Anchoring the Freedom Flame in the center of the earth

TOPICS: We are on the doorstep to the Golden Age – What will it take for a Golden Age to be manifest on earth? – What does it take to be a disciple of Saint Germain? – “God’s chosen people” are those who fell out of pride – The true path of humility – The beginning of the Age of Aquarius – The Guardians of the Mother Light movement – Saint Germain’s relationship with Mother Mary – The Mother Flame of Mary is the master-key to the Golden Age – Nothing can limit the God of Freedom –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, July 4, 2005 through Kim Michaels. NOTE: Prior to the dictation, the Battle Hymn of Republic was played.

Let us live to make men free, while God is marching on. Say with me now, “I AM freedom. Freedom I AM.” I AM Freedom! Freedom I AM! And I am Saint Germain and I am here to be freedom through you!

Many years ago the person that I am speaking through today, heard me speak through another messenger for the first time. At that time, in 1985, I was far less optimistic than today. Many complicated situations were hanging as dark clouds over the horizon on planet earth and could truly have unleashed disasters never before seen. Thus many of the prophecies that were given by myself and other masters were indeed true potentials that could have taken place.

Yet because many responded to the call – not only those who heard me speak directly, but also many around the world who raised their consciousness and their vibration to the flame of freedom – these disasters were averted. And therefore, today, I can stand before you and say, “We are at the doorstep of the Golden Age.”

I am not saying there are no clouds on the horizon, but I am saying that the clouds on the horizon can be blown away by the Flame of Freedom within your hearts and mine, forming the figure-eight flow from me Above to you below. And thus I come today for the absolute God Victory of Freedom’s Flame in the Golden Age of Aquarius. And I come to anchor in the earth a replica of the Freedom Flame that burns on the altar of the Central sun, that is indeed the original Freedom flame that is sparked by the Creator of this universe. Never before has this flame been anchored on planet earth, and it is anchored at this very moment in the center of the earth, in a temple not made by hands and not seen by human eyes. It is here, and it is here to stay!

That flame is anchored through my own heart flame, my individualized God Flame that I AM. I am willing to impart a portion of that Freedom Flame that I AM to each and every one who would have it. I am willing to anchor it in the secret chamber of your heart, where it will envelop your threefold flame, your individual flame, and fan it, so that it rises and burns evermore brightly and becomes that beacon that will guide all people to the safe shore of the Golden Age.

Therefore I say to you anyone who will hear or read this statement of mine: make up your mind quickly. Will you have the Freedom flame or will you not? For I impart it to you now. Then it is done according to your wish!

What will it take for a Golden Age to be manifest on earth?

Now then, what will it take for a planet to be raised from the conditions we see today to the perfection of the Golden Age? It will take that some of you truly become here below all that you are Above. And thus, this statement of Jesus’ is indeed the motto, the Golden Rule, for the next 2,000 years. And I endorse it wholeheartedly, having played a humble part in formulating it.

For truly, many people think that Jesus and Saint Germain are not working together. So many people recognize Jesus and recognize none after him. So many people have abandoned Christianity and recognize Saint Germain or other New Age teachings, yet they do not see the importance of Christ. But truly, how can there possibly be a Golden Age if it is not built on the rock of Christ? It would be a ship driven with the wind and tossed. It would be the house built on sand, the shifting sand of the human ego.

What does it take to be a disciple of Saint Germain?

And thus, when this messenger first heard me speak, in 1985, I was on the European continent. And I had to say that too many came to our activity, to the feet of the masters, to have their egos pampered. They wanted a feel-good message that they were the most important people on the planet and they were saving the planet for Saint Germain. Yet how can the human ego save the planet, when it is the human ego that has brought the planet to where it is today? And thus, I said back then, “Where are those who dare say to me, ‘Saint Germain, strip me of my pseudo self?’” And, many people said it with the mouth but few said it with the heart.

I come with a message that those who would apply to be students of Saint Germain had better first make peace with the Lord Christ and with Jesus himself. And what is the essence of Christhood? It is that you overcome the serpentine mind, the mind of the fallen angels, which is based on pride.

