Beginning to understand Hatred of the Mother

TOPICS: Understanding the cosmic mirror – Is there a period of time? – What people truly hate – Why people do not get what they say they want – The role of the subconscious mind – The illusion that you are the doer –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, January 1, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

I am indeed the same Mary, the same Divine Mother, speaking through a masculine messenger, whereas I have just spoken through a feminine messenger. I am the same Being, and I find great joy in expressing myself through different messengers, and thereby experiencing how the being that I am flows through – and therefore is somewhat shaped by – the prism through which my light shines. Why is this a joy? For surely, many people on earth will find this difficult to understand. Yet I tell you, it is only the ego, that cannot understand the joy of diversity. For it wants everything to be controllable and therefore to be predictable, to be repeatable, to be the same.

Yet why is there diversity in the world of form? Have we not attempted to explain to you, that everything is an expression of the Creator’s Being and that there is only one Creator. So is it not also true, that the one Creator is allowing its light to flow through many self-aware extensions of itself, in order to create the diversity and in order to experience how the light of the Creator is changed, as it flows through different prisms, different expressions of itself. This is the joy of the Creator.

It is the joy that you will also feel, when you begin to truly immerse yourself in the River of Life. Suddenly, you will begin to feel, that you do not need to judge yourself based on an external standard created by the fallen beings. And then, you will feel more free to express your creativity, or rather the creativity of your Presence—and to let it flow freely without judging ahead of time how it should express itself.

And when you dare to express yourself freely, you will be able to also let other people express themselves freely. And therefore, you will begin to look at others and their diversity – their differences, their creativity – in a different way. Where you no longer look at it as a threat, where you no longer need to go through his constant, relativistic evaluation: “Is this person better than me, are they bringing forth something that I could not bring forth, will people like them more than they like me, will God love that person more than he loves me?” And all of these subtle evaluations, that you might not have been conscious of, but that nevertheless are there, running in the background, almost like this music, called Muzak, that you had in many factories or offices or stores some time ago. The music that is meant to be there without truly being noticed.

Understanding the cosmic mirror

And this is exactly how the ego and the fallen beings would like to insert themselves into your consciousness, so that they are constantly running in the background, constantly affecting your state of mind, but doing it in such a subtle way, that you do not actually notice. Because there is nothing that suddenly jolts you awake and makes you realize, that this noise, this background noise, is not natural and you do not want it anymore. Thus, there are people who have lived their entire lives with this background noise of the ego, constantly judging, constantly evaluating, based on a standard, that they are not even aware of, that they have not created, that is truly the standard of the fallen beings, adapted to their particular society or culture or even family background.

This is one of the things, that will be challenged in the year of the mother, these subtle, almost unconscious, judgments, beliefs, world views, that people have accumulated individually and collectively for years, for decades, for centuries, for millennia. They will all be challenged by the Wheel of the Dharma hurled by the Buddha. And they will be challenged by the mirror of the Mother, who will mirror back to people more and more extreme expressions of what they are projecting into the cosmic mirror.

For indeed, what is it that the Mother has vowed to do? You may think, that matter has vowed to give birth to your expression, to your physical body, to a planet. And while this may be so, you need to realize, that there is a reason why matter has done this. It is not, as some of you may think, to allow you to create and do whatever you want. For free will, the Law of Free Will, does not exist alone. It exists in a polarity with the law that says, that you will reap as you sow. You will be able to create anything you want, but you will also be required by the law to experience your own creation.

And so, matter does – as the Alpha aspect – allow you to create any mental image you want and to project that image upon the Ma-ter light. But as the Omega aspect, matter will also require, that you experience what you project onto the Ma-ter light, as it is then outpictured in a physical form, that you cannot escape. And this is what we have called the cosmic mirror, which through this outpicturing of your thoughts in physical form mirrors back to you what you are projecting out in the form of mental images, charged with the emotions that set the energy in motion.

What is then, hatred of the Mother? Well, it is indeed when you are not willing to acknowledge, that what you are experiencing in the matter plane is a reflection of what exists in your own mind and that you have projected out. And thus, by not being willing to take responsibility for yourself, you project that it is matter that has created these conditions. Or it is other people who have created these conditions. Or it is the devil who has created these conditions. Or it is God who has created these conditions.

