if not eternal and never-changing, then at least ongoing for a long time. The laws of nature, that scientists currently see, have been in operation on this planet for a very long timespan compared to the lifespan of a human being. They have, however, not been in operation forever on this planet.

Circumventing the laws of nature

What you need to recognize is that when the fallen beings managed to get humankind at large to go into the duality consciousness, the collective consciousness started creating these secondary laws of nature that are an effect of the densification of matter. What you also need to recognize is that the fallen beings themselves become subject to these laws.

Now, they think they have found ways to circumvent these laws and to, for example, gather great power and riches around one person. This, as I said, can be done on a temporary basis. What the fallen beings do not recognize, is that the basic mindset that has allowed the creation of these secondary laws of nature is something that they are subject to because they cannot see beyond it. Even though they have been able to manipulate matter in a certain way, they cannot go beyond a certain limit. They cannot do what you saw, for example, Jesus do: walk on water, heal the withered hand and other things like that. This is not within their capability with the level of vision they have.

You can create a condition like what you have on earth where matter is more dense than is natural, but how do you create this condition? You create it by projecting a limited vision upon the Ma-ter Light. How do you project this vision? Well, only when you have this vision in your mind. How long can you have this vision in your mind when you are reborn over several lifetimes, without actually coming to be so identified with it that you think it is the only true vision? You cannot see beyond it because there is nothing beyond it to see. This is what has happened to the fallen beings on earth; this is what has happened to the vast majority of humankind.

You have, over several lifetimes, projected a vision of matter being so dense (and therefore setting certain limitations for what you can do) that you have come to believe in this vision. The vast majority of human beings believe that matter is dense, matter does set limitations for their creative ability and the only way to really get beyond those limitations is to use some kind of force-based technology to manipulate and force matter into compliance.

How fallen beings control matter

Well, my beloved, let us look at the example of a person who has gathered to himself great riches. He has started a company that employs thousands of people and that sells some kind of product. How has he gathered those riches to himself? Well, he has partly used his own power of mind, which is the power to control other people. You see, my beloved, the fallen beings in general have not worked on the power to control matter directly. They have worked on their power to control other people and get them to work for them. This is what I, in earlier lessons, talked about as the false self-mastery that the fallen beings have attained.

This rich person has been able to manipulate other people to work for him, at a wage that is far less than the value they actually produce with their labor. He can reap the majority of the fruits of the people’s labor and therefore concentrate wealth in his own hands instead of sharing it with his employees. You see, this wealth is created through the work, the physical work, of the employees. Many, many people have done this physical work in order to create, generate, concentrate the wealth in the hands of this one person.

The alternative would have been that if the person really wanted to experience having great wealth, then that person could have focused on expanding the abilities of his mind to bring this wealth forth in a more direct manner by bringing energy from the spiritual realm into the material frequency spectrum. You understand that there are two ways to bring about wealth? The one is, as I described, that you accept conditions as they are in the material universe and then you get other people to work for you and you take the wealth that they produce. The other way to bring forth wealth, other than working with matter and creating something more out of matter, is to work with the mind’s ability to be an open door for spiritual light to be brought down through the four levels until it is expressed in the material.

You can actually manifest wealth through the powers of the mind alone, but this is not what the fallen beings have done. They have been trapped by their desire to have power over other people, or even have power over the universe, or even thinking they have power over God. They have accepted that matter has a certain density. That is why they will do everything they can to make sure that nobody challenges this. That is why they are working against anybody who starts to manifest a degree of Christhood, trying to in all ways manipulate you into not daring to accept what Christhood is about and that Christhood can give you the mastery of mind over matter.

How to be a true healer

Now, my beloved, one aspect of the Fifth Ray is that of healing. I know that some of you have been waiting for me to speak about healing, but perhaps you are not quite aware that I have been speaking about healing all along, even though I have not been using the word. How do you heal, my beloved? Well, through the power of vision.

If you cannot free your vision from the illusions of the fallen beings, you cannot heal. It is very simple. What did I say? The universe allows you to do certain things, such as densify matter, but everything has a price. When you densify matter, you densify the bodies you are wearing and those denser bodies will be subject to certain laws. What you do not realize is that when you start creating these secondary laws of nature, then the Law of Free Will allows you to do this. The price you pay is that your creation becomes subject to what we have often referred to as the second law of thermodynamics. This says that if you create something that is set aside from the primary laws of nature, then whatever you create will begin to break down. As soon as you create something, there is an in-built force in your creation that will break it down over time. This is done as a safety mechanism so you cannot create a condition that traps you for eternity in your own creation.

The hope is always that you will have enough of a certain experience so that you will feel a desire from inside yourself to have more and therefore you will be willing to expand your mind. If people do not come to that point, then what we call the second law of thermodynamics (or even the wrath of Shiva) begins to break down what you have created. That is the primary reason you have diseases in the human body. Matter is so dense that anything that is created at this level of density will have built-in forces that break it down. That is why your body ages; that is why diseases manifest.

Now, my beloved, what the fallen beings want you to believe is that there is nothing you can do about this. They want you to believe that matter is matter and matter has a certain density. Matter is functioning under these secondary laws of nature and you cannot go beyond it. That is why they want you to believe that your physical body is an entirely material creation. It functions according to certain mechanical, material laws. Your body is a biological mechanism, it is a chemical factory or whatever they want you to believe.

They want you to believe that once a disease has manifested, that disease must have a physical cause and therefore, there may be or there may not be, some physical cure that can be devised and executed. If there is no physical cure that has been discovered, then there is nothing you can do about the disease, other than hope that in the future, the materialistic scientists will come up with a cause and a cure.

Now, as we have explained to you many times, you have four lower bodies. What manifests in the physical body is a projection of the conditions in your three higher bodies. A physical disease starts in the emotional, mental and identity realms and is then projected upon the physical body. Obviously, any cure must start there as well.

What I need you to come to realize here is that the fallen beings actually have a point when they say that you cannot change certain conditions in matter. I need to explain this in a sort of roundabout way because it is a subtle point.

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