20. Changing Who You Think You Are

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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My beloved heart, in this chapter I will give you some teachings that are specifically designed to help you clear the imperfect beliefs in your identity body. In a sense, everything I have said up to this point relates to clearing your identity body, but there are certain things that I have not explained in great detail, and we will go into them here. The most important aspect of clearing your identity body is that by doing so you will uncover your true identity, you will discover who you really are as the God-free being that your Creator originally designed as an extension of itself. The contents of your identity body relate specifically to what you came to do in the material universe. What you came here to do is an expression of who you really are, meaning the spiritual Being that sent down an individualization of itself. 

One of the most common misunderstandings found on earth is the concept that God’s will is outside of, is separate from and is even in opposition to your own individual will. This is a very dangerous and a very insidious illusion that has affected many spiritual seekers. Obviously, the will of God is always in opposition to the will of your mortal self and the will of the prince of this world. Your mortal self and the prince of this world are completely trapped in the duality consciousness, the consciousness that springs from a sense of separation from God. By their very nature, they see themselves as outside of and in opposition to the will of God. The will of your ego, the will of your mortal self, will always feel that it is being restricted by the will of God. Your mortal self will try to get you to believe in the illusion that in order to follow the will of God, you have to give up your own will. You have to surrender your own will to the will of God and submit yourself to this higher authority who wants to control you. This has even led to the belief that it was only in rebelling against the God in the Garden of Eden that human beings gained their own will. This is the ultimate attempt to justify the existence of the mortal self by using the dualistic logic of the mind of anti-christ. It actually implies that before Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they were mere robots. If they had truly been robots, how could they have disobeyed their “programming?”

You were created with free will from the very beginning, and in rebelling against God’s will you did not gain the freedom to make your own choices. You lost that freedom by giving it to the mortal self and the prince of this world. Your greatest possession is your individuality, and you have a built-in longing to express that individuality. If the mortal self and the prince of this world can make you believe that expressing your individuality is incompatible with following the will of God, you will be a house divided against itself. You have a built-in longing for wholeness, which can only be attained by following the will of God, and you have a built-in longing to express your individuality. If you believe the two are incompatible, you will never be whole or fulfilled. The only way out is to realize that the seeming conflict between your individual will and the will of God is nothing but a dualistic illusion. This illusion has been heavily reinforced by many orthodox religions, namely the religions that present God as an angry being in the sky who is watching your every move and is ready to punish you for every mistake. It is a great burden to my heart that so many sincere spiritual people are trapped in this subtle belief that God’s will is somehow in opposition to their own. This makes many spiritual people feel a subtle resentment against God for the very fact that they are alive. They somehow feel that God forced life upon them, and therefore God is responsible for their current misery and limitations. They feel they have no control over their own destiny. After all, God created them, God gave them free will, God sent them into this world and now God has abandoned them because they made a mistake in the past. All these beliefs spring from the mortal self, and not even your mortal self believes them. The mortal self is using them as tools to drive a wedge between you and your higher Being, between the Conscious You and your real identity as the greater spiritual Being that you are.

I truly understand why many people believe this lie. When you have imperfect, dualistic beliefs in your identity body, you simply cannot see beyond the level of your identity body. You cannot see beyond the material realm and discover the greater spiritual Being of which you are an individualization. How can you accept that God’s will is actually your will? One of the greatest benefits of clearing your identity body is that you will come to the recognition and the full acceptance that God’s will is indeed your will and your will is God’s will. To help you resolve this seeming enigma, let me take you on a little journey beyond time and space.


There was once an immortal spiritual Being, residing in the spiritual realm, which is above and beyond the material universe. After the Creator had created the sphere that is the material universe, this Being saw that for the process of creation to continue, someone had to descend into that material universe and bring the light of God. Someone had to take up the role of a co-creator so that the material universe could gradually become filled with light and thereby become another jewel in the crown of God’s Being. This spiritual Being decided that it did indeed want to be part of the creative process, that it did indeed want to serve the Creator by sending a part of itself down into the material universe to radiate the light of God and raise the material universe to a higher vibration. This spiritual Being saw itself clearly as an extension of, as an individualization of, the Creator who started the entire process of creating this world of form. This greater spiritual Being decided to send a part of itself down into the material realm. An immortal spiritual Being cannot send the totality of itself into the material realm. It sent a part of itself, an individualization of itself, which then became an individual lifestream. This individual lifestream is not separated from or in opposition to its spiritual “parent.” Even though it has individuality and free will, its original will is not separate from or in opposition to the greater will of its spiritual source and the even greater will of the Creator itself.

You were not created in a vacuum. You were not created by some external, remote God who then forcefully sent you into this material universe without any choice on your part. You are an extension of a greater spiritual Being, and you are an expression of the fact that this greater Being has a desire to extend itself into the material universe and bring the light and the kingdom of God to replace the darkness that covers the land. After you were created as an individual lifestream, you had a choice concerning whether you would actually descend to the material universe or whether you would seek growth in the spiritual realm. Because you clearly saw the purpose for which you were created, you lovingly chose to descend as an emissary of the greater Being that you are. You were not forced to come here. You came here as the result of a choice, and that choice was not made by some alien, remote being. It was made by you, the Conscious You, seeing itself as an extension of the greater Being that you are.

I am aware that this might sound abstract with your present level of self-awareness. I can assure you that as you grow in self-awareness, as you clear the dualistic images from your identity body, you will come to see and accept the truth of what I am telling you here. You are here because you chose to come here, and you made that choice out of love. You are here because you want to be here. I am aware that there are many aspects of your present situation that are not in alignment with your original desire and your original purpose for coming here. Those imperfections are the results of choices that the Conscious You made because it was influenced by the duality consciousness. Once you separate the Conscious You from those dualistic beliefs, you will indeed come back to a clear recognition of why you came here in the first place.

Oh my beloved, I can assure you that once you reconnect to your original purpose for coming here, your life will take on an entirely new dimension. You will attain such a deep and joyful sense of purpose that you will indeed connect to the original meaning, the original purpose, behind God’s creation. You will know who you are and why you truly came to this earth. You will know that you are an extension of a greater spiritual Being that embodies a particular quality of God. You will know that you are here to bring a particular God quality to this earth and thereby serve as one facet of the diamond mind of God that brings God’s kingdom into manifestation on this planet. You will then reconnect to the whole of the Body of God and see that you are part of a great wave of Beings who came to this earth for a higher purpose. This will give you a sense of purpose, a sense of meaning, a sense of divine direction, that will truly be the ultimate fulfillment for which all spiritual people have a deep, inner longing.

Oh my beloved, what a pain it is to my heart that so many people on earth are wondering if life has a purpose or a deeper meaning. The answer is so obvious and so clear—once you have risen above the duality consciousness. I know that while you are still trapped behind the veil of illusions created by that state of consciousness, the answer seems illusive and impossible to grasp. I have no stronger desire than to see you, and all spiritual people, rise above that veil of illusion – that energy veil, that evil – in order to be free to know who you truly are and why you came to this universe. That is when you can begin to express your unique individuality and to bring your unique gift to this planet. This truly is the very foundation for experiencing the abundant life.

You do not seriously believe that the abundant life is all about money, do you? I can assure you that the true abundant life comes from knowing who you are and why you are here on this planet, from feeling that the light of God is streaming through your four lower bodies. It comes from knowing that every aspect of your lower being is in alignment with your original purpose for coming here. Every aspect of your life is an expression of that purpose and serves to fulfill that purpose. This is the ultimate state of abundance, the ultimate sense of being in the flow of the River of Life, the river of God’s eternal self-transcendence that raises you to higher and higher levels and in so doing raises the vibration of the entire planet.

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