The Flame of Acceleration

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Ascended Master Serapis Bey, July 16, 2012 through Kim Michaels.


Serapis Bey I am, and in the decree I have released, there are a couple of lines that I wish to draw to your attention. They say: “Serapis Bey, your life a poem, that calls me to my starry home.” My beloved, ponder this statement, ponder what is implied here, ponder the feelings that it might arouse in you. Then consider when you look back at world history, that from the earliest civilizations and beyond, people have looked up into the heavens and longed for something, longed for being somewhere else, somewhere out there among the stars, somewhere away from where they are right now here on earth, in these limited physical bodies, in these limited situations that human beings have collectively created. And so, when people face the return of their karma or the limitations of the matter realm, they often look up into the stars and cry out for freedom. And I will not deny, of course, that some of you who will be hearing or reading this teaching, will have come to earth from other planetary systems in other galaxies, and therefore you might even look up and have some inner memory of a starry home.

But nevertheless, I put these lines in my decree to help you get in contact with the inner longing, so that you might come to a higher discernment that there is a false longing and a true longing. The true longing is indeed for oneness with your I AM Presence. Your true starry home is your I AM Presence, not somewhere in the material realm in this physical universe, not some other star system, not some other planet somewhere, where life is supposedly better than on earth. And I am, of course, not denying that there are planets where life is indeed much better than it is on earth, because the planetary collective consciousness has been raised to a higher level.

Accelerate your sense of self

Nevertheless, my point is this: as long as you long for some better place in the physical realm, you cannot transcend the physical realm, you cannot ascend. But not only that, you cannot truly accelerate into a higher state. You cannot accelerate beyond the state you have when you have passed the initiations of the first three rays and therefore come to the retreat of Serapis Bey, saying: “Serapis, take me further. I have heard that you are the one who can take me further.” And I look you squarely in the eye and I say: “Nay, you have heard wrong. I, Serapis Bey, cannot take you further. You are the only one who can take yourself further by accelerating your sense of self. I may play some role in inspiring you to come to the point, where you are willing to go through this acceleration, but I can do nothing for you. You must be the doer – without being the doer with the outer mind – and therefore you must crack the enigma of what it means to accelerate, to truly accelerate but not in the ego’s way; in the way of the Christ.”

And thus, you must ponder the longings that spring from the ego, the longing for somewhere else, where things are better, which is really a longing away from where you are. You see, you cannot accelerate as long as you long to get away, for acceleration does not mean that you take what is and accelerate it. Acceleration means that you transcend what is by letting go of it, by surrendering it. And therefore, the key to acceleration is to first surrender that to which you are attached.

You see, my beloved, it is very simple. You may get the idea that what is holding you back on the spiritual path are certain energies that have been absorbed into your auric field. This is not untrue. There are energies that are holding you back. You might think that you ascend or rise higher by accelerating these energies. Indeed, you must accelerate the energies, for until you have purified the energies, they will be a dead weight that will hold you back.

But even if you accelerated all of the energies in your auric field, you would not automatically ascend. For what must you do then? You must accelerate your sense of self! But here is the difference: your sense of self is not made of energy, therefore it is not a matter of taking a lower vibration and accelerating that vibration gradually until you reach a higher vibration by crossing the threshold between love and fear. The acceleration of self does not work that way. The acceleration of self is not by accelerating your sense of self from the level it is at to a higher level.

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