10. How the Mortal Self Blocks Abundance

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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My beloved heart, I know it can sound dramatic when I tell you that your present sense of self has to die. It is not nearly as dramatic as it might sound. All self-aware beings have a great fear of losing their identity, their sense of self. Your very existence is based on the fact that you have individual characteristics that make you a distinct being. You were created to multiply your individuality and take dominion, first over self and then over the world in which you live. The last thing you would want is to lose your individuality, lose your self. At first sight, it might seem a terrifying thing to consider the idea that you have to lose your current sense of identity. Yet, your current sense of identity is not your true individuality. On the contrary, it is a limited self-image that covers over the much greater beauty and perfection of your God-given individuality. 

Did you lose anything in the process whereby your body grew from an infant to an adult? Certainly, you lost the body of a baby and you now have the body of an adult, but was that a net loss or was it truly a gain? If I told you that I would give you a million dollars if you would give me one dollar, would you lose anything in that bargain? Oh yes, you would lose the one dollar but you would get the million dollars instead, and thus you would be far better off than you were before we made that bargain. You do not truly lose something if it is replaced by something better. Your true individuality – that God gave you in the beginning – is a million times more beautiful and perfect than the individuality you have been brought up to accept in today’s materialistic world. There is no loss but a gain for both yourself and the greater Self, namely the Body of God of which you are a part.

When you descended into the lower state of consciousness, the duality consciousness, the mind of anti-christ, you did so in a gradual manner. When you rise back up to the Christ consciousness, to your true identity, this will also happen gradually. You will not come to a point when your present sense of self dies and you have nothing to put in its stead. You will gradually rise to a higher sense of self and a higher sense of self-worth, and therefore you need never feel it as a loss but only as a gain. There truly is nothing to fear. As you move on into the next chapters, and apply the tools I give you in this course, you will one day overcome your fear because you will open yourself up to the higher Being that you truly are. As you walk this gradual path of reestablishing your connection to your I AM Presence, you will one day experience a ray from the sun of your I AM Presence that shines directly into your lower being. As that ray fills your being, you will experience the perfect love, the unconditional love, that your I AM Presence and your Creator have for you. That perfect love will cast out all of your fears.


My beloved, why am I telling you that your present sense of self has to die? Why am I giving you a message that might seem frightening and that might not seem very appealing to your current sense of self? Why be so direct instead of selling you on a more gentle and appealing message that makes the path seem easier and less dramatic? Why run the risk of scaring off those who are not willing to confront their fears? I am doing this for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that I want to give you the true path to the abundant life, even the eternal life.

The false gurus will make the promise that you can manifest God’s abundance, or even be saved, without letting go of your current sense of self, without letting your mortal sense of self die. This is a message that is very appealing to your mortal sense of self, and that is why people who are trapped in that mortal sense of self will buy the wares offered by the false teachers. This is also the way that seems right unto a human but can never lead to the true abundant life that will last for eternity. My first and foremost motivation for giving you the unpopular and unappealing truth is precisely that it is the truth. Only the truth will make you free.

Another important reason is that when you know and accept the truth that your current sense of self must die – so that you can be reborn into a higher, more spiritual, sense of self – then your path becomes so much easier to walk. For the past 2,000 years since my ascension I have watched millions of people sincerely strive to apply the teachings given by my beloved Jesus. I have seen so many sincere hearts give their all to walking the path that was handed down to them by the official Christian churches. Because these churches had taken out some of the very key concepts that Jesus gave – had taken out the key of knowledge – most sincere Christians did not have a true understanding of letting the mortal self die and thereby being reborn into a spiritual, immortal sense of self. Many of these people became trapped into the false path of seeking to perfect the mortal self, seeking to somehow adapt it to what they were told were the ideals preached by Christ. This has caused many people to use the outer mind to create an ideal, a mental image, an idol, of what a true follower of Christ should be like and how such a person should behave. They have spent a lifetime, often with great sincerity and devotion, attempting to mold themselves after that mental image by using their outer will.

This has often been an uphill battle and the simple reason is that until you let the mortal self die, you will inevitably be a house divided against itself (Mark 3:25). Every time the Conscious You takes a step closer to Christhood, the mortal self pulls you back, and thus you remain trapped in the dilemma described by Paul when he said: “For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do” (Romans 7:19). This has caused so many sincere people to feel ashamed or guilty because they could not live up to the mental image they were given in their churches, a mental image that was, from the very beginning, based on the duality of anti-christ. It was a false image, meaning that no one could possibly live up to this idolatrous image of human perfection that has nothing to do with the perfection of the heart. Remember how Jesus said that only the pure in heart shall see God (Matthew 5:8). The true meaning is that God does not require you to manifest an outer, human perfection based on an ideal that springs from the mind of anti-christ. God is looking for an inner quality, namely the purity of your heart. How do you attain purity of heart? You do so by letting the impure self, the mortal self, die so that it can be replaced by your true self, the self that God created in divine perfection and which has never left perfection.

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