Freedom beyond symbols

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, October 19, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I AM, and I come with a momentum of the Seventh Ray of freedom that is little known and little understood, even to ascended master students, and that is the momentum of victory. For truly, when you have gone through the initiations of the six rays, you have built a momentum. You know you can pass your tests, you know that whatever we, the Chohans, throw at you, you are able to deal with it, to step back, to look at yourself, to overcome anything in your psychology that stands in your way and then to surrender, to let go. And in letting go, you begin to feel a new energy rising within you, and that is the momentum of victory on the Seventh Ray of freedom.

For truly, when you realize that you are more than anything in this world – when you realize that you are more than any sense of self you have built through all of your embodiments – how can you fail to realize, that you can overcome and transcend and be free from any condition on earth, and any condition in your own psychology? And how can you then fail to feel this bubbling joy of victory coming up from the depth of your being?

Meeting Saint Germain face to face

That is, then, when you and I can meet, and I can appear to you, stand before you, not as this God-like figure high above you, but I can stand before you and look at you as an equal. And you can accept me as an equal, and we can therefore share in a moment of oneness, total oneness, of knowing that we have united in freedom!

For we are both god-free beings. I am a unique individual; you are a unique individual. I am not requiring you to be something you are not, and you are not afraid that I will require you to be something you are not. And that is, indeed, when we can transcend into a new awareness, where we both go beyond the student-teacher relationship. And we, indeed, unite in that Flame of Freedom, whereby you as the one in embodiment become an open door for giving that Flame of Freedom to all that you meet, the Flame of Freedom that I AM, and that I am willing to stream through you when we attain that oneness. This, then, is the vision of your potential, when you attain some mastery on the seven rays.

A special opportunity to attain freedom

And surely, those of you who have gone through this vigil of giving the decrees to the first six rays for one month each, you have made mighty strides towards this ultimate victory of freedom. And thus, as you give this decree to myself and to the Archangel and Elohim of the Seventh Ray for the next month, we desire to give you a special opportunity, where you can come to see all of the blocks to your freedom, especially your creative freedom.

For I am sure you realize, that from the moment you were born, and of course going back many lifetimes on this planet, the culture and the fallen beings, and even well-meaning human beings such as your parents and teachers and siblings, have done almost everything possible to hammer down your creative drive and your creative freedom. They have made you so afraid to express yourself, that most people dare not even be creative. They have even put upon you that your creativity should live up to a standard predefined by some institution or authority on earth.

But how can freedom be predefined? Creativity is the unknown – is that which has never before been seen – so how can creativity follow a predefined standard? It simply cannot be done, my beloved, and thus you will never be truly free until you dare to go beyond all of the man-made standards, even those that have been created based on a valid spiritual teaching. For even students of the ascended masters have created a standard for themselves and each other, and in many cases they built even an organizational culture that limited the creativity of the members. And this, of course, will not get you to the point of knowing the freedom of victory on the Seventh Ray.

How can you know victory, when you think you have to blindly follow an outer standard—that is not the Christ-standard but a standard based on the consciousness of anti-christ? This of course, will never lead you to freedom, and it will never lead you to victory.


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