Anchoring the Flame of Peace on Earth 

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Ascended Master Archangel Uriel through Kim Michaels, January 6, 2024. This dictation was given during the New Year’s webinar 2024: BEING the Flame of Peace in a world in transition.


I AM the Archangel Uriel, and I am here to anchor the Flame of Peace on earth, not in any particular location, but more as a flame that is spread throughout the collective consciousness, especially for now at least, in the emotional body of humankind.

What is the earth going through right now? Well, it has for several years been going through a building up of fear in the emotional body. When you look at the collective consciousness, you see that there has been a gradual increase in the energy of fear. Naturally, there has for a very long time been some very large reservoirs of fear in the emotional body.

Vortexes of fear

But what happens is that as fear increases, you see first a general increasing of the energy of fear, then you see a gradual concentration of fear in certain areas and then you gradually see that vortexes start forming in that energy of fear and it can eventually become like a maelstrom that starts swirling and rotating, and therefore starts pulling on the emotional bodies of all people who are open to this particular kind of fear.

What you see beginning is the formation of certain vortexes, and my flame is meant to counteract these vortexes. Naturally, I cannot, I will not, go against the free will of human beings, but I will give them an opportunity to sense that there is an alternative to this fear-based reaction—that it is not inevitable to go into this fear-based reaction and that the outcome that people are beginning to fear is not inevitable either.

If you look back at the history of this planet, you will of course, see many, many times where you have had the formation of these vortexes of fear. And what is the consequence of this? Well, in many cases, it is that gradually people’s emotional bodies become more and more agitated. People’s solar plexus chakras become more and more filled with this vibration of fear until the solar plexus chakra can start rotating in the opposite direction of what is normal.

This can, on a larger scale, lead to entire groups of people, entire nations, even entire segments of the population worldwide, being pulled into such a matrix of fear—and this is what can gradually build up this sense of agitation that becomes so intense that people cannot stand it. They cannot live with it. And what happens is in many cases that then, when people reach this point of cannot live with it, they become open to those who are promising them that they can do better. Or, that it is necessary to do something drastic, something violent in order to bring improvement.

Now, if you look at a very individual level, what is it that causes some people to go into violence and commit physical violence against other people? It is this buildup of fear energy in the solar plexus chakra that eventually reaches this crescendo, this intensity that people cannot stand. And therefore, without understanding why, without making a conscious decision, they lash out with violence. This is what has happened on an individual level. This is what has happened many times on a collective level, even with large groups of people. They become so agitated that they cannot stand it anymore and therefore, they become open to those who are promoting either a revolution or a war.

The desire for final solution in the Middle East

You can look at the situation that is happening, that is unfolding right now in the Middle East, where you see that for the last many years, I will not even put a number on it, there has been this buildup in the collective consciousness of the Palestinian people. I am in no way saying that this is entirely their own doing. This is very much a reaction to the policies and the actions of Israel. I am simply pointing out that there has been this buildup in the collective consciousness. This has led gradually to the formation of this organization of Hamas, the rising of certain leaders in this organization, who then decided quite some time ago, to gradually build up to the point where they could carry out this violent strike against Israel that they, in their minds, believe could be some final strike that could change the equation.

You gradually see how more and more among the Palestinian people got pulled into supporting this cause until the intensity of the energy had reached a point where they could no longer stand it, they could no longer hold it back, and so they executed the attack. Now, at the same time, you have also seen a buildup in the Jewish nation with a gradually rising tension and frustration between the more moderate and the very conservative Orthodox Jewish people and so also, their tension has been rising. Naturally, when the attack occurred from Hamas, that tension was then released in what you now see is, by any normal standard of humanity, a disproportionate response.

You see that on both sides was built up this desire for some ultimate action, some ultimate solution, even some final solution, as some people have observed. Hamas was hoping to strike such a fatal blow that it would either destroy the state of Israel, or at least change the equation for the Palestinian people. And at the same time, some people in Israel have desired to come up with this final solution to the Palestinian problem and you may look at this situation from a certain perspective.

You may try as an outsider to rationalize. And this is, of course, what you see in the Western nations, you see it in many of the Arab nations. They are trying to come up with rational reasons. But this situation is not driven by rational people or by rational thinking in general. It is driven by the buildup of fear energy in the solar plexus chakra collectively. And this is what caused the current situation. You can use all kind of logic, all kind of rational thinking, to say: “Oh, it must be this, or it must be that.” And you can point to factors and it is not that these factors are not part of the picture. But if you only look at these factors, you will always end up not being able to fully answer why this happened.

A spiritual poison of fear and hatred

You cannot answer the question of why some of these dramatic events happened, unless you look at the buildup of energy. You see this in all conflict situations and that is why we have chosen the theme for this conference to be ‘Being the Flame of Peace’. The energy I am talking about, the buildup of this fear, this anger, this hatred, this desire for some drastic solution, this is a spiritual poison. It is simply an energy that acts like poison in people’s energy fields, and especially in their solar plexus chakras. It is the same as if you took a poison into your physical bodies.

If you start inserting a poison, for example, by eating it, you know that it is only a matter of time before it reaches such a concentration that it causes a violent reaction in the body, perhaps even the death of the body. And it is exactly the same with this spiritual poison of anti-peace. It gradually builds until a vortex starts forming and when the vortex starts forming, those who are weak, those who are open to that poison because of their own individual psychology, will get pulled into the vortex. And they cannot stop themselves and they eventually come to a point where the only solution they can see is violence and this has been the problem that you see throughout the world.

When a conflict occurs, or when it is over, here come the rational intellectual people with their linear analytical minds. They look at the situation and they look, this happened, this condition was there, these people did this, these people said this, and they try to find a rational explanation for the conflict. And it is not, as I said, that the rational factors do not have an impact. But you can find situations where you find very similar factors that cause tension between people and it does not lead to violence and therefore, it is not the rational reasons that cause the violence. It is the buildup of energy until those who have weak minds cannot stop themselves from lashing out with anger, hatred, and violence. This is the case in any conflict.

The buildup of fear energy

There are, of course, some times where you can see that one person was instrumental in pulling an entire nation into the vortex, reinforcing the vortex, until it seemed like war was the only rational outcome. This happened with Adolf Hitler in the 1930s Germany. It happened in the buildup to the First World War. It has happened in the buildup to every war that you have ever seen, including of course, the war in Ukraine.

There was, for some time, this gradual buildup in Russia, but there was also at the same time a certain buildup in Ukraine, because there was the tension in Ukraine between the Russian-leaning part of the population and the Western-leaning part of the population. In Russia, there was the tension between Putin and his government that was suppressing the people and the people’s desire for a better life. And there was the buildup in the minds of Putin and his supporters where they gradually came to believe that they needed to take some decisive action to change the situation, because they could sense that they were losing their grip on power and they were afraid to lose their grip on power and therefore, they felt they had to do something drastic to change the situation.

And you see this when you look back at many situations in the past. This has not always been the cause of war, but often it has been the cause of war, that an established power elite is afraid of losing their grip on power, and therefore, they take this drastic, violent action to create some kind of shift that in their minds will bring about some decisive, perhaps final solution to whatever problem they have defined in their minds. And this is again where the rational people come in and they look at these people and they try to find out what was Putin’s motivation for invading Ukraine. But you cannot understand this rationally, because in the end, the trigger was the buildup of fear of losing power.

You see the same in Israel with Netanyahu, who was also afraid of losing power, even being persecuted for corruption. Here was the excuse from Hamas to launch Israel into this clearly unbalanced reaction, clearly disproportionate, clearly inhumane action and now you are seeing how nobody in Israel really knows how to stop this. It is as if a boundary has been crossed, the entire nation is on a downward slide. Everybody, or at least many people, know this is not a good direction, this is not the right response, but nobody so far knows how to say stop, we cannot continue to go down this slope. At the same time, you see the buildup in the Arab nations, where they are approaching a point where they also become so agitated that they feel: “Now we have to do something decisive about Israel and the problem of Israel.” And this, of course, has the potential to lead to a larger conflict.

The goal of this conference

It is our goal with this conference that you who are ascended master students, can do what you can do and what we, together with you, can do to stop this slide into a wider war in the Middle East, and also to remove some of the energy and the dark forces behind Russia’s aggression and behind other situations in the world that are gradually building.

Naturally, this is an important conference. We are grateful that so many of you have decided to participate and you can really do an immense service here. Because as Mother Mary has explained several times, there are these times where the world is at one of these turning points, where it can turn this way, or it can turn that way and the difference between whether it turns one way or the other is not that big. And that is why even a small number of people, being the open doors for us releasing this Flame of Peace, can push the world into a better direction than otherwise would have happened. I am not saying you can prevent something, because ultimately free will must reign. But you can certainly make it easier for people and nations to make the decisions that bring about a better outcome than was otherwise the potential.

What is the Flame of Peace?

What is the antidote to this spiritual poison? Well, it is, of course, the spiritual Flame of Peace. This is something that very few spiritual people have grasped. What is a spiritual flame? It is understandable that few people have grasped this, because you are in physical embodiment on a very dense planet. You are looking out from your vantage point of being in embodiment. You are looking out through the collective consciousness of humankind. Even as an ascended master student, when you are reaching up to contact us, to connect with us in the ascended realm, to connect with the Flame of Peace, you are still looking out from your vantage point. And from your vantage point, you are looking through that collective energy field, the collective consciousness that is so affected by the duality consciousness, the dualistic polarities.

This is what we have talked about many times before, that people have created a mental image of God and projected it upon God, so they are worshipping a false god, where they have taken their own human qualities and projected them upon God, thereby creating the Old Testament god of the angry old man in the sky. And this is, of course, what happens on an unnatural planet. You take unnatural conditions that you observe on the planet, that you experience on the planet, and you project them upon the spiritual realm.

When you hear a concept of the Flame of Peace, what do you do? You look at the conflict, the violence that you see on earth, the un-peace that you see on earth, and you project that the Flame of Peace is the opposite of this. And you can say that what I have said so far can reinforce this image, because have I not said that the Flame of Peace is the antidote to the spiritual poison of un-peace? Does it not sound like the Flame of Peace is therefore the opposite of un-peace? But while this is understandable, we will, throughout this conference, call you to come up higher, not only in your understanding, but in your experience of the Flame of Peace.

We might say that our goal with this conference is not so much to have you understand the Flame of Peace, but to experience it. Where do we start? Well, we start by realizing that an antidote does not work as an antidote, because it is the opposite of the poison. The duality consciousness creates a polarity between two opposites—war and peace, good and evil, right and wrong. But what is the value of ascended masters to you who are in embodiment? The value to you is that we are beyond the duality consciousness. We do not fit into the dualistic world view. Naturally people can and people have, even ascended master students have, pulled the concept of ascended masters into a dualistic world view. But the real value of ascended masters is that we are beyond it.

Therefore, we are a frame of reference for pulling yourself above duality. But this only works if you use us as your frame of reference for escaping duality instead of pulling us into the dualistic world view as Jesus, for example, has explained about the Peter consciousness, and as other Masters have talked about throughout the many years that we have talked about the duality consciousness through this messenger. And it is the same with a Flame of Peace. It is understandable that you look at it from a dualistic perspective. But the higher potential is that you realize that a spiritual flame, a God flame, is not the opposite of any quality defined on earth. It is beyond any quality defined on earth. It transcends any quality. And why is this? Because the spiritual flame existed long before duality consciousness and the dualistic polarities. The spiritual flame is beyond the dualistic polarities.

Imagine that you have a glacier in a high mountain, ice, that melts. From the foot of the glacier emerges a river that runs down steep mountain sides. But at a certain point it comes to a feature that divides the river in two so the river goes off in different directions. One ends up on one side of a mountain range, the other ends up on the other side. If you were only to look at this from the plain below the mountain range, you would say these are two rivers, and you might be convinced forever from that vantage point that these are two separate rivers. Only if you followed the rivers up beyond the division point would you see that they are one and the same river. You could of course, use scientific methods to analyze the water and see that it is the same water, the same chemical composition. But still you would not really know until you saw here is the river that divides and that the source of the river is beyond the two rivers after the division.

Now, of course, the two rivers do not seem like opposites so there is a limitation to the analogy. But nevertheless, you get the point. A spiritual flame exists before there is any division. There is no division in the Flame of Peace and the Flame of Peace does not have an opposite. We have of course, also in previous dispensations, talked about perversions of God qualities. And in a sense yes, you can say there is a God quality of peace and there is much violence on earth which is clearly a perversion of a state of peace. However, the un-peace you see on earth is not the opposite of the Flame of Peace. The un-peace you see on earth is the opposite of the dualistic quality of peace.

The dualistic quality of peace and un-peace

In other words, when you pervert something you are not creating an opposite to the God quality. You are creating a dualistic polarity. You are creating two polarities. Un-peace, dualistic clearly, but even the opposite of the dualistic un-peace is also a dualistic perversion. It is not the divine quality of peace.

This is what you actually see on earth. And how can you see this? How can you observe this in world history? Just look how many times some leader has engaged in war, has managed to pull people into thinking that a war was necessary, and the explanation is that it is necessary to wage war in order to attain peace. But of course, war can never lead to peace in a higher sense. This is what threatened to cause the destruction of earth before we allowed fallen beings and avatars to incarnate here.

The original inhabitants of the earth had created such a uniform society that there was no warfare or conflict or large-scale violence. There was what you would, from a dualistic perspective, call peace. But it was a dualistic peace. It was a force-based peace and therefore, whether you take the dualistic quality of peace to an extreme or whether you take the dualistic quality of un-peace to an extreme, both can lead to the destruction of an entire planet. It is just a matter of how it happens—either in a violent conflict or a more slow decline.

You need to begin, and other masters will of course comment on this as well, but you need to begin to question your view of peace and recognize that it is not the opposite of un-peace. The Flame of Peace is not the opposite of anything. It has no opposite. That is why it is an antidote. But you see, it is an antidote to both the dualistic quality of un-peace and the dualistic quality of peace, the false peace, and therefore, when you invoke the Flame of Peace, it can in some cases have the effect of consuming the energy vortexes that are leading towards violence. But it will also stir up the false peace that people have created through force. And you may say: “How do you create a false peace through force?” Well, you actually do it by suppressing the dialogue that could lead to resolution.

Even though it may seem as if some people, some nations are seeking to force some kind of peace or peaceful coexistence, if it is done by suppressing differences, suppressing dialogue, by refusing to try to resolve differences and reach for a consensus, then this is actually a state of un-peace. It may be called peace, it may be seen by many people as peace, but it is not the divine quality of peace and therefore it is not peace.

Experiencing the Flame of Peace

You see, peace is more than the absence of violence. Peace is an energy, a flame. Many people of course on earth, the vast majority of people on earth, would not understand this because they have never experienced the divine quality of peace. You can of course understand this intellectually, but it will not really make a difference in your life until you experience the Flame of Peace.

And this is our goal for this conference, to have you not simply understand, but to have you experience the Flame of Peace. I am the Archangel Uriel and I hold that spiritual Flame of Peace for earth. This means many, many things, many more than I will explain here, but it means that I am unmoved by anything on earth. Any seeming manifestation of un-peace cannot, will not move me. I am here in the spiritual realm and I am unmoved by anything on earth. What can you do as beings in embodiment? You can open your hearts and your solar plexus chakras to receiving my Flame of Peace. But in order to do this, you also need to be unmoved by anything on earth and this is a topic that I will allow other masters to expound upon, for there is, of course, something to be said about this topic.

I will for now express my gratitude for your willingness to come together over the internet, which is still a physical connection, and collectively be the open doors for my release of this extraordinary measure of the Flame of Peace that will be reinforced throughout this conference as you give invocations and decrees, and as you listen to other masters, so that we can build the biggest possible momentum at the start of this year, which truly will be a year of choice for humankind—choosing between escalating a spiral of anger or transcending both the human anger and the human opposite, however people see this.

With this, I gratefully seal you in the Flame of Peace that I AM. May you be that Flame of Peace on earth, be the anchor point for that Flame of Peace, be the open door for that Flame of Peace.
Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace.


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