A second feminist revolution

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Ascended Master Goddess of Liberty through Kim Michaels, October 27, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master the Goddess of Liberty. I wish to give you some thoughts about an observable fact, when you look at history, that should give rise to a question: If there is a power elite, which of course there is, why is it that most of them are men? How many who study politics, sociology, psychology have asked that question? The reality is, when you look at it, that the vast majority of people who have been part of the power elite, historically have been men. Even today, there have been relatively few women in what you could call the power elite or the leadership of society.

You will of course, when you look at history, see that there have been certain queens or empresses who have been as aggressive or as deceptive and scheming as the “best” among the men. Thereby, you can reason that they have, in most cases, been fallen beings. In general, you must say that women have not been part of the power elite. It is important to consider why. It has something to do with the fact that women are mothers, or at least many women are mothers. When people have given birth to children, you have a deeper personal relationship to your children. In that deeper relationship you recognize the essential humanity of your children. That makes it easier for women to recognize the essential humanity of all people, or at least in many other people than themselves and their children.

This is part of the reason why men have traditionally been warriors. It is easier for a man to fall in love with an idea and forget about the basic humanity so he becomes willing to kill other people for the sake of the idea. This is what the fallen beings knew when they came to earth and saw the dynamic, the psychological dynamic, of men and women. They instantly saw how to take advantage of this by turning men into warriors. Then, they started this very long history of putting women down.

Now, we have talked about how the fallen beings are always seeking to divide the population into various groups and set them up against each other. The basic of these dualistic divisions that you see is the division between men and women. Here you have divided the human population into two parts that are almost the same size. You have set them in what some would call an existential conflict against each other. Now, I know some of course will immediately say: “But isn’t there a difference between men and women?” I would say: “Is there?” Yes, there is a physical difference of course. But is there, does there have to be, a psychological difference? Does there have to be the psychological difference that there is today?

The roles of men and women

If there had not been this millennia-old effort by the fallen beings to manipulate people, would men have stepped into the roles that you have seen throughout history and see today? Would women have stepped into the roles for women that have been defined through history? In other words, going back to what we have said before, is it human nature that men behave a certain way and women behave a certain way? Of course, from the ascended perspective, we know it is not. It is not inevitable that men must act this way and women must act this way.

The reality here is that, as we have said before, the fallen beings attempt to take a certain physical condition, we have talked about the density of matter but the density of matter leads to the density of the physical bodies. This means that instead of materializing a body, you have to bring it forth through this “natural process” of childbearing. This is what the fallen beings have looked at. They have then created an ideological overlay, projecting it upon this and saying: “Men are like this because that is the nature of men, and women are like this because that is the nature of women.”

The thing is, you can look at current conditions on earth and you can say: “But any psychologist will tell you that there are certain characteristics of male psychology and certain characteristics of female psychology.” All I am saying here is, this is not something ordained by nature or created by God, or mandated by some physical difference between male and female brains. This is a created condition, a manipulated condition, where the fallen beings have attempted to create a label for what it means to be a man and a label for what it means to be a woman. They have done this in such a way that the two sexes are in many ways in opposition to each other. This is a completely artificial condition.

This is important to realize because when you realize this, you know you have the potential to free yourself from these artificially inserted conditions for how you should be as a man and how you should be as a woman. When you free yourself from this, you will be able to have an entirely different relationship to the opposite sex or even to your own sex, to your own role in whatever type of body you are in. We have said before that there are no people that always embody in male bodies or in female bodies. There will be some switching around. There may be some people who have for several lifetimes been in the same type of body, but all have experienced both sexes.

As we have said, the reality is, you start out as the Conscious You, which has a point-like sense of identity. In a point, where is the room for division? Where is the room for two sides, one male and one female? The Conscious You is neither male nor female, it is neutral. It takes on a physical body. It can over time build certain structures in the identity, mental and emotional body relating to both sexes. For example, when it is in a female body, it then ties into these structures that have been built in past lifetimes and you think you have to behave a certain way as a woman.

Women’s Liberation Movement

This of course is the real importance, the underlying spiritual significance, of the Women’s Liberation Movement. It is not so much a matter of challenging the outer things, the physical discrimination, although that is also necessary. The real underlying element of women’s liberation is to help women see that they are not women. You are a spiritual being inhabiting a female body this time around.

Therefore, you can see that all of this historical, cultural overlay, ideological overlay, that has been put upon women is just artificial. You can choose to consciously, systematically separate yourself from it, until you reach a state where you can be at peace with being in embodiment on earth and with being in a female body, or for that matter in a male body. What you see here is that these cultural roles, historical roles, for men and women have been created by the fallen beings. They have defined that men are the outgoing aggressive sex, and this is why most of the fallen beings who take embodiment, they always try to manipulate themselves into a male body so they can more easily attain a position of power. Also for the general population, the male role has become so strong that most people think that when they are men, they have to live up to a certain image. They have to be the more aggressive, outgoing. They have to be leading the woman in the ballroom dance, as was said, and they have to take on this particular role. The effect of this for men has been that men are more susceptible to being manipulated by the power elite. Men are more susceptible to being manipulated into going to war and killing other men.

In other words, there has been created an incredibly dense cloud hanging over the planet, over the collective consciousness, that overpowers many men to think this is what you have to do as a man. For example, if your country is attacked, you have to be a soldier, you have to defend your country, give your life for your country. This is just a cultural overlay.

Can men free society from a power elite?

What does that mean in practical terms? It means that if we consider, how can humanity become free from the power elite, we have said the power elite cannot do it. We must ask the question: “Can the men do it?” Obviously, some men can, but men in general are not as likely to do it as women.

In other words, the biggest potential for liberating humanity from the fallen beings, or the power elite, is women who connect to that essential humanity they see in their children and they say: “Do I want my children to grow up in a society dominated and manipulated by this elite of narcissists who have no concern for my children whatsoever, for whom my children are just numbers, they are cannon fodder? They have no respect for them whatsoever. Why would I want these kind of people to lead my society?” This could lead to a second feminist revolution that was at a higher level, had a higher awareness of what is really at stake.

You might say that the feminist revolution that you have seen was based on the level of the collective consciousness, and the collective consciousness was so trapped in the black-and-white dualistic thinking that, as in many revolutions you have seen throughout history, there had to be an enemy. There had to be an opponent you were fighting and for women it became men. We might say that the collective consciousness is still at a level where many people need an opponent, they need someone to blame, to say that is where the problem is. For the second feminist revolution this could be, instead of men in general, it could be the men in the power elite.

Not that of course women would go out and fight them with physical means, but they would fight them with knowledge, with awareness, with demands for change. This is not the highest possible, because obviously what we are calling you to do is to not see the power elite as an enemy, not see the fallen beings as an enemy, but just make the calls and let us deal with it.

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