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TOPICS:  The difference between constancy and insanity – Constant self-transcendence – A modern Utopia – An aquarian spiritual organization – Aquarian leadership – Progressive revelation knows no bounds –

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Ascended Master El Morya, October 1, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

The difference between constancy and insanity

My Beloved, El Morya I AM, and many of you have known me for a long time. Many of you have studied the teachings I have given in the past. And you have come to formulate a certain image of me as being the stern and strict disciplinarian, the blue-ray master of the first ray who is no-nonsense and who demands rapt attention, who demands that you make an extraordinary effort, that you are constant in your application of the spiritual path and the tools that we give you.

But I would give you a higher understanding of the concept of being constant. You see, to the outer mind, to the analytical mind and to the human ego, the concept of being constant can mean only one thing. That is that you keep doing the same thing over and over and that you do not let anything distract you or take you away from doing what you have determined is needed in order for you to rise to a higher level of the spiritual path.

And there is indeed a point on the spiritual path, where you must be constant in order to break through the mass consciousness, your own past momentums and karma and your own psychology that threatens to pull you back into repeating the old patterns over and over and over again. So because you are trapped in such a pattern, you need to create a force, a momentum, that can break that pattern. And you cannot build a momentum without constant repetition because the bad habit was built through repetition and it must be counteracted through repetition by building a positive momentum.

So this is indeed in order at a certain level of the path. But there does come a point on the spiritual path, where you need to rise to a new understanding of the concept of constancy, an understanding that is not dualistic but is beyond dualism. And that understanding is that constancy does not mean that you forever keep doing the same thing. For as Albert Einstein said, based on inspiration he received from Above, “If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, you are insane.”

There comes a point where mindlessly repeating the same rituals or habits becomes insanity. There comes a point where you have to be willing to say that what I have done so far has indeed brought me to the point on my path where I am right now, but can I reach the higher stages of the path if I keep doing the same thing? And indeed, there will for every student – for EVERY student – come certain points on your path, where you need to rise to an entirely higher level. And you cannot rise to that level if you keep approaching the path the same way you have done in the cycle that took you to your current point.

So therefore, there are times when the wise student will step back and say, “What do I need to change? How do I need to change my perspective on the path?” And indeed, the sensitive student will know exactly as Arcturus said, that when you realize that following the path has become a source of stress, has become a burden, has become something that takes you away from peace, from the sense of inner freedom, then you know you have stayed too long in the old patterns. And now you are no longer progressing but you are spinning your wheels. You are treading water and you are getting nowhere, even though you are running faster and faster and faster and doing more and more and more, thinking that if you just do more and more or run faster and faster, you will eventually break through.

Well, it cannot be done that way and that is explained clearly in the old story that Saint Germain has told many times of Kuthumi and I going to the mountain to get a message. Where I was the one who with my blue-flame momentum ran straight up the mountain and straight down, and yet I did not retain the message. Whereas Kuthumi took time to listen to the birds and smell the roses and he indeed, although he took longer, retained the message in the end. This is also the story of the Buddha who realized that the extreme of the worldly consciousness and the other extreme of asceticism was not the true path but that you needed to find that middle way of a different approach.

It is an absolute truth that there is not a single human being who can find a specific spiritual teaching or technique and keep doing that for ten, twenty or thirty years or even a lifetime and then automatically make their ascension or attain Christhood. It is not a mechanical path. It is a path that requires you to think, to internalize, and that must happen because you are not fixing your mind on doing certain outer things or believing certain beliefs or studying certain teachings. You are willing to step back and look at the bigger picture, look for inner direction and then follow that inner direction rather than following the outer direction of an outer teacher, organization or even your own outer mind or ego.

Constant self-transcendence

Constancy really means that you are constantly transcending yourself and becoming more. That is the constancy that I, El Morya, am looking for in my students—constantly becoming more. And you cannot become more by repeating the same things in a routine that takes you away from peace. Repetition is good as long as it gives you a greater sense of freedom. But when it starts taking away your freedom, then it is time to step back and transcend the level you are at and find a higher approach. For only then will you make that leap to the next level, and only then can you keep up with me, for I am constantly becoming more. And this is what some people will not or cannot understand and acknowledge and accept—that I, El Morya, never stand still. I am constantly transcending myself and becoming more.

Thus, MORE I AM today than I was yesterday or ten years ago or twenty years ago through this or that organization. Do you see, my beloved? You may think that I ascended a little over a century ago and then I became an ascended master and then I have basically stood still since then because, after all an ascended master must be perfect, right? But you see, being an ascended master does not mean that growth and self-transcendence stops, but that growth and self-transcendence is taken to an entirely new level.

And therefore, I have moved so far beyond the level of consciousness that I had when I ascended that you would barely understand it, if you could see the gap between where I was a century ago and where I am today in consciousness. That is why some people do not recognize me, they do not feel that it is the same El Morya that they used to know. And indeed it is not the same El Morya, for MORE I AM. And if you want to know me as I am today, then you must become more.

As an ascended master I am not about to slow down my growth to wait for you. I move swiftly, and I move on and I go up higher and I become more. And if you are not willing to become more with me, then you must fall behind—and then find other masters who can still help you at your level of consciousness. But it will not be El Morya as the chohan of the First Ray. I am indeed so one with the Will of God – and as I explained yesterday the Will of God is self-transcendence – that I am constantly transcending myself. For how else could I exemplify the Will of God?

How else could I help the people of God on earth transcend themselves? For again, what needs to happen on earth in order to bring in the Golden Age is such a huge leap between where the planet is today and where the reality of the Golden Age is at, that most people could scarcely fathom it in their present state of consciousness. Yet you still have the potential to quickly come up higher with me, so that you can begin to fathom the vision I hold for this planet and for this continent of Europe.

This is the invitation that I extend to all of you—that you come up higher with me, that you are willing to transcend yourselves so that I can begin to impart my vision for this continent and for this planet to those who are willing to come up to the level, where they can fathom that vision without being blown away, without being thrown into fear or doubt or skepticism, saying that this could not possibly happen, this is unrealistic, this is just El Morya thinking he is rewriting the book Utopia.

A modern Utopia

But you see, my beloved, even though the vision I had when I wrote that book has not come to pass – and even though today I see that that vision was somewhat limited and will never come to pass exactly as I saw it at the time – it does not mean that the concept of a utopia is unrealistic or impossible. It is indeed possible. But it is only possible through self-transcendence. And it is only possible when there are people in embodiment who are willing to transcend themselves, so that their minds can become the conduits, the open doors, for transferring that vision from the etheric realm to the material realm, where it can be expressed in a way that people can understand. And so they can begin to see that perhaps it really is possible to transform society so radically, that within a few decades it can take a leap that is as great as the leap from the feudal societies to industrialized nations with a democratic form of government.

Think about how great that leap was. Do you think that if you had gone to some person living in the Dark Ages before the advent of science, before the Reformation, before the Inquisition, and had told them about the age of technology and the age of democracy, do you think that they would have been able to grasp that vision and accept that possibility? Nay, my beloved. They would have rejected it out of hand as being complete daydreaming, completely unrealistic and so far out that they would not even think about it. And this is exactly the problem that we of the ascended masters have had throughout the ages. We need people in embodiment who are willing to come up higher, so that they can fathom the vision that most people on this planet are not yet ready to accept. So they can be the forerunners for seeing that there is a better way.

Some of you will know about the saying: “Ours is not a better way. Ours is merely a different way.” And although there is some truth to that statement, I must also tell you that the danger of looking at it that way is that there is a belief that every way is a valid way and every way is just a different way and all the ways are equally valid. But there is indeed a better way. This does not mean that there is only one way or that there is only one religion or one organization or one teaching that is the only true one. But it does mean that there is a higher way and there is a lower way. And there are many versions of the lower way. And there are many ways to reach the higher level. And it is not just one organization that will bring about the Golden Age.

