The Ruby Fire consumes the seven dragons of China

TOPICS: The deception ingrained in Chinese mentality – The seven cardinal lies – Slaying the seven dragons – Many Chinese function as mechanized men – A dire warning: chaos or growth –

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Ascended Master Archangel Chamuel, June 21, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

Chamuel with Charity, I AM. The third ray of love we represent to the earth. But love has, of course, often been misunderstood and misapplied on earth. It is taken to be soft, it is taken to be gentle, it is taken to be weak by those who have perverted either the wisdom or the power flame.

Yet, whereas those with a perverted blue flame may take upon themselves physical power on earth, they can never attain spiritual power without a balanced threefold flame. You cannot balance the threefold flame if you look down upon love as being weak or deficient.

Likewise, you see those who deify wisdom, often the wisdom of the intellect, the reasoning mind that is so easily deceived by the serpent. They raise it up as a god upon earth, using it to set themselves up as gods when they can. Again, they may assume a great reputation among me, but they cannot attain true spiritual power for, again, wisdom tends to look down upon love, and without a balanced threefold flame there can be no true power.

The deception ingrained in Chinese mentality

Thus, we the Archangel and Archeia of the third ray do come to perform a mighty clearance work on this nation of China. Indeed, we are able to use the chakras of this messenger that have been purified for this purpose, beginning a long time ago with his application of the spoken word. Certainly, many ascended master students who have applied the spoken work have also purified their chakras so that they can be part of this mighty work that is indeed of immense service, not only to this nation of China, but to all of humankind because of the pivotal position that China holds and will continue to hold for some time.

Certainly, most nations today are aware that China will play a greater and greater role in the future of the nations. Thus, they see the importance of true change in this nation so that this nation can overcome the mindset that makes it so difficult for many other nations to truly enter into an alliance based on trust with China. For who can trust a nation where deceit is so ingrained?

Surely, many among the Chinese people would object if they ever heard this statement, for they would say that the Chinese are not deceitful and not willfully lying. This is perhaps true in many cases, although certainly not all. But the greater problem here is simply this: You may say you are not deceitful, but if you have deceived yourself by coming to believe in a set of lies as reality, then you may not be willfully lying, but you are nevertheless basing your entire approach to life on an illusion, a lie.

The seven cardinal lies

There are seven cardinal lies that affect this nation of China, one for each of the chakras. They were not all created by the communist machine, but many of them do indeed go far back in time and have either been used by the communist regime or slightly twisted to suit the agenda of not only Chairman Mao’s form of communism, but also the different form of communism that has been seen in recent decades.

There is a lie that perverts the heart, which is the lie that love is weak, that love is soft. There is even the lie that in some cases it is necessary to use softness to achieve a goal, to achieve an end, such as deceiving the enemy or lulling him to sleep. But you see, true love has no enemy. Beyond this, true love has no agenda. It does not seek to put down any part of life but seeks to raise the all. And this is something that the Chinese people currently cannot fathom. For they can only think in terms of raising up themselves or raising up China as the nation among nations that shines beyond all others.

Then, of course, there is the perversion of the solar plexus chakra, which makes people believe they are peaceful. Yet they are not able to see the underlying frustration and anger that often boils to the surface at the slightest provocation. They are not willing to acknowledge that they themselves have this perverted peace, which is not peace at all. They seek to attain peace through control. But how can you attain true peace through control instead of applying the only key to true peace: surrender to your higher self.

Then there is the lie that perverts the soul chakra, the lie that puts down individuality and sees individuality as a threat and therefore seeks to squash it, for the state is more important than the creative expression of the individual. Thus, you see a nation of over 1 billion people where the vast majority of them simply do not have what you and other nations would call individuality or individual creativity. It has been so put down for lifetimes – the squashing of creativity has been so engrained in the mass consciousness – that even parents unwittingly pass it on to their children, seeking to make them conform to this perfect image of what the perfect Chinese child should be and how it should behave.

Then there is the lie of the base chakra, the lie that says that the feminine aspect of being is unworthy and should not be allowed to have power. Thus, it is either suppressed or it is taken out in various forms of perverted sexuality that have been practiced in this nation for thousands of years. It is also expressed in the putting down of women, the placing of no value on female children, the desire to abort them or the desire to give them away even after they are born. This suppression of women comes from the fear of the female aspect of being that is meant to balance the male so that it does not go too far into its warring extreme.

Then, going the other way from the heart, there is the lie that perverts the power center, the throat chakra. It says that men are inherently superior to women, and therefore only men should be allowed to make important decisions in the government and the military, and of course even more so in the family. This is a consciousness that seeks to put down the feminine. But what is the feminine polarity of God? It is all self-aware beings in embodiment who form that polarity. When the men are seeking to put down the women, they do not see that they are also putting down themselves, and therefore they are actually putting down their true spiritual power.

Although they may often be able to exercise some power on earth, it is a power based not only on force, but based on fear that comes from the threat of force. This could never be true power, for true power is always based on love, even the love of the people for a worthy leader who is balanced and who recognizes that he or she is merely a representative of the true leader of the people, namely a spiritual being of some kind.

Then, going to the third eye chakra, there are many people who believe that vision cannot be developed among the masses but only by an elite who are superior and can see what is best for the people. Obviously, the unwillingness to encourage vision among the people will only discourage creativity in the nation. Thus, you will see the inevitable replacement for true creativity, which has always been ritual. Ritual, rules; these very constrained expressions of art that are so controlled, so based on a pattern that cannot be deviated from. Even the characters of the Chinese language – that have become almost a religion in themselves – so controlled, so contrived, so artificial and lacking in true creative vision.

Then there is the perversion of the crown, the unwillingness to recognize that true wisdom cannot be defined on earth. It does not come from any earthly system or philosophy, it does not come from any earthly person but can only come from beyond. The ability to reach beyond the earthly realm is inherent in every human being and thus can be developed by anyone. Indeed, it must be developed by the majority of the people in a nation, if that nation is to manifest a society that is based on true wisdom, balanced wisdom.

Slaying the seven dragons

While I have been speaking, legions of Ruby Ray angels have been circling this nation of China, going in and out of the four levels of the material universe, seeking out all of those beasts – which you might picture as the typical Chinese dragon – that have embodied or been the expressions of the creation of these seven lies.

We have therefore, millions of us, cleared out these dragons. We have slain the dragons. We have consumed them by ruby red fire. Thus, we have cleared not only the chakras of this nation but we have anchored the light that can clear the chakras of the Chinese people, those who are willing. Our primary goal, in terms of clearing the chakras of the people, has been to clear those who have embodied here at this time because they have the potential to manifest or claim their Christhood in this lifetime. Therefore, they have stepped forward to speak out in Chinese society, to take up positions where they can make the greatest difference in bringing forth the progressive changes that, although they have already started, have not truly gained an unstoppable momentum precisely because they have been held back by these lies.

I speak into the mass consciousness of the Chinese people and I say: “You have been willfully ignorant of the fact that your chakras have been blocked and suppressed to the point where you cannot be the open doors for the creativity of God to stream through you. At the same time, you have allowed yourselves to be doubly ignorant by being deceived into believing that you yourselves, your government, your leaders, the heroes of the people and your nation have some superior status in the world. I come to shatter this veil and say: Wake up from this willful ignorance and be willing to stand naked before God that you might receive the true vision, not of how you are deficient, but of what it will take for you to be the open doors for the true creativity that is your highest potential.”

Many Chinese function as mechanized men

You must be willing to recognize that the majority of the people in this nation are functioning as spiritual robots, as mechanization men, who are simply incapable of creative thinking and creative problem solving. This can be seen in many everyday situations, from the waiter in the restaurant to the driver of the taxi to the workers of various forms of industry. But now consider that when this is so widespread among the working people, do you not also see that it is found equally among the leaders of business and government and the educational system?