And now you begin to resent, to resist and to hate this external force, which is forcing these conditions upon you—for so you think. Yet the reality that we have attempted to explain – now for years and especially for these last couple of years with our talk about the dramas and the epic consciousness – is that what you experience in matter is not created by an external force. It is all a creation of consciousness.

Is there a period of time?

Now then, take this one step further and realize something, that most people have not even begun to sense. Take the teaching by Gautama that time is not. Why is time not real? What is it that time does? Time gives you the illusion, that something has an existence that can be maintained for a period of time.

Yet my beloved, what is a period? Is it not a dot, a single point? Then, can there be a period of time? For when you extend a dot, what do you get? You get a line, but what is the line? It is a series of dots that are so close together, that you cannot see the space between them. You have all gone into a movie theater and watched a movie on the screen. And your eyes are telling you, that what you are watching is a continuous movement on the screen.

Yet if you think back to the early days of movies, you will see, that they were not actually called movies but moving pictures. Because the reality is, of course, that a movie is not really moving, It is created by a series of still pictures, that are projected onto the screen at such rapid succession, that your eyes do not see the individual pictures but sees only a fluid movement.

This is precisely what happens with time. You think that science is correct, when it tells you that the planet upon which you live has existed as an independent entity for 4 1/2 billion years. Yet there is nothing physical that has existed for that time span. If you could look at planet earth, or even the entire material universe, as I see it, you will see, that there is not a clump of dust that has been moving around the sun for 4 1/2 billion years. What you see as the earth, I see as a mental image, that has been projected onto the screen of the mother light many times every second.

Yet, I also see, that it is not the same image that has been projected onto the Ma-ter light from the beginning to the present. The image that was created in the minds of the Elohim was far purer, far more refined, than what you see today. That image has been overlaid by another image, created by the collective consciousness of humankind. Yet this image has not changed a physical planet; it has only changed the image, that is being projected through the collective mind, that is being projected onto the movie screen of the Ma-ter light.

What people truly hate

And that is precisely why, as I have just said through my feminine messenger, anything in the matter world can be changed—when you are willing to change the images in your mind. Yet what is it that has happened to most people? They have – as we have now explained in many different ways, most notably in Jesus’ latest discourse – they have refused to take responsibility for themselves, for their state of mind, for the images that they project through their minds. And thus, when you refuse to take this responsibility, you instantly fall prey to the illusion, that started with the fallen beings and has been upheld, and even built on to, ever since that original fall.

This is the illusion that there is a world, that has an existence by itself, a world that is created based on certain natural laws, that are invariable and therefore beyond the powers of the human mind to change. Do you see, that this is the dream, not only of the fallen beings but of the ego? For when there is such a world – that is not subject to change through consciousness – then it is possible for beings to not only exist in this world and think they have permanence, but it is even possible for them to think, that they can attain mastery of this world without transcending their state of consciousness. They can maintain the separate self and they can perfect the separate self, until it has mastery over the world as it is today.

Yet as I have said, there is nothing that is not subject to change. As Gautama Buddha said, the earth is moving through absolute space, and if you are not moving along with the background acceleration rate of the entire universe – that is indeed pulling the earth through that absolute space – then you are lagging behind. And in order to lag behind, you must resist. And the more you lag behind, the greater the resistance that is required, and this eats up your energy, your attention. And this, then, is what people begin to hate. They begin to hate the resistance, but the resistance is their own refusal to transcend, to let the old self-image die and be reborn many times every second into a new image. So that they can project a new mental image upon the Ma-ter light and thereby change their outer situation.

Do you see, that the joy of the Creator is in constantly expressing itself in ever new forms? When you flow with that River of Life, there is no resistance, and therefore you are constantly in the joy of transcendence. But when you refuse to flow, when you seek to maintain a self-image and a worldview – when you seek to maintain a graven image, meaning an image that stands still and when you put that image before the living God – well, then there will be resistance.

This is what people hate. And since they experience, that the resistance comes from the matter realm, then they hate the matter, they hate the Mother. But it is not the Mother that is creating the resistance, for the Mother is simply doing what it has vowed to do, namely to outpicture in form the mental images, that people are projecting upon it. The Mother is simply reflecting back what you are projecting into the mirror.

Why people do not get what they say they want

When you flow with the River of Life, you are constantly projecting images that have transcended themselves and become more. And thus, the Mother reflects back abundance and nurturance. Yet when you are seeking to continue to project the same image over and over again, then the Mother also gives you back what you are projecting out. Only it is not exactly what you are projecting, as you see it in your mind.

For you see, when you are flowing with the River of Life, you do not have a mental image of what you want reality to be. Why would you have a mental image, when you are constantly transcending yourself? What is the point of having a mental image that you see as fixed, as graven, as permanent? You truly are not holding a mental image in the outer mind; you are allowing the Presence to express itself through you. And thus, the image that is being projected through the clear pane of glass of the Conscious You is not held in the outer mind, is not created in the outer mind. It is created at the level of the Presence and projected from there.

And thus you, as Jesus said in Saint Peter’s, are not having a structure in your mind, that you are seeking to uphold. You are allowing the Presence to express itself through you, and you are experiencing it as it is being expressed. And thus, there was no need to uphold a mental image of the world or a mental image of a separate self, that you are seeking to maintain over time. You have become as the little child, as Jesus said, for whom every new day is a new discovery, a new unfoldment of ever greater joy.

It is only when you separate yourself from the flow of the River of Life, that you now begin to experience the world through a mental image, created in the outer mind. And thus, you are thinking, that you are projecting onto the mater light what you see from inside the separate self. But the reality, that so few spiritual seekers have understood, is, that what you are seeing from inside the separate self, from inside the role, is not what you are projecting into the cosmic mirror.

My beloved, I am perfectly aware that the teachings we have given up until this point can lead some people to ask the question: “Why is it that I am seeking to project a positive image, but I do not get the positive circumstances back that I envision?” Well, the reason is, that you have not begun to question your perception and realize, that there is a difference between what you see – what you perceive – with the conscious mind from inside your role and what you are actually projecting into the cosmic mirror through the filter of that role—much of which is below the level of conscious awareness.

Do you see, that you might be thinking – as many of you have done – that at the conscious level you have adopted a positive mental attitude and you are projecting thoughts of abundance into the cosmic mirror. And then, you do this on a daily basis, and after a certain amount of days has passed, you are wondering why the universe is not showering you with abundance, as the many false or superficial teachers out there in the world are promising you will happen—if only you follow their program, their quick-fix, their guaranteed path to salvation.

The role of the subconscious mind

Yet the reality is, that even though you may be projecting with the conscious mind, the conscious mind is like the tip of an iceberg. And below the threshold of conscious awareness, you do not have a positive mental attitude. For I can tell you, that the ego, the separate self, can never have a positive mental attitude. For the ego can never escape the fear of death, and when you have the fear of death at subconscious levels, you will be projecting out the fear of death, the fear of lack, the fear of loss. And thus, how can you receive back what you are projecting out with the conscious level of your mind, when you have not taken responsibility for the subconscious levels?

Do you not see, my beloved, as we have now explained, when you decided to hide from your cosmic teacher, you could do this only by deciding, that there was something in your own consciousness that you are not willing to look at. For you were not willing to project yourself into oneness with the teacher, so that you could see your own mind – the images in your mind – the way the teacher sees them. You decided to maintain these images, and therefore you did not want the teacher to show you their unreality.

And yet in making this decision of wanting to hide these mental images from the teacher, what did you do? Well, you also had to hide them from yourself, and this is what created some of the subconscious levels of the mind. You forced certain mental images below the threshold of conscious awareness, a threshold that was not there while you were still willing to be in oneness with the teacher. And so, that is why there is a gap between what you are perceiving and projecting out with the conscious mind and what is being reflected back to you from the cosmic mirror.

And do you not see, that this is, in fact, exactly what the Mother has vowed to do? The Mother has vowed to reflect back to you whatever you are sending out through your mind. You are the one who has chosen to create a division in your mind between what is conscious – and what you like to look at – and what you have made unconscious, because you do not want to look at it and take responsibility for it. You may think, in your naiveté or spiritual pride that there is nothing but what you like to look at. Nevertheless, the reality, is that you are projecting the totality of your mind into the cosmic mirror. And the Divine Mother is simply reflecting back to you the totality of what you are projecting out.

And why is the Mother doing this? Out of love for you, so that the Mother can show you what is hidden beneath the threshold of conscious awareness. This is the stark truth that very, very few spiritual seekers have been willing to acknowledge. Yet I tell you, that those who have been willing to acknowledge it, have attained freedom from their own subconscious prison. They are the ones who have – by being willing to look at their subconscious images and replace those decisions with better decisions – they have attained enlightenment.

This is the process, that every ascended master has gone through. So many of the students who have followed ascended master teachings have built this idolatrous image, that those who have ascended have done so because they have always focused on the positive. But the reality is, that we who have ascended, have ascended because we were willing to look at everything in our own minds—and to transcend that which is unreal. We were willing to let the old die and to be reborn so many times, that there is no point in even putting a number on it, for it is the perpetual rebirth, the perpetual self-transcendence.

When you do not even consider, that there is some kind of goal you have to reach; you are simply willing to die daily, as Paul said it. But not only that, you die many times a day and you are reborn over and over again.

Whenever something comes up, you look at it, you see the unreality, you replace the unreal decisions – the decisions that took you away from oneness – you let that self die, and you accept that you are reborn, that you are no longer that old self. You are a new self, and as you continue to expand that self, you will gradually rise to the point, where suddenly you cross that threshold into the ascended state. And even though it may seem like a dramatic change from a human perspective, when you actually experience it from the inside, it is only one more experience of death and rebirth.

For now you no longer fear death. You realize that death can only happen to that which is unreal. Which means, that when a part of the unreal self dies, the real self is liberated, is set free, becomes more. And so, as Paul said, death is the last enemy. It is because so few people have been willing to realize, that only the separate self can die, for the Conscious You cannot die. But what can be reborn is the Conscious You’s awareness, that it is the open door for the Presence, and not a separate self, that can act on its own, that can do things on its own.

The illusion that you are the doer

What is the demand made by the fallen beings? It is: “We want to experience what it is like to exist in a world that is separated from God, so that we exist as separate beings in that world, who have power to act in that world and who can therefore attain mastery and become as gods in that world.” This is what they demanded. And as we have said, the Law of Free Will mandates, that if you want a certain experience, you will have that experience. Yet of course, you cannot have the experience forever, for that would prevent you from coming back to the greater experience of oneness with your source.

And that is why time allows you to have the experience of being of God on earth—but only for a time. And then the Mother begins to break down that sense of self, so that the real you can be liberated and reborn into a true sense of self as one with its source and one with the All. What is the essential illusion you have to overcome on the spiritual path? What is the essential illusion you have to overcome in order to become an ascended being? It is indeed what Jesus expressed when he said: “I can of my own self do nothing; the father within me, he doeth the work.” The essential illusion is, that the Conscious You has become a separate entity that exists independently of the I AM Presence.

As long as it sees itself as a separate entity, the Conscious You thinks it can act on its own, that it has wisdom on its own, that it knows things, that it can figure things out, that it can figure out how the world works and therefore attain mastery in this world as a separate being. This is an experience you are allowed to have. If you want to have this experience, then the world is here for you. But do not pretend to be an ascended master student, who is striving for your ascension, if you still want to continue to have the experience that you, as a separate self, are doing something spiritual and thereby qualifying for your ascension as a separate self. For this cannot be done. This is the lie of the false salvation, the path of anti-christ.

The reality is, that you will ascend only by returning to the reality that you are pure awareness, that the Conscious You is the open door for the Presence, that it is the Presence that can act in this world, that it is the Presence who knows how this world works. And that you, the Conscious You, has no inherent wisdom, has no inherent power, has no inherent love, no inherent purity, no inherent truth, no inherent peace, no inherent freedom. Unless ye become as little children, you shall in no wise enter the kingdom. Unless you become the clear pane of glass, that the Presence extended into this world, you shall not return to oneness with the Presence in the process of the Ascension.

This is the lesson of the spiritual path. It is the lesson that needs to be learned in the Year of the Mother. It will be learned at many different levels, corresponding to people’s state of consciousness. Whatever people trust, whatever they see as permanent, will be challenged. Whatever they think should not or cannot be questioned, they will be “forced” to question. Whatever they hold on to, will be taken away. For indeed, he who seeks to save his life shall lose it, but he who is willing to lose his life for the sake of self-transcendence, will find eternal life in that perpetual self-transcendence.

Thus, I intend to give further teachings throughout this year on this and other topics. And so, I will not get ahead of myself, but will give a gradual release throughout the year, as I deem that those who are the students of our teachings, have internalized the teachings we have already given to the point, where they are ready to receive a higher teaching. Thus, I will end with the same words as Gautama: “The choice is yours!”


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