Balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of God

TOPICS: What is a spiritual American – Understanding the mindset of native people and white settlers – Understanding the limitations of native cultures – Individual awareness and group awareness – Why native cultures did not progress – How white settlers were unbalanced in the father aspect – Creating a sustainable civilization – The perversion of the father in selfishness – How Christianity feeds the unbalanced father element –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, March 22, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I Mary come to greet you at the beginning of this conference, and I come to match the fire that you have put forth in this invocation. For surely, we of the ascended masters are willing to multiply your talents—when you decide to put those talents to good use. And you have indeed done this this morning. And therefore, I congratulate you for your fire, for your presence, for your willingness to be here.

The discourse I wish to give you at the beginning of this conference is to give you an idea of what we hope to accomplish by having the conference in this particular place. You have heard and seen yesterday, that the Cherokee Indians were indeed somewhat willing to adapt themselves to the presence of the white settlers here. Yet in the end, there were certain aspects of white life that they could not adjust to. And obviously, there were also grave problems on the other side as well.

But the reason we have chosen to have the conference here is that you indeed see Indians here, Native Americans as they say—although that is somewhat of a misnomer. For before there was a nation of America, can you really say there were Americans on this continent? And thus, you see how even a word, even a name, can be used and misused by those who are very subtle in using the mind to project certain images into the collective consciousness—and thereby actually perpetuate the division between people rather than seeking to help them overcome that division.

What is a spiritual American

The reality is – when you look at this historically – that there was a continent in this place. And there were people living on this continent. But those people were not Americans. For what does it mean to be an American? Well, the true spiritual meaning of being an American is that America is meant to be the nation of the I AM Race. That however is also a somewhat dangerous term, given how the word “race” has been used in the world. Therefore, it would be better to talk about those who identify themselves as the “I AM people,” as those who have a spiritual self, an I AM Presence, that is an extension of the presence of God, the God that called himself I AM or I AM THAT I AM. So those who identify themselves as individualizations of that God, I AM THAT I AM, those are the beings, those are the people, who belong to the true America and who form the true spiritual America.

When you realize the reality of what I am saying, then you realize, that the true Americans do not identify themselves based on any characteristics on earth. They identify themselves exclusively based on their individuality—that for each person is anchored in that person’s I AM Presence. America truly is not a nation as you conceive of it today. It is a state of being, my beloved. Living in the nation of the United States does not automatically make you an American in the spiritual sense. Living outside the United States does not exclude you from being an American in the spiritual sense. There are true spiritual Americans throughout the globe. In every corner, in every nook and cranny, there are those who dare to identify themselves as spiritual people—rather than basing their identity on some characteristic in this world, be it race, religion, skin color, nationality, ethnicity or their tribe.

What needs to happen for America to reach her full potential and take her rightful and intended place among the family of nations is that people, especially the top 10 percent of the most spiritually aware people, begin to overcome the tendency to identify themselves based on all these outer characteristics. And this is indeed what you see outpictured in what we might call a clash of civilizations between the native peoples of this continent and the white settlers, who came with their European culture and their religion based on Christianity.

Understanding the mindset of native people and white settlers

My Beloved, I have spoken before about the two basic forces of the Universe—the expanding and contracting force, the expanding force, that we often associate with the Father element, and the contracting, which we often associate with the Mother. Yet again, you need to think beyond Father and Mother, because those terms have also become associated with particular gender roles on earth, and obviously I trust you can see, that you cannot take an earthly gender role and transfer that to the Father-Mother God.

I hold the office of the Divine Mother for earth. But if you think that the Divine Mother is like the typical American housewife, who keeps house and has dinner ready when the Divine Father comes home from working in the fields, well, then you need to update your imagery a little bit. Not simply to the modern world, but way beyond both the modern and the ancient world. When you look at the clash between the native peoples in America and the white settlers, you see so many things outplayed here, that are typical for what you have seen in other civilizations throughout history. For what do you see in the native peoples? You see, indeed, a culture that is very devoted to the Mother aspect, the feminine aspect of life. You see this in the fact that the women owned the land, that the women were the center of the family, and thus you see that they had a better understanding and devotion to the feminine aspect of God than did the white settlers.

However, I must tell you also, that what the native people had was not a balanced relationship with God. It was unbalanced, where they had become unbalanced towards the feminine aspect, putting too much emphasis on the feminine. And this, my beloved, is something that you truly need to understand. For there are many people in today’s spiritual world, those who are the top 10 percent of the most spiritually aware people, who have realized very clearly, that the traditional patriarchal religions of the West – the monotheistic religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity – are way too unbalanced in the Father aspect of life. And thus many spiritual people have started to swing more towards the feminine.

