All Is One in the One God

TOPICS: Jesus came to call all back to oneness – God’s judgment upon the Liars and their lie – God’s perfect vision – The absolute truth – accept your oneness with me –

Ascended Master Presence of Oneness, May 31, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

I am the Presence of Oneness, of undivided and indivisible oneness. I am the Presence of the One God who is behind all manifestations. All manifestations truly are the expressions of the One God. All divisions truly are the divisions of the One, that cannot be split apart and therefore is still the One, no matter how many times it is divided.

I come to greet those who are the sons and daughters of the One God, yet who have forgotten their source, who have forgotten their Father-Mother God, who have forgotten their Creator, who have forgotten the one source that is behind the world of diversity in which they feel they are trapped and cannot escape. I come to greet those of you who have opened your hearts to the beautiful being that you know as Mother Mary, those of you who have allowed her, through her magnificent discourses, to open your hearts and open your understanding so that you have come, step by step, closer to the realization that is truly the pivotal realization for any son and daughter of the One God.

What then is this realization? It is indeed the realization that all outer manifestations, all appearances, are expressions of the One God. And therefore behind all divisions there is the One God who cannot be split apart. And so, you say to me, “If the One God cannot be split apart, then how can there be divisions in the world in which I live?” And I come to give you the realization, that there are no divisions because the divisions that you perceive exist only in your mind. They are all illusions. They are all mirages, created in a mind that has partaken of the fruit of the knowledge of relative good and evil, and therefore has become trapped in a state of consciousness that makes it seem like divisions are set apart from each other and from the whole. This then is the grand illusion of the ages. It is an illusion to which most human beings on planet earth have fallen prey. It is an illusion that has been programmed into the minds of human beings by forces, by beings, who themselves became trapped by this illusion a very long time ago.

As Mother Mary has explained, it is very difficult for people who are trapped in this dualistic state of consciousness to see through the illusion of separation. Yet I must tell you that the illusion that you, or the things of this world, are separated from the oneness of God, that illusion is indeed the original sin. In fact, it is the only sin because all other sins are derived from the state of consciousness that causes you to see yourself as being separated from your source. This then is the illusion that must be shed before you can enter your Father’s kingdom and become a permanent lifestream, an ascended being.

God’s judgment upon the Liars and their lie

I am the Presence of Undivided Oneness, of Indivisible Oneness, and I manifest my Presence through this human vessel for the purpose of announcing the judgment of God upon all those who promote the lie that anything is separated from God, that anything is different from God. I hereby pronounce God’s judgment upon all human institutions and organizations and upon all human individuals who promote the lie of separation. I hereby pronounce God’s judgment upon all forces, beyond the material realm and in the material realm itself, who promote the lie of separation. I hereby declare that God has said, “Enough is enough! Thus far and no farther! They shall not stand! Those who continue to promote the illusion, the lie, of separation from me shall from this day forward have no protection against the forces they unleash. They shall therefore be consumed by their own illusions. They shall be consumed by their own lies. They shall be consumed by the very energies they misqualify by everything they do or think through the lie of separation, the consciousness of separation, the mind of separation.”

I am the Presence of Indivisible Oneness, and I say, “The mission of Jesus Christ shall be fulfilled in this hour and from this day forward!” The true mission of Jesus Christ was to call the lost tribes of the house of Israel – that which Is real – to come home to their God. It was truly a mission of calling all those who are the sons and daughters of the Creator of this universe to come home to oneness with their God. It was a mission to call those lost tribes to come to the wedding feast, whereby the lifestream could be wed to her Christ self and thereby ascend back to the spiritual realm from which she came. Yet as Jesus declared in his parable about the wedding feast (Matthew 22:1), those who were bidden refused to come because they were too busy taking care of this or that seemingly important activity that sprang from the consciousness of separation. They thought they had to complete these activities that were created out of the consciousness of separation and therefore seemed like they were part of the identity of their souls.

So what did the Lord do when those who were bidden to the wedding feast refused to come? He sent the servants out to bid anyone who was willing to enter, and this then is truly my purpose for coming today. Everything that was ever created was created out of the oneness of the one true God. The one true God can be divided indefinitely, yet no division of the one true God can ever be separated from the One, from itself. Nothing created out of the one true God can be separated from the whole. Everything in this universe was created out of the one true God, yet it does not exist separately from or apart from that God. It exists within the Being of the one true God. And therefore, everything in this universe is truly one with God because it is God in manifestation.

God’s perfect vision

My children, I know you will say that this or that manifestation on earth truly could not be in accordance with God’s law or God’s perfection, and you are right. You are right insofar that when your Creator created this universe, your Creator had a vision, a blueprint, a plan. And your Creator established laws that would ensure the manifestation of that plan. Yet your Creator also gave free will to the self-conscious beings that were created to serve as co-creators and bring about that plan from within creation itself. And when that free will was given, it became possible that those co-creators could use their creative abilities to build a sense of identity as being separated from their Creator and from the One God behind their Creator. And in so doing, they could then continue to use their creative abilities to bring forth manifestations on earth that are out of alignment with the original blueprint of your Creator and that are in opposition to the laws established by your Creator.

Therefore, there are many manifestations on planet earth that are not in alignment with the will of your Creator or with the perfect vision and plan of your Creator. Yet what you must understand is that even that which is imperfect, even that which appears to be in complete opposition to God’s law, even that which to the human mind appears to be hell itself, is still not separated from the One God. In fact, that which appears to be in opposition to the laws and the vision of the Creator has no objective or ultimate reality. Such imperfect manifestations have only a fleeting shimmer of reality because they exist only in the minds of the self-conscious beings who are the co-creators. These imperfect manifestations can continue to exist only as long as one or more minds are choosing to focus their attention on these imperfect images, these graven images, that are indeed the worship of a false god, a god of division and separation instead of the one true God.

At the moment all conscious attention is withdrawn from such images, they will begin to break down and will eventually cease to exist. And the energy will again be in complete alignment with the laws and the vision of the Creator because truly that which is out of alignment with the laws and the will of the Creator cannot continue to exist on its own. That energy will be requalified into the purity and the perfection of God, when its imperfection is not continually affirmed by a co-creator who is using his or her free will to focus attention on the imperfect image.

The absolute truth

The absolute truth is that none of the limitations, the suffering, the imperfections and the pain that you experience here on earth is real. It exists only in your mind, and it will continue to exist only as long as you, and a critical mass of other co-creators, continue to affirm its existence through the power of your minds and your attention. Yet it is also a fact that such imperfections can continue to exist for a very long time, as long as a critical mass of human beings are trapped in the consciousness of separation that causes them to see the divisions of the One God as being separated from the source and being separated from each other. This then is why brother is divided against brother and nation against nation. This is why the tribes of Israel were lost and still have not found themselves by reclaiming their true identity and their connection to the One God.

Yet while no force in heaven will violate the Law of Free Will, there is indeed something that can be done to help human beings overcome the consciousness of separation and the illusion of death. Yes, truly the moment you separate yourself from your source, you are dead in a spiritual sense because the Conscious You has lost the sense of identity that is the true meaning of the word “life.” Life means that you see yourself as an extension of your I AM Presence, which is an extension of God, the One God behind all manifestations.

The mystery of life on earth, the mystery of individualization, is that when the Conscious You was created by your I AM Presence, it did not have enough consciousness, did not have enough self-awareness, to realize that it was and is an extension of the One God and that everything around it is an extension of the One God. Yet the Conscious You did have enough self-awareness to realize that it was an extension of your I AM Presence. Your I AM Presence realizes fully that it is an extension of the One God and that it is not separated from the One God.

After it was created, the Conscious You could not fathom the existence of the One God, and it was indeed the task of the conscious self to descend into the denser energies of the material realm and through its experiences gradually build its self-awareness, its sense of identity. When that sense of identity attains its fullness, the Conscious You will be able to see that because you are an extension of your I AM Presence, you are not separated from the One God. Your Presence is one with the One God, and you are one with your Presence and therefore also one with God. And after this realization of your own oneness with God, you will build the even higher awareness that everything in this world of form is also one with the One God, because everything is made from the substance of the One God, is a manifestation of the One God.

This then is the true process that the magnificent teacher, whom you know as Jesus Christ, came to demonstrate and teach. He outpictured the process whereby a lifestream rises to the sense of oneness with its source that allows it to know and state, “I and my Father are one. I of my own self can do nothing. It is the Father within me who is doing the work. My Father works hitherto, and I work.”

I say again, God’s judgment is upon those who have misused and misinterpreted the magnificent example and teachings given by Jesus Christ. God’s judgment is upon the false preachers in church and state, in the halls of science, in the media and wherever they are found on this planet. Those who continue to perpetuate the lie that only one son of God could attain oneness with the One God, those who continue to perpetuate the lie that this world is separated from God, are now judged.

This then is a turning point in the history of earth because I truly say that, from this moment forward, the process of judgment, started by Jesus Christ when he said, “For judgment I am come” (John 9:39), shall now be accelerated a thousand-fold by the Presence of Oneness that I am. Therefore, let there be a warning to all those who perpetuate the lie of separation to depart from your lies and your deceitful ways instantly, so that you will not destroy yourselves in the process of promoting the lie that is no longer allowed in the forcefield of planet earth. Therefore, I say, “Woe unto you lawyers, for ye have taken away the key of knowledge, the knowledge of the One God that is all and in all. You yourselves did not want to enter that kingdom of oneness, the kingdom of your true identity as one with God. And in your unwillingness to accept that oneness, you sought to hinder the innocent ones from entering into the Circle of Oneness that is the true kingdom of the Creator of this universe.”

Out of the mercy of your Creator, you have been allowed to continue in your sin and in your illusion, yet that mercy has come to an end this day, and therefore I say, “Heed the true teachings of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who came to call the lost tribes of Israel to repentance, the repentance that means that you are willing to see through the illusion of separation, to accept it as an illusion and to choose this day to serve the One God who is in you and in everything else. You are willing to accept the truth in the statement made by Jesus that the kingdom of God is within you because God is within you. And without him was not anything made that was made, and therefore nothing that was made could be separated from the One God out of which it is made.”

I call you to accept your oneness with me

Therefore, I call you, all of you who have ears to hear, to open your eyes at this moment and see the truth that has always been available to human beings and that even at this moment is available to every human being on this planet and every dark force in what you call hell. Every self-conscious being has the potential to start the process of changing his or her identity, to see the self that gives you self-consciousness as an extension of God and as God. You have the potential to change your vision and begin to see the One God behind all outer manifestations. At first, this will be difficult, and it will require your undivided focus, attention and determination. Yet what one human being has done, all have the potential to do, and because your older brother Jesus has blazed a trail for you, a trail that has been followed and reinforced by others, you have a greater opportunity than ever before. And that is indeed why it is time to make use of that opportunity as never before.

I therefore come to call those who are willing to open their ears, their minds and their hearts to the truth that I state. I call you to change the priorities of your life so that the one overall priority becomes to reestablish your true identity as a son or daughter of God, to reclaim your sense of oneness with your source and to reclaim the true vision that allows you to see that source within all manifestations.

You have been given tools by Mother Mary and Jesus that can take you to that oneness no matter where you are in consciousness today. You have the potential because inside your mind and heart is the door that no human can shut, the door of the Christ consciousness. That door is open to you because your Jesus has held it open to you for these past 2,000 years. And therefore I say, “Walk through that door and come home to the kingdom of oneness that is the true kingdom of the One God.”

I am the Presence of Indivisible Oneness, and I say, “I am within you, and I am here to help you manifest a sense of oneness with who I am. Invoke my Presence in the rosary that Mother Mary has sponsored and that has been brought into manifestation through her Immaculate Heart, the Immaculate Heart that holds the immaculate vision for all co-creators with God, the Immaculate Heart that holds the vision of the One God behind all manifestations.”

Use the tools you have been given. Follow in the footsteps of those who have walked before you and reclaim your oneness. Leave behind the original sin of your separation from your God and all of the sins that have followed. Let them be washed white as snow as you invoke the Presence of Oneness in yourself, in all life and in all matter. I therefore seal you in the Presence of Oneness that consumes all illusions of separation. There is only One God, and all manifestations of that One God are one with each other and with the whole.

One plus one plus one is three, but one times one times one is still one. That is why Jesus told you to multiply your talents, your inner oneness, instead of accumulating the things of this world. You were created because God multiplied its oneness, and even though God’s oneness has been multiplied so many times that no human mind could possibly fathom it, the multiplication of the one is still one.

Therefore, thy sins be forgiven thee; go and sin no more by being the Presence of Oneness in this world! I now give you an affirmation, a mantra, that if used diligently can help you rise above all separation. If used by enough people, it can raise the world out of separation and division:

I choose to BE one with my God, and therefore
I AM the Presence of Oneness in this world.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels