Anchoring the Mother Light in the base chakra of America

TOPICS: The death culture in Miami – The base chakra is the basis for manifestation – Understanding how the chakras work – Seeing Mother Nature as an enemy – Why hurricanes hit a certain area  – Holding the spiritual balance for your city –

Ascended Master Mother Mary, June 21, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, life is precious! Life is sacred because life is the process of God becoming MORE of itself. The core of life is self-awareness, the awareness that you exist, the awareness that you exist as whatever you see yourself as being. Life is imagination, the ability to imagine yourself as being MORE than what you currently experience, more than what you currently manifest. Life then is free will, the willingness to choose to be that more, to outpicture it, to manifest it. And even the ability to choose to be less.

This then is what gives God’s co-creators the ability to choose to be less than what they were created to be. And this is what gives them the ability to come to the point where they do not value life, they do not see life as a precious opportunity to learn, to grow. And thus, they can come to the point of being indifferent to life, your own life or the lives of others, even to the point of resenting the fact that they have life. Because, by choosing to be less, they have boxed themselves into a very small mental box, where there is no enjoyment, no happiness, no joy.

This is what you see in many places on this earth, where people have come to disregard the value of life. Even to the point where they are willing to play Russian roulette with their lives, treating life as if it was some commodity that could be put up as a bargaining chip in a game of chance—almost as if they want to lose that life through coincidence. For when they play a game of chance with their lives, they are able to ignore the very fact that the gift of life comes with responsibility, the responsibility that you are who you choose to be at any moment.

You cannot run away from that responsibility. Yet because people do not want to take responsibility for their lives and acknowledge that what they experience today is the result of their own choosing in this and past lives, they would rather let their future lives be decided by chance instead of their own decisions. They do not want to make decisions because they believe that no matter what they do, it will be wrong or lead to undesirable results.

The death culture in Miami

You see, in this city of Miami, an entire culture that is based on the indifference to life. They show disregard for the value of life, even the death wish that causes so many people to gamble with their lives, be it through drugs, alcohol, sexual perversions, prostitution, promiscuity, the party lifestyle, corruption or the way to make easy money by taking risks that are not easy and not rational.

Thus, I desire to appear in this place of the base chakra of America after the conference in the heart chakra of America because the victory that was won in Chicago gives me the opportunity to anchor an extraordinary Presence of my Being, of the Mother Flame in this place of the base chakra. This, then, can begin an alchemical process that can raise the awareness of the people in this area to the point where they regain – and are willing to reclaim – the sacredness of life, the value of life.

Because my Mother Flame will disturb them in their quest for pleasure or money or material possessions, whereby they will sense my flame and therefore sense that there is more to life than this senseless drive for more pleasure, more money or bigger houses. They will sense that there is more than an endless party that leaves them more empty than they were before they started. Which means they then have to take more drugs or go into a more wild lifestyle to find reprieve from their emptiness.

This becomes a downward spiral that never ends. What can bring them out of it is only the love for something beyond the emptiness, and that something is the longing to be in the embrace of the Mother of God, whereby they feel nurtured from a source that is above the material world. Yet is not so far above that they cannot sense it, as they are not yet ready to reconnect to the Father’s greater love.

Thus, my beloved, what you see in this area of Miami is an example of a culture that has completely forgotten the Father’s love and has perverted the Mother’s love, whereby people think it is their right, even a necessity, that they seek to control the Mother Light and use it for the short-term gain of either material possessions or pleasure.

Consider the name “Miami.” “M-i“ or “m-y” stands for my and mine, and “am-i” is a reversal of the name of God “I AM.” Thus, the “my” of the ego seeks to control the Mother Light, the Light of God, and seeks to use it to build a pleasure cult rather than the kingdom of God—which is the truly abundant life. The truly abundant life is both abundant materially and spiritually. What you see instead in this area is that so many people focus all of their attention on building a life that is as abundant materially as possible but is completely empty spiritually and therefore can never satisfy them. This forces them to go into the spiral of seeking more and more in this world, rather than seeking the MORE of the Spirit, the MORE of their own higher Beings, which is the only source of true fulfillment and joy.

The base chakra is the basis for manifestation

Instead of accepting that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give them the kingdom, people seek to take that kingdom by force by perverting the Mother Light. The base chakra of your individual being, and the base chakra of a nation, is truly the “space” where material abundance is brought into manifestation. It is through the base chakra that you manifest an abundant material life.

Yet in order to manifest God’s abundant life, the base chakra must be in alignment with the heart. It must be under the guidance of the heart, because only the heart is the open door between your lower being and your higher Being. And only when you are centered in the heart, and allow your higher being to direct your life through the heart, will you have God’s abundant life. What happens when the heart is closed off because of hardness of heart? Well, what happens is that you are still co-creating through the base chakra. But now you cannot co-create in alignment with God’s greater plan nor with your own divine plan. And thus, what happens is one of two things.

