02. Free Yourself from Images of Lack

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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We have now seen that God is fully capable of designing a planet that can sustain human beings in a life of abundance. We have also seen that this state of abundance is not currently manifest on earth. We have reached the conclusion that the only logical explanation of this observable fact is that something has happened in human society that prevents, that blocks, the manifestation of God’s will, which is that all of his children should have the abundant life. Our next logical step is to move on to consider what could possibly be blocking the abundant life on earth. In order to understand this, it will be necessary for you to have a greater knowledge of who you are and what you were designed to do before you were sent to a planet that is like a speck of dust in an endless universe. Who are you and why are you here on earth?

In order to answer these questions, I will have to go beyond what you have been taught by the two religions that dominate Western society, namely orthodox Christianity and materialistic science. Both of these belief systems claim that they have the ultimate truth about the existence of God and the origin of the universe. If you prefer to believe in one of these claims, then I am unable to teach you the keys to the abundant life. The essential keys cannot be found within the confines of either of these two belief systems. You might wonder why this is so, and the answer is that if either orthodox Christianity or materialistic science had been able to provide people with the keys to the abundant life, then surely that abundant life should have been manifest on earth long ago. Only those who are willing to look beyond the mental boxes created by these two belief systems, will find the true keys to inheriting the abundance of their Father’s kingdom.

In order to give you the next key, we need to step back from the current situation on earth. In fact, we need to step outside the entire material universe. Jesus said that his Father’s house has many mansions, and as I have mentioned before, there are other dimensions, other levels, of God’s universe. This is what religious people have traditionally called the heaven world or the spiritual realm. There are quite a number of these levels of the heaven world, and given your current scientific knowledge that everything is energy, it is easy to understand what sets these levels apart from each other. Your scientists know that the material universe is not, as your senses tell you, made from two elements, namely matter and energy. The material universe is not truly made from matter; it is made from energy because matter is simply a form of energy. The importance of this fact is that the entire matter universe is created from the same substance from which the spiritual realm, the heaven world, is created. This is what scientists call energy, but what the Bible calls light. Genesis tells you how the creation of the universe began. It began with a command issued by God when he said: “Let there be light!” (Genesis 1:3) Because God is the Almighty, there was light.

Why did God begin the creative process by creating light? Light, or energy, is a substance that has no form in itself but that has the potential to take on any form. Even science agrees with this. Current scientific theory, especially Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2, states that matter is simply energy that has taken on visible form. Energy is seen as a form of vibration, and science has detected many types of energy that can be put on a scale from lower to higher frequencies. It is not difficult to reason that the grosser forms of energy, that have taken on the appearance of physical matter, vibrate in a lower spectrum of frequencies than finer energies, such as X-rays (that can penetrate “solid” matter) or even finer energies such as thoughts. The conclusion of these scientific observations is that the universe was created from invisible, finer or more fundamental energy that was lowered in vibration until it took on the appearance of physical energy and physical matter. Scientists cannot currently explain how this happens, but it will not be long before a scientific explanation will be discovered.

The difference between heaven and earth is a difference in vibration. Planet earth and the entire material universe is made from one basic substance that has the ability to take on an infinite variety of different shapes, forms and characteristics. This energy, or light, can have many different levels of vibration so you can set up a scale of vibrations, ranging from slow to fast, from dense to more pure. As you go from the lower vibrations to the higher vibrations, you will eventually reach a point where there is an invisible dividing line. Once you cross that line, you have stepped out of the material universe and into the spiritual realm. As you keep going from the lower spiritual realm into higher and higher vibrations, you encounter higher levels of the spiritual realm. If you keep going to the highest possible vibration in the entire world of form, you reach the pure light of God beyond which is the Creator itself. This Creator is a conscious Being who started the creative process, of which you are a part. The Creator is not the only or the ultimate aspect of what human beings call God. If you truly step back from the world of form – the world that has been created by molding light into form, by molding formless light into form – you can begin to consider God’s true Being. There are religions in this world that say that God, in the ultimate sense, is unknowable. There are religions who describe the ultimate God as “the void” because it has no form and no characteristics that can be described by any of the images or words found in this universe. You will note that the first of the ten commandments states: “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me” (Exodus 20:3). The true meaning is that you can never take unto yourself any particular form, any particular graven image, and claim that this image is a complete representation of God. In the ultimate sense, God is beyond the world of form created by God—the Creator is beyond the creation. As Jesus said: “The servant is not greater than his Lord” (John 13:16). You cannot use words and images from this world and project them upon the ultimate God and claim that you have now created an accurate or complete description of God. This is idol worship, and as we shall see later, it is one of the major problems that prevents the abundant life from being manifest on earth. It is still important to stretch the mind and consider God’s Being.

What we can say, based on our previous discussion, is that there must be two aspects of God. God in the ultimate sense is all there is: “Without him was not any thing made that was made” (John 1:3), meaning that before anything was created, there existed only God. This God must be a complete and self-sufficient Being. God has no need to create a universe. If God is the Allness, why would God need to create a universe in which there are conscious beings who can know the existence of God? God in the ultimate sense has no need to be known or worshiped by human beings because God is the Allness and is therefore complete and completely self-sufficient. By the mere fact that you exist and that you live in a world that has form – and is therefore different from the Allness in which there is no form – we can see that the ultimate, the self-sufficient and formless, God cannot be the only aspect of God. There must be another aspect, which is what I have called the Creator. This is an aspect of God that desires to create, that desires to be more than the formless void. This is the aspect of God that has created the universe in which you live.


How did this God create the universe? The Creator created everything out of its own Being, for there was nothing else but God from which to create. The Creator is different from the formless God in that whereas the formless God is unchanging, the Creator is constantly growing, constantly expanding, constantly self-transcending. When Moses asked God for his name, the answer was: “YOD HE VAW HE,” which is commonly translated into English as: “I AM THAT I AM” (Exodus 3:14). In reality, as some Bible scholars know, a more accurate translation is: “I WILL BE WHO I WILL BE.” This translation captures the fact that God is true to his own commandments. He did not actually give Moses a name because he did not want people to use even a name to create a graven image, a static image, of God. Instead, the God on the mountain communicated the fact that God is forever changing, and thus God will be who he will be at any moment. In order to know God, you cannot cling to a particular image, you must flow with the self-transcendence of God, you must enter the River of Life that is the All of God’s Being, including – but not limited to – the world in which you live.

In the Pure Being of God, in the formless God, there is no change. How could there be change in formlessness? How could there be progression in that which is complete within itself? In the Creator aspect of God, there is constant movement because this aspect of God exists for the purpose of creating and becoming more. What is the Creator? It is a self-aware Being who has three abilities. The first ability is self-awareness, the ability to know that it exists. The second ability is that of imagination, the ability to imagine a form that is not yet manifest in any universe. If there was no imagination in the Creator, how could God possibly create something new? The third ability enjoyed by the Creator is that of the ability to choose. When the Creator created the universe in which you live, it had to make choices. You look at the world in which you live, and you take so many things for granted. Why is the sky blue and not some other color? Why is the earth round and not some other shape? Your scientists are continually finding examples of how intricately and delicately the universe is designed. If the forces that hold the nucleus of the atom together were slightly different in strength, atoms could not hold together and matter would not exist. If the gravitational forces were slightly different, planets and suns could not stay in their orbits. Why are all of these things the way they are? Because when God designed this universe, your Creator made certain choices.

One of the choices made by your Creator was that your God did not want to create an entire universe alone. Your Creator decided to create self-aware beings as an extension of itself and to endow these beings with creative powers, with self-awareness, imagination and free will. That is why the Bible says that God created man in his own image and likeness. God created a number of self-aware beings and these beings are designed to serve as extensions of the Creator. They are designed to travel into the creation started by the Creator itself and to serve as co-creators who can build upon the foundation set by the Creator. We might say that the Creator creates from the outside and the co-creators create from the inside. You can reason about why the Creator did this, and there are many good reasons. The basic fact is that your existence proves that the Creator made this choice. God chose to create you as a self-aware being. You can know that you exist, you have the imagination that makes you able to ask questions about who you are, where you came from and why you are here.

These questions prove that you are not simply the product of a game of chance or a mindless process of evolution. The very fact that you can ask these questions proves that you are the offspring of a self-aware being. That is why you have the ability to imagine that which cannot be perceived by your senses. You also have the ability to formulate a concept or design in your mind and then use your physical body to build a house that is a perfect outpicturing of your mental idea. You have the ability to choose how to design your house. Neither of these abilities are found in the animal kingdom, from which some scientists claim you have evolved. That is why you are of greater value than many birds and that is why God has designed a universe that is perfectly capable of giving you the abundant life that is his true desire. Because the Creator has given you imagination and free will, because God has designed you to be a co-creator with him, the abundant life will not simply be given to you from an outside source. You must use your own imagination and your own free will to manifest that abundant life within your sphere of influence. You must decide to take dominion over the “earth,” meaning your own mind and the material realm.

God has created a universe that is capable of giving you the abundant life, but he has not created a universe that will automatically give you that abundant life. God has not created you to be a mindless robot but to be a self-aware being with the ability to know who you are, where you came from and where you have the potential to go. I will later explain exactly where you have the potential to go, but for now it is enough to say that you have the potential to make the choice to either manifest the abundant life or to manifest a life of limitations, lack and suffering. You have the ability to choose and you have the ability to imagine, and through these two faculties, you are creating your own experience. You are creating what many people on earth mistakenly call “reality” but which is truly a mere mirage, projected onto the screen of life by the minds of human beings who have forgotten their true creative potential.

Before you can inherit your Father’s kingdom, you must understand that you are truly created in the image and likeness of your Creator. This does not mean that the Creator has a physical body and looks like a human being. It does not mean that the Creator talks like Charlton Heston. It means that you are created with the ability to imagine that which is not manifest and the ability to decide which one of your mental images you will bring into physical manifestation, the very same abilities that were used by your Creator to create you and the universe in which you live.


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