07. Awakening from the Collective Illusion

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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would like to pull together some of the thoughts I have given you in the previous keys so that I may present a more coherent picture of what it will take for you to manifest the abundant life. I have explained the true meaning of the statement that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, namely that you were designed to be a co-creator with God. You were designed to constantly receive the abundant life from Above. You would receive that abundant life in the form of a constant stream of spiritual energy, flowing through your I AM Presence into your conscious mind. This flow of energy could then be directed by you into manifesting the abundant life in this world. By doing so, you would fulfill your role as a co-creator with God and multiply the energy and creative abilities given to you by God. You can then take dominion, first over yourself and then over the material universe whereby you will help bring God’s kingdom into manifestation on earth.

The reason you do not currently have the abundant life manifest is that you have forgotten your original role. You have lost your true sense of identity as a co-creator with God. Instead, you have come to accept a false identity, a pseudo identity, as a mortal human being who is separated from God. You might even have come to believe that there is no God, that there is no spiritual realm, that there is no I AM Presence and that you are all alone in a hostile world, surrounded by people who are trying to take from you what you believe is rightfully yours.

Most of the people who are engaged in conflicts are trapped in a self-centered or egotistical state of consciousness. People are so focused on themselves that they have no awareness left over for considering the bigger picture. They have no awareness left over for considering how their actions affect other people or even for considering the higher awareness that they are part of the Body of God on earth and that everything they do affects the whole. They are also so focused on life in the material universe that they have no attention left over for considering that there is a spiritual realm and that they might receive abundance directly from Above rather than taking it by force in this world.

If you are to manifest the abundant life and overcome the sense of struggle that traps so many people in an ongoing conflict over limited resources, you have to transcend this egotistical, materialistic state of consciousness. You have to rise above it and reclaim your true identity as a son or daughter of God who is worthy to be a co-creator with God. You are fully capable of co-creating the abundant life right here on earth. This higher state of consciousness is a consciousness that is based on oneness with your source rather than separation from God. This is the oneness that Jesus described when he said: “I and my Father are one” (John 10:30). He truly meant: “I and my I AM Presence are one.” The consciousness demonstrated by Jesus is the sense of identity that is based on the reality of who you are rather than the false image of who you are not. Although we might call this state of consciousness by many names, I would like to call it personal Christhood or the Christ consciousness. It was the role of Jesus to come to earth and demonstrate this state of consciousness.


Before we go on to consider exactly how to manifest the Christ consciousness, I would like to describe in further detail what the Christ consciousness actually means. The material universe is made from the finer energies of the spiritual realm that have been lowered in frequency and have taken on a certain form. The true measure of the abundance that is available to human beings on earth is the amount of spiritual energy that has been lowered in vibration and now vibrates within the material frequency spectrum. Some of that energy has been lowered into the frequency spectrum of physical matter whereas some of it exists as psychic energy. Some of it is manifest as material abundance whereas some of it is potential abundance that can become manifest as material abundance through the power of people’s minds.

The ultimate key to increasing the abundance on earth, so that all people can share in the abundant life, is to bring more spiritual energy into the material frequency spectrum. Only a person who has achieved Christ consciousness is capable of bringing energy from the spiritual realm into the material realm. Only a person with the Christ consciousness can be the open door for God’s light to stream into this world, and that is why Jesus could say about himself: “I am the way the truth and the life” (John 14:6), “I am the door” (John 10:9) and: “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world” (John 9:5). Any person who achieves Christ consciousness, can say the same. Every person has the potential to achieve Christ consciousness. Let us now consider the options for manifesting abundance that are open to those who have not achieved the Christ consciousness. If people believe in the materialistic philosophy that there is no God, or if they believe in the orthodox idol worship of Jesus as the exception rather than as the example, they do not have the option of increasing the total amount of energy available in the matter realm. They can increase their abundance only by taking from the amount of material substance and psychic energy that is already available in the energy system of earth.

We can set up a scale that illustrates how close people are to Christ consciousness or how far below it they have descended. Let us begin by considering the cave man and the state of consciousness represented by the cave man. In the cave man you see a being who is completely identified with the physical body and with the lower instincts of that body. The cave man barely deserves the label of “man,” for he is acting more like an intelligent animal than a human being. The cave man does not have a high enough level of awareness to imagine that he could change his environment. He is therefore living as an animal and adapting to the environment, scratching out a living by taking what he needs from Mother Nature. This he does by taking everything through force, by killing animals or gathering whatever food is available.

When he comes in conflict with other cave dwellers, his only response is to defend what he believes is his by using violence. There is no negotiation, no set of laws or agreements between different tribes or nations in order to divide the territory and avoid confrontation. As soon as the cave man is provoked, his animal instincts flare up and he responds with the flight or fight syndrome that is so typical in animals. If he cannot get away, he will turn on you and fight you. What scientists currently consider the beginning of the evolutionary chain of humankind represents the absolute low point when it comes to Christ consciousness. The cave man stage was not the beginning of humankind. It was a low point to which human beings had descended by misusing their creative abilities. The cave man represents the lowest state of awareness, in terms of man’s creative abilities, known to the modern world.

Since the cave man stage there has been a gradual upward trend, a rise in the awareness of how to use your creative abilities to change your environment and even manipulate energy. One great leap forward came when people learned how to use fire and to preserve and control the fire as a tool. Another major leap came when people learned to build their own houses rather than rely on natural caves. Still another leap came when people learned agriculture, and therefore they could use the land to produce more food than was available through hunting. The rise in civilization that we have seen over the past 2,000 years also represents a rise in awareness about how the universe works. People have become increasingly able to change their environment instead of passively adapting to it. Much of this has been focused on learning how to use material substance and the laws of nature, and thus it has been focused on gathering abundance from the supply that is already available in the frequency spectrum of physical matter.

Over the past century, you have seen an increased awareness about finer energies, including the scientific understanding that matter is a form of energy. You have also seen a rise in people’s understanding of the spiritual side of life, which has led to a greater awareness of the fact that your mind has a major influence on every aspect of your life, as evidenced in the self-help field. Humankind has now moved into a phase where people are no longer confined to manifesting abundance from physical matter. People have started, although the official understanding is yet primitive, to manifest abundance by using the power of their minds. Many people are still focused on using the mind to discover deeper laws of nature that allow them to make better use of matter. An increasing number of people are beginning to explore the mind’s potential for taking dominion over matter, thereby converting psychic energy into material substance by lowering its vibration and making it take on physical form.

When it comes to the growth in human consciousness, one aspect is the growth in awareness, in understanding, of how the world works. As you increase this awareness, you become better at using the laws of nature to your advantage. You can then begin to actively change your environment so that it can fulfill your needs with less effort on your part. As you can see today in human society, this increase in awareness is not without pitfalls. It does not necessarily lead to the abundant life or to a permanent state of happiness and peace of mind. The indiscriminate use of humankind’s greater awareness can create problems that have the potential to threaten the long-term survival of the human race. An increase in awareness is not the same as Christ consciousness. An increase in awareness is part of attaining Christ consciousness, but it is not the full Christ consciousness.

Increased awareness of how to manipulate the laws of nature – without an increased sense of oneness with God and all life – can take you away from the Christ consciousness. The increased awareness about the material world will not automatically produce Christ consciousness. It can provide the foundation for a person’s ascent to the Christ consciousness, but there is no guarantee that this ascent will occur. The increase in awareness of people’s creative abilities can become a trap if it is not balanced by an increase in the love of the heart. The increase in awareness takes place in the mind, yet the mind is not the faculty that gives human beings the ability to love one another and live in peace. People simply become better at taking things through force whereas the real key to abundance is to go beyond force and know that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. You can attain everything you need through love rather than force.

This brings us to the other aspect of Christ consciousness, the real key to Christ consciousness, which is a shift away from an approach to life that is based on lack and fear into an approach that is based on abundance and love. The cave man represented an evolutionary low point in terms of both the mind’s awareness of the world and the heart’s ability to love beyond the self. Since then, humankind has increased both the mind’s capacity to understand the world and the heart’s capacity for love. Unfortunately, the heart has not been expanded as quickly as the mind. You now see people who have the ability to create new technology but not the ability to use it wisely—including the ability to choose to not always do what is technically possible.

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