14. Oneness Is the Source of Joy

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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My beloved heart, we have now come to a crucial point in the unfoldment of this series of teachings from my heart to yours. This point is crucial because unless you fully absorb and accept what I am about to tell you, my attempts to help you accept the abundant life will have failed. Instead of following me into a life of abundance, you will follow – or keep following – the false gurus into a life of lack and struggle. 

The Conscious You decided to experiment with the duality consciousness and gradually became more and more enveloped in that state of mind until you lost the conscious connection to your I AM Presence, until you fell into a lower state of consciousness. At the moment you lost the thread of contact, your mortal self was born. This mortal self forms the enemy within that works in conjunction with the enemy without, namely the forces of anti-christ, to keep you trapped indefinitely in the duality consciousness. They will do this in any way possible, and I have outlined some of the strategies used by these forces to keep you trapped. I will now tell you about the one, underlying strategy, the master strategy, used by the forces of duality to keep you trapped in that mental box. In order to understand this strategy and how it is used against you, you need to understand the central characteristic of your mortal self.

The Conscious You is the seat of your free will. It is the Conscious You that makes decisions. It is the Conscious You that has the ability to make decisions that are in harmony with the laws and the will of God or to make decisions that are out of alignment with God’s will and God’s laws. Everything in your life revolves around the Conscious You and the decisions you make. The Conscious You is, at any time, what it sees itself as being. The Conscious You makes decisions based on its current sense of identity, its current understanding and belief system. The Conscious You was created as an extension of the pure awareness of God. It has a built-in desire to be part of the River of Life, to flow with the All of God’s creation and to become more. The Conscious You always wants to do the right thing. The Conscious You always attempts to choose the option that is in alignment with its purpose for being and that will enhance its own life and the All of God’s creation—as the Conscious You currently understands both its own identity and its connection to the All of God.

The Conscious You always chooses the option that it sees as being best for itself and best for the whole. The problem is that if the Conscious You begins to identify itself with the mind of duality, it cannot see what is ultimately best for itself and best for the All. Instead, the only options it can see are options that are based on the consciousness of duality. No matter which option the Conscious You chooses, it becomes further enveloped in the consciousness of duality. Once it passes the critical point of losing the thread of contact to the I AM Presence, it can no longer see any way out of what now seems to be a maze where every choice leads to a dead end. Imagine one of the mazes, found in many places around the world, made out of tall hedges. Imagine that you are standing on a platform high above such a maze, and you are looking down upon it and the people who are trying to find their way out of the maze. When you are looking at the maze from above, it is so easy for you to see which pathways lead to dead ends and which pathway leads out of the maze. Now imagine that you shift your perspective so you are down in the maze and all you can see are the green walls around you. Suddenly, it becomes impossible to know which path leads to a dead end or to the exit. This is literally the difference between having some measure of Christ consciousness, some connection to your I AM Presence, and being completely trapped in the duality consciousness.

The mortal self and the prince of this world know that the Conscious You is not stupid and wants to do the right thing. How can they get you to do something that springs from the duality consciousness and thus hurts yourself? They can do so only by confusing the Conscious You with a relative, dualistic belief system that obscures the reality that certain acts will hurt you. In the realm of duality, everything is relative and your mortal self can always justify what it wants to do. When you look at life through this filter of duality, you cannot see that anything you do – even that which appears to be good – only traps you more firmly in the consciousness of anti-christ.


When the Conscious You decided to experiment with the duality consciousness, it made a decision to do so. Surely, it was tempted by the existence of that duality consciousness. The Conscious You had not yet created the mortal self within its sphere of self, but it had opened itself up to the temptation from the enemy without, the serpentine consciousness. This was a decision that the Conscious You made because it had come to doubt the validity of its spiritual teacher and his instructions. It had come to wonder what would happen if, instead of following the instructions of its spiritual teacher, it decided to go outside of the safe framework of those instructions. Why did the Conscious You make this choice? It did so mainly because of a combination of its desire to be more and its lack of experience, especially lack of experience with the duality consciousness. The Conscious You started to wonder: “Could there be more to experience by going outside the framework of God’s law and the teacher’s instructions? What would it be like, what would happen if I experimented with the duality consciousness? Would I become more, would I gain experiences that I would not have by staying in the framework of following the teacher’s instructions?”