It is possible to take on an appearance of having wisdom or having power while still being a mechanized human being who cannot think creatively. You have leaders who have attained great positions because they have always followed the rules of the Communist party and its ideology. Yet now there is a crisis situation where there are no rules that will bring a nation through the crisis. The rulers who are sitting there with the power cannot go beyond the rules and cannot think creatively.

Well, what do you then think will happen to this ship of the nation of China? It will be wrecked on the rocks of reality. If you will not heed these words and make use of the opportunity we have given by clearing the chakras of this nation – and be willing to clear your own chakras – then surely you must be awakened in another way. You will see an increased amount of natural disasters, and you will see the earth herself shake under your feet—if you do not wake up and wake up soon as measured with earth time.

Truly, the crust of the willful ignorance that has been entombing the Chinese people will be broken up by the light in these coming months, years and a decade or two. This nation will be shaken up and if you will not overcome your pride of superiority through a realistic assessment, then you must be humiliated until you will awaken yourselves. We of the ascended masters have, of course, no desire to put down any people. We have no desire to humiliate anyone. And we are not, for we are simply providing the light that gives you a co-measurement.

If you will not embody the light and let it stream through your chakras and bring forth creative solutions, then the light will simply accumulate until it shatters the hardened crust that you are not willing to be the open doors for consuming, little by little. Then instead, the tension must build until the light breaks through and the crust is shattered. Then the earth shakes in the process, or a storm moves in from the great Pacific Ocean that is the cradle of mighty winds.

There will be flood and rains. There may perhaps be the humiliation of military defeat if the mechanized leaders in their pride believe that numbers of soldiers and numbers of planes and numbers of ships can make up for a lack of creative thinking—which after all, even in war, is the key to victory, as opposed to defeat.

A dire warning: chaos or growth

The scales are hanging over this nation. They can tip to one side and there will be many problems and calamities. Or they can tip to the other and there will be great spiritual transcendence, leading also to physical transcendence.

If the scales tip to the wrong side, there will be fire, famine, earthquakes, typhoons and epidemics. There will be a chaos that even a nation the size of China cannot withstand and cannot overcome. This is not a doomsday prophesy, for certainly the nation will continue to exist, but the old mindset will not be able to survive – the mindset that makes the Chinese people think that they are somehow invincible, somehow above the laws of God.

The willful ignorance and the blocked chakras, the seven lies of the chakras, has an overall effect of making many people believe that they are not subject to the laws of God and that they can somehow cheat even the laws of nature. This is the mindset that will be challenged. If it is challenged by the people themselves, or at least those among them who have the potential to manifest Christhood, then much suffering, physical suffering, can be avoided.

This may indeed be considered a dire warning. Not that we expect many among the Chinese people to heed it, but it must be spoken into the mass consciousness where those who are sensitive may indeed tune in to the fact that there is a clock ticking and that there is only so much sand in the hourglass before a cycle becomes irreversible. Thus, there is a need, indeed, for voluntary transcendence and voluntary questioning of all of the illusions that the Chinese people have been brought up to never question.

There must be a willingness to look beyond one’s daily life and consider that there is more to life than material gain. There is more to life than having an orderly and harmonious society. There is no need for physical revolution but there is a need for spiritual revolution, a revolution in consciousness. Many are capable of sensing this—if they are willing.

Thus, with the action of clearance complete, I now raise a scepter of the Ruby Ray, and I let it fall seven times, clearing the seven chakras of this nation and the people who are willing to go through this clearance that may indeed be excruciating for some, as they have not before encountered the intensity of the ruby ray fire. Thus, with gratitude for the opportunity to speak this in the physical, I seal this release in the flame of unconditional ruby fire, love. Chamuel, I AM.


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