A unique opportunity for transcending the consciousness behind the 2012 hysteria

TOPICS: Transcendence and self-transcendence – Overcoming the pressure to conform – Transcending the 2012 hysteria – The quest for an absolute truth – Stop focusing “out there” –

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Ascended Master Maha Chohan, March 14, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

The Maha chohan I AM. And I come to officially release the new decree, that I have given as a gift from my heart to those who are sincere about passing the initiations of this Year of the Holy Spirit. But of course, this decree is a timeless gift, that can be used far beyond one year.

Thus, it is indeed a major opportunity for all those who have followed a spiritual teaching – especially this spiritual teaching – for some time, who have practiced rosaries, invocations and other decrees. This is an opportunity to invoke the Flame of Integration, that can help you integrate the seven rays, so that you will get a greater balance of the seven rays in your being. For I can assure you, that there comes a point on the spiritual path – where you go beyond that 96th level – where balance becomes a major factor that you need to work on, not only in your internal being but also in your expression, in your actions, in your words, in your dealings with other people.

My beloved, this coming year – that has already well started – will indeed be a challenge or an opportunity, depending on how you approach it. Thus, you should know that the Holy Spirit is first of all flow. And so, the only only way to really sail through this year is to flow with the Spirit. This, my beloved, does not mean you have to become frantic. It does not mean you have to stress yourself out, thinking that flowing with the Spirit means running faster than you have been running so far. On the contrary, flowing with the Spirit will for many of you mean slowing down, so you take your attention away from these outer activities, that pull you hither and yon, thinking you always have to run towards some goal. And therefore, you never have time to go within and find the stillness. The stillness, my beloved.

For I tell you, that in the midst of the flow of the Holy Spirit, there is indeed stillness, eternal stillness, the eternal now. Thus, you might find opportunity to give this decree, that I have released, on a daily basis. And then, after you are done – however many times you choose to do it, but I suggest at least nine and preferably 24 – but after you are done, then take some time to tune in to the stillness. And let the stillness show you where to flow next.

Make an effort – and I say this, of course, with a glimpse of humor – make an effort to still the outer mind, that makes you think that you always have to run faster and do more. Make an effort to stop making this frantic effort, so that you can in fact feel that point of stillness. And then, when you have experienced the stillness, well then – if you are non-attached – you might feel an urge, a flow, from the Spirit to move in a certain direction.

But there is an essential difference between feeling the onrush from without – from the world, from your outer mind, even from lower spirits – and then feeling the gentle inner flow of the One Holy Spirit. This difference is subtle, until you sharpen your discernment. I am aware that for some it will be impossible to even sense the difference. And for those I say: Well, then seek stillness and make a decision for a time not to follow any promptings. But simply be still and know that the I AM in you is God. For only when you know the I AM in you as the point of stillness, will you be able to flow with the I Will Be aspect of your Presence, that is indeed the flow of the Holy Spirit through your being.

Right now, there are so many voices in your mind that say: “I will to be this,” “I want to have that,” and you can spend the rest of your life running after these voices. Or you can make an effort, through this Year of the Holy Spirit – and any time you come across this teaching – you can make the effort to find the stillness. And when you know the stillness – and when you are ready to remain in the stillness indefinitely, without having any outer will or desire for where the stillness should take you – then you will begin to feel that flow that flows from the I AM, but takes on the shape where the I AM says: “I will to be this. I will to express that. And thus, I will be who I will be.”

Transcendence and self-transcendence

You see, there is the concept among ascended master students of the will of God. And surely, we have a Creator who has a will to create. But the will of God for you is not the external Creator, sitting up there in heaven on a great white throne, with a long beard. The will of God for you is the will of your I AM Presence. But you will know that will, not as an external will, not as a voice from heaven that tells you: “Do this or you will go to hell.”

You will know the will of your Presence only when you see it unfolding, because you have become the open door, you have become willing to flow with the Spirit. Thus, when you say, “I will be who I will be,” well, it can indeed be a saying with the outer mind, just as any other saying with the outer mind. But when you strive to go into the stillness – and come to that point of surrender, complete surrender to the I AM Presence – then you only need to know in your outer mind “I will be who I will be, I am willing to flow wherever the Spirit moves me.”

And you see, the Spirit will always move you beyond where the outer mind wants to go. For the Spirit is always seeking transcendence. There is transcendence, my beloved, and there is self-transcendence. And the highest form of self-transcendence is where you have come to know that point of stillness, and where you seek the stillness on a regular basis. So that you will find that you are no longer making decisions with the outer mind. You just let it come to you, and you do not need to know in advance what you are going to do in every situation. You do not need to sit there and decide with the outer mind; you simply go into a situation and see what the Spirit will unfold.

Overcoming the pressure to conform

Of course, for you to truly come to that point of being able to flow with the Spirit, you need to overcome a rather substantial momentum, a rather substantial beast, in the mass consciousness, that wants to program people to believe that they always have to know what to do, that they always have to live up to some standard or norm, and that they always have to have something hanging over their heads, in the form of a social standard, or religious standard, or some spiritual teaching or other.

There is a point on the path, where it is helpful to have outer rules. But there comes a point, where this will take you no further. And it will not take you beyond the 96th level, where you begin to manifest Christhood. And Christhood is what? It is not, as many people think, something that can be defined clearly for the linear analytical mind. For it is where you go beyond the linear, analytical mind and flow with the Spirit. You cannot say: “I am always going to do this in every situation,” for every situation is different, every person you meet is a unique individual. And so, you must flow with the Spirit in order to always have the maximum potential for transcendence in every situation.

Transcending the 2012 hysteria

My beloved, the Year the Holy Spirit will more than anything expose the false teachers, wherever they are found in any area of society. You will see them exposed in politics, in the economy, in religion, both traditional and New Age. You will see it everywhere, where those who are deceitful, those who are seeking to hide something, those who do not have pure intentions of raising the All, they will be exposed for what they are.

For 2012 is indeed the year where humankind has an unprecedented opportunity to transcend the false teachers and their false teachings. And my beloved, one of the primary false teachings that can be transcended in this year is precisely all of the teachings relating to 2012 as a major turning point in the history of humankind. And the entire consciousness behind that, that wants to create a sense of doom, or even a sense that appeals to pride: that something wonderful is going to happen and that those people who are the forerunners, will somehow be honored. But beyond it is many subtle false concepts, such as the idea that there are certain cycles that automatically bring humankind forward, without anybody having to SELF-transcend by consciously giving up parts of the lower self and the ego, and the false beliefs upon which it rests.

Do you see, my beloved, there are so many false concepts in relation to the entire 2012 hysteria, that there is an unprecedented opportunity to transcend this, especially for the most spiritual people? I am not condemning anyone for believing in some of the ideas about 2012. I am only saying that if you are willing, then you have an unprecedented opportunity to transcend that level of consciousness, where you are always waiting for some outer thing to change you. And thereby, you can step up and begin to walk the path of SELF-mastery, where you realize that nothing is going to change you, except your decisions. And that the key to making higher decisions is to have a higher awareness. And the key to having a higher awareness is to question your perception filter, question your ideas and beliefs, until you can reach beyond what you see now, and see something higher.

The quest for an absolute truth

My beloved, it might be advantageous for you to ponder some of the teachings we have given, such as the teaching given by Pallas Athena at the Acropolis some time ago, where she talked about the impossibility of formulating an absolute truth on earth. There comes a point, where in order to go beyond the false teachers, you have to go beyond this subtle idea that there is a final teaching, an absolute teaching, an absolute truth that could ever be stated in words.

And therefore, you need to realize, that the absolute truth is the flow of the Holy Spirit, which transcends itself every second—nay, many times every second. And it is only in flowing with THAT, that you will know the absolute. My beloved, after you ascend, you can experience a state – if you will – where there is no movement. You can go into that state. But while you are in embodiment, you are not meant to be in that state of no movement, you are meant to be flowing with the Spirit.

For we are not here to turn the earth into some stationary Kingdom of God. We are here to see the earth continue to transcend, and to see the entire material sphere continue to transcend, until it can ascend and become a part of the spiritual realm. And I can assure you that this will not happen in your lifetime, 2012 notwithstanding. So you see, it is time to give up the dream that one day some fantastic change will happen, and from then on you will be permanently in some higher state, where you will be acknowledged by God, or men, or angels.

Change happens one small step at a time. You can stand around, waiting for the big leap, and thereby miss the many small opportunities. Or you can embrace the many small opportunities and turn every day into a big leap forward. This is the challenge in 2012. Will you wait for that magical outer event to change you, or will you decide, “I am going to stop looking out there. I am going to turn my vision and my focus around and look right in here, between my own eyes, and see with the single eye all that is dualistic in my own being. And then I am going to let it go, I am going to make the calls, I am going to study the teachings, so that I can let go of these illusions and all the misqualified energy. And then I will rise step-by-step-by-step-by-step throughout this year and beyond. And this is my approach to life.”

“No more waiting for that magical moment, for every second is a magical moment, when I feel the flow of the Spirit. And to feel that flow, I need to go into the stillness and not be so focused on the outer appearances, that are nothing but appearances. My beloved, you can go into a movie theater and try to focus your eyes on seeing the individual images that are projected onto the screen. Or you can simply sit back and enjoy the movie.

Stop focusing “out there”

Stop focusing on all that is going on “out there” in the world of appearances, that you are being bombarded with through your senses, through your mind, through the Internet. My beloved, there comes a point, where you have studied enough spiritual teachings, that you do not need to sit there, frantically clicking with your mouse every day to find something more advanced. There comes a time, when it is time to say: “Enough, I will give up this dream that if the teachings I have found so far haven’t changed me, there must be some magical teaching out there that will change me, and I need to find it.”

“Instead, I will realize that I have enough spiritual teachings in what I have—if I internalize them. But I will not internalize them through the outer mind. I will internalize them only by finding the stillness within. And so, I will make that my goal in this coming year.”

If you have been fortunate enough to find the teachings we have given, I can assure you that there are more than enough keys in those teachings for you to reach a higher state of consciousness. Stop looking so frantically out there. Use what you have, use the decrees, focus on finding the stillness. And then see how much change can happen in your life in the rest of this year, when you follow the program we have laid out.

And thus, I suggest that you can start immediately if you like. But I want to inaugurate an official period, where at the first of April this year, I would like all who are studying these teachings to give a novena or vigil of giving my decree either 9 times, 24 times or 36 times a day, as you like, for the entire month of April. And then we will give you further instructions after that.

Thus, with this I bid you adieu for now, but I shall surely speak more throughout this year, as I have plans for how I can use my messengers’ time most efficiently. Thus, I seal you in the ever-flowing love that I AM.


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