Always look for the practical solution—not the ideal solution

TOPICS: Decide to take command over your nations in South America – A new look at conflicts in spiritual movements –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, January 3, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

Decide to take command over your nations in South America

In many cases there simply is not one candidate or political party that is in alignment with the ascended masters. Therefore, I ask you to realize that we are, as El Morya has said, practical realists. We are not looking for the ideal candidate. We are looking for the candidate who can present the people in a particular nation with the lesson they need to learn in order to decide that they, the people, will take command over their nation and that they will no longer allow those in power to misuse that power.

You have already taken steps in that direction, and I ask you to intensify your visualization, your determination that YOU are in command of Colombia—not the power elite, not the dark forces, not those who are evil and corrupt and greedy and look only to how they can enrich themselves and have no love for the people. I ask YOU to have such an intensity of love for the people of your nation that you simply will not accept that certain conditions can continue to exist in your nation.

Your determination can be the open door for an incredible assistance from the ascended masters. You can invoke light, you can invoke direction that can inspire those key individuals who are in position to change the political landscape dramatically within a very short period of time. Yet they do not quite have the power, the thrust, to cut through the opposition to their mission. This is how you can hold the immaculate concept for your nation. And even a few people can do this, when you remember all we have told you, of striving first for the vertical oneness with your own higher beings and with the ascended masters, and then for the horizontal oneness among each other.

It takes a certain number of people to come together in oneness here below before the response from Above can be released in full measure. You need to do two things to have the maximum impact on your nation. You need to first establish the connection to the God power that you have within you, within your I AM Presence and within the ascended masters. You need to establish that sense of oneness with us, so that you no longer fall for the lie that you are simply human beings, walking around here on earth, and that you have no more power than any other human being. My Beloved, you are not human beings. You are SPIRITUAL beings walking the earth in a human body. And the power that you have is only limited by your ability and willingness to let the power of God stream through you.

And then, the second thing you need to accomplish is to come together in a true spiritual oneness, the true sense of oneness here below, where you are not seeing each other as being competitors, as being in opposition to each other. You realize that when you have differences of opinion, as you naturally will have, the only way to resolve such differences in a harmonious way is to always look for the higher vision, the higher purpose, that can supersede the lower differences, quite frankly, many of which spring from the ego.

A new look at conflicts in spiritual movements

Yet, of course, not all differences of opinion spring from the ego. In many cases it is simply that your God Flames are different, and thus you tend to focus on different solutions to the same problem. In many cases, both solutions can be valid. So which one will you act upon? Well, perhaps you can sometimes act on more than one. But in many cases, what you need to do is to raise your consciousness and tune in to us, so that we can tell you which solution is the most practical one in this particular situation.

As I said, we are not looking for the ideal solution because in many cases the ideal solution cannot yet be manifest because we are not close enough to the Golden Age. So we are looking for the most practical solution in this particular situation. And that is why you must understand that when you have attunement, you will often see a solution that seems ideal to you because it seems ideal based on your God Flame. And that is why many times we see our devoted students be in opposition to each other, where each person is arguing for the solution that is best—seen from the perspective of his or her God Flame.

My Beloved, it is sad for us to see two people who are in disagreement, when they are both right in the sense that from the perspective of their God Flame, the solution they see is the ideal one. So what I ask you to consider is that even if you can see the ideal solution to a problem or situation, it may not be possible to manifest that solution because it simply isn’t practical—given the outer conditions and the consciousness of the people. And that is why I ask you to tune in to El Morya’s flame of Practical Realism, to my flame of Diplomacy, so that you can avoid these confrontations and look for the most practical solution and unite behind that practical situation.

This will bring you such a great sense of oneness of purpose, such a great sense of harmony and peace among each other, that you can truly form that platform that will bring the divine solution down from the ascended masters. And then, if you can achieve that oneness – above and below – you will see the political landscape in Colombia, and other nations in South America, begin to change within a very short period of time. But we must have the oneness here below and we must have the oneness between each and every one of you and us Above.

That is why I ask you, in the love of your nation, to pay special attention to Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness, which truly is the greatest dispensation that has been given to this planet for a very long time. And it is the key dispensation for bringing forth the Golden Age that I, Saint Germain, envision for this planet. Thus, I commend you for your efforts and I say, “Keep on striving for oneness, and we WILL win!” I greet you with the love of my heart and I seal you in the Flame of Freedom.


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