23. Giving Is the Key to Receiving

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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My beloved heart, we have traveled a long way. This course has been quite a journey through many different topics, most of which, I am sure, go far beyond what you were told by your outer teachers, be they in a religious or a secular setting. I am grateful that you have been willing to endure with me on this long journey. We are now at a very fortunate point where we can talk about the master key to manifesting abundance in your life. What I have talked about throughout this course is the need to reclaim your true identity as a spiritual being who is here for a higher purpose, namely to bring God’s kingdom into manifestation by using the perfect vision of the Christ mind and the light of God. You can direct the light of God to flow through the vision – the filmstrip – of the Christ mind in your four lower bodies, thereby imposing a perfect image upon the Ma-ter Light that makes up the entire material universe. In order to reclaim that position, in order to multiply your divine individuality and take dominion over the earth, you need to first reach up and reestablish the flow of God’s light through your being, through your four lower bodies. You need to recapture the vision of Christ as the highest vision for your lifestream, for your potential, for your divine plan. Then you need to bring them down through your four lower bodies until you reach the level of the physical mind, the conscious mind. Yet, it is not enough to simply bring the vision and the light down to the matter realm. The real key to manifesting the abundant life is what you do with that light and that vision. 

Many spiritual people are very sincere in their spiritual striving. Some of them have put in decades of effort with various forms of study, meditation or spiritual practices, and they have indeed made much progress. They have raised their own consciousness far beyond where they were when they started. If you will take an honest look at these people, you will discover two tendencies:

Some people have a very strong vision of what needs to happen in order to improve planet earth and make it a better place for all. They are very good at grasping that vision, they are good at explaining it, but oftentimes the vision stays in their heads and is not easily transferred into action.

Some people have established a certain flow of God’s light. They can be very strong, very powerful or they can be very loving and able to fill a room with a positive energy. Such people are often good at taking action, but they sometimes lack the greater vision and are focused on the trees without seeing the forest. They do not always have the vision of what to do with their energy and enthusiasm, thus taking unbalanced actions that do not produce the desired results. Such people often think it is enough to love everyone and accept everything as being good.

There are many people on earth today who have a certain spiritual attainment. They have come to a point where they have the potential to do much good and have an impact on a planetary scale. They have not yet crossed the essential line that needs to be crossed before they can take their attainment out of the realm of potentiality and bring it into the realm of actuality.

Many spiritual people are close to breaking through to the point where they can have a major positive impact on this planet, an impact that will raise the collective consciousness and propel society forwards into a golden age. They have not made a decisive impact, neither in their own lives in terms of manifesting the abundant life, nor at the level of society in terms of raising the quality of life for all. I am in no way trying to diminish people’s sincere efforts. I am only trying to point out that there is a vast potential that is on the brink of breaking through but has not yet been pulled into the matter realm. What is missing, what is the key that is lacking, that people have not discovered or have not internalized? In order to give you this key in its simplest possible form, let me ask you to contemplate the number 8, the figure eight. This is indeed a symbol for what needs to happen in order for you to establish the truly abundant life.


When you look at the figure eight, you can start at the very top, which represents the Creator itself. You can envision that the light is flowing from the Creator down through the levels of the spiritual realm, represented by the upper figure. The light then reaches the nexus of the figure eight, and that nexus is a symbol for your identity body, the very highest point of your identity body. This is the meeting point between spirit and matter, between your higher Being, through which the light of God streams, and your lower being, your four lower bodies, through which you act in this world. What I have taught you in these last several chapters is the way to bring that flow of God’s light from the nexus all the way down to the bottom of the figure eight, which is your conscious mind, your outer mind, and your physical body. In order to truly manifest God’s abundance in your life, you need to complete the circle, to complete the figure-eight flow. You cannot simply let the light sit down here and do nothing, neither can you use it for selfish purposes. Doing so is burying your talents in the ground.

The real question is what you do with the light after you bring it down. You have a choice between the way that seems right onto a human and the true way to the eternal life. The way that seems right onto a human is to reason that since you have put forth an effort to bring the light down, you are entitled to use it for your own gratification. You do indeed see many people who have spiritual attainment, but they are using it only for their own gain or pleasure. Some are on a never-ending quest to raise their own consciousness, perhaps seeking so-called supernatural abilities or peak experiences, yet they are doing this only for their own gratification. Look at the life of Jesus and the life of the Buddha. If they had chosen the path of self-gratification, they would have stayed in the forest or the wilderness, working on raising their own consciousness. Instead, they came to a turning point and returned to the world, spending the rest of their lives working to help others.

I told you about the two types of people who have not brought things into manifestation, and this is truly caused by the fact that these people have not done something with their light, something that reaches beyond themselves. I am not necessarily saying that these people are selfish or egotistical in the lowest sense of the word. I am saying that there are a number of spiritual people on this planet who have become focused on themselves, who have become almost completely absorbed in themselves and their quest for spiritual growth—however they define it. These people are not openly egotistical in the sense that they do whatever they want without considering how it affects other people. Many of them are truly living according to spiritual principles and are not harming other people or the environment. Many of them are found in both the New Age community and in traditional religions, including Christian churches. These people are, from an outer perspective, living a good life, and they are not violating any of God’s laws, at least not any of the outer laws that are described in various religious or spiritual philosophies. They have not truly stepped up and considered what they can do with their spiritual attainment in order to bring God’s kingdom to earth, in order to find their place in the greater, timeless work that is God’s creation. Because they have not reached beyond themselves, they cannot complete the circle so that the light flows back to God.

This is what Jesus described in his parable about the multiplication of the talents. Only when you put your talents to good work, will you multiply them. Only when the talents, or rather the light, is multiplied, can you complete the figure-eight flow so that God can multiply from Above what you have multiplied here below. There will be even more light flowing down the figure eight to your conscious mind. The key to manifesting the abundant life on a permanent basis is to complete the circle by giving freely what you have freely received.

This is an absolutely crucial point. Many spiritual people have not fully understood this point. Many of them are close to understanding it, but they do not have the full, correct and complete understanding. If you do not fully grasp this point, my attempts to help you manifest the truly abundant life will come to naught. Some people have taken their spiritual progress and turned it into a downward spiral without even realizing that they have taken the wrong road, the way that seems right onto a human. They have used their light for self-centered purposes instead of rising to the greater vision that since all life came from the same source, they are one with all life. What they are doing onto others, they are truly doing to themselves. The brutal fact is that such people often think they are doing everything right, yet they are following the path that will inevitably lead to spiritual death, the black hole of becoming more and more self-centered rather than God-centered.

All life is one. As you begin your spiritual journey, you are trapped in the duality consciousness and cannot see this fact. You are too focused on your physical body and mortal self to consider the big picture, to have any sense of oneness with the all. You must begin where you are and seek to raise your own consciousness. Because the collective consciousness on this planet is in such a low state, it is indeed necessary for any spiritual seeker to separate himself or herself from the mass consciousness. You need to be focused on yourself and your own growth in order to escape the downward pull of the mass consciousness. It is indeed valid to be focused on yourself and your own growth, but the crucial point is that this is valid only for a time. You must focus on yourself in order to regain a direct, inner connection to your higher Being. Once you regain that connection, you need to take it to the next level and realize that you are an extension of your Creator and so is every other human being.

When you reach a certain level of oneness with God, you need to develop a sense of oneness with all life. You are no longer simply seeking to raise your own consciousness, you are seeking to raise the consciousness of other people and even the collective consciousness. Only when you give of your light to help others, will you have completed the figure-eight flow, which is what Jesus described when he said: “My Father worketh hitherto and I work” (John 5:17). You are now using your attainment, your light, to work for God’s greater plan, which is to raise everyone to the Christ consciousness. If you do not make the transition from a self-centered to a God-centered view, you will use your light to reinforce the self-centeredness of the mortal self. As shocking as it might seem, many sincere spiritual people have indeed taken this self-centered path. They think they are doing everything right, but their righteousness is falling short of the mark. Instead of multiplying their light and spiritual attainment by helping others, they have turned the light into darkness that only reinforces their mortal selves.

This is what Jesus talked about in a remark that has often been misinterpreted or ignored: “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Matthew 6:22-23). If your eye is single, you see the oneness of all life. If your eye is evil, meaning divided, you see everything through the consciousness of separation, and thus you see your own interests as being in opposition to or superior to the whole. As you grow spiritually, you will reach a turning point. If you do not start using your spiritual attainment to raise up the whole, you will inevitably pervert your light and attainment, turning it into the darkness of the mind of anti-christ—which denies its oneness with its Creator and with all life.

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