There are those in the New Age community and elsewhere who claim to be spiritual leaders or gurus or messengers or channelers, and they claim to be channeling Saint Germain or other masters. Yet they have not made peace with Christ. They have not let go of the ego. They have not been willing to humble themselves. And you will see those out there who try to build themselves up because they have done or this or that important thing in this lifetime or they were this or that important person in a past lifetime.

But truly, if you will to be a student of Saint Germain and be a torchbearer, a lightbearer a forerunner for the Age of Aquarius, then the one essential feature you must have is humility. Because I tell you, the Age of Freedom cannot come about unless people are willing to be free from their egos. And thus I tell you that the gatekeepers to the door of the City Foursquare will not tolerate the human ego. You will not enter that City Foursquare as long as you carry around the ego and seek to enter the City in order to have the ego glorified.

And therefore, I can guarantee you that if you come to me and apply to be my student or to help me save the planet, I will say, “Go first to the Lord Christ and let him pummel you, and then – when you have gotten rid of your ego – come back and we will talk.”

I am a stern master because I have seen in past ages how a Golden Age civilization can deteriorate within a few generations because the human ego is allowed to run rampant. And I am determined that in the Aquarian Age we will not have a Golden Age civilization that deteriorates in a few decades. We will have the Kingdom of God permanently anchored on earth. And that can only happen when you, who are willing to be our hands and feet, are also willing to let go of your egos and when you don’t seek to have those egos pampered so that you can feel more important than others. And thus I will give you a teaching that has not been released before on this planet.

“God’s chosen people” are those who fell out of pride

When God sent Moses to the Israelites, he did not send him to a particular group of people. This is simply a symbol for a particular state of consciousness. What does it mean to be God’s chosen people? Who were God’s chosen people, and who are they today?

Well God’s chosen people were indeed those who were created in the spiritual realm as the angels, the representatives of God. That was how they were created; they were created to be the angels in the higher realms who would step down the energies of God to the lower realms. And therefore, they were the first creations of God, and therefore one can say that they were chosen by God to play that important role of stepping down the light for everyone else. But when they became intoxicated with their pride and they fell, they maintained their pride and they have maintained it to this day.

And thus, when Moses was sent to the Israelites, he was sent as a symbol for the messenger of God who comes to those who have fallen because of pride. They think they are the most important beings. They think they are God’s chosen people, and that is precisely why they were given the message that they were the chosen people.

Their test was to realize that they were created for a high estate—they were created for a particular high position, but that they could fulfill that position only through the absolute humility, including the humility of being willing to serve those that they considered below them—and those who are in some sense below them because they were created later, they were created to be the sons and daughters of God who evolve up through the material world, up through the Spiritual realms, until they too reach the fullness of the God consciousness with which the angels were created in the beginning.

So truly, when you understand the equation, you realize that being God’s chosen people on earth is not a very high position. Because it meant that you fell through pride, and that you need to go within, to look in the mirror, to look at the beam in your eye instead of looking at the mote in the eyes of those who are below you in rank but are truly not below you in humility. Did not Christ say, “He would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all” (Mark 10:44). And that is indeed another motto that could blaze across the sky for the Aquarian Age.

The true path of humility

Let us live to make men free. Do you think that I am here to glorify myself? Do you think I am here to set myself up as some kind of king, as some kind of idol, who will be idolized as Jesus has been idolized by the false preachers of Christianity for 2,000 years?

Nay, I am not here to put myself up, I am not here to elevate myself above anyone. I am here to help everyone see the God within, the Christ within themselves, so they can see that there is no one that is more important than others, for God loves all. Even though people have been created to play different roles in the drama of life, it does not mean that they are more valuable. Being God’s chosen people means that you are chosen for a specific mission, and as long as you fulfill that mission all is well and you are multiplying the talents given. Yet, if you – through pride – begin to think that other people should serve you, then you have lost the thread of contact to your Lord.

And then, the only way back – once you have fallen into pride – the only way back is through complete and utter humility. And that is why we prescribe for all who would be students of the ascended masters the path of humility.

It does not matter where you came from, whether you fell from Above or whether you fell from below. The past is not important. What is important is where you are willing to go. Are you willing to be pummeled? Are you willing to humble yourselves? And thus I say to you, “In the Aquarian Age, those who are considered greatest in the eyes of God are those who have the greatest humility because they have the least ego. They have the least pride.”

Do not seek to be great in the eyes of men if you would be great in the eyes of God. Seek instead the complete humility, where you realize that you are not here to glorify your individual self because you are more than that individual self. You are a part of the Body of God on earth, and only when the entire Body of God is raised up do you have the fulfillment for which you came. You did not come here to glorify the ego, you came here to glorify God as the All that is in all.

The beginning of the Age of Aquarius

This is my message on this Fourth of July, 2005, which marks the beginning of what I consider the real Age of Aquarius. And if you would time it, then time it from 12 o’clock Noon, Eastern Standard Time, 2005. [NOTE: This is the beginning stage of the Aquarian age, and the official Aquarian age was inaugurated by Saint Germain on March 22, 2010.]

Yet, be careful that you do not pay so much attention to the outer things, and the precise time and the alignment of the stars that you become lost in the outer and forget that the real key to the Age of Aquarius is freedom from the ego, freedom from pride, freedom from the consciousness of anti-christ, the serpentine mind of pride, saying that one individualization of God is more important than other individualizations of God. This has been the bane of the earth now for thousands upon thousands of years, since those lifestreams that fell from Above were allowed to enter this realm. And it is time to get them off, those who will not bend the knee in humility to the Lord Christ within themselves and within others. It is time that they leave.

But in order for them to leave, the law requires that someone must be raised up to the level of Christhood that the fallen beings had before they fell. And only then can they be taken. And thus it is up to you who are on the Christ path, who understand the true inner teachings of Christ, to raise up your own Christ attainment to that level, where you can be the counterbalance in the earth that allows Michael, Archangel Michael, to come in and take those fallen angels who will not bend the knee to the second death, to the court of the sacred fire, where they face the ultimate choice—will you bend the knee or will you dissolve yourself into your own evil.

The Guardians of the Mother Light movement

I come also to start a new movement, and it is a movement that is dedicated to honoring the Mother Light. For truly, all in this realm is the Mother Light, and the key to raising up this planet to manifest the Golden Age is the Mother Light and the raising of that light. [NOTE: This is not a physical movement but a movement in consciousness. There is no outer membership. You join in your heart.]

We have sometimes given the concept that the Golden Age or the City Foursquare or the Kingdom of God will be lowered to earth and manifested on earth. Yet this is a concept adapted to people’s linear state of consciousness, for truly how can the perfection of God ever be lowered to the low vibrations that you find on planet earth today? So there is only one solution to manifesting the kingdom of God on earth, and that is raise the vibration of earth, to raise the vibration of the Ma-ter light to the vibration of the City Foursquare and the Kingdom of God.

And that can only happen when there are those in embodiment who are willing to be the guardians of the Mother Light—in their own beings and in all life on earth. Those who defend the Mother Light, those who are willing to reach for the immaculate concept that they can see only through the mind of Christ. And those who are willing to know that they are one with the All and that all is raised up. This is the true need of the hour, those who will honor that Ma-ter light.

And thus, I inaugurate now a new movement, named “Guardians of the Mother Light.” Yet it is a necessary step up, because it is no longer sufficient to keep the flame of Light in your own temple. What is the need of the hour is to guard the Mother Light in all—not only living things, but even inanimate matter itself. So we need those who are willing to dedicate themselves to guarding that light, to raising that vibration of the Mother Light in themselves and to defend the Mother Light in many ways that you will know from within your own hearts and that we will also reveal to you as time is right.

Saint Germain’s relationship with Mother Mary

And let me end on a softer note. I would take you back to the time when I had the great privilege of being the guardian of the Mother Light in the Mother of Jesus. Truly, this magnificent Being, that you know as Mother Mary, had humbled herself to take on embodiment. She humbled herself to say to the angel, “Oh Lord, be it unto me according to your will,” not knowing where this would lead. And then one day, she knew by the Holy Spirit that this gruff, elder gentleman who stood before her was to be her husband and that together they would conceive the Christ child.

I must tell you that back then I was not a particularly distinguished gentleman. I was somewhat of a rough character, and that was how I was known in the community. So I can assure you that for a temple virgin like Mary, it was quite an adjustment to leave her temple life and join this elderly gentleman of a somewhat questionable reputation. Yet, she remained true to her promise to God. She humbled herself, and I must tell you that I was not always an easy man to be around. For I too had grown up in a culture that was male-dominated, and where the man was seen as more important than the woman. And I felt a certain cultural habit and obligation to put my foot down and be the man in the house, the one who wears the pants in the family. Yet clearly, Mary was the one who had the spiritual attainment in that family.

And there were times, I must tell you, where I awoke early in the morning, and Mary was still asleep. And I would lie there and watch her profile as she breathed gently. And at times I could set aside that outer male ego, that is such a fragile thing, and I could look at her and the tears would well up in my eyes and I would say, “How could I possibly have been so fortunate to deserve this experience of being with this Being of Light?”

And I do in no way dishonor the fact that both Mary and I recognized that even we were humbled by the son we had brought forth. But in this context I am focusing on honoring Mary and the Mother Flame that she held back then and that she holds even stronger today.

The Mother Flame of Mary is the master-key to the Golden Age

For I must tell you that when I spoke in the past, the situation on this planet was dire. I truly had no way of knowing whether it would be possible to manifest the Golden Age of freedom. It was indeed possible that the earth would enter a downward spiral that would take her down, down, down, until it would be centuries or a millennia before a Golden Age could be built. And I must tell you that the only thing that made the difference, that tipped the scales and turned the earth into an upward spiral, was indeed the Mother flame held by Mary for the earth. Had it not been for Mary, neither Jesus, with all his attainment, nor myself, with all my attainment on freedom, could have turned the tide and turned the earth into an upward spiral.

And thus I must tell you that the greatest hope that we have for turning around the planet – for reinforcing the upward spiral of the planet, for she has already been turned around – is that those in embodiment will follow the path of dedicating themselves to raising the Mother Light, to guarding the Mother Light and doing so under the guidance of Mother Mary and by using the tools she has released. Truly her rosaries and invocations are THE essential spiritual tool for the Aquarian age.

I am not saying that there are not others that are valid tools. But Mother Mary’s rosaries are THE essential tool that will reinforce all others. And thus I must say to you, “If you have any dedication to Saint Germain and to the cause of freedom, then take up Mother Mary’s rosaries!” I, for one, cannot understand how someone can claim to be a student of Saint Germain and scoff at these rosaries that radiate so much love that only the blind can fail to see it. So, if you have ever considered yourself to be a student of Saint Germain, I say, “Wake up and realize that here is where I AM in this age.”

Nothing can limit the God of Freedom

Again I must correct myself, for I will not end on a soft note. I will indeed end on a firm note, because I must tell you that there are many, many people who have made contact with my heart through an outer organization or an outer teaching or a book. And they have realized that they are indeed tied to my heart. Yet they have used that outer teaching, that outer organization or even an outer book to build a mental image of what they think Saint Germain is like and what Saint Germain should say and what he should not say and when he should appear and through whom he should speak or how he should appear.

This is folly! I am the God of Freedom, and the God of Freedom is always on the move. I am not the same today as I was thirty years ago, sixty years ago, when certain teachings were released by me. Truly, those teachings were true; they were released by me. But they were released based on the consciousness of the planet at the time and on the consciousness that I was at the time. Because I have transcended myself many times in the last several decades.

And that is why I say to you, “If you are a true student of Saint Germain, be willing to look in the mirror, be willing to examine the mental images you have built and realize that no mental image can capture and hold and imprison the God of Freedom, because I am moving on with God. I am in the River of Life and I am flowing.”

Do you want to be with me, or do you not want to be with me? Do you want to sit around and worship an idol that you have built based on a teaching of yesterday? Or do you want to be with me now as I flow on in the River of Life. Because I must tell you, I am here to make men free, and through me God is marching on.

March with me or be left behind because I have no more time to dally around with the human ego and its expectations. Therefore, I say, “It is done with the ego! Be done with it! I am done with it! And the Aquarian Age will not let it in.” So it is sealed. So it is done for I, the God of Freedom, have spoken it, and it is manifest in the physical, NOW.


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels