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TOPICS: How religion is used to control people – Dark forces have no respect for free will  – How you co-create the earth – What you don’t know can hurt you – Information overload – How the concept of sin stops progress – any condition can be changed – The alchemy of the Spirit – The Miracle Acceptance Rosary – atom means: Accept Theos Over Mammon – 

Ascended Master Mother Mary, May 29, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I will speak to you today on a topic that has the greatest impact on your personal lives and on the planet as a whole. It is the topic of the kingdom of God.

Dark forces have no respect for free will

I am sure you remember that my son Jesus told you that one of his main goals for coming to earth was to bring the kingdom of God to this planet. Yet I must tell you that not even a being as powerful as Jesus can single-handedly bring God’s kingdom to earth. Even Jesus faces an obstacle that he cannot overcome. In fact, no power in heaven can overcome this obstacle. That obstacle is your ability and willingness to accept the kingdom of God manifest in your personal life, in your society and on the planet as a whole. Let me now explain to you why this non-acceptance is an insurmountable obstacle for the powers of heaven.

I have told you already that the Law or Free Will is an absolute law. There is no being in heaven who is allowed to violate the free will of a human being. I am sure you can see that the dark forces, who are rebelling against God’s law and God’s purpose, have no such limitations. They have already turned their backs on God’s law, and therefore they have absolutely no respect for the free will of human beings. They will violate and manipulate your free will for as long as you allow them to do so. They have indeed manipulated most people on earth into a state of consciousness, that makes it all but impossible for them to accept the perfection of God’s kingdom manifest in their lives and on the planet.

How you co-create the earth

In my previous discourses I have explained to you how the universe was created. I explained that there is a stream of light that flows from your I AM Presence through the levels of your subconscious mind and into your conscious mind. As it flows through the levels of your mind, this light, this energy, takes on the images that you hold in your consciousness, and those images are then projected onto the screen of life. The images you hold in your consciousness will affect your personal life, your circle of influence. Yet they will also contribute to the images that are held in the collective consciousness of humankind. And the images held in this mass mind will affect human society and even the physical planet.

I hope you can now see the simple fact that if the kingdom of God is to become manifest on earth, a critical mass of human beings must be able to envision what the kingdom of God is like, and they must be able to accept that the kingdom of God could manifest in this world. If a majority of the people on this planet either cannot envision the kingdom of God or cannot accept that kingdom as a real possibility, then it simply is not possible to bring God’s kingdom into manifestation on earth.

If the ascended masters attempted to bring God’s kingdom anyway, we would be violating the Law of Free Will. If we were to do that, we could not remain in heaven but would instantly descend into a lower state of consciousness. Therefore, we would join the ranks of the forces who have attempted to manipulate the free will of human beings for millennia. Some of these forces do indeed think they have the best intentions, and they believe they are seeking to manipulate people into being saved. Yet these forces do not understand the basic intent of God, namely that human beings must consciously choose to accept his kingdom before it can become a manifest reality on earth.

Do you see the simple equation? The material universe is literally a mirror that reflects back whatever is projected upon it through the minds of self-conscious beings. Planet earth is currently reflecting back the imperfect images that human beings have held in their minds for much longer than both orthodox Christians and orthodox scientists would be willing to accept.

What you don’t know can hurt you

My Beloved hearts, when you understand the existence of dark forces, and when you understand that these forces have no respect whatsoever for the free will of human beings, it should not be difficult to see that these forces have no desire whatsoever to see God’s kingdom manifest on earth. If God’s kingdom became manifest tomorrow, the dark forces would no longer be able to steal the energy, the lifeblood, of the people on this earth. They would be forced to descend into lower realms, where they might eventually run out of energy or out of time and opportunity. As I explained in a previous discourse, these forces are absolutely determined to prove that God made a mistake by giving human beings free will. They will therefore do anything possible in order to maintain the current imperfect conditions on this planet.

When you put this fact together with what I have explained above, you will see that in order to prevent God’s kingdom from being manifest on earth, the dark forces only have to do one thing. They have to prevent a critical mass of human beings from accepting that the perfection of God could become manifest on earth. If people do not know what the kingdom of God is like, how can they possibly imagine that it could be manifest on earth? If they cannot accept that the kingdom of God is a possibility, or if they cannot accept that they are worthy of that kingdom, how can the kingdom of God manifest on this planet? This is indeed what the dark forces have been attempting to do for a very long time.

For thousands of years, the dark forces attempted to accomplish their goals by withholding information from the people. They attempted to control the flow of information so that people simply would not be given a clear or an accurate vision of what it would be like if the kingdom of God was manifest on earth. One consequence of this attempt to control information is that the dark forces have sought to manipulate every religion on this planet. That is why you see so many religions follow a very specific pattern.

The original founder of a true religion always has a direct connection to the ascended masters, and through that he or she can receive at least a partial vision of the kingdom of God. After the original founder of the religion is no longer on this earth, the direct connection to the ascended masters is often lost. Therefore, the religion gradually becomes perverted and distorted, until the original teachings have been lost or replaced by a set of false teachings. As both Jesus and I have attempted to explain many times, this is indeed what they did to the beautiful teachings that my son brought 2,000 years ago.

This also explains why the Ascended host have brought forth many religions and why we continue to bring forth new religions or new movements within existing religions. This also explains why there is an absolute need for ongoing, progressive revelation to counteract the manipulation and distortion of existing religions.

Information overload

If you think back to times past, you will see that the task of controlling information was relatively simple. The reason was that there was no technology that allowed for the preservation and the widespread dissemination of information. Just imagine how difficult it was to preserve and distribute a spiritual teaching when all books had to be copied by hand. Do you understand that Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press was one of the major blows to the dark forces on this planet? It was precisely this seemingly simple invention that turned the tide on the dark forces and their control of information.

I am sure you can see that the continued growth in technology has accelerated this trend and made it even more difficult to withhold information from people. Virtually all of the communications and information technology that has been brought forth over the past 500 years has been directly inspired upon the minds of the inventors by the ascended masters. We have done this because we know very well that it is the truth that will make people free, and therefore we want there to be a free distribution of information, so that all people on this planet can have access to any information they need or want. I can assure you that it is only dark forces who are trying to prevent the free flow of information, and I can assure you that the religions who still attempt to limit what their members can or are allowed to know about God are doing so precisely because they are being manipulated by dark forces.

Even though modern communications technology, especially the internet, is a major blow to the dark forces on this planet, these forces are by no means giving up. They have indeed used modern technology to further their goals of preventing people from finding and accepting a higher truth. If you cannot prevent the availability of truth, what can you do to prevent people from finding it? You can do precisely what you see on the internet and in the media today. When you can no longer withhold information, you can flood the market with so much information, that people either cannot find the truth, they cannot find the needle in the haystack, or they find so much information that they are overwhelmed, they literally experience information overload and close their minds to new information.

So my beloved, even though information is now more easily available than ever, we still see the problem that the majority of the people on this planet do not have a clear vision of what the kingdom of God is like and what the earth would be like if that kingdom was manifest. And even those who have found true spiritual teachings about the kingdom of God, still find it difficult to fully accept that such a perfect kingdom could actually be manifest on earth.

How the concept of sin stops progress

In reality, most people have at least a sketchy idea of what the kingdom of God is like. They know that in the kingdom of God there is no war, there is no famine, no poverty, no exploitation, no natural disasters and no disease. Most people realize deep within their beings that many of the activities that they see all around them, either in their personal lives or in the media, are clearly out of alignment with God’s laws. Therefore, it should not be difficult for people to accept the fact that such activities simply could not take place in the kingdom of God. Such activities could not continue if the earth was to outpicture the perfection of the kingdom. These unbalanced activities would simply have to go.

Yet one of the most insidious plots of the dark forces, the serpentine liars, is to create the impression that things are so bad on planet earth that the perfection found in the kingdom of God could never be brought to this planet. These forces have made the many ungodly activities that take place on this planet seem almost inevitable, and as a result many people believe such activities are simply the expressions of human nature. My Beloved hearts, this is the most insidious plot, and it has achieved a very strong hold over the minds of most people on this planet. The influence of this plot goes back into the mist of history and one of the main ideas used to promote this plot is the concept of sin, especially the idea of original sin.

As I explained in an earlier discourse, human beings were indeed given a safe environment in which to experiment with their creative powers. There is absolutely nothing on this planet that is not made from the energy of God. Therefore, all of the imperfect conditions that are currently appearing on this planet have no permanent reality. These conditions are created by the misqualification of the pure energy of God. They are simply mirages projected upon the screen of life through the imperfect images that people hold in their minds.

Both Jesus and myself have compared this process to a movie projector, and you know very well that the images that appear on a movie screen have no permanent reality. They will continue to appear only as long as there is a film strip in the projector. If you are watching a horror movie, you know that what you see on the screen is not real. You also know that if someone changed the film strip in the projector, the movie screen would instantly reflect the images of the new movie. Therefore, even the worst horror movie could instantly be replaced by an inspirational movie about love and courage.

So my point here is simply this: Over thousands of years, the dark forces have attempted to program all human beings on this planet to accept the permanency and the inevitability of imperfect conditions. The miracles performed by Jesus were attempts to shock people out of this belief in the inevitability of disease or other imperfections. Jesus even attempted to shock people out of the belief in the inevitability of death. Yet so few people have truly understood, internalized and accepted the magnificent example given by Jesus. And the reason is that they cannot shake off the programming of the dark forces. One of the most insidious offsprings of this programming is the idea that all people are by nature sinners and that once you have committed a certain sin, there is no turning back, there is no way to raise yourself out of sin.

Any condition can be changed

My Beloved hearts, will you please make an effort to see through this lie, this insidious serpentine lie that has been projected into your minds? This lie is indeed being projected into your minds by mechanical devices created by the dark forces in lower realms, and these energy guns are constantly beaming their death rays into your subconscious minds. It is almost as if you had a loudspeaker in your mind that was constantly broadcasting the message that you are a miserable sinner who can never become one with your God. This is indeed the lie that I have come to dispel. Jesus and myself have come to help you see through this lie and rise above it.

We have taken great care to explain to you that because everything is created from the energy of God and because energy is vibration, any mistake, any limitation, any imperfect condition can be erased by changing the vibration of the energy back to its original purity. Oh my beloved hearts, please, please make an effort to contemplate this in your heart and reach for the inner confirmation from your Christ self that will demonstrate to you the truth of what I am saying. Your Christ self will show you that there is indeed no imperfect condition which cannot be changed and replaced by the perfection of the kingdom of God.

There is only one thing that can prevent imperfect conditions from being changed, and that is your inability or unwillingness to accept the possibility that your current limitations could be transformed into perfect conditions. Because you have free will, you must make a conscious choice to replace the imperfect images in your mind with a higher image, the true image, of the perfection of God.

How do you think Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead? He healed because his mind was so disciplined that he did not for an instant allow it to see the diseased body. Jesus focused all of his attention on seeing only a perfect body, and because he had achieved full Christhood, his mind was so strong that the images he held in his mind would instantly be manifest in the matter world.

Both Jesus and myself have attempted to explain that all human beings are co-creators with God. You are always co-creating because there is a constant stream of energy flowing through your mind from your spiritual self. That stream of energy, like the light in the movie projector, will take on whatever images exist in your subconscious mind. So if you truly want to change your life, and if you truly want to see conditions improve on the planet as a whole, here are the three things you need to accomplish:

  • You need to cleanse your mind of all imperfect images and imperfect beliefs. You need to reach for the higher vision of the Christ mind that allows you to see the perfection of the kingdom of God.
  • You need to reach for the Christ consciousness, which allows you to take dominion over the earth by taking command over the forces of your own mind. By taking this dominion, you can discipline the mind, so that it no longer sees and gives power to the imperfect images but is constantly focused only on the perfect images of the kingdom of God.
  • You need to remain constant in focusing on the perfect images. You need to be vigilant in not allowing the forces of this world to manipulate you into once again accepting imperfections as inevitable. Because Jesus had reached such a high degree of Christhood, he could instantly manifest changes in the material world. When you reach that level of Christhood, when this mind is in you, which was also in Christ Jesus, you can do the works that Jesus did. Yet until then you need to be patient, because you need to realize that it will take some time to change conditions in the material world.

The alchemy of the Spirit

In a previous discourse Jesus has explained that there are four levels of the material world, namely the etheric realm, the thought realm, the feeling realm and the material realm. In order to produce a change in the material realm, you need to start in the etheric realm and then allow the energies to filter through the thought and feeling realms until they reach the material realm.

To successfully manifest the kingdom of God in your personal life, you need to start by changing your sense of identity. You need to stop seeing yourself as a mortal human being, as a miserable sinner or as a person who has made such mistakes that you could never be redeemed. You need to accept that you are a son or daughter of God, that you are a co-creator and that your mind has the power to replace all imperfect images, or an imperfect sense of identity, with the higher images of the Christ mind.

Once your sense of identity begins to change, your thoughts will inevitably follow suit and begin to change also. They will become purer, and you will no longer think in terms of limitations and what cannot be done. You will not think that imperfection is permanent. You will begin to realize and fully accept the truth in the statement made by Jesus that with God all things are possible. This will change your approach to life from being focused on what cannot happen to having a can-do spirit that empowers you to see new possibilities around every corner.

As your thoughts begin to change, it is inevitable that your emotions will also take on a new direction. Your emotional body will be less influenced by negative emotions, such as fear or blame. Instead, you will feel the flow, the natural flow, of energy through your emotional body, and you will begin to feel the joy and the love that is the true driving force behind all life.

As your sense of identity, your thoughts and your feelings are purified, it is inevitable that your outer actions will change also. Yet beyond that, you will see that after a time your outer circumstances will also change. This change would have seemed impossible with your old state of consciousness, but with your new frame of mind it seems so natural and effortless.

My Beloved hearts, this is the true alchemy of the spirit. It is indeed regrettable that so many people in today’s world ridicule the ancient alchemists. There were many charlatans in the field, but certainly no more charlatans than you currently find in the field of science and religion. Yet there were also many true alchemists for whom changing base metals into gold was not the real goal. Their goal was the alchemy of changing the human consciousness, the lead of carnal mind, into the gold of the Christ consciousness. The reason being that the true alchemists realized that the Christ consciousness has the power to change the composition of matter itself, as Jesus clearly demonstrated when he turned the water into wine.

The philosopher’s stone so eagerly sought by the alchemists is indeed the Christ consciousness. It is the Christ consciousness that will bring God’s kingdom to earth, and only the Christ consciousness has the power to do this. Yet as both Jesus and I have explained in great detail, it is not enough that one Christed being walks the earth. For God’s kingdom to be fully physically manifest on this planet, there must be a critical mass of people who have manifested their individual Christhood. The number of Christed beings needed to fully bring in the kingdom of God is, as Jesus has already explained, 10,000. As Jesus has also explained, there are currently 10,000 people in embodiment who have the potential to manifest that Christhood very quickly.

Yet once again we face the obstacle that those people need to be awakened to their potential for Christhood, and they need to accept their Christhood. Jesus has also explained that there are millions of other people who have the potential to manifest a high degree of Christhood. If all of these people were awakened and started to accept a higher vision of God’s kingdom, and started to accept the real possibility of manifesting that kingdom on earth, then things would begin to change very quickly and very dramatically—for the better.

The Miracle Acceptance Rosary

My Beloved hearts, in my continuing efforts to help you rise to a higher level of consciousness, and thereby set the earth Mother free from the burdens upon her, I have come to give you one more rosary. It is indeed a rosary that is designed for the specific purpose of helping you accept the kingdom of God manifest on earth. I assure you that those who will make a commitment to giving this rosary at least once a week, but as many times as you like, will swiftly begin to feel a transformation of consciousness.

You will feel the dissolution of subconscious blocks that you did not even know you had. You will feel a softening of your consciousness, until you gradually begin to grasp and accept an entirely new relationship to God and an entirely new view of the world. You will begin to see the vision that Jesus saw when he walked the earth 2,000 years ago, a vision he has been holding ever since. You will begin to see the vision that I was given by the angel when I was asked to give birth to the Christ child, a vision that I also continue to hold for this planet.

The purpose of the rosary of miracle acceptance is to transfer the vision held in the minds of the ascended masters to the conscious minds of people in embodiment. When you accept that vision, the light of your I AM Presence will shine through the filmstrip in your mind and project the perfect images of the kingdom of God upon the outer conditions in your life. When a critical mass of people accept that vision, the perfect images of the kingdom of God will be projected upon planet earth herself, and I can assure you that the earth Mother will obediently outpicture that vision.

Oh yes my beloved, the earth Mother has a great love for God the Father and for his perfect vision and will. Because of her nature, she allows God’s children to project an imperfect image upon her, but I can assure you that she does not like this image and she constantly suffers pain because of this image. Therefore, the earth Mother herself is eager to throw off the shackles of the imperfect images that have been projected upon her for so many centuries and millennia. If you give her just a little bit of support, you will see how she will jump to her feet in great joy and instantly go to work on making the perfect vision of the Christ mind into a sculpture carved in matter.

I wish I could help you sense the eagerness of Mother earth, and the eagerness of the beautiful nature spirits that work so tirelessly to retain at least some balance of nature to secure the continuation of life on earth. I wish you could feel how they are eagerly waiting for your calls, constantly hoping that people will awaken and allow them to outpicture the perfection of God that is truly written in the inward parts of everything that was ever created. My Beloved hearts, won’t you help the earth mother become free of the shackles of her current limitations? I can assure you that by doing so, you will also set yourself free. If the answers is “Yes” then please give my new rosary.

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, I seal you now in the flame of miracle acceptance that upon contact instantly consumes the non-acceptance of the kingdom of God that is hanging over this planet like a dark cloud. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command the angels of heaven and the legions of light to stand ready to instantly charge into action when someone on earth raises their voice in giving Mother Mary’s Miracle Acceptance Rosary. I charge this rosary with the flame of miracle acceptance that consumes all unlike itself, and I release an extraordinary dispensation of light that will multiply the effect of this rosary a thousand-fold from this instant and until the earth is free from all non-acceptance.

In the name of the Miracle Mother, it is done, it is manifest, it is sealed in the heart of all matter, in the atom itself—the atom that is meant to Accept Theos Over Mammon. Amen.


See the Miracle Acceptance Rosary.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels