01. Why You Don’t Already Have Abundance

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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Let us begin with a reality check. Let us look at the statement: “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Although you may have heard that statement many times before, have you really spent the time and the attention to consider what this truly means? There really is only one meaning. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, and this must mean that God really wants you to have his kingdom. God really wants you to have the abundant life. It is his good pleasure to give it to you.

If you look at your life and see that you do not have abundance, you must reason that something has gone wrong. Something is preventing you from having the abundant life that God wants you to have. Now we can begin to reason together and consider what could possibly have prevented you from having the abundant life—if it truly is God’s desire and God’s will that you should have that abundance. What could possibly have gone wrong? What could possibly prevent you from having what God wants you to have? What could possibly prevent God’s will from being a manifest reality on planet earth?

Let us now take a look at planet earth. There is great beauty in nature on this planet. Your scientists are continually discovering how intricate, how complex, and yet how wondrous this world is designed. There are so many interwoven and complex systems on earth that even the most materialistic scientists cannot help but once in a while feel a sense of wonder and awe over the intricacy, the beauty and the symmetry they discover in nature. If you are a spiritually inclined person, you will tend to agree with me when I say that this intricacy must have been designed by a mind that is very capable and that has great imagination and reasoning ability. What you see in nature is that God truly has designed a very beautiful and wondrous creation, a creation that has great abundance.

When you look at the area of human affairs, you see a different picture. Even though the human body is the most complex of all God’s creations, human beings seem to have trouble figuring out how to use their bodies without destroying themselves, without destroying others or without destroying nature. Whereas you often see abundance and balance in nature, you do not see the same abundance or the same balance in human affairs. Think about the words of Jesus when he said that you are of greater value than the sparrows (Matthew 10:31). If God is capable of clothing and feeding the birds, he is surely capable of giving you everything you need. Many people on earth look at the birds with envy because the birds are free to fly wherever they like and they always seem to find food just for the taking. In contrast, many people are trapped by various circumstances and can hardly move. They must struggle their entire lives just to make a living and feed themselves and their children. Many people long for the carefree life of the birds and feel that, in contrast, their lives are one long struggle.

When you look at the beauty and the abundance that God has built into nature, does it seem logical to you that God would not be able to design a planet that can sustain human life with the same abundance and carefreeness that you see in the life of birds? Is there really any reason God should not be able to design a planet that can give you the same freedom and the same carefree living as you see in the life of the many creatures that have far less intelligence and, as Jesus said, far less value than yourself?

You have only limited options when you start reasoning this through in a logical manner. You cannot deny the reality that human beings do not have the abundant life. When you consider the concept that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, you must say that if God wants human beings to have the abundant life, then something must have gone wrong either on God’s end or on your end.

One option is to reason that apparently God was able to create a wonderful and intricate planet that is able to sustain a carefree and abundant life for the birds and other creatures with less intelligence than humans. When it came to humans, God somehow was not able to engineer the planet so that it could sustain your life in the same abundance and freedom from care, lack or suffering. You can reason that God’s ability to design must somehow be flawed, and when it came to human beings, he made a mistake. There are indeed many people who have reasoned this way. Some of them are religious people, and having been brought up to fear going to hell if they blaspheme God, they quickly push such thoughts aside. Others are willing to acknowledge the thoughts and some have even used them as a reason to reject all religion or reject the concept of God.

If you are inclined to think this way, I ask only one thing of you. The next time there is a clear night where you live, please go outside and look up into the night sky. Look up into the Milky Way and contemplate how many stars there are. You don’t need to look up in a scientific book that tells you how many billions of stars scientist have calculated to be in existence. You just need to look with your eyes and see that there are more stars than you can count. Then, ask yourself: “If God was able to create a universe of such incredible vastness and complexity, does it seem logical that on this small planet, that we call earth, God was not able to provide an abundant and carefree life for the highest life form on this planet?”

My beloved heart, if you will contemplate this, I think you will realize the absolute truth that God is fully capable of designing planet earth in such a way that every human being on this planet can enjoy an abundant and carefree life with the same freedom as that enjoyed by the birds. The very fact that most people do not have this life cannot be caused by a problem on God’s end. This leaves only one logical conclusion. The lack and the poverty found on earth must be caused by a problem on your end. Something must have happened on earth that prevents God’s desire from being manifest here. Something must have happened that altered God’s original design for this planet so that the highest and most complex life form often encounters a less abundant life than what is enjoyed by many of the creatures of far less intelligence.


You might find reason to question the image of God you have been given since childhood. You might consider these questions:

If God truly is the almighty and infallible God that he is portrayed to be by many religions, and if it truly is God’s desire that human beings have the abundant life, then how can it possibly be that God’s desire is not manifest on earth?

What could possibly prevent the desires of an all-mighty and all-powerful God from being manifest?

If it is God’s good pleasure to give people the kingdom, how could they possibly fail to have that kingdom?

You now reach another logical conclusion. Either there is something wrong on God’s end or there is something wrong on your end. Either God has a flaw or the image of God upheld by many people on earth has a flaw. Once again, if God can create such an intricate and vast universe, is it likely that he is unintelligent? The logical conclusion is that there must be something wrong with the image of God that has been painted by certain religions on this earth. This leads us to a fruitful area of discussion because we can now begin to consider what might be missing in the image of God that you have come to accept.

We have seen that God is quite capable of designing a very vast and complex universe. We have reasoned that a God who can create such an incredible universe is fully capable of creating a small planet that can provide the abundant and carefree life for every human being living upon it. Despite the fact that God is able and willing, the current reality on planet earth does not reflect God’s desire and God’s ability. Something must have come between the design for earth that God holds in his mind and the reality that is currently outpictured on this planet. What could possibly prevent the desire of an almighty God from being manifest? It is logical that nothing can prevent God from having his will fulfilled. The only possible conclusion is that either God is not almighty or he has chosen to set aside, at least on a temporary basis, his almighty powers on earth.

This opens the possibility that God has given human beings dominion over the earth, as the Bible clearly states (Genesis 1:26). What does it mean that God told people to take dominion over the earth? Does it not seem reasonable to assume that God has given human beings an ability to not simply live on this planet and adapt to the natural circumstances, as you see in animal species? God has given human beings the ability to not simply adapt to their environment but to take dominion over that environment and to actively and consciously alter that environment to suit their needs. Human beings have the ability to choose how they will live. They are not simply slaves of their environment that must either adapt or become extinct.

All animal species are adapted to a certain type of environment. Although there is great adaptability in nature, there is a limit to how much an animal species can adapt to different types of environments. An animal does not have the awareness and the creative ability to consciously alter its environment or to insulate itself from that environment. Human beings do have that ability, and no animal species has the same ability to live in many different environments as is the case for human beings. God has given human beings abilities that are far beyond what is found in the animal kingdom. Human beings are more than simply sophisticated animals. Human beings are not simply highly evolved animals because humans are, to use a modern expression, a quantum leap above any animal species.

The logical conclusion is that God created human beings in his own image and likeness (Genesis 1:26). Humans have a consciousness and self-awareness so sophisticated that instead of simply adapting to their environment, they have the ability to imagine that their environment could be changed and that such a change could enable them to have more abundance than what their environment currently provides. Human beings also have the ability to freely choose that, instead of adapting to a particular environment, they will actively seek to change their environment. What sets a human being apart from animals is self-awareness, imagination and free will.


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