All Conditions on Earth Are Opportunities

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Ascended Master Nada through Kim Michaels, January 14, 2018.

I AM the Ascended Master Nada, and I welcome you to the second level of initiation at my retreat. Now, you may think that my first message was quite sobering, especially for a lady master. Some people still have an expectation that the lady masters are more gentle than the male masters. My beloved, I was, indeed, much more gentle than a male master because if Archangel Michael had delivered the same message, it would have been much more sobering and much more serious.

My beloved, what you realize is that, as the other masters have told you, you are now at a level where we are not playing any games with you. We are not sort of giving you the gentle version. We are speaking freely and directly to you because you are at the level where you are ready for this. Therefore, there is no reason to play any sort of games, the sort of games that people often play on earth. It is not really a matter of catering to your egos and not offending your egos because, at this point, you need to start looking beyond the ego, looking through the ego. You need to start identifying that when certain reactions come up in you, you know that this comes from the ego. Therefore, you can distance yourself from it, avoid being wrapped up in it. You can avoid reacting the way the ego reacts.

What not to expect from yourself

This does not mean that you do not have a reaction. Now my beloved, there is, of course, the concept of the Buddha who, in his final initiation before going into Nirvana, was sitting under the Bo tree, being approached by the demons of Mara. These demons attempted to get him to react to them in some way. Because he did not react, he passed the initiation and was able to go into Nirvana. We are not at that level. You are not at the point of being ready to go into Nirvana. You are at the second level of my retreat and you are below the 96th level of consciousness. We are not in any way asking you not to have a reaction. It is not so, my beloved, that we want you to go around feeling bad about yourselves if you react to conditions in the world. It is natural for you to react to the world at your level of consciousness.

What we are asking you to do is to come to the point where you begin to consciously realize that the reaction is not coming from you, meaning your true inner being. The reaction is coming from what we have called your ego, what we have called an internal spirit or a separate self. In other words, it is a reaction that is in your four lower bodies, but it is not your reaction. I have put the goal before you that I want you to come to the point where you can navigate the four realms of the material universe – you can be in the world – but you are not doing with the separate state of consciousness. You are acting, you are living an active life. You are doing, but you are not doing. You are doing from a state of being, a state of inner peace.

Now, the initiation you needed to get at the first level was that you realize that you cannot create peace by doing, by doing more, by doing something different. It is not a matter of discovering this secret that nobody else has discovered before, and then you can create peace. There is no secret to discover—other than what we have given you about the duality consciousness and rising above it. This, of course, happens gradually. It happens in increments. We are not asking you at this point to be completely above the dualistic consciousness and to have no reaction to conditions on earth.

We are asking you to begin to separate yourself from your reactions so you know that, even though the reactions are there in your four lower bodies, they are not truly your reactions. Of course, this does not mean you need to ignore the reactions because you realize that when you have a reaction, this is a sign that you have an internal spirit, a separate self, a part of your ego that is reacting. Therefore, it is an opportunity for you to look at this, to distance yourself from it, and thereby transcend it, rise above it.

You understand that when I talked about how you can be in this quicksand and how the entire physical world with its four levels is a form of quicksand, then what I am truly saying is that as long as you are in the world and you are constantly reacting and allowing yourself to be pulled into reactionary patterns by some condition in the world, then you are making karma, then you are doing, then you are sinking into the quicksand. It is only by coming to the point where you are free of a certain reaction that this quicksand no longer has any pull on you, and you can avoid sinking. What I said in my last lesson was that I desire you to begin to contemplate what it is that takes away your inner peace and causes you to do, to go into these reactionary patterns where you are doing.

How you created your Divine plan

In this lesson, I want to point out a certain element of this, a certain mechanism. Now, I said before that most spiritual students have a certain reaction to the world. In fact, we could say that all human beings in embodiment have a reaction to the world. Even those who are not particularly spiritual have a certain reaction, a certain way of looking at the world. Naturally, the fallen beings have a certain reaction to the world of not wanting to be here, not feeling it is just that they are here, and so on. You who are the spiritual people (most of you probably being avatars, if you have started this course, but certainly, this course is also for the original inhabitants of the earth) you have a reaction, a feeling, that things are not the way they should be on earth. Here is one of these enigmas that you need to resolve in order to avoid being pulled into a reactionary pattern.

Naturally, you have a Divine plan. When you created that Divine plan, you were looking at earth, you were seeing that there were certain conditions that were not what we might call natural on this planet. You saw that it was the goal of the ascended masters to help the planet rise above these conditions, and you decided that you wanted to play a part in fulfilling this goal. What you need to recognize here is that when you are creating your Divine plan, you are in a higher state of consciousness. Now, this does not mean that you create your Divine plan for this lifetime from some ultimate state of consciousness where you are completely free of ego. What it does mean is that you create your Divine plan from the highest state of consciousness to which you have the potential to rise in this lifetime. Now, your Divine plan has two levels. One is what you want to do in the world, what you want to accomplish. The other is how you want to grow, how much you want to raise your consciousness. You recognize here that your Divine plan operates with the present level of consciousness that you had when you left your last embodiment, and then, the goal that you and your teachers evaluate as realistic for you to attain at the end of this lifetime. Your Divine plan is made from the highest state of consciousness you have the potential to rise to in this embodiment.

Of course, when you then come down into embodiment, you start at the same level that you were at in your last embodiment—meaning the lowest level of consciousness that is the potential for this embodiment. This means that you forget the state of consciousness from which you made your Divine plan. You often have a tendency to look at your Divine plan through a very linear mindset and think that if the ascended masters have the goal, for example, to remove war, and if you are here to help do this, then you need to take active measures, you need to do something actively, in order to accomplish this.

My beloved, in order to truly accomplish the goal of doing what you are here to do in your Divine plan, you first need to rise to the state of consciousness – not necessarily the absolute highest state but at least to a close proximity to it – that you can attain in this lifetime. In other words, if you are to fulfill your Divine plan, you need to rise to a higher level of consciousness than when you started this embodiment. This, of course, you have already done. Nevertheless, what I am pointing out to you is that it is easy to keep a certain sense with you that you have to do something actively. Many ascended master students, when they found our teachings, decided with their outer minds, based on the level of consciousness they had when they found the teachings, what they were going to do. They were going to give decrees and invocations and so forth and so on.

What do you feel about earth?

What I am asking you to do at this level is to put this aside, to realize that the goal here is to rise to a higher level of consciousness where you can gain a different view of your Divine plan, a different view of what you are here to do. In order to do this, I need you at this level to again look at the earth with your present, waking consciousness. In fact, what I have the students do in groups at my retreat is that I have them verbalize what they think, what they feel, about the earth in its present state. You can even do this as an exercise yourself. You can go into a quiet room, and you verbalize what you feel about the earth, life on earth, human beings, fallen beings and this and that. Most students at this level clearly feel that something is wrong on earth, something has gone wrong.

Naturally, as an avatar, you would have a remembrance of what it means to be on a natural planet. You would know that the earth is far below the state of a natural planet. If you are one of the original inhabitants of the earth, you will have (in your inner memory) a sense that there was a time in the past when the earth was at a higher level, and it has now fallen below it. For example, in the past, there was no warfare on earth, and now there is. All spiritual students have this sense that something is wrong, something is not right, something needs to be corrected, something needs to change. This is where the enigma comes in.

The enigma of changing things on earth

You see, my beloved, in a sense, this is all correct. We of the ascended masters do want to take the earth through a process where we raise it so that certain manifestations are not found here, including war. This is, in a certain sense, a linear process. We start at a certain level, we gradually go to the next level up, and then the next level and so forth and so on. We are raising the collective consciousness increment by increment until we come to one of these turning points where a certain manifestation has been overcome. This has not yet happened with war. It has to a large degree happened with slavery and certain other conditions that you do not see anymore, at least not so much more in the developed world.

In a sense, there is a goal. In a sense, there is a linear process towards that goal. What I need you to recognize is that there is an element of your ego, there is an internal spirit, there is a separate self, which has adopted (or rather, is created from) the belief that you cannot be a fully spiritual person, you cannot be a Christed being, you cannot be fully at peace with yourself until a certain condition on earth has changed.

You see, my beloved, most spiritual people have a sense that something needs to change, but they often do not realize that underneath that sense is a personal reaction where you feel that because of this condition being the way it is, you cannot fully be who you are. For example, you cannot fully be at peace, you cannot fully accept being here, you cannot fully enjoy life, you cannot fully engage in life or in the spiritual path. There is something you cannot do, something you cannot be, because outer conditions are not the way they are meant to be.

This, my beloved, is an absolute illusion that you absolutely need to overcome. I am not asking you to fully overcome it at this level, but I am asking you to become conscious of it. There are many reasons for this. First of all, you will not feel good about yourself as long as you are trapped in this pattern. It is actually a reactionary pattern. You are looking at conditions on earth and you are reacting to them by feeling limited. You are feeling that you cannot fully be the open door for your I AM Presence because of this outer condition, and this is a reactionary pattern that limits you. You cannot fully feel good about yourself as long as you have this pattern. You cannot be fully at peace within yourself because you cannot be at peace with being in embodiment on earth.

My beloved, many people have heard me say that it is the goal of your course at my retreat to be at peace within yourself. They have not actually realized that in order to be at peace within yourself, you need to be at peace with being on earth, being in embodiment on earth. Therefore, they have not realized that they have a reactionary pattern in their subconscious minds that says: “Oh, I cannot be at peace as long as this condition is the way it is.” Do you see here that there is a mechanism, a reactionary pattern, in you that actually prevents you from being at peace because certain outer conditions are the way they are?

Now, with the linear mind, with the outer mind, with the ego, with the internal spirit, with the separate self there is only one solution to this condition and it is that the outer condition must change. There are ascended master students who have been in ascended master teachings for decades, and they are still trapped in this pattern of focusing their attention on the outer conditions that must change, feeling that they cannot be at peace within themselves until this or that condition has changed. They are focusing their attention outside themselves, always directing their attention at how they can make a contribution to changing the outer condition.

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