21. Discovering Your Divine Plan

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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My beloved heart, it is now time to go from the overall vision of your greater purpose to the more specific plan anchored in your mental body. I have briefly mentioned the concept of a divine plan, but it is now time to talk about this plan in more detail. This plan truly is the blueprint for your current lifetime but also a part of the blueprint for your entire sojourn in the material universe. 

You are already well aware that you are more than the physical body, and I hope you are beginning to attain the awareness that you are more than the part of you that is designed to descend into the material universe. I hope you are beginning to glimpse that you are more than the contents of the four lower bodies you carry with you from lifetime to lifetime. What I would like to give you now is a sense for what exactly happens when your lifestream descends into a particular physical body. As the Conscious You begins this descent, it first integrates with your long-term mind. This is the mind that you carry with you from lifetime to lifetime, and as the Conscious You begins to integrate with it we might say that the Conscious You puts on a pair of glasses through which it sees everything. When the Conscious You finally descends into the physical body, it puts on another pair of glasses, which represents your short-term mind, the mind that is centered around your current physical body.

When you are in a physical body, you – meaning your conscious mind – are looking at the world through two pair of glasses. The one pair of glasses is your long-term mind, your identity, mental and emotional body and even the part of the long-term mind that relates specifically to being in a physical body. The other pair of glasses represents your short-term mind, which also has four levels. The contents of this short-term mind are the ones that were put in that mind in this particular embodiment. What happens in this process is that the Conscious You can easily forget its true identity as an immortal spiritual being. It now begins to look at everything through the glasses of your long-term and short-term minds; it begins to identity itself with – identify itself as – the contents of your long-term and short-term minds. The Conscious You builds certain expectations and certain desires for how life should be and what it wants life to be like.

For example, most people have been programmed to accept certain expectations, desires and aspirations for their current lifetime, for what their lives should be like, what they should accomplish, what they want to do, what they want to have and what they want to experience. This programming is put upon all people by their families and societies, and it forms a set of expectations. These expectations might very well be in opposition to the expectations that are stored in your long-term mind, or they might be out of touch with what is either your true potential or your realistic karmic circumstances. This, of course, creates a division in your own being. An important consideration is how you can resolve such divisions in your being and avoid sabotaging your efforts to change your life and manifest more abundance. In order to explain this, I need you to step back and look beyond both your short-term and your long-term minds. Beyond those levels of the mind is an even higher level and this is where you find your divine plan. The Conscious You is more than the short-term and the long-term minds. It is simply looking through the filter of those minds while you are in a physical body and while you identify yourself with that body. After your physical body dies, the Conscious You separates itself from the body. If you are a spiritually aware person, the Conscious You can separate itself from the long-term mind and temporarily rise to the spiritual realm. Many of the more spiritual people on earth will, between their embodiments, attend educational and healing centers that are located in the lower spiritual realm. The Conscious You is not simply lying dormant somewhere between your physical embodiments. The Conscious You is always engaged in the process of learning, the process of self-transcendence. There are many people on earth who are so identified with the physical body that their conscious selves are not able to rise to the lower spiritual realms between embodiments. These people get stuck in lower realms, and some of them do indeed go into a kind of sleep that is almost like a spiritual coma. The more spiritual people have the ability to free themselves from identification with the material realm and thereby rise to the spiritual schoolrooms. In these learning centers your conscious self will meet with your Christ self and a set of spiritual teachers who serve as your personal guides. Before you come down into your next embodiment, you will have several councils with your spiritual teachers in which you will define a very specific divine plan for what you want to accomplish in your next lifetime.

Before you came down into your current embodiment, you met with your spiritual teachers and created a very detailed plan for what you want to learn, what you want to experience and what portions of your past karma you need to overcome in this lifetime. It is possible, in fact it is likely, that your outer expectations, the expectations you have built based on the programming from your family and society, are to a smaller or larger degree out of alignment with your divine plan. It is even possible that you have some expectations in your long-term mind that are out of alignment with your divine plan. Obviously, such expectations will make you a house divided against itself. The greatest advantage of clearing your mental body is that it will allow you to see beyond any expectations you have built in this current lifetime and any imperfect, dualistic expectations that have lingered in your long-term mind. When you clear out this debris, you will be able to get a much clearer vision of your divine plan, both the long-term plan and the specific plan for this lifetime.

The greatest joy you can experience is to know that you are fulfilling your divine plan, that every aspect of your life is in alignment with that plan. This truly is the abundant life. As the Conscious You descends into the dense energies of the physical body, it is almost inevitable that you forget your divine plan. Even the most spiritually aware people forget most of their divine plans, although many people have a strong intuitive sense, even as young children, of what they want to do in life. Due to the very dense energies that currently dominate the planetary energy field, it is normal to forget your divine plan. As a spiritual seeker you should expect that you need to make an effort to reconnect to your divine plan. This is, so to speak, simply the cost of doing business on a planet with such dense energies. Don’t blame yourself, God or anyone else for the fact that you have forgotten your divine plan. Simply decide that you will put forth a determined effort to rediscover who you are and why you are here.

Why is it important to reconnect to your divine plan? Besides the goal of attaining greater peace of mind and a deep sense of meaning, it will also give you very specific directions for your current lifetime. This might be directions such as the right occupation, the right person to marry, the right place to live or what you need to study – such as a spiritual teaching – in order to learn the lessons you are meant to learn. Because you are a spiritually aware person, you probably already have some intuitive sense of the basic elements of your divine plan. Many spiritual people can look back at their lives and see that they have done certain things for which they had no outer, rational explanation. They simply knew that it was something they had to do. You might even look back at your life and see that you have had certain unpleasant experiences or have done certain things that might seem like mistakes. When you reconnect to your divine plan, you are likely to discover that this was something you had to do. The reason might be that you needed to learn a lesson, that you were trying to help other people learn a lesson or that you had some karma from past lives that brought about the experience. Regardless of the actual cause, this was a necessary part of your divine plan, and when you see this, you can be at peace about the experience. Instead of looking back at your life with sorrow and regret, you can look for the hidden lesson and use even your unpleasant experiences as a springboard for spiritual growth.


Your divine plan has two aspects. In the previous chapter I talked about the overall purpose for your coming into the material universe, namely that you wanted to bring the light of God and to bring about God’s kingdom. At the more specific level, you have an overall, timeless divine plan for what you want to accomplish in the material universe. That plan relates to who you are, namely the spiritual Being out of which you are an individualization.

When Moses climbed the mountain to receive the ten commandments from God, he saw God as a living fire. That is why the Bible says that our God is a consuming fire (Hebrews 12:29). In the spiritual realm are a number of God Flames, and each God Flame represents a particular quality of God. For example, there is a flame of God’s Will, there is a flame of God’s Wisdom, there is a flame of God’s love, there is a flame of Peace and so forth and so on. For each positive quality known to human beings, there is a certain God Flame that focuses that quality. Your lifestream was born out of such a God Flame, and your overall purpose for coming into the material universe is to bring the light and the qualities of your God Flame in order to displace the darkness on earth. The Creator will not send that God Flame from outside the material universe. It must come from within by a person on earth embodying that God Flame.

Your God Flame has two aspects, namely the expanding element of the Father and the contracting element of the Mother, the Alpha aspect and the Omega aspect. This is described in the Bible in the statement: “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty” (Revelation 1:8). The Alpha aspect of your God Flame, the masculine aspect, is the flame out of which you sprang, and the feminine aspect is the gift you are here to bring to the world. You might be out of the God Flame of love, but you chose to come to earth to bring truth. In order to bring truth to earth, you have to bring truth in a loving manner. Likewise, you might be out of the God Flame of peace, but you are here to bring direction. You must bring a direction that helps people attain peace and that expresses the quality of peace.

As you clear your mental body and your identity body, you will begin to get an intuitive feeling for your particular God Flame, and it is a topic that you might meditate upon as you give the invocations in this course. Many spiritual people will already have some sense of their God Flame, even though you may never have heard about the concept. You might see that there are certain qualities that have always seemed important to you or been dear to your heart. You might even see that there are certain negative characteristics you have often encountered, and the reason is that they are in opposition to your God Flame. You are here to let your God Flame consume them, which means that you attract them to you so that they can be consumed by the fire of your greater Being. It is therefore important that you do not become emotionally involved with such situations or feelings but simply allow them to pass into the fire of your inner Being. This requires you to be non-attached so that you do not magnify these negative qualities with your emotional body.

I know this concept will seem abstract to many people, but I am bringing it up because as you begin to clear your higher bodies, you will get a better intuitive awareness of your God Flame. It is important for you to have the concept in the back of your mind so that as you grow in self-awareness you can begin to consciously tune in to your God Flame and your reason for being.

Beyond the more abstract, overall level that relates to expressing your God Flame, is the more concrete level of your divine plan. Again, there is a part of your divine plan that relates to what you came to bring to earth, and this plan will carry over from lifetime to lifetime. For example, you might feel an affinity for certain activities or a certain type of occupation. You might have a particular concern for certain problems on earth and a desire to see them alleviated. There may also be certain elements of this plan that relate to what you need to learn in order to become who you truly are, and these are also long-term goals. These long-term goals are crystallized into particular goals for your current lifetime, and these goals are the easiest for you to uncover. Here we do, once again, run into a problem I have discussed earlier, namely that your outer mind, your conscious mind and your mortal self, might have built certain expectations that are in opposition to your divine plan. If you are very attached to these outer expectations, your conscious mind might actually refuse to see your divine plan. The reason being that following your divine plan would require some major adjustments in your outer lifestyle, and a part of you does not want to make those adjustments.

Your mortal self will do everything it can think of to prevent you from acknowledging your divine plan. It will try to make you so attached to the expectations you have built in this lifetime, expectations that your mortal self has programmed into your mind, that you simply will not look beyond them. Your mortal self will want you to become so attached to temporary desires and pleasures that you will ignore the true desires of your lifestream, as expressed in your divine plan. In order to fully see your divine plan, you will often have to give up, to surrender, certain dualistic, temporary expectations and all emotional attachments to seeing these desires and expectations fulfilled. This is what Jesus described in the statement that you cannot serve two masters, that you cannot serve God – meaning your long-term spiritual goals – and mammon – meaning your short-term, mortal desires and expectations (Matthew 6:24). When you allow yourself to be pulled in two opposing directions, you might refuse to acknowledge your divine plan. You will see it as something that is external to your mortal will – which it is – and even something that is being imposed upon you by some higher authority that is out to control you—which it is not. As I explained in the last chapter, this is an illusion projected upon the Conscious You by the mortal self, and only an act of will by the Conscious You can overcome it. You cannot fulfill your divine plan as long as the Conscious You sees it as being outside of its own will. You need to make peace with your divine plan, and you can do that only by reaching beyond the mortal desires and expectations for what your life should be like. You need to be willing to “lose your life,” to lose your attachments to your dualistic expectations.

You should not expect to have your entire divine plan revealed to you at once. The path is a gradual process, and in the beginning you will only see parts of your divine plan. As you are faithful over your intuitive revelations, you will prove yourself worthy to grasp more and more details until you will eventually have a very clear recognition of your plan. Some details may not ever be known to your conscious mind because how can you learn a particular lesson if you know the purpose for the test you encounter? There will always be some things your outer mind will not know, and you grow by making decisions without having full awareness. You also need to keep in mind that many details of your divine plan are not set in stone. They need to be decided by you as events unfold and could not be planned in advance.

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