A Tool for Healing Psychological Trauma

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, May 16, 2016. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary, the representative of the Divine Mother for earth. It is my intent with this release to give you a tool that can be used over and over again for healing any kind of psychological issue or trauma. It is specifically designed to help you heal what we have called the “cosmic birth trauma.” This is a tool that should be acknowledged as being for people who have reached a certain level of the spiritual path. It is not a tool that should be used out of any human ambition, of wanting to seem to be an advanced student or wanting to think you are ready for anything.

You should be familiar with our teachings on the cosmic birth trauma, you should be familiar with our teachings on dark forces and you need to invoke protection [from Archangel Michael] each time you use this tool. You also need, after having gone through the visualization I will give you, to use an invocation that might be appropriate for whatever psychological issue you are dealing with. We have a large number of invocations for different aspects of psychology [see www.transcendencetoolbox.com], but I suggest, to begin with, that you give an invocation for helping people love themselves. You can also create a vigil out of this exercise where you give the exercise once a day and after each visualization, you give one of the invocations from my Course in Abundance [see www.morepublish.com], as they work well together with the purpose of healing your psychological issues.

This is a tool, that should not be used by those who have severe psychological issues that require professional attention. You should not be using this if you are in a deeply unbalanced state. This is not because the tool itself is dangerous, but because it is a visualization that takes you deeper into your psychology. It can uncover unbalances that you cannot necessarily deal with if you are not in a somewhat balanced state. Having given you these cautions, it is, of course, my joy to present you with a tool that can help you heal  your psychology and attain what our beloved Saint Germain has called “mental freedom.” We will now begin the visualization.

[NOTE: You can give the visualization by using the book and reading one section at a time, then closing your eyes and visualizing. However, you might find it helpful to use an audio recording so you can keep your eyes closed. Recordings of the exercises in this book are available from www.morepublish.com.]

Beginning the visualization

Visualize that you are standing in front of a wall. It is a very tall wall. You cannot even see the top. It extends to both sides and you cannot see where it ends. You can see that the wall is very thick, made of stone, but it is not stone as you know it from earth. It is a substance that vibrates at a higher level.

You realize, therefore, that this wall forms an impenetrable barrier for any of the lower energies that you encounter on earth. Nothing on earth can penetrate that wall. Once you go beyond the wall, you will be protected, completely protected and sealed, from any negative energy that might be burdening you, that might have burdened you in this lifetime or in past lifetimes.

You now visualize that there is a gate. The gate, seemingly without anyone opening it, swings open before you. You now need to make a decision whether you will enter that gate or whether you will stay where you are and not participate in the visualization.

I now assume that if you are participating, you have made the choice to enter the gate. You hear the door close behind you and you now know that you are protected and sealed from any negative energies on earth, in the emotional realm, the mental or identity realm.

The base chakra

You now look around and you see a beautiful garden. It has wide lawns, sparkling green, with trees in the background, flowerbeds laid out in curving forms filled with flowers. There are birds that are singing in the background but otherwise it is quiet. When you walk across the grass, it is so soft that you almost sink into it. I ask you, when you are giving this exercise on your own, to explore this garden for as long as you like, [pause the recording as necessary] and taking your time to explore the garden.

As you go around on your journey of discovery, there will come a point where you come to a tall hedge and there is an opening in the hedge. This doorway is covered by a gate. It is an open gate, like you see in some gardens, made out of a metal lattice work that allows air to flow through.

You realize that you can pass through that gate. There is an opening that is big enough to let you through, but you cannot pass through as long as you have any backpack on your back.

You now become aware that you do have a pack strapped to your back. This is some concern you have about the world, or some trauma you have experienced in this lifetime.

I ask you now to tune in to your base chakra and to see if there is any concern you have about the world, about yourself, about your own life, or any trauma you have experienced in your own life that comes to your mind when you tune in to your base chakra.

I am not asking you to go deeply into this but just get an impression. You realize that this concern or this trauma, is what you are carrying on your back. In order to pass through the gate, you need to take off that backpack and leave it outside the gate.

You do not need to analyze or go into this or be overwhelmed by it. You simply see it and then you decide: “I am willing to set this aside for now so I can enter this gate and see what is on the other side.”

You now visualize that you take off the backpack, leave it outside the door and then you pass through the opening in the gate.

The seat of the soul chakra

You now find yourself in another garden, even more intimate than the first. This garden is filled with flowers that seem to actually radiate light. It is a wonderful garden, it is a garden made for the play of children. You can hear the laughter of children somewhere in the background. You might even feel like taking some time for exploring the garden and exploring what it feels like to be in this playful vibration of the child.

When you are ready, you will find that, as you are walking around the garden, you come to another gate in another hedge. As with the first one, there is an opening that you can pass through. Now, you see that you have another backpack on your back.

I now ask you to tune in to the seat of the soul chakra and again, look for any concern or trauma that relates to the seat of the soul, the creativity of the soul, the playfulness of the child. Then, you simply look at this and then you decide: “Yes, I want to pass through the gate so I will leave this backpack outside.”

You visualize taking off the pack and then you again pass through the opening that is smaller than the first opening, for somehow you have become a little bit smaller compared to when you started.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Healing Your Spiritual Traumas.

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