AWAKEN to the reality of who you are

TOPICS: Awaken to life’s potential to be more – The boundaries of free will – The addiction to materialism – An economy based on exploitation cannot stand – The final countdown to 2012 – 2009: the year of decision  – Understanding the nature of life – Hold the vision of peace replacing war – The only way to a better society – Understanding the nature of God –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, December 31, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

How do you choose to look at the year 2008? This is how I, the Buddha, will choose to look at it. I look at it as an extremely productive year, that brought humankind forward with leaps and bounds, toward the breakthrough in consciousness that is the result of long and patient work by the ascended masters, in oneness with those on earth who have tuned in to our presence. It has been a patient work, for we, of course, have complete respect for the Law of Free Will. So we do not seek to force; we seek to awaken.

Awaken to life’s potential to be more

I AM AWAKE! And my presence has only one purpose, and that is to awaken everyone on earth. Thus, I use this opportunity to speak through a physical mouthpiece, and I speak into the mass consciousness: AWAKEN! AWAKEN! AWAKEN! AWAKEN to the reality of who you are, for you are more than this.

AWAKEN to the reality, that there is something beyond those systems of thought, those systems of government, systems of business, that may appear beautiful outward, but inward they are filled with dead men’s bones, the bones of those who are dead in a spiritual sense, because they have separated themselves from the River of Life, that is oneness. Throw off the shackles that make you think, that you need these dead men and women to lead you. Throw it off, I say, and recognize that the Kingdom of God is within you, and that when you are willing to be co-creators, God – your higher beings – will lead you to co-create the Kingdom of God on earth, where there is no lack, no poverty, no inequality, no war.

AWAKEN to the reality that abundance is reality, that poverty is an illusion that has only one purpose—and that is to concentrate wealth in the hands of the few by taking it from the many, or even making them give it up voluntarily as is presently being attempted in the West. AWAKEN to the fact, that life will give you what you outpicture in your consciousness. For the Ma-ter Light will simply outpicture the images you project upon it, whatever those images may be. And thus, you become self-fulfilling prophecies, that repeat the patterns of ups and downs that they, the arch-deceivers who lie about everything, have called the business cycle, seeking to portray it as inevitable. Well it is not, for the reality of God is, that life has the potential to be an ever-ascending, ever-transcending spiral and to never go backwards, never go into the less, but to continually be MORE in that cosmic dance of self-transcendence into greater and greater beauty, perfection, nobility, mastery.

The boundaries of free will

I AM AWAKE because I know I AM MORE! I know YOU are MORE, but you have not awakened to that reality—choosing to be less. Yet cycles move on. For when the Creator gave free will to extensions of itself, the Creator knew full well, that they could use that free will to separate themselves from the River of Life, thereby coming trapped in a lesser sense of identity.

Which is precisely why the Creator set up the fourth member of the expressions of God, namely the Holy Spirit, as an expression of the River of Life for a particular unit such as this planet, where those who have lived upon it – those who have ascended or risen to higher states of consciousness – have added momentum to that flow of the Holy Spirit. And this creates an upward spiral, that moves on regardless of the fact that so many people have chosen to be less, thereby demonstrating that there is a way out of the lesser identity, there is an alternative. It is possible to choose to be MORE.

For you see, the Law of Free Will does not simply state, that you can do whatever you want forever. For certainly, why would a Creator who experiences and lives in the infinite beauty of oneness want any extension of itself to be forever trapped outside of that oneness in the illusion of separation? And thus, you cannot forever choose to be less. You must, therefore, never be able to create a world in which there is no demonstration of the potential to be MORE. Even though there is total respect for free will, there is nevertheless the law that says, that you can never lose your free will to the illusion that it is not possible to be MORE. For after all, how can you have free will, if you think you can only be less? Then you do not have the option to choose MORE, do you?

It is the law, that there are those who have the right to demonstrate on earth that you can be MORE. They have a right to form that momentum of the flow of the Holy Spirit, their collective expression of the MORE, that then bloweth where it listeth, because it cannot be confined to any system or doctrine, it cannot be stopped by any force on earth. It will blow where it listeth and blow down those houses of cards that they have built, blow down the towers of Babel, blow down some fortifications in which they think they can trap the people, but only end up trapping their minds. The Holy Spirit will blow and will blow down all those obstacles to the expression of love, all those expressions of anti-love, for this is the Law of Free Will.

Thoughtform of the rushing wind

And thus, I give you a thoughtform, and it is the mighty rushing wind of the Holy Spirit, blowing down those walls and fortifications, blowing down those prisons around this world, blowing them all down, as you have seen how the Holy Spirit has blown down the towers of Babel built by the financial industry, of how they thought they were invulnerable, that they could never go down. They thought, that they were too big to fail, which is why they want the government to think they are too big to fail, so they have to be bailed out by the people’s money—even though that money is created out of nothing, but nevertheless has to be paid back by the sweat and the blood of the people.

You have seen how these mighty institutions, that have survived for over a century, can crumble in a matter of weeks through that force of the Holy Spirit, that says the people shall no longer be entrapped in this artificially created economy, that has no connection to the real economy that raises all life and increases the wealth and truly distributes it amongst the people, so that all are raised up toward that abundant life. This is the Thoughtform: that all of those prison walls created by the false teachers will be blown down and scattered throughout the corners of the globe, until the entire hold that these false teachers think they have had on this planet has crumbled, to the extent that even they will be begin to realize that they have lost this planet to the Light.

Meditate on this Thoughtform. Be willing to be the open door and see how the wind of the Holy Spirit, released from the Buddhic level, can flow through you, can flow through your beings, your minds, your energy fields, can flow through your invocations, can flow through your visualizations, can flow through your words as you speak to people and challenge them to recognize, that there is more to life than what they currently experience.

The addiction to materialism

What has actually happened in 2008 is, that there has been such a shakeup in the collective consciousness, that it has given people an opportunity to step back and rethink this materialistic lifestyle—to which so many in the West have become literally addicted. They think the meaning of life is to accumulate things or accumulate numbers on your financial balance sheet, so that you can feel secure in having this or that amount of wealth.

Although you know full well, that it is nothing more than zeros and ones on some computer hard drive on the server of your bank and financial institution, from which it literally could be wiped out in an instant. As you have seen great fortunes being wiped out instantly as if they had never existed; for they did never exist in the real economy but only in that virtual, imaginary economy, that those who are not willing to multiply their talents in raising all life have created over these past centuries and beyond.

This unreal economy must go, before the people can be free, and that means that some among the people must take a loss because they have chosen to bind themselves to that unreal economy and those who are at the top of the pyramid scheme. The scheme that has nothing whatsoever to do with the spiritual initiations of the real pyramid, but is simply a creation of those who are seeking to create a division in humankind between the haves and the have-nots. And they have been willing to expand the ranks of the haves, so that many people in the West have been drawn into thinking, that this was indeed a perfectly legitimate way to accumulate wealth and save for their retirement.

That which is based on the exploitation of other people, the have-nots, can never be a legitimate way to accumulate wealth or to secure your retirement. For your retirement should not come from stocks or bonds or the government. Your retirement should come from God, from the spiritual realm, from the reality of you having lived a constructive life, where you multiplied the talents you were given in raising up all life. And thus, certainly, the law will find ways to secure your retirement in a way that does not take from others, but indeed is part of the raising of all life, rather than exploiting those that you think should be the worker bees to provide for your life of luxury, when in reality all people should be seeking to raise up all.

An economy based on exploitation cannot stand

When you have an economy that is based on the exploitation of others – even based on the tolerance that two-thirds of the world’s population live in poverty – well then, there must come a time when that illusion has to be shattered. Even in the interest of setting people free before they have made more karma than they could even imagine, having been brought up in a society that denies this most basic law, even though their physicists have for centuries known about the law of action and reaction.

So then, precisely because of this shakeup of the belief in the infallibility of materialism and these financial instruments, I, the Buddha, see 2008 as a very productive year, that has the potential to bring humankind to the point of being willing to question their old paradigms, which is the very master key to rising to a higher level—expanding those paradigms, becoming truly free.

The question is: will humankind choose to question the old paradigms and to rise above them? And that depends on you. For you are the most spiritual people on earth. Will you heed the words of my beloved brother MORE that no matter what seems to be happening in the world, no matter how the majority of the population seem to respond by going into negativity and fear, YOU can make a different choice?

You can, as my beloved brother the Buddha Jesus said in Germany: you can choose to live in a different parallel universe, recognizing the very fact, that you are among the top ten percent, recognizing the very fact, that despite the musings of scientists, there is only one physical reality on earth. And although there are many potential outcomes, the top ten percent – if they choose in firmness, if they choose unconditionally, to accept the reality of the potential to be MORE – well then, they will determine which of the potentialities will become a reality and which of the parallel universes that have not yet manifested will actually become the one that manifests physically and therefore determines the future of this planet.

Which parallel universe do you want to become manifest on earth in 2009 and beyond? That is the choice. That is the question, as they say. So choose to be. Choose to be MORE. And choose to be in that state of consciousness, regardless of what may seem to be the physical reality. For that which seems to be, is not set in stone.

The final countdown to 2012

We have entered a cycle, the final countdown to the potential breakthrough that can, and by your choosing, WILL happen in 2012 and beyond. 2009 represents the Father aspect, the Father cycle. 2010 represents the Son, the Christ. 2011 represents the Mother. And 2012 represents the Holy Spirit. Thus, the potential in 2009 is that people can turn to—not God as they have come to see it as the separate being in the sky, but they can turn to the God within and recognize, that they are co-creators with God and that they co-create their own reality through their own consciousness. Therefore, they can decide that they are willing to co-create a higher reality. This is the potential for 2009.

Twothousandandten, then, gives them the opportunity to build on that decision, to co-create a higher reality by using the wisdom and the reality of the Christ Mind to tune in to the Only Begotten Son of God, the living Christ within them. And thereby, they can separate the real from the unreal, separate the reality of Christ from the unreality of the duality consciousness of the false teachers and their many ideologies and philosophies and world views, that they have sought to spread among humankind. They can choose to question the very lie of the ultimate system, that will somehow restore everything to a perfect order, even though there has never been a perfect order on this planet. For far too long people have been trapped in the consciousness of seeking the perfect system, rather than seeking perfection through co-creation and constant self-transcendence.

Having come to see – being able to discern between reality and unreality – they can then enter 2011 and the cycle of the Mother and begin to apply it to every aspect of life on earth. Finding new solutions, using the infinite creativity of the Mother to come up with new ways of manifesting a better society, better technology, better inventions. And this can be the breakthrough in 2011, that then gains momentum in 2012, until it becomes that mighty rushing wind of the Holy Spirit, that nothing in this world can stop, nothing can withstand, and thus, change will manifest.

And the change will be so monumental, that all will be awakened to the potential for a higher reality, a better future. Which will happen at all levels, my beloved, from the economy to technology, to energy, to spirituality, to psychology—to even the shift in self image that is the highest potential.

2009: the year of decision

This year, 2009, is the year of decision, the year of choosing between the illusions and the higher reality. Choose wisely during this year! Contemplate will! Contemplate will power and how you use it to choose the MORE rather than the lesser. For you will be faced with many challenges in this coming year, many temptations to go into a vibration of fear because of this or that outer event or manifestation. You may think that the worst is over in the economy; but it is not, for there are still those who are seeking to keep their system alive. And until a critical mass snap out of that illusion, there will be more turmoil.

There is also the potential for an outbreak of war in several areas of the globe, especially, of course, in the Middle East, in Muslim nations. For as Mother Mary has spoken about in this last year, there was a great need for the Muslims to come up higher and to take a stand and to speak out. And while this has indeed happened to some degree, it certainly has not happened to the fullest potential. And thus, it is still possible that there will be violence, warfare, as you indeed see already brewing in several nations, especially Pakistan—which truly has the potential to be the flash-point for much conflict.

Hold the vision, that the spiritual gurus and teachers who have embodied in India for thousands of years have created enough of a momentum to pull the Indian people and the Indian government above the temptation to engage in conflict or war with their Muslim neighbor. Hold the vision, that those holy men who have walked the earth in that country, have instilled enough of the lesson of Christ, the potential to turn the other cheek, into the Indian collective consciousness, so that the nation will indeed be willing to turn the other cheek, rather than giving those across the border an excuse for escalating the conflict that has existed since the birth of Pakistan. Which was not a God-ordained event in any shape or form, but was a typical expression of the divide-and-conquer strategy of the fallen beings who, right as the Indian nation won its freedom from the oppression of the British Empire, created another threat to its freedom and existence. So hold the vision, no matter what happens on the outer, that the reality of peace will be manifest.

