Becoming peace is the highest level of service

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Ascended Master Nada, September, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

Nada, I AM. The Chohan of the Sixth Ray is the office I hold, not out of necessity, but out of love. Some of us who are Chohans could long ago have ascended to higher offices in the spiritual realm; but we have chosen to remain with earth out of love for the lifestreams on earth, for the planet itself, for Saint Germain and his Golden Age, for Jesus to see the fulfillment of his mission, and for many other reasons. One of which is that earth truly is an experimental planet, where if we are successful in raising the planet and its inhabitants to a higher level; we will create a matrix that can be used to raise other planets that are also lagging behind the acceleration rate of the material realm as a whole.

How many planets are there in the entire material universe, how many planets with life, where there are self-aware beings, who although very different in physical appearance, are indeed similar to humans in the sense that they have used their free will to descend below the 48th level of consciousness? Well, my beloved, we are not talking millions of planets, but we are talking multiple tens of thousands of planets. Of course, there are billions of planets where the inhabitants have chosen to raise their consciousness and follow the acceleration rate, in fact co-create the acceleration rate of the entire universe.

What is peace?

And thus you see, the Sixth Ray has often been called the ray of peace and the ray of service. What then is peace? It is not the absence of conflict, as many among human beings think. They think that if they can just remove conflict or remove the causes of conflict, or remove the people who are in conflict, then there will be peace. But you see, there will not necessarily be peace, although, certainly, it takes human beings and dark forces to embody the consciousness of anti-peace. But, nevertheless, the absence of conflict is not peace. What then is peace? It is a vibration, an energy of God, an active ingredient. Peace is not passive, peace is not sitting back, doing nothing.

You may look at the Buddha sitting in meditation. You may look at him as the epitome of peace, but he is not sitting there passively meditating. He is sitting there in oneness with the divine quality of peace or another divine quality, and he is radiating that peace as an active vibration to the entire planet, and that is how he is holding the balance for the entire planet. Holding the balance is not a matter of being passive; it is not a matter of being in some equilibrium where you are not radiating conflict, but not radiating anything else either. Holding the balance means that you are actively emitting, sending out as a sun, a particular God quality; which then holds the balance for the perversions of that God quality.

Thus, when students come to my retreat, the retreat that I share with Jesus and other ascended masters over Saudi Arabia; they will first go through some instructions about what I have told you. We will take them up to a place where they can, so to speak, look down over the earth as a whole. And they can see the particular areas of anti-peace. Of course, our retreat is located over Saudi Arabia because the Middle East is one of the most active areas of anti-peace on the planet, as you can truly see, going on right now as I give this dictation. For there is fighting in Syria, unrest in other countries, and then, of course, the absolute, the meaningless, protests and demonstrations against a movie that seemingly insults the Prophet Muhammad.

As if an insult to a true prophet of God could ever justify the killing of other human beings. And thus you see, it is very simple. Either Muhammad was not a true prophet of God or the modern followers who want to kill in the name of Muhammad are not true followers of a true prophet of God. It can be no other way. For killing in the name of a true prophet is impossible; it is simply impossible. There can never be any justification for killing in the name of God, killing in the name of Muhammad, killing in the name of Jesus, killing in the name of the Buddha, killing in the name of Krishna or any other true representative of the light of God.

And thus, we show the students, not only where there is unrest, but we show them the psychology, the psychological mechanisms, that cause people to be the open doors for the forces of anti-peace that exist beyond the physical, so that people in physical embodiment are simply like marionettes, like robots. And the dark forces in the astral plane are pulling their strings, stirring them into conflict at the least provocation, for they are always stirred. They are never at peace.

My beloved, out of the seven billion people on this planet, over eighty percent of them are constantly in a state of unpeace. Some call it stress, others call it other names. But there is a constant agitation in their chakras and especially in the solar plexus chakra, that is meant to be the sun of peace in your auric field. And thus, we show the students that anti-peace is a force, is a vibration. And we show them also – which they already know from the previous rays they have been on – that the only way to consume such a vibration is with a higher vibration.

And thus, many of the people who come to our retreat for the first time have been given, or have acquired, a misunderstanding of peace; seeing it as something passive. They think the best way to promote peace on this planet is to be a pacifist, like for example exemplified by Gandhi and others. But you see, was Jesus truly a pacifist? For if he had been, would he have been arrested and crucified and condemned by the authorities? Nay, for they are not threatened by those who sit in a cave and meditate upon God. They are threatened by those who go out and play an active role in society by challenging the lies that the elite is using to trap the people and to keep them indefinitely trapped in their schemes of anti-peace.


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