08. Balancing the scales of life

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Ascended Master Portia with Saint Germain, April 19, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Portia is my name and you associate it with the title of the Goddess of Justice. Yet, as with all those who have spoken before me, I AM MORE. Indeed, my beloved, you may think that justice is a serious matter, and you may not associate any joy with justice. But I can assure you that there is much joy in the office of the Goddess of Justice. In reality, I truly am not the Goddess of Justice—I would like to give you the image that I am the Goddess of Balance.

What is the universal symbol for justice? Is it not the scales? I come to give you a new perspective on what it means to manifest true healing. It is absolutely – and I deliberately say absolutely – necessary to come to a higher understanding of the concept of justice. Only when one fully understands justice, can one be free.

Is it not so that the earthly concept of justice is extremely dualistic? Does it not contain the concept that when you have made an error or some kind of crime, you need to be punished, perhaps by being put in jail. Only when you have – according to some measure that few understand – been punished “enough,” can you be let out and, so-to-speak, be free.

It might seem that for every wrong, a punishment must be meted out in order for the soul to be free. You do, indeed, see so many people on earth who think that if they get ill, they must have done something to deserve it. Therefore, their illness is somehow God’s punishment.

The real God does not judge you

People easily condemn others, feeling they must somehow be bad people and that God is punishing them. The underlying belief is that people have created a false image of God. They think that God is the ultimate judge who sits up in heaven, looking down upon you with a stern expression on his face, scratching his long beard, ready to condemn you for any mistake you make—especially the blasphemy, so-called, of disobeying the earthly church that claims to represent that remote God in the sky.

Despite the fact that you have been brought up to fear God – so that through that outer fear you obey the earthly institution and its hierarchy – they also want you to believe that this God is good. A good God, then, could not possibly cause people to be sick. It will only make sense that people are sick as a punishment for some wrong they have done. They must have done something wrong, for God could not have made the mistake of creating a world where there is sickness, disease, illness and death.

The concept of justice, as it is commonly seen on earth, is intricately linked to this false concept of the external, judgmental God. Did not Jesus say that his father judges no man, for he has left all judgment to the Son? The Son is the Christ consciousness. The Christ consciousness is One, it is Oneness. It is meant to enable all self-aware beings with free will to experiment with their free will freely. No matter how far they might descend into a lower state of consciousness, they can, at any moment, reach for the Christ. The Christ will then help them free themselves from that limiting state of consciousness. That is the true meaning of Christ the Redeemer.

The Christ does not judge the way human beings judge. The Christ is simply that immovable rock, the same yesterday, today and forever in the sense that the Christ consciousness is always in oneness with its source, with the Divine Father, with its Creator.

The judgment of the Christ consciousness is to separate oneness from division, to separate those who are committed to oneness and the consciousness of oneness from those who are still attached to and not willing to give up the illusion of separation.

Crime and punishment spring from duality

In terms of the concept of crime, it is only possible to commit any kind of crime or atrocity when one is identified with a separate self. What is a crime? It is doing something that benefits one’s self while hurting others. Obviously, it cannot be based on oneness that seeks to raise up all life. Crime can only spring from the duality consciousness. What you see on earth is that the concept of how to deal with crime also springs from the duality consciousness.

The human concept of justice is indeed a perversion of Divine Justice, which, as I said, should really be conceived of as balance—the balanced scales that are not pulled in either direction. Which directions am I talking about? The two extremes of duality where if one side of the scales is heavier, you are pulled towards one extreme. If the other side is heavier, you are pulled towards the other extreme. For example, some might be heavier on the scale of so-called selfishness, and they are therefore weighted down towards the extreme that people will call evil. As Nada just explained, many have taken on an outer appearance of service, but they do it in order to serve the separate self and seem good. They would then put weight on the opposite side of the scale.

Many people think that if you have committed evil in the past, even in a past life, and your scale is pulled down to one side, if you commit good in this life, you will put weight on the opposite side of the scale and you will gradually balance them. You may commit many good acts and raise up the other side of the scale, but you cannot hold it in balance. You cannot hold the balance, the scale will immediately begin to move down on the other side until you have another unbalanced situation. You are now moving from the extreme of relative evil to the opposite extreme of relative good, which is not God-good because it is not unconditional good.

There is, of course, no unconditional evil. That is why, in order to balance the scales, you must empty both cups so that you have no conditions on either side—neither the side of relative evil, nor the side of relative good.


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