Will America be a compassionate or a confrontational nation?

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, September 18, 2020. This dictation was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. Although you could call me the Ascended Master Maray, for I represent the Ma-Ray, the Mother Ray to all people on earth. Now then, what does the Cosmic Mother, the Divine Mother want for all of her children? Well, it is not dissimilar to what many mothers on earth want for their children. Most mothers on earth want all of their children to do well in life. Not necessarily to do the same, but according to each child’s personality and desires, they want all of them to do well. This is what we might call a normal state of motherhood.

As the representative of the Divine Mother for earth, when I look at America what do you think I see? I see, that all people who live within the borders of America are my children in a cosmic divine sense. What do I want for all of my children living in America? I want all of them to do well. This I trust should be obvious, at least to those who recognize that there is such a thing as an ascended master, who has no ego, no prejudices, no judgments, no human judgments, who is free of all human psychology and therefore looks at life on earth, looks at people on earth differently than what most people are able to do.

Now, my beloved when I look upon America and I use the standard that I want all of my children to do well, how does America stack up compared to this cosmic mother’s desire for all people to do well? Well, I am not here talking just to ascended master students, I am talking into the collective consciousness. Are all people in America doing well? I trust that no ascended master student would answer yes to that question. But I can assure you that there are people who live within America who either would answer: “Yes, all Americans are doing well,” or who have never even considered the question.

There are quite a significant number of people in America, who if faced with that question, would say: “But look at even the poor people in America, and how they are better off than the poor people in some other third world nations.” They would in other words compare America to a different country, as if you could compare, as if you could say that the standard of what it means to do well in America can be compared equally to another country. If the people in that country are not doing well, then all people in America are doing well in comparison.

But is that a reasonable comparison? Of course, it is not. Each country must be looked at, based on its general level of development. Naturally, it is not my desire on a worldwide scale, that there should be this enormous difference between rich and poor nations. Naturally, I want all of my children on a worldwide scale to do well, which means I want all nations to be rich, affluent and developed. But, we have an unequal distribution of wealth on the planet and that means that there are some nations that are doing better than others, and in those nations, we need to look at what is the level of the economy in these nations. Then we need to say: “Compared to that level, compared to the level of economy, the level of wealth in America, are all people doing well?” Based on this, again, there are some people who would say: “Oh, yes all people are doing okay.”

There are some who will actually refuse to even consider the question. Because they want to maintain an illusion that in America, all people could do well if they really wanted to. In other words, they want to maintain the illusion that if people are not doing well in America, it is because they are lazy, or stupid, or not willing to apply themselves. They have in their minds this view of the American dream, and they genuinely think that America gives equal opportunity to all of the people living within its borders. They think, that if anyone really applied themselves, they could become rich, or at least well-to-do. Many people have this image, this dream and will not let go of it.

Now, you have heard the messenger refer to this article in Time magazine, that talks about the growing income inequality that has been happening since 1975. It also says that there was a greater income equality between 1945 and 1975. Well, I will grant you that if you go back to those three decades after the war, you had a reasonable basis for saying that all people in America who really applied themselves could become well-to-do, not necessarily rich, but well-to-do.

But what has happened since 1975, which this study by the RAND Corporation demonstrates, is that there has been a shift in the American economy. Where not only income and wealth, but also opportunity has been taken away, systematically taken away, from the 90% of the population, actually even 99% of the population.

And so, in order to say, in order to maintain this dream that all people could do well, you have to ignore facts like this. You have to ignore what most people can see, that many middle class Americans are working harder and harder, both parents are working, yet they have a less and less affluent lifestyle.

It is not for lack of willingness to work. Even the middle class, who have gone to college and gotten an education, who are working in jobs, often working more than 40 hours a week, they are still making less and less real income and finding it harder and harder to maintain a well-to-do middle class lifestyle. This can be observed by anyone who is willing to take a look. The question I would like to present to you is: “Is there really an economic basis for maintaining the American dream, that everyone can do well if they really work hard and apply themselves?” Is the economic basis there?

When you look at these cold, hard computer data about the distribution of income, do you really have a basis for maintaining that dream? Because this study demonstrates that what has been taken away, is not simply income but opportunity. You can apply yourself, you can work hard, you can study, you can get a degree, you can work harder and harder at your job, but you are not making more and more money, because that money is going to the top 1%. This is proven by cold, hard data. Yes, you can ignore it. But then again, what basis do you have for your dream?

So, another question then is: “Why are there so many people in America, who want to uphold the American dream?” Instead of looking at the facts, looking at what they can see around them, looking at their own lives and realizing, something has happened in America that makes it very difficult for most people to fulfill the American dream. What has happened?

Well, the income inequality is of course one factor, but there are others as well. Why is it, that there are so many people who want to maintain that American dream? It must be because that dream gives them something. What does it give them? It gives them a validation for a belief that most of them would not be able to articulate.

This belief says that: “I am a separate, individual human being. And I am not my brother’s keeper, I am a separate individual. When I do well, it is because of my personal hard work and I do not have to share that with anyone else, help anyone else, do anything for anyone else, I can live my personal individual life and I do not have to consider how other people are doing around me.” This is the belief that many Americans want to maintain. That is why they will not take a look at the American dream, and compare it to solid economic data.

Now, why is it that a substantial part of Americans, in fact a larger part than in any other country on earth, have this attitude? Well, we can begin by looking at a popular image that is very much prevalent in America, in the collective consciousness, in the American culture, in the collective awareness of Americans. It has been heavily reinforced by Hollywood. It has its roots back to the Wild West.

It is as I have talked about before, this sense of individualism, the rugged individualism. Who built this country? The rugged individuals who went out there, struggled against nature, struggled against the Native Americans, caught the beavers, shot the buffalo and mined the gold, they were the ones who built this country.

You have so many popular movies, that show back to the Wild West. How it was that individual who finally started shooting back who solved the problems. You have modern movies, that again show that one individual who was reluctant to fight but when the bad people continued to provoke him, he finally starts shooting and when he has shot all the bad guys, the problem is solved and supposedly they live happily ever after – or at least until the next bad guy comes around, which of course the movies never show, because it isn’t shown after the words “The End.” So, you have this cultural phenomenon in America.

Now, you can see, for example that American movies are shown all over the world. There are many nations, (let us just take the Scandinavian nations as an example) where they also watch American movies. If you could compare the mindset to what happens in the mind of a person in Scandinavia when they watch one of these movies, to what happens in the mind of many Americans, you would see a vastly different reaction.

Many people in Scandinavia do not see this as a sign that the rugged individualism is an answer to anything, or is an idol to uphold. They do not see these people as heroes. They may see the movie as entertaining or exciting, but they do not have the same dream that Americans have. Therefore, they do not see these movies as validating that dream, the American dream that anyone can do well if they really apply themselves.

Many people in Europe have a more nuanced view of this, they realize that you can only do well within the context of the society you live in. Many people realize, that you can apply yourself and do better than you would if you did not apply yourself, but there is a limit to what you can do based on the society you live in. Some Americans have not been willing to acknowledge this.

Now, let us then look at this myth that it was this rugged individual, who went out there in nature and who colonized America and made it what it is today. Is it a reality my beloved? How many of you, who have grown up in America, grown up with these movies, this myth, these ideas? How many of you have ever considered this? Have you actually considered who built America? Who colonized America? What was it that colonized America? What was it that made America a prosperous nation? What was it that made it a nation? Was it individualism?

If you go back, look at the historical facts, you see that the first settlers who came to America, were not individualists. They came as a community, they came as a group. You have those who settled in Virginia, those who settled in what is now Massachusetts and they came as pilgrims. They came because they belonged to a specific group, a religious group, they were persecuted for their religion in Europe and they sought freedom from that persecution in America.

What did they have before they came and what did they maintain after they came? A very strong sense of community. They did not see themselves as individuals who could do whatever they pleased, regardless of how it affected others. This, was not a group of people where some of them said: “I just need to take care of myself and my family, and never mind what happens to those others.”

They came with a strong sense of community, “We are in this together, we only do well individually, if we do well as a community. If we all do well, if we all help each other, then we also do well as individuals. But if we go our own ways, only look at ourselves and our own interests, then not only will we not do well, we will not survive.” They knew they were dependent upon each other, and they acted like it, because this was their natural state of mind.

You look at the first settlers that came to these shores and you will see that they had a strong sense of community. They very much felt that they were their brother’s keeper. This, my beloved is what initially built America. The strong sense of community, the willingness to help one another, to stand together, to share what little you had so that all could survive. This community spirit is what initially built America.

Now, of course these community spirited people were not the only ones who came to America. There were also people who came from Europe, who had a more individualistic mindset. If you go back and look at the historical facts, who were these people? Well, quite frankly many of them were criminals who were seeking to escape the law in Europe by going to America. Why were they criminals? Because they only cared about themselves. They were the strong rugged individuals, who did not think they needed to be concerned with other people, but they could take whatever they wanted.

Now, as America continued to grow and became more and more affluent, you saw of course a shift in what kind of people came. You saw many, many people who had grown up in very, very poor conditions in Europe. For example you saw many farmers, who simply could not feed their family on the land they had. This was due, not to their lack of willingness to work but due to political and economic conditions in these countries.

Many farmers from Scandinavia, where the climate was harsh, could simply not feed their families on the land that was available to them. It did not matter how hard they worked, because with the farming methods they had at the time, you could only grow a certain amount of grain, on a certain area of land. There was at the time no way around it, you could not compensate for it by hard work. There were certain economic/political conditions that made it impossible to sell the grain for more than a certain amount of money, and this meant that many of these people were facing starvation.

Now, many of these were farmers, they were not criminals, they had grown up on individually owned farms that had been passed down from father to son for generations. They also had a very individualist mindset. It was not a criminal mindset but it was also very individualistic. They came over here with the same mindset, hoping they could find land here and do well as individuals. Yet, still, they had some sense of community, some sense of needing to co-operate and help each other.

You saw of course also, that as the feudal societies in Europe collapsed, new opportunities emerged. You saw the emergence of the industrial age, where suddenly you saw a group of people who could not in a feudal system have done well, because they were not born as the sons of a nobleman, but they still had this desire to do better than others. And now they saw an opportunity in the industrial age by starting factories, owning factories, and thereby making money on other people’s labor.

You saw the emergence of a class of these people who, in the feudal society, they were either feudal lords or they were so suppressed that they could not express their desire, but now in the industrial age they could. You saw people like this who emigrated to America, because for various reasons they thought they would have greater opportunities to accumulate wealth in America, than in Europe. In some cases, it was simply because they were not born as the oldest son, so they would not inherit the father’s industrial empire. But many other considerations come into play.

What I am saying is this. What originally built America was a sense of community, a sense of togetherness. But there was from the earliest age and especially after the industrial age, also a large influx of people who had this individual awareness, which we (to use a popular psychological term) would call egotistical, they were self-centered. They were focused on themselves, they had very little compunctions about doing well regardless of how other people did. They had no compunctions about taking advantage of others, not necessarily openly stealing from them, but certainly making other people work for them and paying them as low a wage as possible, so that they themselves could make most of the money on whatever they provided.

This led in the 1800’s to the emergence of this group of large businessmen, factory owners, financiers, especially in the north eastern states of America. This was clearly a group of people who were focused on themselves, completely selfish, in many cases completely ruthless, they were what you in today’s psychological terms would call narcissists. You can look at many of these names that are known, I do not even need to mention them because you all know them. You can read about them, read their biographies and you can see how their only concern was to amass as much money as at all possible, regardless of how it affected other people.

In the 1800’s some of these became aware that this could actually not be done in the kind of economy you had in America. In other words, a relatively free market-driven economy, where there was free competition, where anyone could start up a business at any time and compete with other businesses. So, if you were selling lamp oil at a certain price, and someone else started a business selling lamp oil but they were willing to settle for lesser profit than you had enjoyed, they could undercut your prices and take away your business. In order to compete with them you would have to lower your price, which meant you could not make as much of a profit.

These people realized that, as long as you had free competition, you could not amass really large amounts of wealth. What could you do, then? You would have to limit competition. They did this themselves in all ways available to them, trying to undercut other businesses, destroy other businesses, even hiring criminals to destroy those businesses, killing the people who were threatening them in some cases. These were ruthless business people who did whatever they thought they could get away with to destroy the competition.

Some of them realized that, if you were to really amass huge amounts of wealth, you would have to use the government to give you a privileged position. There was simply no way to do this, as long as the economy was really free, as long as competition was free. Some of these large businessmen realized that they needed to use the government to limit competition, thereby enabling them to concentrate profits and wealth in their own hands. With this emerged a class of people in America who had the same mindset as many of the feudal lords in Europe.

The feudal lords in Europe, the noble class, did not exist independently. They only existed because they had a symbiotic relationship with the King and the Church. In other words, they had realized that in order for them to have a privileged position they needed to make use of the government, the king and the church, those who had the power, so that they could have a privileged lifestyle.

Now, of course when you recognize reincarnation, you could see that many of the feudal lords in Europe, after the feudal system collapsed, they reincarnated in America and became these large industrialists and business people. Not all of them, because some of the feudal lords in Europe had inherited their position, and did not really have the drive to take it by force. So, there was also a certain group of people that had never really had power, or had rarely had power in Europe, and they were the ruthless ones that were willing to do anything and everything.

You see in the 1800’s the emergence of this, an upper class in America. They themselves, very much considered themselves an upper class and they still do. If you could look into the minds of these people as we have said before, you will see they consider themselves to be the upper class, the noble class of America. The ones who know how government, how society should function and it is therefore their duty to make the government do what they think is best for the nation. Most of them are convinced that they are right, that there is only one way to look at America, and that it is theirs.

What have they done? Well, they have continued from the 1800s to today, to seek in all ways possible to them to influence the government to create an economic system that allows them to concentrate more and more wealth in their own hands. There has been some ups and downs in this period.

You can see that, during the Roaring 20’s, there was a very large concentration of wealth in the hands of this elite. Until of course, their pyramid scheme of the stock market crashed in 1929 and took the economy into the Great Depression — which the country really did not get out of until after World War Two, where then the noble class of America, it took them three decades to catch up, to where they again got enough grip on the political system that they could start turning the economy into this top-centered economy, that this latest study by the RAND Corporation demonstrates that you have today and have had since 1975.

What have they done? They have created a feudal system in America that is not based on owning and inheriting land, but owning and in many cases inheriting wealth. Wealth, not in the form of land or even actual goods, or even businesses, but wealth in the form of money and financial instruments. This is in essence, the same system as the feudal system of Europe. Where a few people are in a privileged position that the general population cannot ever emulate, cannot ever threaten. And these people are continuing to extract more and more money from the general population, harvesting the rewards of the people’s labor, without giving them just payment for the labor they are performing.

This is essentially what the feudal system was. A privileged elite took the fruits of the people’s labor and gave them as little as possible in payment for that labor. But what builds wealth? What builds an economy? It is the labor of the people. What happens when you take the wealth from the people? Well, you will slow down economic growth as this study points out. But, the people in the top are not concerned about economic growth, they are concerned about the growth of financial instruments. They are not concerned about what is being produced but what wealth can be created through these artificial means.

You see here that, as the study points out, two thirds of the economy is driven by consumer spending. When you take more and more money away from the consumers they must spend less, and that will in the beginning slow down economic growth. But there will come a point where the real economy, the manufacturing economy, might not be able to sustain itself. There might be an economic crisis. Suddenly, when there is an economic crisis, those who have invested in these financial instruments (like those who had invested in the stock market in the 1920’s) get scared. They want to get their money out because they realize that a piece of paper will not buy you anything, so they need to convert it into real money and when everybody tries to do that at the same time, the entire system will collapse.

Now, this does not necessarily mean that the entire economy will collapse. There are still people, they still have to eat, so there is a real economy. But as was seen in the 1929 crash, that real economy can go into a very deep depression, that of course hurts the general population. It also hurts the rich, but they feel it less because many of them have enough that they can still weather the storm.

What is it, this study really points out? It is that American society, the American people in general, have allowed the economy to become top-heavy in these last several decades. Now, you may say: “Why have the people allowed this?” Why have the people gone along with this, why haven’t they noticed? Why haven’t they protested?

Well, in large part because there is so many Americans who are still holding on to this American Dream, that they have not been willing to recognize, as I said, that there is no financial basis for that American Dream anymore. That is why they have not been willing to recognize, that the system has become so manipulated that most people, no matter how hard they work, cannot become well-to-do. They are becoming less and less well-to-do. They are becoming unwell-to-do. But there are still so many of these Americans that have not let go of this individualistic dream, that they have upheld the system.

What is the solution here? What is the choice that America is facing? You had an economy that was top-heavy, it has been top-heavy for decades. What did the corona epidemic do? Well, it made the top-heaviness of the economy more visible. It made it clear that those in the top have a far lower chance of dying from the corona virus than those at the bottom of society.

What is the choice for the future of America? Which future, which options do people have to choose from? Which future must you choose? Well, you must choose whether you will continue to uphold a top-heavy economic system, which then inevitably must lead to a crash, as it has done in the past several times, 2008, 1929, others can be mentioned. Or, you can choose to take a stand and demand a different form of economy. The kind of economy that America should have had all along, where it is true that if you work harder, you do better.

It is not that we as ascended masters are seeking to create some kind of socialist economy where everybody gets the same pay for the same amount of work. It is very much in line with the spiritual path that your individual efforts are rewarded, as long as these are not selfish, self-centered, narcissistic efforts. There is still a great value, that people can say: “If I do better, I get rewarded. I get more money, I can live a better lifestyle”. But it is still possible to do this within a sense of community where all people in the community are seeking to do better. By being mindful of each other, cooperating, working together, everybody can do better.

You see, my beloved as this study points out, the 90% of the American population have had their income stolen, taken away, eroded. It is not just individuals, it is also communities, groups of people who have had their income taken away. The result of this is that their efforts are not rewarded, they are not doing better as individuals or as communities.

What we would like to see of course, is an economy that functions by having as much freedom as possible, free competition. Where anyone can start a business that can compete with the larger businesses, because the larger businesses do not have a privileged position. We would also like to see the emergence of this community spirit, the spreading of this community spirit, where people realize that by standing together they will do better than when they stand as individuals.

My beloved, what is it that Americans time and time again say about their country? “We are a democracy. We are the oldest democracy.” Many Americans think that you are the most advanced democracy, something I would question seriously. Nevertheless, let’s not even go into that.

What is a democracy? You had for hundreds of years, a feudal system. Where a small elite at the top of society had control of the majority of the population. How did that change? Why did it change? How could it change? Well my beloved, because the majority realized that they were the majority, and if they came together as a group and made a demand as a group, then the elite would have to give them what they asked for. The elite cannot stand against the majority, unless the majority is divided into separate groups that never co-operate because they are always in conflict with each other. “Divide and Conquer” is a lesson that the elite has learned over thousands of years, but that many among the people in America have not learned. Why? Because of this dream of the individualism, the American individualists.

Consider the plight of workers in America, compared to some European countries. Where in Europe they have stronger labor unions, they have more solidarity among the workers. Where the workers will come together, they will strike. Maybe, even all workers in a nation will have a general strike because people from many different industries and jobs have enough solidarity, that they realize if we all stand together, we can all benefit. This, you do not find in America in general, because the American people are far more divided than are the people in many European nations.

Why is there this division in the American people? Is it because the American people are different from the people in Europe? Well, to some degree that is true. To some degree. Many of the people with a very individualistic state of consciousness left Europe and came to America, and have continued to reincarnate here, but of course there is no fundamental difference. People everywhere are able to learn the same lessons, but why hasn’t that lesson been learned by most American people?

Well, because when this power elite started to emerge in the 1800’s, they knew “divide and conquer” is the time-tested method. They realized that in a democracy, you cannot manipulate the government beyond what a majority of the people allow you to do. So, how can you prevent a majority of the people from objecting to the policies of the power elite? Very simple, you must divide those people into as many groups as possible, create as much animosity and as many conflicts between them as possible. You must continue to fan the flames of those conflicts so the people can never come together as a majority and say: “Enough! We want a different form of economy that is not top heavy.”

Look at America and how many divisions you have seen. Go back to the Civil War which created this schism, that still hasn’t been healed in the American collective psyche. Look at ethnic groups, look at nationalities. Look at all of these divisions you have in America. Look today at the political situation. Look at the political discourse, as I have talked about before, the way people talk to each other. Is it difficult to see that it is polarized and it is becoming more and more polarized? My Beloved, can the Democrats fix the problems in America? Can the Republicans fix the problems in America? Neither of the two political parties in their present form can fix the problems.

What needs to happen is a shift, so that suddenly there is the emergence of a majority of Americans who are united in demanding a specific kind of change, for example the end of this top heavy economy. Then, whichever party is willing to run with that mandate, will then be transformed into a new political party that will be able to change the situation. It could be the Republican Party, it could be the Democratic Party. It could be a third party if it was possible for such a third party to get into Congress. Which of course, it isn’t right now. But it will not happen from the top down.

My beloved, what have I attempted to say here? The problem is that the American economy and American political system is top-heavy. A top-heavy system will not be changed from the top down, it must come from the bottom up, it is the only way it has historically happened. Yes, there have been times where the elite saw that the people wanted change and instead of waiting for a violent revolution, they voluntarily agreed to those changes. This, of course is the highest possible outcome and it will happen if enough people are united in wanting the change.

So, what is the choice that the American people are facing right now? It is not the choice of which President they will elect in November. It is not the choice of which party is going to rule or have a majority in Congress or the Senate or have the presidency.

The choice is, what kind of society do you want in the future? Do you want a society that is compassionate, or a society that is confrontational?

Right now you have a society that is confrontational, this is an artificially manufactured condition. Where for over a century, over 150 years, a very aggressive power elite in America, have attempted to create or magnify divisions in the American people, so that they can manipulate themselves into a position of power and privilege. They have been remarkably successful.

Of course, they cannot see that the more successful they are, the more they shorten the time until their system collapses. As it has done so many times in the past. They will not see this, they will be the last people to see it. But nevertheless, they have been remarkably successful in dividing the American people into all of these factions. My beloved, we see this division even among ascended master students, who for some are convinced that this particular politician, or this particular party will solve all of the country’s problems. Well, my beloved if you who have an ascended master teaching cannot overcome the division, what hope is there that the American people can do so? What hope is there?

You have a teaching about how to develop Christ discernment. What does Christ discernment do? It shows you that all people are one. You all came from the same source. This means what? This means all of these artificially created divisions are unreal and should not matter. With Christ discernment, you see beyond them and you see the need to unify people, to create a spirit of community.

What is community based on? Well, several things but certainly one of the pillars of community is compassion. You have compassion for each other. You are saying: “In our community, no-one should have to suffer like this. No-one should have to go hungry. No-one should have to lie at home and die of a virus that they could have been cured from, if they had been given proper care in a hospital. But because they don’t have health insurance, they can’t get that care.” This is compassion. This is being your brother’s keeper. This is realizing the truth behind Jesus’s statement: “In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me.”

Americans pride themselves, many of them, of being a Christian nation. What are you doing to Christ in the poorest among you in those other groups that you think are the cause of all of your problems? Are you allowing someone, ultimately the noble class of America, to make you believe that another group of people are the cause of your problem? Are you allowing the power elite to get you to go into scapegoating? Where you think: “Oh, it’s the aliens, the illegal aliens that are causing all of our problems?” It’s this group, it’s that group, it’s the next group. Have you allowed yourself to believe that a certain president can solve all problems and is God’s gift to America? Or that another party if elected can solve all of the problems?

You see my beloved, if you take a completely realistic look at America right now, you will see that America is ungovernable. Nobody, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats, nor this nor that candidate could govern America successfully right now. Why not? Because there is so much division in the American people, that no matter what policy you enact, you will only increase the division, increase the anger, increase the animosity. Can you not see, that the anger, the scapegoating, the pointing fingers at others has reached an epidemic level, where it makes it impossible to govern America, especially peacefully.

What could you possibly do, that would not cause a large part of Americans to become angry and think this is the end of the world? Nobody, nobody could govern.

If Saint Germain descended right now and manifested a physical body, even he could not govern America in its present state. He may be able to work towards the unification of the American people. But in its present state, nobody can govern America. It is an ungovernable country. Why? Because of the division.

Why is the division created? Because the power elite wants to do everything they can to prevent the American people from being united and overthrowing their rule. Yes, my beloved the problem with the power elite is that they do not remember the fairy tales they learned as children. I am specifically speaking about the man who killed the goose who laid the golden egg. Even they, some of them, can see it is not sustainable. Very few in the elite can see it. But there are people in America who can see it, such as the people who created this study. Many other people, journalists, politicians, academics, ordinary people, many, many people can see it.

I am not trying to paint a doomsday scenario here. The fact of the matter is that all of these things I am pointing out are not new. They are already known by many people in America. Many, many people can see the problems, can see the tendencies, know what should be done.

Why haven’t they made a difference? Why haven’t they changed the public discourse? Because they cannot, because of the division among the people. The minute you get the people to come together and not be divided, there will be a shift. And all of a sudden, all of these people will now be able to speak out, they will be heard, they will have an impact.

There is a very real potential that America could change dramatically within one or two decades. But the shift must begin in the minds of the people. It must begin again, with the top 10% who overcome these divisions created by the fallen beings that we have given you the tools to overcome, so that you see beyond these outer differences.

We have talked so many times about how a small group of people can shift the collective consciousness. But you can only do that as ascended master students if you are united. If you see the higher vision that we have given you. But for this to happen, you must be willing to take off the glasses, the colored glasses that distort your vision. You must be willing to look beyond all of this inflammatory rhetoric, all of these more or less insane conspiracy theories, all of this animosity and scapegoating that is going on.

Naturally, I am not trying to put some guilt trip on you. But you have a potential to be forerunners of a change. If you want to fulfill that potential, you need to be willing to make a shift in your individual consciousness. If you continue, if the other people in the top 10% continue to be divided, then the shift cannot happen. The majority must follow either the bottom 10% or the top 10%. The bottom 10% are in a certain way always divided amongst themselves, but they are united in creating a system that puts them in power and privilege. So, if the top 10% are divided, then who are the people going to follow? Well, they won’t necessarily follow the bottom 10%, but they will continue to be stuck in these divisions and animosities and scapegoating, created by the bottom 10%.

So, my beloved, perhaps not the message you expected from the Divine Mother. Although, if you have followed these teachings for a while, you should have learned not to really expect anything but to simply be open, and neutral to whatever comes. So, I have, of course, in this discourse largely spoken into the collective consciousness. But certainly, there are some among you who could benefit from stepping back, taking a look at your own state of consciousness, seeing whether you have that compassion, the compassion born from the realization that, we are united in Christ and divided in anti-christ.

So, with this I thank you for being willing, most of you. A few have not been willing because they have not agreed with what I have said. But most of you being willing to be the broadcast stations to send this message into the collective consciousness, where it will begin to spread as rings in the water until some people will pick up on it, and dare to speak out and demand change, for change is the order of the day – now more than ever before.


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