For truly, it can only happen where there are people who realize that there is a better way that is beyond duality, that is beyond gray thinking – in which every way seems to be valid – and that is beyond black-and-white thinking – in which it seems like there is only one true way and all that are different must be of the devil. Someone must reach for the higher way, the better way, and challenge the consciousness that keeps people stuck in the lower way. Someone must be willing to come up and recognize that there is the possibility of transcending all these limitations that most people think are impossible to overcome. And you have the potential to do this. But you must do it by first looking in the mirror and realizing that you can overcome your own limitations.

An aquarian spiritual organization

We of the ascended masters are facing many delicate problems. And one of the delicate problems that we have always been facing is that there are two types of students. Some are driven by a lot of ego and a lot of ambition. And they are often the ones who are the first to want to do something in a spiritual organization. And they want to take charge and they want to take control, because they feel that they are right and they know how things should be done. And thus they show initiative.

And sometimes we need to work with these people in order to get things done, in order to cut through and get an organization rolling. But in the end, if an organization is led by this kind of students, there will often be a tremendous clash of egos that will then cause the organization to stall or go into a downward spiral, that basically breaks it apart from within and often results in the splitting up of an organization.

So the other kind of students are the humble and meek students. Those are the ones who have the purity of heart, the humbleness. And this is good. But often the pure and the humble do not have initiative, are afraid to take a stand, are reluctant to come out and say, “You know, I think it would be better to do it this way.” And when they meet up with the more aggressive, more self-confident students, they often fold. They often refuse to speak their truth, thinking that perhaps they are not right after all.

And you see the challenge. If we have only the meek and humble, then an organization simply will not get off the ground. Yet if we have only the more aggressive students, then an organization will get off the ground but it will also collapse under its own weight. And so what is the solution to creating a viable, spiritual organization in the Aquarian Age? Well, it is indeed that we have students who are balanced, who have a balance of Alpha and Omega, the balance of the expanding force of the Father that makes them willing to take an initiative, to take a stand. But yet also the balance of Omega that makes them humble, that makes them sensitive, caring and loving towards others.

Aquarian leadership

Another delicate dilemma we face is that if we have messengers or leaders who are too strong, then they will be the ones running the organization, whereas the people will not take initiative. And this again is not an Aquarian matrix, not something we desire to see happen in the Aquarian Age, where an organization is centered around one or two people as the messengers or the leaders. We desire to see an Aquarian organization where many people are involved. But that means that you must reach that level of balance, so that the students who are too aggressive become more meek and humble and the students who are too passive become more willing to take a stand.

We want many people to be involved at many different levels. And so we are waiting patiently. But I desire you to listen carefully. And if you do, you will hear a soft sound, and it is me tapping my foot. For I am growing slightly impatient. And I would like to see you who are the beautiful souls, the meek and humble, I would like to see you come into that balance of Alpha and Omega, where you dare to express the Alpha aspect of your God Flame. So that you take a stand, so that you take an initiative and say, “What does God want to bring forth through me? What does God want to do through me? And how can I fill that role of being God in action?”

For this is what we desire to see for you. For it is only in coming into that balance, that you will attain the freedom of being able and willing to express who you are in God. And that is why you came to this planet in the first place. And you will not be able to leave this planet before you have attained that goal of expressing your God Flame and making a contribution to the upward movement of this beautiful, but oh so burdened, planet—that you desire to set free so much that you were willing to make the sacrifice to come here in the first place.

Progressive revelation knows no bounds

I have again spoken for a long time, and yet I have so much more to say. For progressive revelation knows no bounds, it does not accept limitations. For we know that no sooner have we given a teaching in the physical than people’s egos start turning that teaching into a closed box that traps their minds and hearts. And thus it is simply not possible to bring forth the ultimate teaching that can stand for all time. We must continually challenge people, so they do not become comfortable, they do not become trapped, and they do not become rigid and set in their ways, so that they refuse to become more or think they don’t have to become more because they can just keep doing what they are doing right now—and one day they will wake up and be ascended.

So again, I am looking for those who are willing to transcend themselves and keep up with me as I move forward. Ponder this concept of the constancy of constant self-transcendence, of constantly becoming more as I am constantly becoming more. This is my challenge. This is my joy—when I see students who are willing to take that step and recognize the reality that God is self-transcendence.


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