09. You Are a Co-creator

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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My beloved heart, you might wonder how a being that was designed as a co-creator with God, a being who sprang from the Allness of God’s consciousness, a being who is truly God manifest as an individual lifestream, could possibly lose the awareness of the All from which it came. This is a question that you can benefit from pondering. 

There is no one answer to this question because each co-creator was designed as a unique individual. The exact reason that caused you to lose your connection to your source will not be the same reason as for someone else. The key to understanding the mystery is to ponder the dilemma of how you balance the fact that you have an awareness as an individual, distinct being, yet at the same time you are an expression of the Allness of God’s Being. This is the central challenge that comes along with the gift of individuality and free will. No co-creator has ever been able to escape this challenge. Many have met the challenge quite easily, while others have taken a long time to solve the enigma. A substantial portion of co-creators, including most of the billions of lifestreams who currently inhabit planet earth, have still not resolved the enigma, have still not solved the riddle of individuality.

The key to solving the enigma is to realize what it means that you are an individual being. Who are you, what are you, what is the core of your identity? All creation began with the singularity of the Creator. In the beginning was only God, the Creator, and God was – and is – a whole and self-contained Being. The Creator has self-awareness, and it has a distinct sense of its identity. The Creator started by creating the two basic forces, namely the expanding force of the Father and the contracting force of the Mother. These forces are not simply inanimate forces, as the forces of nature you see on planet earth, such as gravity and magnetism.

The two basic spiritual forces are guided by two self-aware beings that are the first co-creators to emerge from the Creator. These two beings are what the Bible refers to as Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending. These two beings are not separated from the Creator, they truly are extensions of, manifestations of, the Creator. That is why the Bible records the saying: “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty” (Revelation 1:8). We now have the Creator who has manifested itself as two self-aware beings, two co-creators. Each of these beings has self-awareness, and thus it has a sense of self as a distinct being, a distinct individual. Because Alpha and Omega were created directly by the Creator, their connection to the Creator is so strong and so direct that a being at this level is not likely to lose awareness of that connection, that oneness.

Alpha and Omega created offspring, and there are a number of self-aware beings that descended directly from Alpha and Omega. The direct offspring of Alpha and Omega then created their own offspring, and so on and so forth through many spheres of creation. No linear image can give a completely accurate description of the spiritual reality. Because your mind is still so programmed to think in linear terms, I am attempting the impossible by describing this in a linear way. All self-aware beings in the entire world of form are part of the same family tree that leads back to the one Creator. Without Him was not anything made that was made. If we go with the illustration of a family tree, we can see that a family tree has many branches, representing different generations. The further you are removed from the Creator on the Tree of Life, the more distant is your connection to the Creator. The further you are removed from the Creator, the easier it becomes to lose your awareness of that connection. You can become so focused on your individuality that you eventually forget about your origin and see yourself as a separate being, floating around as a ship adrift on an endless ocean.

The image of a family tree has some severe limitations when it comes to considering the Body of God, the Tree of Life. In a family tree, you are born into a certain position and you can never change that position. In the Body of God, each self-aware being, no matter where it originated, has the opportunity to rise through the different levels until it eventually reaches the full God consciousness. Likewise, a self-aware being can descend below the level at which it originated and therefore be removed even further from the God consciousness.

What will determine whether you rise higher or descend lower on the Tree of Life? The deciding factor is your sense of self, your self-awareness, your sense of identity. You are born in a certain family and your family has a genealogy that can be traced back many generations. Your genes and your upbringing have affected who you are today, who you see yourself as being. What many people do not realize is that your sense of identity is not fixed. Although it can be affected by outside forces, you have the potential to take dominion over your self and change your sense of self according to your highest vision.


Your physical body is a product of the genes passed down in your family, and your upbringing is a product of the world view and culture of your family and society. You are still a distinct individual, and you can rise above your family background in many ways, as many people have proven. Because you are truly a spiritual being, you have complete freedom to rise above your current sense of identity and even rise above the sense of identity with which your individual being was born. The very core of your being is your sense of self, your sense of identity.

When the Creator gave you self-awareness, imagination and free will, it created a being that has no fixed and immutable identity. You literally are who you think you are, you are who you see yourself as being. If you see yourself as a son of God, then you are a son of God. If you see yourself as a mortal human being, then you are a mortal human being, at least in the world of time and space. You can change your sense of identity, you can change your self-awareness, by using your imagination and free will. You can forget or deny that you are a son or daughter of God and instead envision and accept the sense of identity as a mortal sinner. Likewise, you can leave behind the limited sense of identity as a human being and reclaim the true identity with which you came into being. You can then build upon that immaculate concept and become more than you were created to be—which truly is the Creator’s hope for you.

Understanding these concepts might require a little bit of thought with the heart because the analytical mind will not be able to resolve what will seem to it like a contradiction. The Universal Christ Mind stores the divine blueprint, the immaculate concept, for your individuality, the individuality with which you were endowed when your lifestream first came into being. That blueprint can never be lost, and the greater spiritual being out of which you came will exist in the spiritual realm no matter what you do here on earth. That spiritual being is first and foremost your I AM Presence, but your I AM Presence is part of the family tree that reaches, possibly through many generations or levels, back to the Creator. You, as an individual being, are more than your I AM Presence, more than your family tree and more than your Creator. When I say “more” I do not mean this in a comparative way, as if you were better than God. What I mean is that you have a distinct sense of self-awareness that is beyond the self-awareness of the Creator and the members of your spiritual family.

You have a distinct sense of self-awareness, and it has two aspects, namely “awareness” and “self.” You are aware that you exist, that you have being, that you have life. That awareness is focused upon what you see as your “self,” as your identity. Your sense of awareness is the container for your being and your sense of self is the content of the container of your individual being. The awareness gives you existence, and the self gives your existence a specific focus and thereby a way to express yourself in the world of form.

Awareness is independent of the self in the sense that it does not depend on any form. It can exist as pure awareness without being focused on or through a specific individuality, and it is this awareness that is the very core of God’s being. The ultimate God is a state of pure awareness, and this awareness is beyond form, which means that it can never be lost or divided. It can express itself through a particular form, through an individual self, because without Him was not anything made that was made. The contents of this individual self can obscure the pure awareness, yet the pure awareness is immutable and eternal. As an old Indian proverb states: “Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever.” The sense of self is changeable, and it does depend on how you see yourself, how you imagine yourself to be and what you decide is real and is part of you. It all depends on the contents that you put into the container of self, and, obviously, your sense of self can be affected by the world of form. That is why the Conscious You can become lost in form and forget about the pure awareness that is its source. You can change your self-awareness by changing your sense of self, by changing the contents of your container of being.

Your awareness is like a sheet of white paper, and on that paper the Creator drew a beautiful drawing of your divine blueprint. As you begin to accept a lower sense of self, you scribble on the paper with black ink. If you keep doing this, you will eventually reach a point where the scribbles cover not only your divine blueprint but also the white paper behind it. Your pure awareness and the matrix of your spiritual self have been covered over with a tangled web of black lines with no clearly defined structure. Fortunately, the black lines are not made with a permanent marker. The black lines are drawn on a sheet of clear plastic, meaning that the white paper and the original blueprint are still intact and untouched.

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