06. Secret Lessons Behind the Human Struggle

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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My beloved heart, I ask you to take a step back and look at the history of human interactions on earth. I ask you to consider how human beings have treated each other throughout known history. I ask you to look for one word that would characterize human interactions. I am sure you can come up with several words that are very descriptive, but I think you will agree with me that the one word that more than anything describes how human beings have interacted is the word “struggle.”

Human interactions have been characterized by a struggle between individuals and between groups of people, even between humankind and Mother Nature. Human beings have had a tendency to see themselves, even to identify themselves, as being in opposition to other people or even in opposition to the planet upon which they live and upon which they depend for their survival. You have a struggle for control over land, for control over material possessions and for control over other human beings. I now ask you to consider what is the very cause of this struggle, the ongoing human power struggle that has caused untold suffering throughout known history, and even more so in the history that is not currently known to scientists.

The one cause behind the human struggle is the belief that there is not enough for everyone. There is not enough land, there are not enough resources, there is not enough food, there is not enough power. From this comes the sense that if I want more of something, then I must take it from someone else, I must take it by force. I earlier gave you the image that if every human being had a magic lamp and could have all desires fulfilled by the genie in the lamp, there would be no conflicts upon earth. If all people could have their desires fulfilled without taking from anyone else, the human power struggle would come to an end. Even the sense of struggle would dissipate and vanish as the morning dew vanishes before the rising sun.

Ah my beloved, do you see the tremendous importance of this concept? Consider how much suffering has been caused by the human power struggle. Consider the tremendous impact it could have on this planet if at least a critical mass of human beings could be helped to overcome this sense of struggle, to overcome the sense of lack that causes the struggle, and thereby accept that they can have the abundant life without taking it from other people or without taking it by force from Mother Nature.

God has built a safety mechanism into the Ma-ter Light itself. This safety mechanism is the contracting force that seeks to return all form to formlessness, that seeks to return the Ma-ter Light to its ground state. I will now explain to you exactly what happens when people seek to take something by force. This is a principle that has been described in virtually every religion. In the Bible you find the concept that as a man sows, so shall he also reap (Galatians 6:7). You find Jesus’ teachings about doing unto others what you would have them do unto you (Matthew 7:12). You will find similar concepts in every religion, and these ideas describe the most important principle for how the material universe works. In order to describe this in a very succinct way, one might say that God has created a universe that works like a mirror. Whatever you send out into the space-time continuum, will be returned to you by the cosmic mirror.

The universe is made from the Ma-ter Light, and as I have said, the Ma-ter Light has the potential to take on any form but it cannot take on form by itself. The Ma-ter Light obediently takes on form when it is acted upon by a self-aware mind. The Ma-ter Light will take on whatever form is held as a mental image in that self-aware mind. Whatever you hold in your mind, determines the image you project unto the Ma-ter Light, and thus it determines what form the Ma-ter Light will take on in the material frequency spectrum. If you hold on to the mental image that life is a struggle, then surely the universe will mirror back to you circumstances that reflect the belief that life is a struggle. It is the sense of struggle that creates the struggle.

The Law of Free Will does not exist alone. God has not created a universe in which you can do whatever you want. The Law of Free Will exists in a polarity with what scientists have called the law of action and reaction. This law mandates that even though you have the right to project any image upon the Ma-ter Light, you will have to experience the form into which you trap a portion of the Ma-ter Light. When you create something, you will inevitably experience your own creation in the form of your physical circumstances. This is not only just, but it is also one way for you to learn how to better use your creative abilities.

Imagine a universe in which you could do whatever you wanted and never reap the consequences of your actions. How would you possibly learn from this? Consider certain children who have grown up with parents who sought to protect them from the consequences of their choices. Such children quickly become spoiled and think they can get away with anything. They act out more and more because the child has a desire for the parent to set limits for its behavior. This desire truly springs from your drive to learn your lessons in life because you know that if there are no consequences, there is no learning.

You also have a strong desire to learn your lessons in life. Although your outer mind might rebel against God’s law that you will reap what you sow, your inner being is grateful for the fact that the Law of Cause and Effect mandates that you experience what you create. Your inner being knows that this is the way to quickly learn how to use your creative powers in a way that teaches you how to create the best possible life experience for yourself.

I hope to help you see that no matter how difficult your circumstances are right now, there is a lesson hiding behind them. The lesson is that you have created your circumstances in the past by forming a mental image and projecting it upon the Ma-ter Light. This means that you are not forever trapped in circumstances beyond your control. You can, at any moment, choose to change the mental images in your mind and thereby project a better image unto the Ma-ter Light. When you learn about the cycles of how God’s energy flows through the levels of the material universe, as I will teach you later, you will see that it is only a matter of time before your outer situation begins to reflect the new images you hold in your mind.

The essence of my teaching is that if you currently feel trapped in undesirable circumstances, you are not truly trapped. The sense of being trapped, the sense of struggle, exists only in the human mind. When you come to a greater understanding of how the universe works and a greater understanding of your own creative powers, you will see that God has given you the power to change absolutely any circumstance, any limitation. You can go beyond that limitation and manifest the abundant life right here in this world. Although you may think you are trapped by circumstances beyond your control, you are never truly trapped. There is always something you can do to improve your situation. No matter what the outer circumstances might be, you always have the option to take control over your inner circumstances, over the way you respond to the outer situation. When you recognize that your outer circumstances are nothing but a reflection of your inner circumstances from the past, you will know that by changing the mental images in your mind, you will inevitably change what is reflected back to you by the cosmic mirror.


The human struggle has been going on for untold millennia. The struggle for material possessions, power or control is born from the sense that there is not enough abundance in the physical world. The material abundance found in this world is not a fixed quantity. The material abundance is like the tip of an iceberg, and I am sure you know that an iceberg has only ten percent of its mass above the surface of the water. Most of the iceberg is invisible to the human eye and, likewise, the material substance that you can detect with your physical senses is only a small part of a larger whole. All matter is truly made from vibrating energy and thus the material abundance is only the visible part of the total abundance in this world. The total amount of abundance in the material frequency spectrum is not confined to the physical matter that you can detect with your senses. The total amount of abundance available to human beings is dependent on the amount of energy that has been brought into the energy system of planet earth.

Physical matter is made from energy and physical energy is truly created from invisible spiritual energy that has been captured into a particular form. Physical matter is energy that has been lowered in vibration until it vibrates within a certain spectrum of frequencies. Physical matter is a substance that can be manipulated by your physical body. Physical matter is simply an expression of, an extension of, the finer energies that cannot be detected by your physical senses but that can nevertheless be given form by your mind.

Take a new look at the human power struggle. Human beings are not competing exclusively for material wealth or material possessions. Much of the struggle between human beings is not over material substance, it is about something non-material, something that cannot be detected by the physical senses or digested by the body but nevertheless has value to human beings. What is that something, that non-material substance, over which human beings are fighting? Could it possibly be the finer energies that cannot be detected by the senses but are still part of the energy system of earth? These energies are so necessary for a human being to feel nurtured, abundant, complete or secure. You have heard the saying that man does not live from bread alone, and is it not proof that human beings have many needs that are not material and cannot be fulfilled by material possessions?

In many cases, the human power struggle is aimed at giving people a feeling. So many people seek to accumulate money, yet if you look at the world and the richest people, you will see that many of them have accumulated such huge sums of money that they could not possibly spend the money for the rest of their lives. Any human being has finite needs when it comes to material possessions. There are only so many things you can buy, so many things you can do, so much food you can eat. There will come a point when a person has accumulated enough money to fulfill all of his or her material needs for the rest of the natural life span. You see so many people who are not able to stop their quest for money in order to spend the rest of their lives enjoying the money they already have. They are driven to continue accumulating more and more money, even though the effort of accumulating and defending the money prevents them from enjoying their lives. What are these people seeking, what are they struggling to attain? They are struggling to attain a feeling, and that feeling is more important to them than the money or what enjoyment the money can buy. They are struggling to achieve a feeling of security or perhaps a feeling of power, control or superiority.

For a very long time I have been a keen student of human psychology. As an ascended being I have the ability to look beyond all surface appearances that confuse human beings and make it impossible for them to understand what goes on at the subconscious levels of the psyche. The eyes of an ascended being can penetrate all of the smokescreens that fool human beings. I see that behind the outer need for security is an underlying need. That need is what we might call the need for wholeness.

This is a need that is built into the very design of your being, and it is another safety mechanism designed by God. Its purpose is to prevent free will from causing co-creators to be lost in the consciousness of separation. God does not want you to be trapped in an endless spiral of reaping the consequences of your former choices, having those consequences determine your present choices—which creates more consequences that you cannot escape. When God designed your lifestream, it was designed to always seek wholeness, just as the Ma-ter Light was designed to always seek the equilibrium of its ground state. God has not created the lack or the suffering on earth; it was created through the collective consciousness of humankind after people lost the direct connection to their spiritual selves, their I AM Presences. When that connection was lost, the lifestream experienced a sense of incompleteness, a sense of being unwhole, of being alone—even a sense of being abandoned. This gave the lifestream a desire to reestablish its former wholeness, its former completeness. When you look at the cornucopia of human desires, you will never be able to understand the true drive in human psychology unless you look beyond outer appearances.

Human beings do not really have a desire to accumulate more than a certain amount of material possessions. Human beings do not have a desire to experience more than a certain amount of bodily pleasures. A lifestream has a certain desire to experience life in the material universe. Such desires can be fulfilled by a finite amount of experiences or a finite amount of possessions. What creates the insatiable drive for more possessions, more pleasures, more power or any of the other things that human beings desire, is actually the lifestream’s underlying desire for wholeness. Because co-creators do not see the true nature of this desire and the true aim of the desire, they seek to fill the desire by the things they do see, the things they do experience. Because lifestreams have forgotten their spiritual origin and have forgotten their purpose for coming to earth, they do not understand their true desires. Because co-creators do not see that they have descended into a lower state of consciousness in which they have lost their former wholeness, their former holiness as spiritual beings who are sons and daughters of God, they do not understand that the true desire of their beings is to regain their wholeness. Since they do not see their spiritual selves, they do not understand that the drive they feel is a drive for wholeness, a drive that can only be satisfied by reestablishing the connection to their spiritual selves. Instead of seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, whereby all other things shall be added unto them as Jesus promised (Matthew 6:33), they seek to fill their desire through the things they can see in this world. They seek to build outer security rather than inner wholeness.

Many people seek to reestablish their inner wholeness by accumulating material possessions, thereby building a sense of material security. Some people seek security by gaining power over others, which they think will make them feel whole. Behind the drive for any outer possessions or experiences is the drive to accumulate energy. When the lifestream has the correct connection to the I AM Presence, it feels a constant flow of spiritual energy streaming through all levels of its being directly from the I AM Presence. It is this flow of spiritual energy that gives the lifestream the sense of being whole, of being one with the flow of the River of Life that is God’s creation. The lifestream feels it is part of the All of God instead of being alone and unwhole. Even though the co-creator does not consciously realize what is happening, it has an inner drive for obtaining energy. It knows that the key to reestablishing its wholeness is energy. Because it does not understand its true origin and identity, it again thinks that it must take energy from this world and use it to reestablish its wholeness.

The energies found in this world are of a lower frequency than the energies in the spiritual realm. No matter how much material energy you accumulate, your lifestream will not feel whole. Trying to reestablish your inner wholeness by accumulating material possessions or material energies is as impossible as trying to fill a black hole. It simply cannot be done, and thus the lifestream is engaged in an impossible quest until it raises its understanding and stops attempting the impossible. The only thing that can reestablish your sense of wholeness is to reopen the direct, conscious connection to your I AM Presence. You will then feel the high-frequency spiritual energies flow from your I AM Presence through all levels of your lower being. You will know that you are in the flow of the River of Life, and only by being in this flow will you feel whole and complete within yourself. You will know that you need nothing from outside yourself because you have the River of Life flowing within your own being.

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