Hold the vision—not that there will be peace between Israel and the Palestinians, but hold the vision that those who are the false teachers, the blind leaders in Israel, will be judged and taken from the planet in this coming year. Even if it necessitates them accelerating the conflict to the point, where the world, and even the more moderate people in Israel itself, can see that this simply cannot continue and that it is Israel and the Israeli people who must stop the violence. As they were given the opportunity to do 2,000 years ago, when Christ himself embodied and walked on their soil. And they have continued to reject that lesson.

I am not saying that Israel and the Jewish people should suddenly convert to Christianity, for the Christianity that you see today is far from the true teachings of Christ. But they should indeed be awakened and convert to the reality, that unless you turn the other cheek, you will create your own enemy. This is the lesson that the Jewish people had the potential to learn 2,000 years ago from the presence of Christ in their midst. And this is the time where they must learn it—or their nation will cease to exist within a matter of years, at least in the form in which you see it right now.

Understanding the nature of life

Opportunity takes many forms. For a time, you may seem to be able to get away with almost anything. But there comes a point, where you have become so trapped in your arrogance of thinking you can get away with anything, that the only way to shake you out of that mental prison is that you reap what you have sown. So that your arrogance crumbles, and you are faced with the reality, that you do not have unlimited power as long as you are trapped in the consciousness of separation. For you do, indeed, create the reaction to your own action. And when cycles come due, well then, there is nothing you can do to stop what is coming back, unless you are truly willing to transcend the consciousness that created that karmic return.

Did not Christ teach that what you do unto others, the universe will return to you? And that the only way to break any negative spiral is to turn the other cheek, instead of continuing the pattern of seeing other people as your enemies, rather than seeing the oneness that is the underlying reality of all life. For what, my beloved, is life? You may look through the duality consciousness at a human being in a physical body. You may think that that human being has life of its own. But why do they say that the breath is withdrawn from the body, that the soul is withdrawn, that the life is withdrawn? There is a life force that animates all beings that are said to have life. That life force is indivisible; it is one force. You cannot capture it, separate a portion of it from the whole and continue to remain alive.

For a time you may be able to steal energy from others; you may be able to use the energies in a certain realm, a certain sphere, to sustain the illusion of life. But you have no life in you, when that life does not come from oneness, the one life that is the source of all living beings, the ability to be aware, to choose, to act through the life force streaming through them. Life is such a precious gift, that it sometimes astounds even the Buddha that people on earth can descend to a level of consciousness, where they look at it with such low esteem, thinking it is a burden forced upon them, not being able to remember that it is a supreme gift and that the burdens are created through the separation from life rather than through the oneness that is life. They also forget, that they have the potential to reconnect to life, the oneness of life, whereby they will never feel alone, will never feel ultimately enslaved by any conditions in this material realm. For they will know, that these conditions are not real but are mirages projected upon the Ma-ter Light through those who have forgotten that they are one with life itself.

Hold the vision of peace replacing war

I, Gautama, congratulate those who are a part of any spiritual movement, that is constructive in raising the consciousness of humankind. I congratulate you in having been the tip of the spear, that actually drove the breakthrough of 2008. I congratulate you also for having held the spiritual balance, so that you did not see the outbreak of a major war in this year.

I admonish you to hold the vision that the unstoppable winds of the Holy Spirit, given in my thoughtform, will indeed blow away all plans to have the current financial crisis lead to a war, as you saw with the Depression in the 1930s and in other cases where financial turmoil has led to war, as a way to force nations to spend and thereby get the economy, so to speak, back on track, although it is the wrong track of the artificial ups and downs of the power elite. Hold the vision that the Holy Spirit is strong enough to blow away their plans, their matrices, their downward spirals, their impure images, that they are projecting into the collective consciousness through their devices that are like machines, like computers that play the same message over and over again, like the broken record that seeks to mesmerize and program people’s subconscious to accept that this is somehow an inevitable reality.

Hold the vision that people will awaken to the reality, the true reality, that they can always choose to come up higher, choose not to go into the consciousness that makes war seem inevitable. For they can choose not to resist or to turn that other cheek to whatever blows come their way. They can choose a higher response based on love, based on peace, based on creativity, finding new solutions instead of the age-old, worn out solution of killing your brother who seems not to be your brother but your enemy.

Hold the vision that people will wake up and see the insanity of continuing to do the same old thing but expecting different results. Hold the vision that they look back and see, that for thousands of years people have attempted to create peace by killing others. And if it has not worked after thousands of years, perhaps it is because it is the wrong approach, that will never lead to peace of any kind, let alone the ultimate peace.

That is a vision to hold, for that is indeed an awakening, that I think all of you would like to see happen, and that I can assure you that the vast majority of the people on this planet would like to see happen, even if they do not have the conscious awareness to even formulate it as a thought, as a wish, as a desire. Yet, once it does happen, they will all say, “Oh, why did we not see this sooner? Why did we continue in that illusion of thinking, that killing could ever lead to peace, could ever lead to any form of stability or any form of a better society?”

The only way to a better society

There is only one way to a better society, and that is through the life force itself. You cannot create a better society by separating yourself from the life force. And, my beloved, what more obvious sign of separation can there be, than being willing to take life from another human being, in the guise of some cause or the illusion that we must do evil that good may come?

Truly, this is the total separation from life that can never lead to a better life for yourself and those whom you think are your kin, failing to see that all human beings are your kin. For all have been given free will and thus have the right to be in their current state of consciousness. But you also have the right not to join them in that state of consciousness, but instead awaken and join the Buddhas and the Christed Beings who have long ago risen above the sea of Samsara, the sea of suffering.

Where would you rather be?

Allow yourself to think about the many people around the world, who are celebrating this New Year in various ways, sometimes by indulging in alcohol to the point, where they do not actually experience the birth of the New Year—even though they may exhibit some rudimentary level of consciousness that allows them only to know whether their glass if full or empty. And then ask yourself, “Is there any place I would rather celebrate the birth of the New Year than being here with my older brother Gautama and my brothers and sisters in spirit?”

For I, Gautama, have no place I would rather celebrate the New Year than by being here with you. This is the joy of my heart, to see those who are willing to come into Being, into being one in that spirit of life. You, then, I trust, will not demand, expect, or dream about some automatic form of sponsorship, where just by entering the door and paying the membership fee, so to speak, you will automatically receive some kind of gift or sponsorship from us. For we are not here to do the work for you. For it is only in YOU doing the work, that you become MORE through your own choosing. For that is the only way you can become MORE—through your choices, as you again begin to glimpse the absolute beauty of free will and the raising up of life through free-will choices, whereby self-aware beings awaken to a higher self-awareness, a higher awareness of self, a higher sense of self.

Understanding the nature of God

For what is God? What is the Creator but a self awareness that is beyond what most human beings can fathom? ─ which is why they must create graven images, be it an idol carved in stone or a mental image of the Old Testament God, who sits on a great white throne and judges people, sending them to hell if they do not obey his will, that is like a straightjacket that denies their creativity.

Who would want to come into oneness with such a God? Nobody in their right frame of mind, which is why so many people have been ensnared by those who have rebelled against, not the Living God, but their own self-created image of the external, tyrannical God. For you see, my beloved, you cannot actually rebel against the Living God. For when you know the Living God, you know you are an extension of that God. And thus, you will know you are rebelling against yourself.

And it is rather difficult for almost any self-aware being to, for any length of time, rebel against itself and be aware of this. Thus, the need to create the illusion—by projecting an image upon the living God, a dead image, that one can then see as external. And thus, one can rebel against that God—that one now thinks is seeking to impose his will upon you. Be willing to speak out against that illusion, when you meet those who are very negative towards religion, precisely because they have been ensnared by the illusion and come to believe, that the only way to have freedom and to exercise free will is through rebellion against the living God. Speak to them, not in opposition, not in conflict, but simply tell them that you have come to a higher realization, and then give them your best, most heartfelt expression of your image, your view, your sense of oneness with the living God.

Be aware that there is much more happening during this release than the words that you hear. And thus, sometimes we need to speak for a certain length of time, even though it may not seem like the message, the words, are that important. But there is a critical mass that needs to be reached, before we have done, on an energy level, what we came to do through a particular release. And thus, this release has indeed accomplished its mission and, thus, again I seal you in my deep gratitude for your presence here.

And I say with Master MORE, consider the possibility of letting this event, this coming together, be a true turning point in your lives. Thus, go with the peace of Buddha and greet this New Year—that can truly be a wonderful opportunity for growth for you personally and for humankind. I congratulate you for having crossed the threshold to this new cycle of the countdown to 2012, and the possibilities for a breakthrough that is unprecedented in known history and even beyond. Be sealed in the peace of the Awakened One.


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