Ask the Ascended Masters to Stop War

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, December 21, 2015

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and I would like to ask you to consider the question: “Why do you, as an individual human being feel powerless to do anything about war, anything to stop war?” It can only be for one reason, namely that you are ignorant of how the world really works. You are ignorant because the very forces that are behind war are also behind keeping you ignorant of how the world works.

Why do I say this? Because, if human beings knew how the world works, they would never, ever allow themselves or their nations to be pulled into the madness of war. You would know that there are other solutions. My beloved, if you think war is the only answer, then you are asking the wrong question.

You will never, ever need to resort to war in order to solve problems—if you know how the world works. That is why I and other ascended masters have brought forth many books and many teachings, through this messenger and others, to explain to you how the world really works. If you will, as the spiritual people who are open-minded, make use of these teachings, you will quickly overcome your sense of being powerless. You will realize that even as one person, there is something you can do to stop war and you can begin right in your own living room by giving one of the invocations I have provided.

These are very powerful tools and I explain in the book why they are so powerful and why we need you to give them in order to authorize us to step in and do the work that we are here to do for planet earth. When you know how the world works, you know that free will is the one thing that rules how everything on earth works.

Free will means two things. Number one, you have a right, human beings as a whole, have a right, to turn their backs upon God and the ascended masters and say: “We want to do our own thing.” In that case we are not allowed to step in. Listen carefully: There is no choice you can ever make that could neutralize your right to make a different choice anytime.

This means that while we of the ascended masters cannot step in when you do not ask us, the moment you do ask us, we can step in. There is no possibility of ever creating a situation on earth where you are stuck, where there is no way out, where there is not a non-violent solution to a problem. You human beings can create situations that you cannot solve on your own. You could never create a situation that you cannot solve by the help of the ascended masters. But, again, free will reigns supreme.

We can solve all problems on earth, but we must be asked. That is why I ask you to use my invocations because when you give an invocation, you are doing two things. You are invoking spiritual light, but more than that, you are also saying no to war. When you consider free will, you realize: Why is there still war on earth? Because not enough people have said: No, we will no longer allow war on our planet.

That is because so many people have been deceived into thinking that either war is necessary or unavoidable because there is no other solution. You may look at the current situation of terrorism and think there is only violence that will solve this problem, but it is not true. There is a non-violent, spiritual solution to every problem. We of the ascended masters will give it to you, if you will only ask.


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