19. Dealing with Emotional Pain

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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My beloved heart, let me bring together some of the things we have discussed in the last several chapters to present you with an overall view of what you need to accomplish in order to purify your four lower bodies, overcome the consequences of your past actions and manifest the abundant life. Let us begin by talking about the resistance to your efforts to purify your four lower bodies. 

Many people have experienced highly traumatic situations in this lifetime, and such situations can be associated with great emotional pain. When I say that in order to be free of the blocks in your emotional body you need to take a look at the beliefs behind those blocks, I know many people will immediately resist doing so. They know that thinking back to the situations from their past will plunge them into a state of emotional pain and discomfort. I am in no way blaming people for such reactions, for it is quite understandable that they want to avoid the emotional pain. What if I could show you a method whereby you could reduce the intensity of the emotional pain before you actually start looking at the painful situations from the past? If the intensity of the pain is reduced, it would only be a temporary and bearable discomfort to take a look at the past. In that case, it would be well worth the effort to go through a temporary discomfort in order to permanently free yourself from an imperfect belief that is affecting you 24 hours a day. This would be a very good investment, just as it would be a good investment to buy stocks if you could double your money.

The other major form of opposition that people run into as they begin to purify their four lower bodies is what we might call the force of habit. As a visual image, imagine water that is running down a hillside. The water tends to carve little grooves in the hillside, and once a groove has started to form, it will funnel more water. The groove will become deeper until it eventually becomes a gully containing a river. This is how habits form in your four lower bodies. As the light flows through your four lower bodies, it follows the path of least resistance.

If you have an imperfect belief in your mental body, the belief, and the misqualified energy resulting from the belief, will form a barrier that will make it harder for the light to flow. The light will tend to flow around it, and thereby your thoughts are steered into a certain pattern, causing your feelings to follow suit. This has the effect of limiting the options you can see, and thus it limits your creative expression. This causes you to set up a mental and emotional habit that, so to speak, programs you to respond to certain situations in a specific way. At the level of the conscious mind, you do not have control over your reactions to specific situations. Your reactions are predetermined by the habits that exist in your emotional, mental and identity bodies as well as in your physical mind.

If you look at people you know, and perhaps look at your own life, you will see that this is a very common problem. Many people literally do not have the option to choose their reaction to a specific situation. Due to habits that were set up in the past, they will inevitably respond with anger to certain situations. They simply cannot stop themselves from doing so, and the effect is often that a relationship between two people is locked into a destructive or dysfunctional pattern. One person says something that the other person doesn’t like. The second person responds with anger, and then the first person also responds with anger. The two people are now angry with each other, and none of them have the power to break free from the anger and choose a more loving reaction to the situation.

The extreme form of a habit is an addiction to a physical substance, such as drugs or alcohol. There are many more subtle habits and, in fact, any pattern of behavior starts in the higher bodies as a mental and emotional habit. The main problem with breaking a habit is that there is quite a resistance to doing so. Tracks have been carved in the levels of your mind, and the energy will tend to flow in those tracks. It takes great effort to change the patterns at the higher levels of the mind. Many people have tried to change a particular habit but have been unsuccessful. They find that they can change the habit for a while, but doing so is an uphill battle. As soon as they relax just a little bit, they snap back into the old patterns.

Others manage to change the outer behavior, but they have to fight an ongoing battle, possibly for the rest of their lives, to keep themselves from snapping back into the old pattern of behavior. This is not the abundant life, for how can you enjoy life when you are constantly fighting this battle with yourself? I understand that many people are reluctant to tackle habits because they know from experience that it is very difficult to remove an old habit. What if I could show you a way to diminish the resistance to breaking a habit, to diminish the magnetic force that pulls you into certain patterns of thoughts, feelings and behavior?


What causes you to feel emotional pain when you think about a traumatic situation from your past is the accumulated energy in your higher bodies, especially the emotional body. What makes it so difficult to break a habit is likewise the accumulated energy in your emotional body, in your mental body and even in your identity body. This energy literally forms an energy field that has much the same effect as a magnetic field. The field around a magnet will pull on a metal object that comes within the range of the field. If you have such “magnetic” fields in your four lower bodies, they will pull on your thoughts and emotions. They will literally pull your thoughts and emotions into a certain pattern, and that is why your reactions to certain situations are predetermined—preprogrammed.

When you use a powerful technique for purifying the misqualified energy and thereby raise its vibration, the intensity of the emotional pain associated with past situations is reduced. You can now think about these situations without being overwhelmed by pain. You can look at them objectively, almost as if you were dealing with another person. It is always easy for you to solve other people’s problems, and the reason is that you are not emotionally involved. You can look at the situation more objectively and see the solution that for the other person is hidden behind a veil of emotional energy.

When you reduce the magnetic pull that causes you to follow certain patterns of behavior, you can break a habit much easier and often without the normal “withdrawal symptoms.” By removing the energy, you will make it far easier for yourself to reexamine painful situations from your past. You can uncover the decisions you made while you were in those situations. You can consciously replace those decisions by making better decisions based on the clearer vision you now have. When you remove the magnetic pull of an old habit, it becomes much easier for you to uncover the decisions behind that habit. You can change those decisions and carve a new and more productive trail in your subconscious mind. You can build a positive habit rather than a limiting one. What I am showing you here is that there are three main components to freeing yourself from your past:

One is the internal component of overcoming the imperfect decisions and beliefs that are stored in your identity, mental, emotional and physical minds. This involves both decisions in your long-term mind, the mind that you carry with you from lifetime to lifetime, and in your short-term mind, the mind that is attached to your current physical body.

The second component is that you must transform the misqualified energy stored in your four lower bodies. This will make it easier for you to break limiting habits and it will make it easier for you to heal the scars from past trauma.

The third component is that you must consume the energy impulse, the karma, that is reflected back to you by the cosmic mirror according to your past actions.

When you find and apply a powerful technique for accomplishing these three goals (such as my invocations), your life will immediately take a turn for the better and you can quickly establish an upward spiral. By putting forth a determined effort for a while, you can make this spiral self-sustaining and self-reinforcing.

Consider how easy it is for people to create a downward spiral for themselves. They have accepted a number of negative beliefs that cause them to misqualify energy. These beliefs and the misqualified energy pull their thoughts and feelings into certain patterns that lead to actions that are not in their own best interest. These actions have consequences, and as people experience the negative consequences, the patterns in their higher bodies cause them to respond with negative thoughts and emotions. This misqualifies even more energy and reinforces their negative beliefs, which obviously solidifies the mental and emotional patterns. This, of course, misqualifies even more energy, and a downward spiral can form very quickly. This spiral becomes self-reinforcing, self-perpetuating, and it can literally take people down to a point where they feel they are mentally and emotionally paralyzed. They have nowhere to go, they cannot move, they feel boxed in from every side and feel like they have no options left in life. This is not because they actually have no options but because the imperfect beliefs and the misqualified energy in their four lower bodies prevent them from seeing the options or prevent them from acting upon their vision. They think they cannot change themselves, and therefore they cannot see how to change their outer situations. This is, of course, what psychologists call depression, and it can easily develop into a more severe mental illness.

Most people on this planet have grown up in circumstances that caused them to create such a downward spiral, and you should not expect that breaking such a spiral will happen overnight or without putting forth a determined effort. If you are determined, and if you are willing to do the work, you can break this spiral and create an upward, self-perpetuating spiral instead. Once you have turned things around, your life will literally take on an entirely new dimension. You will then begin to experience the abundant life, not only in the form of material abundance but also in the form of spiritual abundance. With spiritual abundance I mean greater happiness, greater peace of mind, an expanded vision of life’s opportunities and a sense of purpose and fulfillment, which all adds up to what I talked about earlier, namely wholeness. It is well worth the effort to break the downward spiral and create an upward one. I have now given you the understanding you need for how you can accomplish this task, and I hope I have also given you the motivation you need to make the decision that you will indeed do the work. If you have given the invocations along with this course, you have already transmuted a great deal of energy and you have challenged many subconscious beliefs. If you have read to this point without giving the invocations, it is not too late to go back and start giving them.

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