By experimenting with the duality consciousness, the Conscious You did have experiences that were beyond what it could have had by staying in oneness. From a certain perspective, one might say that there was more – meaning something different – to experience outside of oneness than there was inside of oneness. The problem is that by experimenting with the duality consciousness, the Conscious You did not become more than it was before partaking of that state of mind. On the contrary, the Conscious You became less than it was created to be, less than it was before experimenting with duality. Instead of identifying itself as an immortal spiritual being with unlimited creative potential, the Conscious You now began to identify itself as a limited being that was trapped by its former choices and therefore was boxed in by many limitations.

The further you descended into the duality consciousness, the more limitations you accepted as being real and unavoidable. You became more and more enveloped in limitations, lack and suffering, you became less than the God-free, immortal being you were created to be. This might give a new meaning to the old saying that less is more. For truly, if you seek more by going outside the oneness of God, by limiting your creative potential, you will end up with less.

God has given you free will. It is not inevitable that you personally should experiment with the duality consciousness. It is virtually inevitable that at least some co-creators would choose to experiment with that state of consciousness. Your lifestream was not created with full God-awareness, and therefore you did not have the absolute knowledge of what would happen when you began to experiment with the duality consciousness. Neither did you have any prior experience with which to compare. All you could do was to follow the directions of the teacher, yet that teacher was outside yourself. The question becomes: “Can you follow the directions of an external teacher, and internalize those directions, until they truly become part of you and you understand why the directions were given? Or do you need to have the experience of what it is like to go against the teacher’s directions so that you now know what will happen. Through trial and error, you can make the decision and come to the understanding of why the teacher’s directions were given?”

There are two ways to growth. One is by following a true spiritual teacher until you have fully absorbed the teacher’s instructions, until you have become so fully one with the teacher that you know why his instructions were given. You no longer see the teacher as an external being and you no longer see his instructions as coming from a source outside yourself. You have expanded your sense of self to incorporate the teacher. You have, on your path to becoming one with the All of God, become one with the teacher. You see him as part of your greater being and you see his instructions as coming from inside your own greater self.

The true path to salvation is the path of increasing your sense of oneness with God until you attain full God consciousness, complete oneness with the All of your Creator. As a stepping stone towards this oneness with the All of God, the Creator has set up a path for you to follow. That path is to give you an external teacher who is more experienced than yourself. If you will follow that teacher’s instructions, and follow them in the spirit of oneness, you will eventually reach a state of oneness with the teacher. This is a stepping stone towards attaining oneness with your Creator. When your lifestream first ventures into the material universe, a certain forgetfulness takes place and you lose your direct sense that you are one with your Creator, that you are an extension of your Creator. You know that you have an I AM Presence, which is a spiritual Being that resides in a higher realm, but you do not fully understand that your I AM Presence is an extension of your Creator. To help you grow into that understanding, your Creator gives you a spiritual teacher that exists at the same level of vibration to which the Conscious You has descended. You can see and comprehend the external teacher with your current level of awareness, and therefore you can hear the teacher’s instructions. This was indeed the Garden of Eden, which is a symbol for the state of consciousness that a lifestream had when it first descended into the denser energies of the material universe.

Contrary to what some people think, or what some religions teach, you were not simply tossed into this world with no recourse, with no connection to the spiritual realm. You were given a protected environment in which you had a loving teacher who could give you instructions. The highest potential for this environment was that you would not simply follow the teacher’s instructions but that you would see behind the outer instructions and attain a sense of oneness with the teacher. Hereby, you would attain the same level of spiritual awareness, the same level of attainment, as the teacher. This would take you higher in oneness with God, to the point where you could no longer lose that sense of oneness because you were now permanently identified with your I AM Presence. You would have fully internalized and accepted that you are an extension of God and that the Conscious You can identify itself as one with the All of your Creator, even as one with the Allness of the pure Being of God.


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