One is that the base chakra itself becomes polluted by self-centered short-term desires, whereby the person enters the endless quest for pleasure, seeking physical pleasure, whether through sexual activity or any other means. This becomes a downward spiral because when there is no connection to the heart, there can be no true enjoyment of the pleasures or the possessions of this world.

True joy, true fulfillment, comes only when you manifest things and experiences in the material realm that are in alignment with God’s purpose and with your own divine plan. When you are out of alignment with this higher vision, anything you do will give you a sense of emptiness, of never being quite fulfilled. Thus, ego-desires can never give you true happiness, as ultimate fulfillment comes only from knowing you are raising up both yourself and all life.

And thus, no matter how much sex or how many possessions people have, they are never satisfied, they are never filled—they are still empty. This leads people to try to misuse the Mother Light instead of allowing the clarity, the vision, of the heart to manifest the abundant life that God desires to give all of his co-creators. They now seek to take it by force by doing it according to what their egos think they need—right now, right here. Thus, there is no concern for long-term consequences, there is only what feels good right now. And thus comes the whole concept of, “If it feels good, do it!”

“Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die,” as they say. And truly, so many people in this area live this way. They might go out and work throughout the week, but come the week-end, they go out to eat, drink and be merry, not caring whether they live the next morning.

The other thing that happens when the heart is closed off is that if the base chakra is not ruled by the endless quest for pleasure, it will be ruled by the head, by the analytical mind, and its quest for whatever it seeks, which is often power and superiority. Thus, you see in this area an enormous amount of corruption and an enormous striving for, even an entire culture of, making easy money with no regard for how it affects other parts of life.

You also see the perversion of the intellect, the perversion of the crown chakra, which is seeking superiority over other people, rather than seeking the connection to the God within that gives you the knowledge that you are one with God and all life is one with God, and thus what is the point of seeking superiority over others. The true fulfillment comes from seeking to raise up all life rather than creating the state of inequality that gives the impression to some people that they are better than others because they have more power or more possessions.

Understanding how the chakras work

My Beloved, I desire you to understand that your chakras are designed to release light, and thus any release of light through your chakras will give you a sense of pleasure. You can force the light to be released through the base chakra through certain forms of music and sexual practices. You can force the light through the crown chakra by attaining and exercising power over others, giving rise to a sense of superiority. Indeed, you can force the release of light through all of the chakras. Yet such a forced release of light will only give you temporary pleasure.

It is much like the forced high that comes from stimulants of the body, from sugar to drugs. It will inevitably wear off, and when it does, you end up feeling more empty than before because at some level of your being is the realization that you have squandered God’s Light and the opportunity to raise up yourself and all life. Yet when you seek first the kingdom of God and the righteousness of seeking to raise all life, you will indeed experience pleasure from the release of light that brings forth a positive manifestation. This will be a deeper pleasure that leads to an enduring sense of joy that does not wear off but leads to a permanent sense of fulfillment and a sense of purpose and meaning.

Many people have indeed spent years or decades on a senseless pursuit of short-term pleasure and have finally tired of it, thus finding a deeper joy by doing things for others. This is why you see a few rich people who have turned to philanthropy as their way to gain true fulfillment. I wish more people would do this instead of continuing the endless cycle of seeking to cover over their inner emptiness.

Seeing Mother Nature as an enemy

My Beloved hearts, a famous poet once said, “East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet.” Well, you see a miniature version of the concept in this area, where the further you go East, the bigger the houses, the bigger the high-rises, the more money people have. Whereas when you go West, you find the trailer parks, where people can barely make a living and live in structures that will be blown away by a strong wind. In contrast, the rich people live in concrete fortresses that they believe can survive anything that Mother Nature can send at them—as if Mother Nature and the Ma-ter Light is the enemy.

And, in a certain sense, Mother Nature is the enemy of the rich people who seek to raise up themselves by taking from others. For as I have explained, the Ma-ter light has a built-in contracting force that seeks to break down any structure that is out of alignment with the design principles of the Creator. Thus, the more you see people who seek to control the Mother Light and take abundance or power through force, the more they will create a counter-force that seeks to restore balance to the light itself. This is actually a survival mechanism that prevents people from self-destructing by setting limitations for how far they can take their selfishness into the extreme.

Thus, my beloved, many people have indeed been awakened by seeing how Mother Nature is able to take away even the strongest structures built by man, as if they were made of straw. Which is why last year’s hurricanes in Florida and elsewhere did indeed awaken many people to the impermanence of life. Some people have responded with a determination to build even stronger fortresses, while others simply seek to prepare themselves to survive the next storm. Yet some have indeed contemplated the impermanence of life in the material universe and have decided to turn to a more spiritual lifestyle.

This, of course, is the only hope for the turning back of future hurricanes, for there is no desire on the part of God and the ascended masters to punish anyone. Please understand that I am the Divine Mother for all life on earth. I clearly see that some co-creators have become extremely selfish in their desire to control the Ma-ter Light and take abundance by exploiting other people or Mother Nature. Nevertheless, I do not hate such people but embrace them as my children gone astray. Thus, I have no desire to see them be punished for their misdeeds. Instead, I only desire to see them awakened, so they can remove themselves from the state of consciousness that causes people to become selfish.

