16. The Four Levels of the Universe

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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Everything is made from the Ma-ter Light. Your Creator created the Ma-ter Light and this light has been used to create spheres within spheres, worlds within worlds, that extend from the highest level of God’s creation all the way to the material universe. When each succeeding sphere was created, the Ma-ter Light was lowered in vibration to a different frequency spectrum. Within each sphere, there are a number of frequencies, there are different layers. 

The material universe is made from spiritual light that has been lowered in vibration to a certain spectrum of frequencies. Within the material spectrum, there are four different levels of frequencies, or vibrations. The colors of the rainbow are made from light of different colors. The light rays have different colors because they vibrate at different frequencies. There are four levels of frequencies that make up the material universe. As the spiritual light is lowered in vibration, it first enters the highest spectrum of the material realm where it takes on a certain form. As it flows through each succeeding level, the light takes on a more dense, or manifest, form until it finally takes on the most dense form, the type of forms that can be detected by your physical senses.

The four levels of the material universe correspond to four spheres, or bodies, that together make up the entire universe. The physical universe that can be detected by your senses and scientific instruments made of matter is only the tip of the iceberg. It is the lowest of the four realms in terms of vibration, which means that what is manifest in the matter realm is a product of causes set in motion in the higher realms. There truly is, as Shakespeare said, more between heaven and earth, and that more is the three other levels of the material universe.


This truth has been known to people for thousands of years. It was known to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, it was known to Jesus and he taught it to his disciples when he gave them the more advanced teachings he could not give to the public (Mark 4:34). It was later known to the medieval alchemists and the Christian mystics who practiced their spiritual version of Christianity beneath the radar of the orthodox church. Unfortunately, modern science has scoffed at its own roots, namely the alchemists, who talked about the four elements, which they called fire, air, water and earth, and the fifth element, named ether, which represents the spiritual realm. Science has made many discoveries that actually affirm the existence of these four levels of the material universe, but so far no one has connected the dots and seen the parallels between physics, especially quantum physics, and the teachings of the ancients.

I will once again give you a linear image of a reality that is not quite as linear as your outer mind would prefer. I ask you to keep in mind that there is more to understand and that what I give you is a somewhat simplified image. The fact that there are four levels of the material universe has a universal and a personal perspective. There are four levels of the universe as a whole and there are four levels of your own being, meaning the lower part of your sphere of self. The part of your being that is designed to express your creativity in the material universe has four bodies, and your physical body is only the tip of the iceberg. As a visual image, you might envision that your physical body is surrounded by an invisible energy field, almost like a magnet is surrounded by a magnetic field. This energy field has three distinct levels, corresponding to the three levels of your being that are above the physical body in vibration. The existence of such an energy field around the body has been known to people for thousands of years. The ancient science of acupuncture is based upon it, and today certain digital cameras can actually make the energy field visible on a computer screen. In the future, medical science will learn how to make use of this technology to diagnose and prevent diseases before they manifest in the physical body.

Your physical body does not produce this energy field. Instead, it would be more correct to say that the energy field produces the physical body. The body is simply the tip of the iceberg of your total energy field. It is that part of your lower being that vibrates within the frequency spectrum that can be detected by your physical senses and most scientific instruments. Your physical body is an outpicturing – in the spectrum of frequencies that make up physical matter – of the images held in your three higher bodies.

Let us envision that we are in the lower level of the spiritual realm, and we are about to cross an invisible barrier and travel into the material universe. As we cross that barrier, we now enter the highest level of the material realm. This is what the ancients called the fire element. Some spiritual teachings call it the etheric level, or the etheric plane, some call it the memory body. I would like to call it the level of identity or the identity body. At this level of the material universe, the energies are still of a quite high vibration, which means that they are highly fluid, that they are not nearly as dense as what you detect with your physical senses. The more fluid the energies are, the easier it is to change the images and thoughtforms that are found at that level. The higher the vibration, the easier it is to change the forms taken on by the Ma-ter Light.

The identity body is where your personal sense of identity is stored. It is also where the collective sense of identity, created by humankind, is stored. It is where the lower blueprint for planet earth and every condition found upon it is stored. On a personal level, you have an identity body, and it is the seat of your sense of identity, your sense of who you are. It also stores your basic world view, what some people call your paradigms, namely the fundamental beliefs you rarely question.

This identity body forms the highest level of the lower part of your sphere of self, the lower part of the figure eight. Your four lower bodies form a vehicle that was created in order to allow you to express yourself in the material universe. Your identity body forms the highest level of this vehicle. Every aspect of your identity body is designed to facilitate the expression of your creative abilities and your divine identity in the material universe. Your identity body is designed to be the bridge or gateway between the spiritual realm and the material realm. It is only through your identity body that you can maintain a connection to the higher part of your being, namely your I AM Presence, which permanently resides in the spiritual realm and cannot descend into the denser energies of the material universe.

Even though I call it your identity body, there is more to your identity than the images stored in your identity body. You are far more than the images of yourself that are stored in your identity body. The Conscious You is not trapped in your identity body and can indeed reach beyond it to identify with your I AM Presence. The Conscious You only needs the identity body in order to express itself in the material world. The images of yourself stored in the identity body are truly images that relate to how the Conscious You can express itself in the material realm. The sense of identity in your identity body is relative to the material universe.

If you have a completely pure sense of identity, the images in your identity body will be a reflection of your spiritual identity that is anchored in your I AM Presence. You will then see yourself as an immortal spiritual being who is expressing itself in the material realm through a temporary lower vehicle. You will see yourself as an infinite being, expressing itself through an individualized and limited identity that is focused in and around a physical body on a specific planet, called earth. You will always know that you are more than this identity, and this is important in order to avoid becoming trapped in the lower sense of identity that relates to the material universe, to planet earth and to your physical body. If your identity body is pure, you will always know that you are more than the four lower bodies. If your identity body becomes polluted by dualistic images, a part of your mortal self will occupy that level of your being and begin to influence how you see yourself. Because your identity body is the highest level of your lower being, your sense of identity will affect everything that happens at the lower levels.

The Greek philosopher, Plato, talked about a realm of ideal forms. These were pure geometric forms that were the basic building blocks of the entire universe. What he was talking about was the etheric, or identity, realm in its purest form. At the very highest level of the identity realm, you do find the pure geometric forms that were designed in a higher realm, in the universal Christ mind. These geometric forms were designed to form the building blocks that would give God’s co-creators a safe framework for their experimentation with free will in the material realm. When you co-create by using the pure geometric forms, your creation will always be in harmony with the laws of God. You will multiply, rather than limit, your creative powers. You can use these ideal forms to create an individual manifestation that is in complete harmony with the All so that your creative efforts will only enhance all life on this planet and thereby help bring God’s kingdom to earth. It is only when people can no longer see the pure geometric forms, and instead see the imperfect forms generated by the dualistic mind, that they begin to create suffering and turn life into a struggle.

I have earlier given you the image of a movie projector in which the light from the bulb shines through the filmstrip and the images on the filmstrip are projected onto the screen. Your identity body forms one filmstrip, and whatever images you allow in your identity body, will form the first level of your manifestation in the material world. It is not the only level, but it is the first, and it will form the basis for everything that comes after.


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