Accepting that Christ accepts you

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, June 21, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Kazakhstan.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I come to give you another installment in what I have planned to give you for this conference on how to be the Living Christ in action. Now my beloved, when I originally gave the Master Keys to Personal Christhood, I was facing the situation that I talked about this morning, that we have to look at where people are at in consciousness—where the collective consciousness is at, where the spiritual people are at, what we have released before, what we can release now. I gave a course that was meant to take people (even some people who have come from a Christian background and therefore had been brought up with a traditional view of Christ and Christianity) and reach out to them and give them something that could help them come closer to Christhood.

This has helped some people who were ready for it but, of course, it was not possible to really give a course at the time that could get people (who were not ready for it) over the hump and start expressing their Christhood. The reason for this was, as I explained this morning, that until you have confronted, seen through and let die this primal self, you really cannot begin to dare to express your Christhood because you are not free to express it.

What it means to be the Christ

Now that we have this teaching, we can, of course, give you more on what it means to be the Living Christ. Basically, what it means to be the Living Christ is to be a being who is not reacting to conditions on earth, who is not caught in a spiral of reacting to what you have experienced on earth. This means you do not react to earth through the filter of your primal self that sprang from your birth trauma. Truly, as long as you have the primal self, it will (as I explained last year) color the way you approach life on earth. In a sense, we could say that as long as you have that primal self, you cannot really be free to be the Christ because the primal self is created in reaction to what you experienced on earth.

As long as you are seeking to feel safe, feel secure, seeking to compensate for something you did in the past, then everything you do will spring from this need: the need to understand and put into a context, the need to be in control, the need to feel secure, the need to compensate. You will even use a spiritual teaching to try to fulfill this need. Therefore, you cannot really be the Christ because the Christ is the mediator between Spirit and the matter realm. You cannot be the mediator between Spirit and the matter realm until you have established a stronger connection to the spiritual realm and you dare to be free to express in the matter realm what comes through that connection.

If you are not connected to the spiritual realm, you cannot be the mediator. On the other hand, if you are not free to express whatever impulse comes through that connection, you cannot be the mediator either, at least not in the full capacity. You may say: “How then, have people achieved some degree of Christhood without having the teaching on the primal self?”

Well, it is, of course, not absolutely necessary to have a teaching on the primal self in order to overcome the primal self. What have we given you as a tool for overcoming the primal self? It is based on the key ingredient on the spiritual path: self-observation.

Throughout the ages, there have been people, a few people, who have been able to use that ability of the Conscious You to step outside of its current sense of self and observe yourself, your outer self, from without. Therefore, you can begin to separate yourself from it and so you can, of course, manifest a degree of Christhood. Some of you have done this even before you have received this teaching. Nevertheless, we give you the teaching because a critical mass of people are ready for it and can use it to accelerate their growth and get to this point where, instead of just having Christhood in glimpses, you can have it on a more ongoing basis. Many of you, who have a certain spiritual attainment from past lives, you have established some inner connection. Therefore, you have been able to express Christhood in certain moments. In many cases, you have not been able to do this to the full capacity that is in your Divine plan for this lifetime.

The hidden gift of Christ

What I will give you now is a teaching about how you can go further with expressing that Christhood. Again, I am assuming, of course, that if you are serious about this, you will make use of the teachings we have given in the My Lives book and in the book Healing Your Spiritual Traumas so you can begin to overcome that primal self. Once you begin to overcome the primal self, then it can help you to understand what I will give you here.

Now my beloved, I would like you to step back from the entire overlay that has been produced by official Christianity, especially in these past 17 centuries since the formation of the Roman Catholic church. I would like you to try and step back from all this—all the modern-day interpretations of Jesus and what it means to be the Christ. Step back and look at what you know about my actual life, what actually happened. What was I seeking to accomplish? What was it I really wanted to give people? Although this is not portrayed very well in the scriptures, there is at least some hints of it. I always attempted to give people an experience that there is more than their current level of consciousness, there is a higher level of consciousness than their current level of consciousness. Now, this is a very difficult task, or at least not a task that can be done in an absolute way because, as we have given you the teaching, there are 144 levels of consciousness on earth.

During that lifetime, during my three-year ministry, I met people at all 144 levels of consciousness, or I should say at least the lower levels of consciousness because I met few people at the 144th level. I had met some of them before the last three years of my ministry but during my ministry where I was in Palestine, I did not actually meet any at the higher levels of consciousness. Nevertheless, you meet a person who is at a very low level of consciousness, you cannot give that person the same that you give a person at a higher level of consciousness. There is no point in trying to give to people below the 48th level of consciousness what you can give to people above the 48th level, as they would not be able to grasp it. You have the story that I meet a man who is thirsty and I do not attempt to give him a spiritual teaching, I give him a cup of cold water in Christ’s name. You see that I adapted my gift to where people were at in consciousness. However, what I want to tell you and teach you is that there is something that is not portrayed in the scriptures and that has not been understood by the majority of Christians or, for that matter, the majority of spiritual, New Age, mystical people. It is that whatever I could give people according to their level of consciousness, I gave them something else. Even when I gave someone a cup of cold water, there was something more conveyed from me to that person than the water itself. What was that something? Well, I will approach it in two ways.

You cannot understand Christ

Many of you, who are spiritual people, are very used to studying a teaching and seeking to understand that teaching. If you look at the spectrum of religious and spiritual people, you will see that there are many people who think (especially in this modern day where people are so affected by the logical, rational, linear thinking) that it is a matter of understanding a teaching. Grant you, you have the saying that: “The truth shall make you free” and people today interpret this to mean that the truth is an understanding. You are trapped by an illusion and once you have the understanding that dispels the illusion, you are free from the illusion. This, of course, is to a large degree correct. You can overcome illusions by coming to see that they are illusions and therefore you are free from them.

There is the old parable given in India that if you are holding something that you think is a snake, you are afraid, but when you see that it is just a rope, then the fear is gone. There is some validity to this but even though I also gave teachings and sought to give people understanding, that was not primarily what I attempted to give people. In fact, when I gave teachings, they were just a vehicle, just like the cup of cold water was a vehicle. The cup of cold water was a vehicle to give my greater gift to one person at a certain level of consciousness. The teachings were my vehicle to give to other people at another level of consciousness and so on and so forth. Whatever I gave, it was just a vehicle for giving what was the greater gift that I wanted to give. What was that greater gift? Well, here is the question to ask yourself: “Can I understand Christ with my linear, analytical mind? Can I fully understand Christ?” The answer is a very, very clear and very definitive “NO!” You cannot fully understand Christ. You can understand some aspects and some characteristics of Christ. You can understand the contrast between what is clearly antichrist and what is the higher understanding of Christ. There are things you can understand, but you cannot grasp the totality of Christ through understanding. “Wisdom is the principal thing and with all thy getting, get understanding.” This is valid at a certain level but it will not take you beyond a certain level.

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