And in so doing, many spiritual people have indeed looked to where they could find cultures, that have a greater emphasis on the feminine. And many have indeed looked at native peoples around the world, sometimes glorifying their lifestyle, making it seem like it was almost a paradise before the white settlers came in contact with those cultures. And as you sometimes see – both among the native peoples in America today and among the spiritual people in America today – that they glorify the state of wilderness in which the native people supposedly lived in an almost paradise. And then the problems on this continent did not start until Columbus, our beloved Saint Germain, first set foot here, followed by the white settlers. This, of course, is a somewhat naïve glorification that simply is due to the fact, that so much of history has been lost, or that most people are not aware of the history of this continent. Partly, of course, because the native peoples did not have as much of a recording of their history as did the people in Europe.

Understanding the limitations of native cultures

What you need to understand as the spiritual people is, that you are more than any identification, any identity, that can be created on earth. You have a spiritual self that resides in the spiritual realm, a realm of higher vibrations that cannot be touched by anything on earth. This is who you are. This is what you need to find, to connect to, in order to have true spirituality, my beloved. And it is perfectly true, that in order to connect to your spiritual being, to your I AM Presence, you need to go beyond the roles established by the traditional monotheistic religions. Because they are not allowing people to find their spiritual identity, wanting you instead to follow an outer leader or an outer institution.

It is right for you to look beyond the traditional religions. But on the other hand, you need to recognize, that most native cultures around the world have not found that right balance, where people have identified themselves as the individual spiritual beings they are. What you see in most native cultures is a tribal consciousness. And it will be very difficult for you – who have grown up in a modern western society – to fully understand that consciousness. But what you need to consider is, that the people did not identify themselves first and foremost as individual human beings, or rather as individual spiritual beings. They identified themselves very much based on the tribe, their tribal culture, their tribal identity.

This may offend some sensitivities, but I will give you the honest truth about this. In his book Lord Maitreya describes the different evolutions on the earth. And he describes that there are two parallel evolutions, one that happened because the force that is built into nature was allowed to take its course and bring forth various animal species, eventually leading to humans without any direct intervention from above. And another evolution that did have direct divine intervention, and therefore brought forth intelligent life on this planet much earlier than is currently recognized by science.

What you see in the native people around the world is that they represent the consciousness that came out of the first evolutionary force—that took its time, that went its, so to speak, “natural course.” And this is a consciousness that has gone through various stages. But if you will honestly look at the animal kingdom, you will see that what you find in animal species is more of a group consciousness, a group soul. As most of you are aware, animals do not have individual souls, they have a group soul. They can take on more of an individual existence, especially when they interact with humans, which is why some people have pets that they feel have a greater individuality. But it is an individuality that they, so to speak, have on loan from their owners, until they eventually can garner more of an individuality for themselves.

Individual awareness and group awareness

This is what you see in many native peoples—that they have more of a group soul, a group consciousness, that is only beginning to break through into individuality. I am here, my beloved, talking about a general consciousness. For you will indeed find among many native people more advanced, more mature, souls who have incarnated there. And you will see this also in the Native Americans, both in the Cherokee tribe and in others, where certain individuals were more mature and therefore could adapt better than others to the changes represented by the white settlers.

But what you see in other native peoples, both around the world and in the United States, was that many of them were not able to adapt to changes as quickly as the white settlers assumed. And this is again because they did not yet have a strong enough individualized consciousness, a strong enough individualized soul. And therefore, they could not reach up and build an identity that was more spiritual. Which means that they were naturally more dependent upon their group identity, and it was therefore difficult for them to adapt to changes as individuals. They could only follow the flow in the group consciousness.

As you will see from any culture, including the white Europeans, the group consciousness adapts very slowly to changes. Whenever a change occurs in society, you will always see that there is first a very few individuals that embrace that change in consciousness. And then more and more follow, until eventually a critical mass is reached and now the collective consciousness shifts. What you see in the native peoples in America was that you did indeed have individuals who could adapt to the changes, but the majority could not yet make that individual adjustment. It was too big of a leap for them, and thus they got stuck in a certain state of consciousness. Or should we say, that they were already stuck in that consciousness, and that is indeed why there had not been greater progression on this continent.

Why native cultures did not progress

When you step back and look at the big picture, you need to consider, why you have a continent like North America that clearly had a lower level of sophistication and civilization than you see in many other parts of the world. Where you see that they in North America did not have large and sophisticated buildings, they had not domesticated animals, they had not developed sophisticated agriculture, they had not developed modes of transportation such as ships. So you see, my beloved, you need to ask yourself why this was so.

And part of the answer is that they had become so unbalanced in the feminine aspect, that they simply wanted to live the good life that they had always known, without going through the self-transcendence that is necessary for a civilization to rise to a higher level. That is why you saw the more primitive culture here, and that is why there was such an incredible gap between most of the native people on this continent and the white settlers who came in with a more developed culture, organized armies, sophisticated weapons, with gun powder and cannons, sophisticated agricultural methods and so on and so forth.

This is where you need to recognize, that this is what happens when a people become unbalanced in the feminine aspect. They tend to be close to nature, but in being close to nature, they also tend to believe, that they need to adapt to nature, rather than fulfilling the rightful role of all people on this planet, namely to be co-creators with God and to have dominion over nature. Thereby, creating a society that has the knowledge and technology to make use of the land in a more efficient way.

You see many native peoples on this continent who when the white settlers arrived still lived as hunter-gatherer cultures. And you will know, when you look at this, that a given area can sustain only a very limited number of hunter-gatherers. And in order for more people to live on the same area of land, they need to develop agriculture. But yet, even what the native peoples in America had was such a primitive form of agriculture, that it could only sustain a much smaller number of people, than the more sophisticated agricultural methods and the industrial revolution that you saw in Europe could sustain.

Truly, you might say that the native peoples were more in touch with the land. But actually they were only in touch with the land based on an unbalanced application of the feminine aspect, where the feminine aspect – when it becomes unbalanced – gets disconnected from the masculine aspect. And what happens then is, that the feminine becomes an end in itself, nature becomes an end in itself, Mother earth becomes an end in itself, so that these people want to live a comfortable life based on their tradition. And that is why you will see in many parts of the world, that there are people who live the same way today that they lived hundreds or even thousands of years ago—their cultures have not evolved beyond a certain point.

Yet, my beloved, when the Mother, the earth Mother, when the feminine is in its right relationship with the masculine, then the earth is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end, namely that the spiritual beings descend here for the purpose of growing in self-awareness by taking dominion over the earth and co-creating the Kingdom of God on this planet, rather than the natural kingdom. And you see, this is the essence of the problem with the consciousness that is unbalanced in the feminine aspect.

How white settlers were unbalanced in the father aspect

Obviously, you also see very clearly in the white settlers, how they were unbalanced in the masculine aspect. And when the two clashed, you saw the unfortunate outcome that the native peoples were treated very unjustly, very unfairly by the white settlers. Who, even though they had a constitution as sensitive to individual rights as the American constitution, clearly failed to apply that constitution to the native people. They simply failed to give them the same inalienable rights, that they claimed for themselves when they were suppressed by the British throne.

This is an aspect of the masculine becoming unbalanced. And when the masculine becomes unbalanced, then you cut off the connection to God’s reality. You see, in order to understand how the masculine became unbalanced and perverted, you need to understand again what Maitreya explains, that there were beings who fell in higher realms by rebelling against God and God’s plan and everything that God stands for. They wanted to create their own sphere of life that was disconnected from God’s creation, set aside from the River of Life, because they wanted to prove God wrong, they wanted to prove that they were right, that they could do better than God. So they wanted to have a place, where they could pretend that they were separated from God, that God had no place in their world, except the place that they defined, based on how they defined God.

And this, of course, is what you see in the monotheistic religions, which are based on an entirely false concept of God the Father as the remote being in the sky, the angry being in the sky. When you enter into this consciousness, you believe that you are a god on earth—and that instead of being a co-creator – who has dominion by manifesting God’s kingdom on earth – you are now a god who, instead of having dominion, has control. You can suppress everything, including other people, including nature. And that is why you see, that when the European civilization gained the technology, they used it in an unbalanced way to suppress nature. Thereby destroying it in the process, destroying it for short term gain instead of creating a sustainable civilization.

Creating a sustainable civilization

It is naïve to believe, that the native peoples had a sustainable civilization, whereas you could never create a sustainable civilization based on modern technology. This simply is not true. The native peoples did not have a sustainable civilization, for they had become disconnected from the Father, and thereby they had become subject to what Saint Germain has explained as the second law of thermodynamics, which breaks down any civilization that does not transcend itself.

It is indeed possible to create a civilization, that uses modern technology in a responsible manner, so that it does not destroy the environment but enhances it, so that it can sustain a greater number of people who all live in abundance. But you see, for this to become the reality in modern society, you need to overcome the perverted Father consciousness, which creates a power elite, that want to suppress and control the population. And therefore, they have no cares whatsoever for what happens to nature in the long term, for they only want their short-term profit, their short-term power and privileges, their control.

This, brings us to the point, that you need to learn from this discourse, namely that you need to transcend both the unbalanced Mother culture and the unbalanced Father culture and find the Middle Way. Where you have a balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, so that they can work together in harmony, so that you have a balanced culture. This does not mean, that you create some kind of compromise between, for example, native culture on this continent and the modern culture. You do not create a compromise, you cannot take the best from one culture and mix it with the best from another. You actually need to transcend both cultures.

You need to go beyond all traditional mental boxes and rethink culture, rethink all aspects of society. And many people have already started this process. You have done it in a spiritual sense—that you have been willing to go beyond the traditional aspects of religion that have dominated western society. But many people throughout society have done it in other aspects, where they have started rethinking every aspect of culture and society, so that they have come up with new solutions, new ways of looking at things.

And the reason why these new solutions have not yet been adopted and accepted by the mainstream is, as I have explained, that there is always a creative elite that are the forerunners for new ideas. And then it takes time for the collective consciousness to reach critical mass, where a shift occurs. And this is where you come in. Not only with your vision and your knowledge of spirituality, but also your willingness to invoke the light from above. And thereby, so to speak, take in the mass consciousness and transform it in your own beings, so that you raise it up and thereby make it easier for others to make that shift and realize, that a new wind is blowing and that it is time to change the way we look at every aspect of our civilization. It is time to ask ourselves, “Why are we doing this? Why are we living the way we are living? What is the purpose of becoming richer and richer, if we do not put those riches to use in raising up all people to a more abundant life?”

The perversion of the father in selfishness

This is a perversion of the unbalanced aspect of the Father consciousness, where you think that, as an individual, you can do whatever you want here on earth—disconnected from your own higher being, your I AM Presence. And this leads to the “anything goes” culture, and to the “end can justify the means” attitude, which leads to all the abuses you see in modern culture—the insensitivity to life. Even the fact that you have the richest country in the world in the United States, and many other rich countries in Europe, where people are completely content to pursue the goal for an ever more comfortable materialistic lifestyle with more and more technological gadgets, bigger and faster cars, bigger and fancier houses. While at the same time you have almost two thirds of the population of the world who live in poverty, with an estimated 2.8 billion people, my beloved, who live on less than $2 a day.

Imagine what you can do with $2 in your society. And then imagine that there are people who have to survive on this. Surely, prices are different, but surely you can see that these people are having a lifestyle, that is so much below yours that it is almost incomprehensible. And what is truly incomprehensible is that the population in the rich countries can accept such an inequality on a global scale. This is only possible because the population is so blinded by that perverted consciousness of the unbalanced Father element, that says, “We are the only ones that matter, we don’t need to worry about other people.”

This is what you saw in the feudal societies of the middle ages, where you had a very small noble class who had the population in virtual slavery and did not care what happened to the people. Well, you have an almost similar situation, where the rich nations in the world are like the feudal lords and the poor nations are like the slaves in the feudal societies. And this simply would not be acceptable to people, if they had a greater balance between the masculine and feminine aspect.

These are some of the things you need to keep in your mind, for you have the opportunity to break through this consciousness and to process it in your own beings. Process that consciousness, see that it is not part of the real you, it is something you have taken on from the mass consciousness and you need to separate yourself from it. Yet still process it and call for the transmutation of it by the spiritual light you invoke. Call for other people to be cut free from it.

How Christianity feeds the unbalanced father element

Even in traditional Christian churches, there is a growing awareness that the old ways are no longer working and that we need to look for a new approach. And of course, my beloved, that new approach is what Jesus came to give humankind 2,000 years ago. And had his message been fully understood and applied, you would indeed have had a greater balance today. And thus, you would not have seen the deplorable situation, where Christianity actually became an excuse for the aggression of the white settlers against the native peoples. So that Christianity had been turned into a religion, that reinforced the unbalanced approach of the unbalanced Father element, rather than do what it was intended to do—balance that, balance the masculine and the feminine, so that people through Christ discernment, through Christ awareness, could attain that balance.

I have spoken long, and thus I will conclude my remarks. But I have given you your assignments. And if you will be focused, you can indeed create a major breakthrough. So I ask you to be mindful of the Mother element in which you move. Be mindful of time, my beloved, be mindful of keeping your energies high by not engaging in conversations, that might be fine in your daily lives but are not truly suitable to helping you tune into your higher being during a spiritual retreat.

I understand that you all want to have fun and that you don’t want to be too serious, as so many religious people are. But I am asking you to be mindful of the way you have fun, so that you raise your level to the highest level you can conceive of. And then, when you have gone as high as you conceive of, then you ask me to give you the immaculate concept of how you can go even higher. And I will, my beloved, I will, if you ask me with an open heart.

I will show you, each one individually, how you can come to a higher level in your life, in your personal life, where you can come closer to realizing and manifesting your goals in life and having the vision of what is your divine plan, what is your purpose for being on earth, and how you can best fulfill that purpose. And even make the adjustments that some of you will have to make in your daily lives, in order to fulfill that purpose. Thus, my beloved, I thank you again for your attention, for your presence and for your fiery hearts.


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