We of the ascended masters have only one desire, namely to raise up all life until they transcend the duality consciousness and can then receive the truly abundant life of the Father through the materialization of the Mother’s nurturance and love. So even a hurricane is not God’s punishment, and the greatest potential for avoiding future hurricanes in this area is that people come to the understanding of the spiritual cause and effect behind these violent storms.

Why hurricanes hit a certain area

As a crude analogy, consider that there was a rubber sheet covering the area of Florida and the Caribbean. As people misuse the Mother Light, the misqualified energies concentrate and form a dead weight that naturally stretches the rubber sheet and creates a depression in the sheet wherever the concentration of energy reaches the greatest intensity. Now imagine that a ball comes rolling in from the East. Where will this ball end up but in the deepest depression in the rubber sheet?

The ball, of course, represents a hurricane coming in from the Atlantic and being attracted to a specific path based on where there is the greatest concentration of misqualified energy. The hurricane is fed by heat on the material level but is truly caused by misqualified energy. Like attracts like, so the hurricane will inevitably be attracted to an area on land where there is a high concentration of negative energy.

My Beloved, as violent as a hurricane is, it can actually have a beneficial effect in terms of shattering the stale concentration of misqualified energy over a city. The rigid energy that has accumulated is literally blown apart and scattered over a larger area. Obviously, this does not mean that the energy is transformed into pure energy, but it does mean that a concentration of energy can be dispersed with the result that an area can remain purer for some time, until the people – if they do not change their lifestyle – create another concentration that will magnetize the next hurricane.

Thus, what you saw in last year’s hurricane season was that the hurricane known as Katrina did indeed pass over South Florida, but it did not cause maximum damage because the energy field of this area was still not back to the negativity found before Andrew scattered it some years ago. Thus, the hurricane continued its path, actually picking up some of the negative energy in Miami and carrying it on to its ultimate destination in the New Orleans area.

What can break this spiral of the accumulation of energy that leads to a major hurricane, only to immediately begin the process of accumulation that leads to the next hurricane? Only that the people become awakened and take responsibility for their city! Yet it is not necessary that all are awakened, for truly a few people can make a difference, as illustrated in the story of Sodom and Gomorra. Did not Abraham plead with God that he would spare the city if 50, 10 or even just one righteous person could be found? Likewise, a few people who are sincere in seeking to raise their consciousness can buy time for even a large city so that more people have the opportunity to be awakened. It is indeed to facilitate this process that I have decided to anchor a portion of my Light in this area. Partly to support those who have already started raising their consciousness and partly to disturb those who are still focused on the raising of the little self rather than raising all life.

Holding the spiritual balance for your city

What does it truly mean to become one of the righteous people? Well, it does not mean that you become perfect according to some human standard that is based on the ego’s judgment after appearances. Neither does it mean that you belong to a certain church or perform certain outer rituals and practices. To become a righteous person means that you are willing to heal your own psychology, to confront your ego and overcome the wounds and divisions in your psyche. By coming into wholeness within yourself, you will come into Oneness with God and oneness with other people of like mind. And this is the true righteousness that can be the open door for mitigating natural and man-made disasters and eventually bringing in the Golden Age.

It is encouraging to us that we now begin to see – among the spiritual people world-wide – the establishment of a true community based on wholeness and a sense of oneness of purpose. As you continue to grow together – and grow together in oneness – this community can spread as rings in the water. For as other people use spiritual teachings and tools to heal themselves, they too will become not only examples but the open doors through whom we can release light that can heal others. Thus, the movement can continue to grow as many of you become the instruments for healing others, spreading like rings in the water with an almost infinite potential.

This is the true joy of my heart, as I watch how those who are open to healing are transformed by simply being around others who are further along on the path, and thus become the instruments through whom we can work. This is the true community of the Holy Spirit, where the members realize the truth in Jesus’ call that those who would be the greatest among men seek to be the servants of all. They seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, namely the wholeness that sets you free from the ceaseless and senseless drive to raise up the ego-self in comparison to others.

I commend all spiritual people for the healing you have gone through, and I desire you to ask for the inner vision of how you individually and you collectively can form a spiritual healing mission that goes beyond all boundaries and does not seek to simply make people members of an outer organization, instead seeking to bring all to the inner path of oneness.

My Beloved, as I have spoken these words in the physical octave in this place,* the words have become chalices for the anchoring of my Mother Flame over a large portion of this city. In the coming months and years, you will see how the light will begin a transformation process that can be reinforced by people giving rosaries and even other prayers. Yet were we to see the emergence of a more organized effort to use my new invocations in this city, the changes that could come about would be truly magnificent and would then serve as a foundation for clearing other areas of this nation. For if we can establish a strong foundation of clearing the heart and the base chakra, we will have the potential to go much further in bringing Saint Germain’s vision for the Golden Age into manifestation. Thus, I seal you now, and I seal this city in the love of the Divine Mother, and I say, “It is finished; it is manifest!”


Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels