17. Your Highest Potential

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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My beloved heart, in the previous chapter [See Volume 2] I explained to you the process whereby everything in the material universe has been brought into manifestation. I explained that everything starts as a general idea in the identity realm, is then lowered as a more specific idea in the mental realm, becomes even more specific and receives momentum and direction in the emotional realm and then manifests as an actual form or action in the material realm.

I promised to make this teaching more practical, and I will do so in this chapter by applying it to the question of how you can manifest the abundant life for yourself and for all life on this planet. Let us begin by talking about a topic that is an essential part of the manifestation of the abundant life, namely your creative power, your actual power to bring things into manifestation. If you have studied any of the prosperity teachings found on this planet, you will know that many of them stress the importance of having a goal, having a clear vision for what you want to accomplish. This is a very important part of manifesting the abundant life, for truly, as the Bible says: “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). If you have no idea what you want to manifest, how can you possibly bring it into manifestation, especially when you consider my teaching that everything is made from the Mother Light that has taken on a certain form because of an image that was imposed upon it by a self-aware mind. You might have heard about the concept of making a treasure map, which is simply a collage of pictures that illustrates what you want to see manifest in your life, such as greater material wealth, a nice house to live in or any other conditions. This is indeed one valid approach to manifesting abundance but it does have certain limitations. You can have the best possible vision without having the power to bring it into manifestation. The power aspect is what I will focus on in this chapter, and then we will later talk about how to purify your vision and have the highest vision for your creative potential.


The true key to manifesting the abundant life is to allow the pure light of God to flow through your four lower bodies. If the light can flow through unhindered and undiluted, God’s abundant life will be manifest in your material circumstances. If your four lower bodies are indeed pure, the light of God will flow through them without being diluted in the process. As an example of a person who had this purity in his four lower bodies, look at the life of Jesus. Jesus had reached a level of attainment where he knew that he was not acting on his own power. He was not acting exclusively by using his physical body. He was not even acting exclusively by using psychic energy, energy that was brought into the identity, the mental or the emotional realm. Jesus knew that he of his own self could do nothing (John 5:30) because it was the Father within him who was doing the work (John 5:17). The Father within him was his I AM Presence and the light of God. He knew that without using the pure light of God, he could accomplish nothing of value, nothing of timeless significance.

By coming to this recognition, Jesus opened up and purified his four lower bodies whereby the light of God could flow through them and be directed by his outer mind. His mind, of course, was in perfect alignment with the divine plan for his mission in that incarnation. Jesus did indeed use all of his four lower bodies when he brought things into manifestation. Take for example the situation of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead (John 11:1). Jesus does not even enter the tomb. He stays outside the tomb, he gathers all his concentration, and then he exclaims: “Lazarus, come forth!” (John 11:43). When Jesus said that, he did not speak softly. He was not speaking a prayer, he was not making a request. He was indeed taking dominion over his four lower bodies and with the full force of his total being, he was issuing a command. This command had all the power and intensity of his physical voice. His voice was infused with the intensity of his emotions, his unconditional love for Lazarus. His emotions were a perfect expression of the pure vision of Lazarus’ awakening and healing that he held in his mental body. Jesus knew with absolute certainty that it was indeed possible for the power of God to re-infuse a dead body with life. His mental body was empowered by the sense of identity that came from knowing that he was a son of God, a co-creator with God, who was here to bring the abundant life into manifestation in the material universe. As Jesus said: “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

Because Jesus’ four lower bodies were pure, the power of God could flow through them and awaken the cells and atoms of the body of Lazarus, clear them of the imperfect thoughtforms of disease and make it possible for his soul to reenter his body, which was now purified of all infirmity. I am aware that many people in today’s world, even many Christians, ignore Jesus’ miracles or reject them as being superstition. They were not the products of the imagination, nor were they the additions of the Gospel writers seeking to build Jesus up as a miracle worker. They were indeed real, and they were the products of the fact that Jesus had purified his four lower bodies so that the power of God could flow through them in full force. Through Jesus, the power of God could accomplish things that seemed miraculous to people in a normal state of consciousness. They were not miraculous, they were simply the higher spiritual law brought into action in the material universe, thereby superseding the material laws and their limitations.

Let me give you a sense of co-measurement of the power of God that is possible for anyone who will walk the path of Christhood that Jesus demonstrated. Again, consider Jesus’ statement: “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do” (John 14:12). Do you think Jesus was making an empty promise here? So many Christians have ignored this statement. I can assure you that this statement describes the fact that every human being on earth has a Christ potential. If you are willing to follow the path taken by Jesus, the path of overcoming the mortal self, of slaying the dragon of the mortal self, you can indeed do the works that Jesus did. God can do the same works through you that God did through Jesus. When the power of God flows undiluted through your four lower bodies, there is no limitation to what God can do.

The dualistic mind springs from a sense of separation from your source, from your own higher Being and God. Due to this separation, you do not believe God can work through you, and thus you are denying God the ability to work through you. The dualistic beliefs that have accumulated in your four lower bodies block the flow of God’s light, and therefore your creative powers are reduced to a mere fraction of their true potential. You were designed to have the power of God flowing through your four lower bodies, and in their purified form, those bodies can hold the immense power demonstrated by Jesus. When you descend into the consciousness of separation and duality, the power can no longer flow. You now begin to believe that you are the doer, that you are acting on your own power and that you can act independently of God and God’s light. Everything is made from the Ma-ter Light so you can do nothing without God’s light. The only question is whether you are acting on the pure light of God or light that has been brought into a lower frequency spectrum.

This is a subtle distinction that has been overlooked by most people, even many spiritual gurus. When your sense of identity is centered around the physical body, you can act only by using the energies that vibrate within the material frequency spectrum. Because your consciousness cannot see beyond that spectrum, you can see no connection between material energy and God. You cannot see that even physical matter is made from the light of God that has been lowered in vibration and has taken on a specific form. You do not see God as the single cause behind the myriad manifestations. Due to the dualistic lies programmed into your mind by the mortal self and the prince of this world, you deny God’s presence where you are. This denial forms a block so that God cannot work through you—because God never violates his own Law of Free Will. When you overcome the illusion of separation by letting the mind of Christ be in you, you realize that you – meaning the outer mind and mortal self – are not the doer. Everything is done with God’s energy so God is always the ultimate cause. You can continue to maintain the illusion of separation whereby you confine yourself to a mere fraction of your true creative potential. Doing this is a choice and not some condition put upon you by an angry God. One might say that it is a condition put upon you by an angry god, namely the false god – the angry being in the sky – created by the prince of this world and the collective consciousness of humankind. When you begin to grasp the truth of Christ, you see that you have the potential to reclaim your original mission of being a co-creator with the real God, the inner God who longs to see you co-create the abundant life he envisions for you. Jesus came to set all people free from the limitations of their mortal selves and the dualistic reasoning that limits God’s power and prevents God from working through them.

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