25. Afterword

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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My beloved, the purpose of this course is to give you the tools for transforming your consciousness by raising yourself out of the darkness of duality and into the light of the Christ consciousness. This can happen only when you understand and apply the Key of Knowledge. This course is meant to be an outer tool for stimulating intuitive insights from your Christ self and spiritual teachers. Such insights will be carefully adapted to your present level of consciousness and can therefore help you take the next step on your personal path. The teachings in this course are carefully designed to give you the insights you need at any level of the spiritual path. It would be naive to think that you can read this course once and extract everything you could possibly gain from it. This course is the gift that keeps on giving, in that it can serve as an inspiration at any level of the spiritual path. You can never outgrow this course for it truly has teachings that are given for and at many different levels of consciousness. I encourage you to not forget about this course but to use it over and over again, perhaps even read a small section daily, either before you give an invocation or before you go to sleep. 

My goal for this course has been to provide you with an understanding of the basic dilemma of human existence, namely that people have become trapped in the duality consciousness. I have exposed to you the basic dynamics of the mortal self, but even a course as long as this one cannot explain every aspect of the mortal self or everything you need to know in order to walk the spiritual path. I encourage you to read others books about spirituality as you feel directed from within. Certainly, you might want to look at the many other books and teachings given through this messenger.

Be aware that the key to taking a step up the spiral staircase is to have an intuitive insight that replaces a particular dualistic illusion. Such an insight is beyond intellectual understanding. It can be triggered by an outer experience, but the purpose of any true spiritual teaching is to trigger such insights through words so that you can learn your lesson without experiencing the physical consequences of your former actions. Triggering an intuitive experience through words is a highly individual process. Two people might read the same words and one person understands the point intellectually whereas the other has an intuitive experience. The reason is that the words used did not trigger an intuitive experience for the first person.

I encourage you to read other books that talk about the same topics. How can one course use words that will work equally well for all people? Even though I attempt to explain the important points in different contexts and by using different words, there is no guarantee that this course will trigger an intuitive experience for you. Do not become discouraged or think that there is something wrong with you. Keep searching for other books and you will eventually find something that will help you rise higher. At some point in the future you might return to this course and find that you now understand it in a deeper way than before.

My final thought is to, once again, point out the importance of never stopping the process of self-transcendence. Keep taking the next step on the spiritual path until you know – with an inner knowing that is beyond the false security of your mortal self – that you are back in the River of Life. Then flow with that river as it takes you far beyond what you can imagine with your present state of consciousness. God’s abundance is infinite and when you flow with the River of Life, you will go far beyond any limitation that might have been programmed into your mind in this world. The tapestry of life, the fullness of God’s creation, is far beyond the vastness of the night sky. I look forward to greeting you as you take your place as a spiritual star in the firmament of God’s infinite Being.

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Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels