08. Attaining a Balanced State of Consciousness

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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Let me speak about the essence of the Christ consciousness. When your Creator decided to create individualizations of itself, a certain dilemma came into being. That dilemma is how to balance the relationship between an individualization of the whole and the whole itself so that the individual does not feel separated from the whole or acts in ways that diminish, rather than magnify, the whole.

Your Creator has a state of consciousness that is all-encompassing. Everything in the world of form is contained within the consciousness of your Creator—because your Creator has created everything out of its own substance, Being and consciousness. Likewise, everything created by self-aware co-creators – individualizations of the Creator – was created out of God’s Being. Your Creator is in everything that was ever created, and thus your Creator has an awareness of being the All and being in all. It is not entirely correct to say that the Creator creates form. It would be more correct to say that the Creator manifests itself as a certain form. The Creator takes on a certain form and clothes itself in limitations without losing its Allness. Once a form is brought into existence, that form exists precisely because it has certain characteristics that set it apart from:

The Allness of God, in which there is no form.

The void, in which there is only darkness and thus no form.

Other forms in the world of form.

The very essence of a given form is that it is defined by individual characteristics that set it apart, that differentiate it. If that form did not have any characteristics, it would still be within the Allness, and thus it would not exist as a distinct form. When the Creator manifests itself as a self-aware being, that being must of necessity have individual characteristics. If the being had no individuality, it would not exist as a distinct being, it would still be undifferentiated from the Allness of God’s Being. When it comes to inanimate forms or beings that do not have self-awareness (such as animals), the existence of individual characteristics do not pose a problem because differentiation from the All can never lead to separation from the All.

When it comes to self-aware beings, a potential problem, a sort of enigma, comes into being. A self-aware being can exist only because it has awareness; it is conscious of its own existence. The very core of your identity is your awareness that you exist as a distinct being with individual characteristics and the potential to express those characteristics through your creative powers. This is precisely what you were designed to do, namely to express your individuality and thereby co-create the kingdom of God wherever you are, including on planet earth.

You were also designed to express your individuality as part of the All and as part of the Body of God, the family of co-creators that exist in the world of form. You were not designed to express your creativity as if you existed in a vacuum. You were designed to express your individuality in a way that enhances the whole of which you are a part—and from which you can never be apart.

You can function as a co-creator with God only because you have imagination and free will. The way you express your imagination and free will is an expression of your self-awareness. The way you see yourself is what determines how you use your imagination to envision forms that are not yet manifest. It also determines how you use your will to decide which forms to manifest or which forms you can and cannot manifest. As long as your sense of self-awareness is in alignment with God’s reality, namely that you are part of the All and part of the Body of God on earth, your individual expression will be in alignment with the whole.

The very fact that you have unlimited imagination means that you can envision a sense of self-awareness as being apart from the All of God and as being separated from, even in competition with, other self-aware beings. The fact that you have unrestricted free will means that you can choose to accept such a limited self-image as real, and thereby you can create a new self-image that is based on separation rather than the original sense of oneness with which you were created.

This possibility is an inevitable aspect of giving you free will and imagination. It is not inevitable that you should choose to use your creative abilities to generate such a limited self-image. God did everything possible to make it easy for you to maintain a correct self-image and to build upon that image to become more than you were created to be—rather than to create a false self-image that makes you less than you were created to be.


The essential question is how a self-aware being can avoid acting as if it is separated from God, as if it is apart from God, or acting as if it is the only self-aware being in the universe or the only being that matters. I am sure you can see this dilemma. God created a great number of self-aware beings that are meant to act as co-creators. None of these self-aware beings were created as an island. No being was created to exist alone or independently of God or of others. No being was created to be the favorite son who could act as a king, with all other self-aware beings the mere servants of that one. Truly, as the Bible says: “God is no respecter of persons” (Acts 10:34). The Creator loves all of its co-creators with an infinite love. When love is infinite and unconditional, there can be no comparisons and thus there are no favorite sons or daughters. All are loved with the same love because all are of equal value and equal importance in the eyes of the Creator. How can it be otherwise when every self-aware being is created out of the substance of the Creator and thus is the Creator manifesting itself as that individualized being?

Once the Creator has given a self-aware being imagination and free will, it becomes possible that the co-creator can separate itself from the whole and begin to act as if it is apart from others, even more important than others. In the act of separating itself from the whole, the self-aware being partakes of the “fruit of the knowledge of good and evil” (Genesis 2:17), which truly means relative good and evil. In this consciousness of duality, comparisons are possible and thus a co-creator can build a self-image as being better than or more valuable than others. The being might build the desire to rule over others and to control the whole rather than working to magnify the whole.

If a co-creator accepts this dualistic self-image as reality, the co-creator will begin to act as if it is reality. A co-creator can gradually become so focused on this self-created “reality” that it forgets its true identity. The co-creator – who was designed to always retain its awareness of itself as an individualization of God – can lose that state of oneness, can lose that state of Grace, and thereby fall into a limited sense of identity as a separate being that is apart from God and apart from the Body of God.

This is a possibility that comes into existence the very moment God creates beings who have self-awareness, imagination and free will. God has no desire to see any of his sons and daughters become lost in a lesser sense of identity. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, but you can receive that kingdom only when you see yourself as a son or daughter of God who is capable of and worthy to receive that kingdom. If you become trapped in a lower sense of identity in which you see yourself as apart from the whole – and therefore think you are either unworthy to receive God’s abundance or entitled to all of it – you cannot receive the fullness of the kingdom. This is not what God wants to see happen so how can this possibly be avoided? In reality, it can never be ruled out as a possibility. The only way to take away the possibility that you could become trapped in a lower state of identity is to take away your imagination and free will. If you do not have the ability to imagine a limited state of identity and if you do not have the will to accept it as real, then you cannot become lost. If you do not have these creative faculties, you cannot serve as a co-creator with God and therefore you cannot become more. You cannot serve in expanding the intensity of God’s light in order to fill up the void with light. Becoming more and filling up the void is the very purpose for existence.

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