Apply to receive my mantle

Ascended Master Sanat Kumara, July 5, 2005.

I am known as the Ancient of Days. I am known as the eternal youth. Yet I am more than either image. I am the one who came to earth eons ago, when that earth was about ready to self-destruct through the darkness that human beings had embodied.

I have been known as Sanat Kumara, yet I am more. And in that flame of more, I am here to add my momentum of more to this new movement. I am giving a grant, a dispensation, to this movement. And that is a mantle, the mantle that I wore when I came to earth and descended into the dense energies of this planet. This is the mantle that will quicken the soul and awaken the soul to the reality of life, the reality of eternal life, that there is something more than what the soul experiences around it.

People can apply, and as they grow in attainment, I will give them that mantle. You will know when you have applied to that mantle, when you have become worthy to hold that mantle. And you will feel it drop upon you, and you will feel a fire burning in your heart, so that when you see someone who is asleep, you tune in to the mantle, and through that mantle the Light of God will stream forth and awaken that soul and spark that flame in the heart that is the key to growth, that is the key to freedom.

It may be myself who will work through the mantle, it may be Jesus, Saint Germain, El Morya, Mother Mary or any ascended master. It may be your own I AM Presence. Yet, does it really matter? Because up here we are all one. And the key to the success of this movement is that you see yourselves as one here below, through your own inner oneness with the greater Beings that you are.

You – as the spiritual people in embodiment – are ready to form that nucleus that will truly spread like rings in the water and enlighten those who are spiritually dead, those who are trapped in hypocrisy or ignorance. Thus, I commend you. I congratulate you. And I say, “I am here with you.”


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels