22. Find Your Emotional Freedom

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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My beloved heart, we are now ready to talk about the emotional body, and I can tell you that the emotional body is the greatest weapon used by the prince of this world in his efforts to prevent you from manifesting the Christ consciousness and through that consciousness manifest the abundant life. The emotions are a powerful force because without feelings you cannot give momentum and direction to your thoughts, and therefore your thoughts cannot be translated into physical actions and physical manifestations. Because the emotions are easily moved, just as the ocean is easily stirred by a powerful wind, it is not that difficult for the prince of this world and your mortal self to change the direction of your emotions so that they take a slightly wrong path. Many people see a higher vision for their lives and truly desire to change their lives, but they simply cannot bring it into physical manifestation; they cannot make it happen. These people have a certain purity in their identity and mental bodies so they can see a higher vision for their lives. They can see that their lives should be better than they are. Because they have not purified their emotional bodies, have not taken dominion over their feelings, their emotions will often distort or sabotage their best efforts.

Imagine a thought being like an arrow. You put the arrow on the bow, you draw back the string and then you release the arrow. This is what happens in the mental body. You grasp an idea, you make it more specific and then you let it fly into the emotional body. Now imagine that when the arrow is in flight, a strong wind blows. The arrow might have been aimed perfectly at the target, but oh how easy it is for the wind to blow it off course so that it misses the mark. This is what happens to so many spiritual people who grasp a higher vision in their mental bodies and who make an effort to change their lives with the best of intentions. Because they have not taken dominion over their emotional bodies, their mortal selves and the prince of this world can so easily give the arrows of their thoughts a slight misdirection so that they always miss the mark. Or perhaps there is a strong headwind – in the form of emotional turmoil – that causes the arrow to fall short of the mark. People’s emotional bodies are pulled in different directions by conflicting desires. Their best efforts lose steam before they ever reach the matter plane. Taking dominion over your emotional body is truly a crucial element of your efforts to manifest the abundant life.

When I say “take dominion,” I mean that the Conscious You must decide to take dominion over the emotional body, as a good parent must take dominion over a child while it is not yet able to make right decisions for itself. Your emotional body can be compared to a child. As is the case with a child, your emotions are easily excitable, and they do not consider long-term consequences. The child does what it wants to do and what seems attractive at the moment. Your emotions are not able to consider what is best for you in the long-term or what is right according to a higher standard, such as the laws of God and your divine plan. The motto of your emotional body is: “If it feels good, do it.” Unless the Conscious You steps into the role of the loving but firm adult who can guide the child of your emotions, the child is likely to hurt itself and create unpleasant long-term consequences.

How do you take dominion over your emotions? I have already given you the master key, which is to reach up for the higher will that brought you into the material universe in the first place. When you have that will, you allow it to filter through to your thoughts. When all your thoughts are in alignment with that will, you need to let the will power carry into the emotional body and make sure that all of your feelings are in alignment with the higher will and the higher vision embedded in your divine plan. You need to see yourself as a person with a higher purpose rather than a happy-go-lucky person who is driven hither and yon by the waves of his or her emotional body. You need to have the firm resolve that simply will not allow feelings that are out of alignment with your divine plan and work against your goal for coming to earth. You need to come to the resolve that you are the one who decides what feelings should arise in your emotional body. You cannot allow any other force, be it your mortal self, other people, the institutions of society, the media or the prince of this world to control which emotions arise in the ocean of your feelings.


Because the emotions are volatile, your mortal self and the prince of this world have long ago realized that using the emotions is one of the best ways to control your actions. If you can control people’s feelings, you can control their actions because their actions spring from feelings. If you can create enough chaos in people’s emotional bodies, you can prevent their higher thoughts from ever reaching the matter realm and their conscious minds. Emotional control starts in your identity body with the belief that you are a mortal human being who is ultimately out of control of your own destiny and is incapable of doing anything beyond certain boundaries. If you believe this, you see yourself as a victim of life. You think you have been thrust into a situation in which you are constantly being forced to respond to circumstances that you did not design and thus could not influence. You constantly feel that you are being attacked and pushed in unwanted directions by the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” as Shakespeare put it.

This puts you into a reactionary frame of mind. You are in the mode of reacting to life instead of taking dominion over life. This, of course, is precisely where your mortal self and the prince of this world want you. They can now control you by throwing at you ideas and circumstances to which you feel you must react.

Beyond the control in the identity body is, of course, certain thought patterns that are programmed into your mind by your mortal self. Or rather, they are part of your mortal self and have therefore entered your sphere of self where they can influence your thought process. The problem is that your mental body might contain a certain image of what life should be like. Based on this image, you have built a set of expectations of what your life should be like; what should and should not happen to you. What has happened in your emotional body is that your mortal self has built upon the mental images and the expectations in your mental body. It has created a very subtle belief that if your expectations are not met, then it is not only necessary and unavoidable, but it is indeed perfectly justified that you respond with certain negative emotions. Your mortal self has set up a subconscious computer, and when a certain button on the screen of your conscious mind is pressed, it will automatically release a particular emotion, a particular reaction.

For example, many people have an expectation that life should be easy and effortless. Many people expect that life should give them certain material things and certain bodily pleasures. If they do not get them, they feel deprived. This gives rise to a variety of emotions which usually include anger against God, against their parents, against society or against specific other people whom they feel are preventing them from having what they think they are entitled to have. This anger can easily be used by the mortal self to justify certain actions that people know are wrong and not in their long-term interest. Once they are caught in a vortex of anger, they can easily justify overruling their deeper moral beliefs or their concern for future consequences. Many people will in a fit of anger commit acts they normally would have avoided and that they deeply regret later. Even though people might regret such actions, they can often be manipulated into the same type of actions through another fit of intense anger, triggered by a situation that does not meet their expectations.

Many people are in a state of greed or envy of others, feeling they should have what others have or have more than others. They might go through life being jealous of other people, and this might push them to take certain actions that they know are wrong. This is indeed what causes some people to steal what they feel they should have but are not willing to work to obtain. Another common emotion is pride that causes people to go through life in a constant attempt to prove that they are better than others, that they are always right, that they know better than anybody else. Such people are literally trapped in emotional patterns over which they have no control, and these patterns deprive them of all sense of happiness, fulfillment and peace of mind. They deprive them of the abundant life.

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