An Escape from Escapism

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Ascended Master Nada through Kim Michaels, January 24, 2018.

I AM the Ascended Master Nada, and I welcome you with great joy to this final level of the initiations in my retreat. I would like to begin by looking at what I said about human relationships in my last lesson. You recognize, when you step back from this, that the vast majority (and I am talking over ninety-nine percent) of human relationships are based on, driven by, controlled by internal spirits in all of the people involved in the relationship. You can look at many families and you can see that their interaction is completely driven by these internal spirits that they have built, perhaps even over several lifetimes. There is very rarely, if ever, in the course of one lifetime this moment of clarity where the people are relating to each other directly, openly, without these filters.

You will see in many love relationships that when two people first meet and fall in love, they may have a period where they are able to be open with each other. Then, as the relationship moves into a more settled pattern, the internal spirits begin to take over. Naturally, as an ascended master student, you can look at this and you can say: “I do not want the rest of my life to be driven by these internal spirits, where I’m constantly reacting to the internal spirits of other people through the internal spirits in my own being.” Naturally, you want to make an effort and use the tools we have given you to rise above these internal spirits that you have regarding your relationship to other people.

Freedom from internal pressure

You can then take this one step further and look at: “What is my relationship to the ascended masters, to the spiritual path? Is the way I have approached the spiritual path so far also affected by internal spirits?” Of course, it is to some degree. I said in my last discourse that I would like to set you free from all pressures you have regarding being an ascended master student on the path to the ascension. If you will step back and look at yourself honestly, you will see that you have certain tensions about what you should or should not do as an ascended master student.

We have seen examples in the past where an organization sponsored by the ascended masters had built a collective culture that was very much based on a set of outer rules for what one should or should not do as a member of that organization. This resulted in the entire organization being enveloped in a collective spirit of judging each other where people were constantly judging each other based on these outer criteria. You see the same thing in many religious organizations but you see it also in political organizations and other types of settings, including, of course, families. You see that there is this tendency in the world to set up a standard for how one should behave as a member of a particular group and then to judge those who do not fall in line with the collective expectation or standard.

My beloved, you have free will and I respect your free will. You are, of course, allowed to continue your present pattern of relating to the ascended masters in a certain way through a certain internal spirit that is created based on a collective spirit. However, if you want to continue basing your relationship to spiritual teachers on such internal spirits and collective spirits, I have a request for you. Please leave us, the ascended masters, out of your little mind games. Please find some other teacher with whom you can play these games because we are not interested in playing these games with you.

We have now reached a point in this course where we collectively are confronting you with the need to step beyond these games. Stop relating to us through any and all of these human games that are often inspired by the fallen beings. Build a more direct personal relationship where you approach us with the open and innocent mind of a child and do not look at us through these filters. There are, of course, many such collective spirits and internal spirits that people have created in relation to the teacher, to authority figures and to other people. We have given you the tools in this course to come to see them, to identify them, to rise above them.

I am asking you, as a result of completing this level of the course, to take some time before you start the seventh level under Saint Germain to look at your relationship to ascended masters, look at the internal spirits you have relating to us and be willing to make an effort to dismiss those spirits. I am doing this because it is the goal of these first six of the Chohans to prepare you for the initiations you will receive from Saint Germain. These initiations will relate very much to how you can exercise your co-creative abilities. In order to fully exercise your co-creative abilities, you naturally need to have overcome these illusions at the lower levels of consciousness that prevent you from being fully creative because you think that the only way to be creative is to express yourself through some internal spirit.

You cannot – obviously – be truly creative if you are trying to be creative through an internal spirit. You are truly creative only when you are so free of internal spirits that there is an opening for the Light of your I AM Presence to shine through you and drive your creative efforts. As Jesus said: “I can of my own self (the lower self, the four lower bodies) do nothing. It is the Father (the I AM Presence) within me who is doing the work.”

A special version of the flight response

As my final step on your path, I will talk about another mechanism that has been identified by psychologists. I have already talked about the mechanism of how you want to avoid certain things, the magical thinking where you think you are the center of the universe and you take everything personally. What I want to talk about now is the mechanism that psychologists have called the fight-or-flight response.

Now, if you look at many people today in the world, you can see that their interactions with other human beings is very much based on the fight response. People are very, very sensitive and they take everything personally so it takes very little for them to feel attacked by others. When they feel attacked by others, then they feel fully justified in going into a defense response where they fight back. They are defending themselves by attacking the other person. You will see many, many times in arguments where one person says something that makes the other person feel attacked. Now, the second person attacks back and the argument keeps rolling until both of them run out of energy (for the time being) and they go their separate ways. Many times, they come back later and continue the argument when they have gathered enough energy to do so.

My beloved, this is, of course, driven by internal spirits and by some very powerful collective spirits. What I need you to recognize here is that you are a spiritual person, you have been a spiritual person for many lifetimes. Many of you who are following this course have been on a spiritual path for most of the 2,000-year period in which Jesus gave his teachings about turning the other cheek, loving your enemies, doing unto others what you want them to do onto you. You have followed the outer teachings of Christianity to the best of your ability and you have attempted to overcome this fight response that is so built into the psychology of many people on earth. This fight response, of course, is caused by an external spirit that goes very, very far back in the history of this planet and therefore has grown very strong. It has been reinforced over and over again and is being reinforced today by the many people who act this way.

Many of you have, over the past 2,000 years, made an effort to free yourself from this tendency. However, because the teachings of Jesus were distorted and perverted and because so many things were left out, you have not necessarily always been able to do this in the way Jesus intended. Jesus, of course, intended you to walk the path of Christhood under him directly during these past 2,000 years. Many of you have not been able to find such a path because the outer teachings of Jesus were so distorted and because mystical esoteric movements were suppressed by Christianity.

You need to recognize here that it is a sort of instinctual response that when you are faced with aggression from other people, you either go into a fight mode or a flight mode. Now, there is, of course, a Christhood-based alternative to both of these, but when you do not have the path to Christhood, you often cannot see how you can, so to speak, respond in a more direct way to aggression. Therefore, most of you have gone into this tendency to feel that you should never show aggression, you should always turn the other cheek, do unto others and avoid being aggressive when you are exposed to aggression.

Now, based on your outer knowledge, the outer knowledge that was available after the creation of the distorted Christian churches, this was a reasonable and practical response. You could do little else. It has been constructive for you to, so to speak, discipline yourself not to react with aggression, not to respond in kind. However, you need to recognize that when you cannot be direct in response to aggression, it is almost inevitable that you switch and go into the flight response. The flight response is, of course, where you seek to get away from the condition that is difficult or unbearable to you. You seek to get away from the aggressor. This has partly set up the avoidance patterns I talked about in my last discourse but there is more to it.

An escape offered by fallen beings

Now my beloved, if you look at the 144 levels of consciousness, then you can say that the teachings that Jesus gave 2,000 years ago, the outer teachings that are recorded in the scriptures, were truly given for people who were not too far below the 48th level. They were given in order to help people quickly rise to the 48th level and then begin the path of rising towards the 96th level. What you realize here is that for each of the steps from the 48th level of consciousness to the 96th level of consciousness, there is a certain illusion that needs to be overcome. There is a certain collective spirit that needs to be overcome and in your being there is an internal spirit that needs to be overcome.

For each of these levels this presents you with a certain challenge. When you are at, say the 48th level of consciousness, you are looking at life through a certain filter. This means that when you are exposed to a certain action from another person, you might tend to look at this as an aggressive action. This means that at the 48th level, there is a certain fight-or-flight response that is normal for this level. At the 48th level, if you go into the fight response, you might take a certain aggressive action based on you feeling a certain anger. You are very likely to defend yourself even against physical attack.

When you now have adopted the outlook of Jesus that you should avoid physical aggression (you should turn the other cheek, you should be non-aggressive) what do you then do? You go into the flight response that is normal at the 48th level. There is nothing else you can do. This is not said to blame you; this is what we all did. What you need to recognize here is that the fallen beings are very clever. I have said that they like to create a certain division in your psyche. They like to get people to a point where they are out of control of their lives, where their minds are completely chaotic. Therefore, the fallen beings, at any moment, can stir them into being angry or reacting in other unbalanced ways. There are people who come to a point where they simply refuse to play this game, at least in its extreme forms. What do the fallen beings do for such people? Well, if they cannot get people to go into the fight response, then they are very clever at getting people to go into the flight response.

This means that the fallen beings on the one hand present you with an unpleasant aggressive condition that you seemingly cannot escape on the physical. Since they cannot get you to fight back, they offer you an escape from the condition, they offer you some form of escape from the condition that they have created. As I said, some people tend to go into the fight response. They are trapped by the fallen beings in this pattern of aggression in response to aggression. Those who break this pattern, who transcend this pattern and refuse to respond to aggression with aggression, they then are (very often without realizing it) going into the escape that the fallen beings offer them at their level of consciousness. What I am telling you here is that if you look at the levels of consciousness from the 48th to the 96th level (and for that matter the levels of consciousness below the 48th level), you will see that for each level there is a certain escape mechanism whereby you can escape what you at that level feel you cannot stand, you cannot deal with.

You cannot fight it; you cannot live with being exposed to it all the time so you are looking for a way out, a way to get away from it. Now, where are these escape mechanisms? Well, many of them are in the physical. You can see, for example (which I trust should be easy) that drugs and alcohol are some of the primary physical escape mechanisms. There are also other physical escape mechanisms where people, for example, as you saw in the Middle Ages, build stone castles and fortifications so they can sit behind these thick walls and feel they are protected against aggression. There are many ways that people seek to get away from potential danger by moving to remote locations. There are many people, for example, who have been involved in war and conflict in a past lifetime and in this lifetime they have chosen to live as farmers in a very remote location where they are not likely to ever encounter war in this lifetime.

Of course, nothing that the fallen beings do in the physical is just physical so there also is an escape mechanism, or a realm of escape, in the astral plane, in the emotional realm, in the mental realm and even some in the lower identity realm. What you will see is that many people have found a way to somewhat protect themselves against the worst forms of human aggression in this lifetime. You can see in many of the more evolved countries where there is not such a risk of war that people live a very comfortable, protected life. You can even see some very rich people who live in so-called gated communities where people cannot simply walk in but they need some kind of permission to enter. There are many examples where people have sought to physically isolate themselves. However, nothing you do is just physical so there is a parallel to your physical actions in consciousness. Or rather, we might say that your physical actions are caused by a reaction in consciousness.

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